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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Friday, Sept. 20 The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



The "Morning Edition" has translated headlines &  newspaper photos. This Afternoon Edition has  translations of the articles,  Daily Events & Live Music Schedules  & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section including photos & info from individuals & local businesses ....Daily In Isla Mujeres. There are always links to the original articles in Spanish.


  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Gruesome discovery in apartment

Body of woman with possible stab wound: Whereabouts of spouse unknown

Macabro hallazgo en cuartería

Jueves, 19 de Septiembre de 2013 22:20

Encuentran cadáver putrefacto de fémina que al parecer fue apuñalada

isla mujeres, 19 de septiembre.-  Landlord  Severo Alberto Caamal Canul called police after noticing a bad odor and flies on the apartment window in Salina Grande. Municipal. Police officers and an official with the Public Ministry (MPFC) opened the door to find the body of Alma Josefina Cahuich Chan, 40,  laying on the floor with a possible stab wound in her right side. The PJE has not ruled out a possible homicide, and the whereabouts of the man she lived with, Felix Balam, are unknown. The deceased appeared to have been dead about three days and was identified by her son, Juan Carlos Concha Chan, who said he had last seen her on Tuesday.  Experts from the office of Procuraduría in Cancun came to investigate the case and the body was taken to Cancun for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
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Whale shark tour licensees thank God for good season

Agradecen a Dios por buena temporada

Jueves, 19 de Septiembre de 2013 22:20

Permisionarios del avistamiento del tiburón ballena

ISLA MUJERES, 19 de septiembre.- .The ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart church due to the threat of rain, and they enjoyed tacos and refreshments with their families after giving thanks for a good whale shark season. This is the second year they have held this event. 
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Two inspectors fired for extortion of vendors:

por corruptos dan de baja a dos inspectores

Jueves, 19 de Septiembre de 2013 22:13

Extorsionaban a vendedores

ISLA MUJERES, 19 de septiembre.- Two inspectors with the Enforcement agency (Fiscalización) were fired after complaints from two rambutan fruit vendors that they had been repeatedly charged 500 pesos. The Director of the agency said the two men, Edwin Salazar and Julio Pelucini, acknowledged fault and were aware of the punishment they would receive. The fruit vendors who reported them were César Iván Ríos Luján and Oliver Sánchez Morales. The mayor ordered an investigation which includes the director to assure there was no complicity.
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 Tvisla Mujeres

Hugo Sánchez acknowledged debts and outstanding payments to his workers in his last "Informe" and thanked those who put their hearts first, ahead of their ambitions.
Hugo Sánchez reconoce deudas y pagos pendientes a sus trabajadores en su último informe de Gobierno y agradece a quienes antepusieron el corazón antes que la ambición.

Aquí la última parte de su mensaje de Gobierno en su Segundo Informe. Here is the last part of the Second Informe of the government

PJE investigates possible homicide of a woman in Isla Mujeres

Noticias de  Quequi......

Extortionists fired


Despiden a extorsionadores

0 19 de septiembre de 2013

Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi.-. This contains the same information as the other article, noting the two young vendors took their complaint to Director of the Municipal Comptrollers office, Iris Beatriz González Dzib, and they said other vendors had also been told to pay, but only these two sellers came forward.. The City Comptroller issued instructions for the two inspectors to be removed from their positions immediately, and the mayor ordered an investigation of the Fiscalization agency. The fruit sellers said with the rainy weather it has been hard to make money and pay the 'mordida' to the agents.
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Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Preschool teachers still on strike

Obstruyen maestros educación preescolar

Obstruyen maestros educación preescolar
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Simulated hospital evacuation

Simula hospital evacuación

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Diario La Verdad
Diario La VerdadShowers expected in Isla Mujeres

  • webcam190913

    Se esperan chubascos en Isla Mujeres



     Mayor of Isla Mujeres gives "Informe" report

    Rendirá II Informe alcalde de Isla Mujeres

 por esto

Sun disappearing for next few days

Sol despejado en siguientes días [+] Ver mas
It was sunny yesterday, and still sunny today at 2pm, and breezy with whitecaps.

