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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Monday, Sept. 30 The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



The "Morning Edition" has translated headlines &  newspaper photos. This Afternoon Edition has  translations of the articles,  Daily Events & Live Music Schedules  & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section including photos & info from individuals & local businesses ....Daily In Isla Mujeres. There are always links to the original articles in Spanish.

Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

In Isla Mujeres: Unity & Accord

Governor  attends inauguration of Mayor & agrees with Agapito's speech 

En IM, unidad y concordia

Lunes, 30 de Septiembre de 2013 00:54

Elogia Beto Borge sentido llamado de Agapito, al rendir protesta como presidente municipal

ISLA MUJERES, lunes 30 de septiembre.- 
Leer más...
The Governor said he is convinced that Isla Mujeres will have three years of prosperity with the administration a Agapito Magana Sanchez, who was sworn in as Mayor for 2013-2016 on the first few minutes of Monday, Sept. 30.  Gov. Borge approved of the Mayor's plan to have an inclusive government with unity and harmony, that leaves behind conflicts and divisions while seeking conciliation.
     The Governor indicated his government is sympathetic to the need to bring quality public services to all residents of the municipality, both on the island and the mainland. He said his administration supports the goals of the new mayor such as the completion of the Specialty hospital, to the promotion of sports to combat addiction, and to protecting the assets that are the heritage of the islanders.
Reconciliation and a great deal of work

Agapito gives his principle objectives for the next three years

Conciliación y mucho trabajo

Domingo, 29 de Septiembre de 2013 21:26

Ofrece Agapito, al dar cuenta de sus principales objetivos para los próximos tres años

ISLA MUJERES, 29 de septiembre.Leer más...    -
The new mayor said he will seek reconciliation because revenge and resentment have never served the families of Isla Mujeres well, and his goal is to leave behind the conflicts and divisions. he called for unity and a joining of forces for the benefit of everyone. He gave points toward his goals:
1. An orderly urban development that benefits the welfare of all the citizens.
2.  A territorial development that allows the municipality to have decent housing for all the families.
3. The completion of the Specialty Hospital with trained staff and medicines for quality care.
4.  Supporting family economies with the aim of decreasing the dropout rate with the implementation of an extensive program of scholarships and financial grants to support the students in important areas such as ferry costs, uniforms, books, and school supplies.
5. From today, the creation of the "Brand Isla Mujeres" featuring our natural resources; we are proud of the beauty of our beaches and of our heritage, which will endure to sustain the livelihoods that support the island's economy. 
6. This government will facilitate the attraction of investment and the development of infrastructure  with environmental awareness, as well as generating more jobs, and better jobs,  to improve the quality of life for our families
 7. This government will have professional and trained police, who will have fair wages,  employment benefits, and the necessary equipment, in good condition.
  8. Programs to support all social groups equally, stressing the inclusion of people with different abilities, gender equality, and respect & support for older people.
    The mayor said he recognizes the need to make financial adjustment measures, and from day one of his administration they will implement a policy of responsible government that allows saving of the most resources while solving urgent and vital problems, such as street cleaning and garbage collection.


Liberation of more than two thousand baby turtles

Dozens of children participate

Liberan más de dos mil crías

Domingo, 29 de Septiembre de 2013 21:23

Decenas de niños participan en cuidado de las tortugas

ISLA MUJERES, 29 de septiembre.- 
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  On Saturday evening, there was a release of 2500 turtle hatchlings with dozens of children and their parents participating at the Guadalulpana beach, at the end of the departing administration, under the auspices of the Department of Parks and Recreation. It was an emotional event for the families.
     The sea turtle season began May 15th and officially concludes on Oct. 15th. During this time over 500 nests were rescued and protected with ~165,530 eggs. As of Saturday, Sept. 28. the Tortugranja had about 333 nests remaining, with each containing 100-130 eggs, therefore there are about 40,000 turtles incubating which will be released in the next few weeks, under the new administration.

