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Wednesday In Isla Mujeres Daily News July 24 The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



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Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Lobster fishermen aim to harvest 320 tonnes this season

After the closed season, the results have been positive

Langosteros van por las 320 toneladas de crustáceo

Martes, 23 de Julio de 2013 21:05

Tras el periodo de veda, los resultados son positivos en la pesca

ISLA MUJERES, 23 de julio.-
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The harvest for this lobster season is expected to exceed 320 tonnes said this official: subdelegado de Pesca en Quintana Roo, Manuel Cárdenas  Magaña. The ban from March 1 to June 30 along the coasts here and in Central American for the breeding season is showing benefits. The minimum size for a lobster to be caught is 13.5 cm. (5.3 inches..they should be bigger than the bills you are using to purchase them, generally) The ban on Queen conch (caracol rosada) has  improved their density at Banco Chinchorro, which may lead to ending the ban there, but the Navy recovered 200 kilos from there last week (poached) and a few months ago 720 kilos were discovered at the Escarcega checkpoint.
  Boat tour operators are behaving well

Only two verbal warnings by Harbor Master

Se portan bien los prestadores de servicios turísticos en lancha

Martes, 23 de Julio de 2013 20:52

Apenas dos amonestaciones emitió Capitanía de Puerto


ISLA MUJERES, 23 de julio.- 
Leer más...
Since the summer holiday period began on July 6th the Port Authority has only had to issue two verbal warnings, and some recommendations, to tour operators. The verbal warnings were in regards to life jackets on board  equaling  the maximum capacity of the vessel.  There are 350 vessels, of which 134 are dedicated to whale shark tours and all are complying with the safety requirements, to avoid being sanctioned. 
"Las Iguanas" park 75% complete 
Investment of 2.5 million pesos 

“Las Iguanas” lleva 75 por ciento de avance en obra

Martes, 23 de Julio de 2013 20:33

Con una inversión de 2.5 millones de pesos

ISLA MUJERES, 23 de julio.-Leer más...

It is located in la Gloria and funded by the federal government under Rama 33 (FORTAMUN..Fund for Strengthening Municipalities). It is in its second phase, after completion of the first stage which was installation of lighting and electricity. Two palapas are being built for social events and there are two areas for playground equipment that will have artificial grass. There will be bathrooms and a bicycle track (una ciclo-pista), allowing people to exercise while their children play. There will be a perimeter fence and benches.

 Tvisla Mujeres
Urged to respect the closed seasons to guarantee seafood products
Exhortan respetar las vedas para garantizar los productos del mar
Tonnes of trash accumulated in Isla Mujeres


Noticias de El Quintanarroense

By Ovidio Lopez  Project is on time

Obra en tiempo y forma

 City offering free educational counseling (summer tutorial classes)
Ofrecen asesoría educativa gratuita
The Municipal Education Agency is offering free classes for more than 100 primary and middle school students between 9am and 1 pm Monday thru Friday at the State Adult Education Facility (IEAA-Instituto Estatal para la Educación de Jóvenes y Adultos) to strengthen their educational skills and assist working parents. Several subjects are covered for the primary school students, and mathematics is taught to the middle school students. There are 120 students participating, with room for more, and the classes end on August 15th.

Meeting with Treasurer postponed
Posponen comparecencia de tesorero
The meeting for Tuesday was rescheduled for Wednesday.

Photos of Iguana's Park construction from gov site fb
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Noticias de  Quequi......

  Monitoring safety with no accidents or incidents

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Children begin summer vacation program

Inician infantes curso vacacional de verano

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Golf carts in demand 

Hay demanda de carritos de golf

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 Work advances in new terminal construction

Avanza la obra de la nueva terminal


Protecting passengers during summer vacation season

Municipios  Lanrry Parra    Protegen a paseantes en vacaciones de verano
Continúan paseos turísticos por la zona de El Farito y Machones. (Lanrry Parra/SIPSE).

Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad

 por esto

Cooperative has positive outlook about season
Cooperativa ve positiva la temporada] Ver mas

Mobile venders appear now
Los ambulantes aparecen ahora. [+] Ver mas
It is estimated in Por Esto that ~45% of mobile vendors lack permits, then the article notes that it is unknown whether the vendors who have "appeared" are operating with or without permission. Those with permits pay 500 pesos (I think that is monthly). Established businesses must also pay taxes, rent, fees, and other expenses, and they are not pleased with the increased number of mobile vendors that have appeared with the holiday season.