Brigade going to help in Guerrero
Brigada iría a ayudar en Guerrero.. [+] Ver mas
A brigade of the Civil Protection agency is waiting for the Municipal Treasury to release resources so they can travel to Ciudad Altamirano, Guerrero, with the group "Caritas" to offer humanitarian aid to victims of tropical storm Manuel. Caritas is providing the group with transportation and lodging, so the City only needs to provide a daily stipend for food. It is noted that Sept. 19 was National Civil Protection Day, with activities throughout the week. On Tuesday morning they organized a rooftop fire drill at the hotel Isla Mujeres Palace., and that afternoon there was another drill with a water rescue at the Dolphin Discovery facilities. On Wednesday they conducted an exercise in the continental area of Isla Mujeres, including a fire drill involving an LP gas tank, with two injured people and an evacuation of hotel and work personnel. On Thursday there was a first aid course at restaurant El Pescador, and today, Friday, Sept. 20 there will be an exercise involving a mock neck injury at the zip line at Garrafon.
Macabre discovery
Macabro hallazgo[+] Ver mas

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  Sunset 6:45
Sept 21 Moonrise  8:20
Sept 22  9:04 Sept. 30 Change of Municipal Government

Live Music In Isla Mujeres: FRIDAY

Possible weather cancellations  


Casa de los Suenos 4-7  Live music & Half priced appetizers LINKwebsiteLINKfb

Iguanas 6:30 - 8:30  John Cain  LINK   Fb

Sunset Grill 6-7:30 Keyboard & Vocals LINK


Fenix:  8-10 La Guera & Willy's Blues    LINK

Faynes 8-10 Raul Alexis LINK
Cafe del Mar 8  (?)  LINK LINK

Las Brisas Grill:  (?) Cuban music starts around dusk LINK

Ocean Blues & Sassy Jazz 8-10   LINK

 La Terraza 10p Salsa & Latin  LINK

Faynes  10:30-12:15 Banda Sin Nombre   LINK

Adelita's Tequila Bar  12:30-2:30 ? Banda Sin Nombre  LINK     

Tres Mentiras ? LINK

La Catrina: ?   LINK LINK 

Poc Na:  ?   Link

Banda Sin Nombre: Schedule for September:
  • Chuuk Kay: Saturday and Sunday 3:30-5:30
  • Fayne’s: Thursday-Saturday 10:15-12:15
  On the internet in the past 24 hours...

$50 peso Breakfast 10 am to 12, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 toast and potatoes.
SPECIALS on Bloody Marys and Caesars!

Qubano It's Friday, enough said.

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Isla Contoy in the Caribbean

ComoNo, Isla Mujeres, Mexico's photo.
Come check out our beautiful new gardens!!!
Penny Deming shared The Joint Reggae Bar & Grill's photo.
Team Joint/ComoNo says, "We Make the Best Caesars and Bloody Marys on Isla", so challenge us on your next hangover morning with our $50 peso Breakfast served from 10 am to 12!
En BUFALO tenemos deliciosos salbutes, empanadas, sopes, huaraches, tacos, tortas, nachos, enchiladas, queso fundido, alambre, burritos, y más! No te tardes! Unico sabor, bien servido y muy buen precio!!

Sunshine yesterday! Sunshine this morning! We did tons of laundry at MVC, sun dried & drying.
We were at Fenix yesterday enjoying Playa Norte, also, enjoying this beautiful view...

Photo by Leslie Woodbridge  13 hours ago via mobile

Tiffany Yenawine Wareing to posted
Barlito was featured on the Isla Mujeres MapChick Map holding a turtle in the 2012 map. After being asked to autograph one of your maps, he said, "First a restaurant & now a map, I am really famous." This is a current photo of him at one of our turtle releases. Your map is such a wonderful resource for our Island. Thanks so much for all your hard work & of course for making our son famous!