Tourism service cooperatives surviving thanks to API 

Sobreviven gracias a la API

Domingo, 29 de Septiembre de 2013 21:02

Cooperativas de servicios turísticos

ISLA MUJERES, 29 de septiembre.-
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Members of the four cooperatives that provide boat tours said they are surviving economically because the Port Authority allows them to offer their services directly to tourists as they arrive from the ferry. There are ~70 vessels offering tours, and since Sept. 1st they are feeling the effects of low season, when demand dropped by 50 percent.  They compensated by reducing the number of passengers in each boat by half, so more vessels can have work. Since 2011, API has allowed the tour boats to use their premises to vend their services, with requirements about ID badges, appropriate behavior and language, with good results for the seamen.

Another grade school added an extra day of classes to make up time lost during the strike 

Una primaria más se unió a día extra de labores

Sábado, 28 de Septiembre de 2013 21:22

Como parte de acuerdo para la recuperación de clases

ISLA MUJERES, 28 de septiembre.- 
Leer más...
 Already translated this info...Cesar Mendoza Santana and Julio Souri Espinosa are having Saturday classes.

 Tvisla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres now has a new Mayor

Confirmation that the governor will attend inauguration of Agapito Magana Sanchez in Isla Mujeres
Confirman la asistencia del gobernador @betoborge a la toma de protesta de Agapito Magaña Sánchez en #IslaMujeres
 Mayor announces first list of officials
Anuncia alcalde electo la primera lista de sus funcionarios

1. Secretaría General, César Poot Pérez

2. Tesorería, Alvaro Magaña Galue

3. Contraloría, José López Garcia

4. Seguridad Pública, Joaquín Poot

5. Oficialía Mayor, Melchor Briceño

6. Dirección de Obras Públicas, Miguel Caballero García

7. Dirección de Planeación, Martín Marfil

8. Dirección de desarrollo urbano, Josué Villanueva

9. Dirección de Desarrollo Social, Edgar Gasca

10. Dirección de Desarrollo Económico, Antonio Salas

11. Catastro, Iván Lugo

Noticias de  Quequi......

  Agapito: Mayor of Isla Mujeres

  • Agapito, alcalde de Isla Mujeres

    0 30 de septiembre de 2013

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi .-.

  • Progress on ferry terminal construction


    Avance en terminal marítima

    0 29 de septiembre de 2013

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi.-The new ferry terminal is expected to be completed in early December, as long as there are no weather delays. It is noted that this is hurricane season. The work was begun in May, and is expected to be 45% complete this week. The cost of the project is over 34 million pesos. Passenger traffic has increased by over 14% and nearly 2.5 million passengers a year come through the ferry terminals to Isla Mujeres.


Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

The Wooden Boats by historian Fidel Villanueva Madrid

Los barcos de madera

Los barcos  de madera


Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad Agapito Magana sworn in 

  • Rinde protesta Agapito Magaña en Isla Mujeres

    Gov. Borge attending municipal inaugurations
  • borge-carretera

    Asistirá Borge a tomas de protesta en municipios

    Award won by Quintana Roo destinations
  • Premian a destinos de Quintana Roo

    The International Tourism Fair (FITA) concludes today in Mexico City. (A friend posted a photo of the Isla Mujeres booth on Facebook.) This article, in the Isla Mujeres section of the newspaper, mentions the Trip Advisor awards won by Tulum and Cancun, and says nothing about the awards won by our island.  The participants in FITA included 48 countries, 22 Mexican states, and 25,000 people, with the presence of the five Tourism Trust promotion agencies of Quintana Roo attending, as well as tour operators and travel agents from the area.

por esto por esto

Agapito Sanchez takes the reins
Agapito Sánchez toma las riendas[+] Ver mas

Good influx of tourists at the public beaches of Isla Mujeres yesterday

Buena afluencia turística se vivió ayer en los balnearios públicos de la isla+] Ver mas
Although September is one of the slowest months of the low season, there were a good number of tourists at the beaches on Sunday with an estimated 500 people at the Posada beach, about 600 at North Beach, and about 300 at the Avalon beach. The weather also helped the boat tour operators who were operating at about 30 to 50 percent of capacity. The weather was perfect for beach sports, swimming, relaxing, sunbathing, snorkeling, tours, and para sailing, as well as having refreshing drinks on the beach..