Tiffany Yenawine Wareing was tagged in Laurence Levy's photo. (Lolo Lorena took the photo)
Need a pen maybe!
Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo shared Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
El malecón Caribe es una obra importante de disfrute para los turistas e isleños, Isla Mujeres ¡SOMOS TODOS!
Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo shared Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
Con la rehabilitación y ampliación de la Avenida Paseo de los Peces de la Colonia La Gloria, los isleños y visitantes disfrutan de esta vialidad que embellece a nuestra ínsula. Isla Mujeres ¡SOMOS TODOS!
 Francisco May is on the mainland area of Isla Mujeres
Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo shared Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
Francisco May ya cuenta con energía eléctrica, el municipio de Isla Mujeres ¡SOMOS TODOS!

Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo shared Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
Este bonito puente que conecta al malecón con la Plaza Hábitat, es una importante obra para los vecinos de la colonia la Gloria y Cañotal, en el que además se disfruta de un jardín vecinal para la convivencia familiar. Isla Mujeres ¡SOMOS TODOS!
Swapping recycleable trash for food with free haircuts and medical services this morn
Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo posted 4 updates. 
BELOW It says that Improvements during his 29 months of administration included investing resources in improving public spaces in the municipality, for families to enjoy. These  included the park "Las Fragatas" (the frigates) in Caridad del Cobre, the park Las Gaviotas (the seagulls) in Salina Chica, the park Las Hormigas Obreras (the worker ants), and the park still under construction "Las Iguanas" in Amplification La Gloria.

Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo shared Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
I have just joined Team Pastora. I was one of her older sister’s sponsors for three of her four years at university. Pastora’s sister Alejandra graduated a couple of years ago and is currently teaching at one of the private schools on the island. Like her sister, Pastora is studying education so she can pursuit her dream of teaching.
When Alejandra was brought into the program as our first university student her mother Doña Juana was solely supporting her family of four by selling wraps on the beach. Doña Juana still sells wraps on the beach so if you see her please purchase a wrap or two.
I feel so honored to be a part of Team Pastora and this program.This scholarship program is helping students who never dreamed they could get a university degree because completing high school was looking financially impossible. A big thank you to all of my fellow sponsors for helping to enrich the lives of the many students who have been a part of this program. Thanks to the leadership team Jana Everett Epperson, Mark Kessler and Margaret Servais Washa for keeping the program active and on track.

Pics - Alejandra holding her son and Pastora. Doña Juana selling wraps on the beach.
Daily Update: Oh is this a cutie or what, I’ll post a picture of the mom and more puppies next. There are five pups and they all look alike. They will be small to medium sized Benji-type dogs. What a treat. They still need everything but we are getting them de-wormed and fattened up first. This is exactly what my husband says is wrong with me. We could have fifty dogs and someone could bring me some puppies and I’m the happiest person in the world. I don’t think there is a cure for this. Ha Ha. They also have some skin issues – this has definitely been the spring and summer of skin issues and they are extra hard to deal with in this climate. Our main problem has been sarcoptic mange and ring worm which isn’t really a worm – it’s a fungus. If anyone has any special tricks please let me know.
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 From Mexicotime LINK

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Mayan Wedding Symbols – What do they mean?

Sep 20
riviera maya weddings
Mayan wedding ceremonies are popular here in the Riviera Maya.  For the Maya, the ceremony is performed to bring the couple to the four directional points (north, south, east and west) to unite them as one and present them to the feminine Mother Earth and the masculine Cosmic Energy. Flowers are used in the alter to represent the four points. North is represented by red flowers, East with yellow, South with purple, and West with white. The conch shell is used to call to the gods of these four cardinal points.
From the Informe:
Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo shared Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
Inauguración de la sesión pública y solemne. Segundo Informe de Gobierno, Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres administración 2011-2013.
Ignacio Acosta Casanova  UN tamal. —  in Isla Mujeres.

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  
. .

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