Fishermen are not restricted from camping at Isla Contoy
Sin restricciones para pescadores en Isla Contoy +] Ver mas
Already translated...They are not at the fishing camp in Isla Contoy currently because of practical considerations like the cost of gas and scarcity of lobsters there now. They will be at the camp after the nortes begin which cause the lobster to leave their nooks, crannies, and caves and 'run'.

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The Artist's fair will be the third Thursday in October due to the change of government & will resume being the first Thursday in November.  Oct. 17th 4-7 Town Square.

See Live Music schedule at top of page for Live music during low season.

I will be working on this section for October-November. There is usually a Mayan-Caribbean Cultural Festival, and of course Day of the Dead, which lasts over a week here as Hanal Pixan.  At the end of November is the town saint celebration. Then in early December is the Virgin of Guadalupe festival which begins the Christmas holidays that continue into January and the Day of Kings..  

John Cain says..
My schedule this week is
Tuesday solo from 8 to 10 pm at Cafe Del Mar, lovely spot on the beach across from Jax,
Wednesday the return of The Sol Rockers at Bally Hoo Restaurant from 7 to 930, come support this great venue, relaxing vibe and good food!
Friday solo at Iguana Bar Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres from 7 to 9 and
Saturday at The Sunset Grill, solo from 7 to 9 pm. They offer 2x1 special from 6 to 10 pm on all wine by glass or bottle, nice deal. See ya!   

On the internet in the past 24 hours...
In November it will resume being on the First Thursday of each month.

Tiffany Yenawine Wareingposted toBarlito, bakery & market cafe and Sonrisas Catering on Isla Mujeres, MXThis month's Isla Mujeres Artist Fair will be held on the third Thursday of the month, October 17th! We hope to see you there!Isla Mujeres Artist Fair date change
October 17, 2013: We welcome Agapito & his new administration to the Municipal. They took over today. A delay in the Artist Fair will allow them to get settled & celebrate with us the 17th. Hope to see you all in the Zocolo from 4 to 7pm on the third Thursday of October.
Bruce   Sunset from Mininos. Where you never have to wonder if the seafood is fresh.

Mojito and Cuban music on the beach at Fenix Lounge this afternoon. — 

I feel like a nerd.

Betsy & Capt Tony had Salmon & Salmon w shrimp at Due Torri, the new restaurant across from the new ferry terminal (south of HSBC). Betsy recommended it saying the salmon with shrimp  was outstanding, the owners were super nice and everyone was friendly.
Tony Garcia  Due torri. Excellent brand. New. Restaurant. Good. Food. Not. Expensive

Hi sisters!
I’m organising English classes for teenagers and adults starting October 14th. There may be different levels, 3 times a week for one hour, 125 pesos a week, probably around 5 or 6 pm. The course will last until December. I’ll probably be teaching somewhere near Chedraui. Do you know anybody interested? They can contact me by email ( or by phone (9981560250).

I’ve also prepared a specific course for workers of restaurants and bars, this will happen once a week for an hour in the morning somewhere in the center. Price is 50 pesos the class. Classes will start the week of the 7th but haven’t yet decided day and time. There may be different levels depending on students and interest.

You can also visit my website

I’d like to thank everybody for putting the word out there!
Jackie Conlon  Cecilia taught at La Gloria English School on Isla. I wish her the best of luck and great success. If you know anyone who would benefit from learning English please let them know about Cecilia's classes.
Un gran trabajo en equipo para llevar acabo con éxito la #TomadeProtesta A unos minutos.

Pat Oreskovich updated her cover photo. Summer last year

Agapito Magaña Sanchez updated his cover photo.
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Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres updated their cover photo. — in Isla Mujeres.

Tammi Lewis La Bands Sin Nombre performing at the inauguration tonight of Isla Mujeres' presidente.

John Cain  great food at GreenVerde the other day...nice people too...I recommend it....
Agapito Magaña Sanchez Invito a todos a escuchar la #TomadeProtesta del nuevo H. Ayuntamiento de #IslaMujeres transmitida por el 106.7 de FM — in Isla Mujeres.

Kathy Ennisposted toIsla Mujeres Community Information Board  The bananas are starting to turn upward and in addition to the sprout we already had that is now a couple of feet tall, we have yet another tiny sprout.

Garrafon Last year...Rob Herrin  #islamujeres #garrafon #mexico
 December 9, 2012 at 10:20am

June, last year..
Diane White Daniel  Wow! — with David Daniel in Isla Mujeres.
Like · · · June 12, 2012 at 7:39pm via mobile

Tony Garcia   Sept 29
CHECK OUT our new Menu and $50 peso Breakfast special 10-12!
*** Isla Mujeres Student Scholarship program ***

Several students graduated or will be soon so there have been new students added to the Isla Mujeres Student Scholarship program. With the new students there is a need for more sponsors. There are two levels of sponsorship - $30 or $55 a month.

Citlali is a student starting college. She has one sponsor at the $30 level, but we would like to support her at $150/month, so need between 3 and 5 more sponsors.

Brayan is a new high school student. We have one sponsor - at $30 level, so we need one more sponsor. Brayan's mom is Cecelia, the heavy-set woman who is active with the bead ladies - friendly and has taken some English classes, you may have met her.

If want more information about the program or want to become a sponsor please message me. This is a great way to give back to the people of Isla Mujeres as well as life changing for the students and their families.
Jul Isla  Queen Snapper — at Playa Norte Isla Mujeres.
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Marla Bainbridge  A frozen salty dog, live music with la banda sin Nombre and a cool Chuuk kay afternoon. — with Chuuk Kay Restaurante  at Chuuk Kay.
Isla Mujeres was tagged in Joselyn Contreras's photos.
10 hours ago via BlackBerry ·
September 29 2013 (52 photos)
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Christy Dix added a new photo.

Land Yoga Move is back- Gentle Yoga Move class is moving to a new location at El Milagros Marina and Hotel. Classes will resume Tuesday, October, 1.
Classes will be in the air conditioned movie theater on Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM. Saturday classes will be dependent on the number of students, at least three, until late October.
Please bring a mat, some are available. Props are provided. Water is a must!
Please contact me for more information.

Daily Update: Okay that’s it. We’re having a clinic on the island November 2 and 3 and it’s now designated ‘project spay the mommas.’ There has just been way too many really sad mommas and pups in the last few months. I don’t know how these poor dogs do it. We’re going to start now and make appointments to get as many moms done as we possibly can. Not only do the moms suffer but their pups have so much catching up to do. If we start scouting them out now - we can get them on vitamins and tend to any health issues so the surgery will be easier on them. People ask me all the time if it’s okay to spay and neuter two to three month old puppies. In this situation – absolutely. You should see them. While the adult dogs take a while to recover, the pups are up and playing the same day. It’s amazing how young the females can have their first litters and better for them if they have none at all. For my birthday wish we are up to $1,155.00 in monthly pledges thanks to Susan and Caroline. We’ll get there.
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You don't have to give any info to vote, and it takes you right to the Isla Animals option. Very easy! Click this link: Please Help My Animal Shelter Win
Isla Animals is participating in a contest to win $10,000.00. All you have to do is go to: and vote for them. You can vote once per day, and do not need to create an account to vote. Please share with your animal lover and Isla lover friends!
Primera Sesión Ordinaria de Cabildo, periodo 2013-2016 — in Isla Mujeres.

Casa Havana Cafe Paladar updated their cover photo.

Victor Manuel Cervera Cervera updated his cover photo.

New cementery. With océan view.

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  
. .

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