Increase in diarrheal  illnesses
Alarmante aumento de enfermedades diarreicas [+] Ver mas
The number of consultations at the General hospital for diarrheal disorders is 40 percent higher than last year, and people are advised to take precautions with food during the hot weather and in sunlight, especially between noon and 4pm. The Director of the hospital said that during the summer months it is normal for diarrheal illnesses to increase by 40 percent. He advises people use extreme hygiene with food preparation, since these infections are from contaminated food or water. He encouraged the public to report any outbreaks in their family.

Summer tutoring classes assist students
Counseling at schools between semesters
Asesorías escolares a mitad del cursoVer mas

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

Lotsa turtles digging nests again last night. This photo is to show their scale...if she stood in the hole at right, her shoulders would be ~ ground level.

There was a beautiful moonrise last night...but I can't take decent moon photos.

Upcoming Events
Thursday, Aug 1  Art Fair on Town Square 
Thursday July 25 Texas Holdem Poker at El Patio

Critter events...
It is currently the season for swimming with the whale sharks, and turtles are mating offshore & nesting on the eastern beaches. The mating is visible by day, especially off Punta Sur, the South Point. The nesting happens in the wee hours, and there are Tortugranja personnel, volunteers, and Naval staff monitoring the beaches to prevent people from disrupting them, and to gather and transport the eggs for incubation.
       By far, most of the turtles nesting in Isla Mujeres are Green turtles (called Blancas in Spanish), and the second most common are the huge Loggerheads, and there are some Hawksbills.  The Green turtles take ~60 days to hatch and the hatchlings are released by the public at events at dusk on Media Luna or Guadalupana beaches. The releases usually start around the end of July & are held periodically until early October.
    Lately the water has been very calm and there have been many manta rays, with many swimming upside down, in addition to many whale sharks. Offshore from MVC, we have been seeing dolphins & turtles from the balcony, and lotsa big fish while snorkeling. 

 There are small red crabs that migrate to & from the sea in July, watch out for them at night on the coastal road at the southeastern part of the isle.
  Lobster season began July 1 and continues until the end of February.

The Super full moon will be rising at 9:04, after the sunset at 7:30 (and about an hour later nightly) link

More information on how to spot them:

Live Music Wednesday In Isla Mujeres

Casa de los Suenos 4-7  Banda Sin Nombre Half priced appetizers LINk fb

 Mamacitas 6-8 Ken Wanovich

Iguanas 6:30-8:30   Jazz     LINK   Fb

Sunset Grill 6-7:30 Keyboard & Vocals  LINK


Bally Hoo  7-9 Sol Rockers

Bahia Tortuga 7p Melekai Joe & Open mic   LINK

El Patio 8:30-11  La Guera & Willys Blues    LINK 

Cafe del Mar  8 -10 (?)    LINK LINK

Faynes 8-10 Raul Alexis

Faynes Banda Sin Nombre 10:30-12:15   LINK 

 John Cain's schedule is
Tuesday- Cafe Del Mar, 8-10, solo guitar & vocals

Wednesday- Bally Hoo, 7-9, Sol Rockers band
 Friday- Iguana Bar-7-9, solo guitar & vocals
  Sunday- Bahia Tortuga- 7-9, Sol Rockers band

 Ken Wanovich
Wed 7/24 - Mamacita's, 6-8pm.
Thur 7/25 - Brisas Grill, 5-7pm.
Sat 7/27 - Bahia Tortuga, 6-8pm.
Tues 7/30 - Bahia Tortuga, 6-8pm.
Wed 7/31 - Mamacita's, 6-8pm.
Thur 8/01 - Brisas Grill, 5-7pm.
Sat 8/03 - Bahia Tortuga, 6-8pm.
Tue 8/06 - Bahia Tortuga, 6-8pm.
Wed 8/07 - Mamacita's, 6-8pm.
Thur 8/08 - Brisas Grill, 5-7pm.
John CainTonight at The Bally Hoo Restaurant from 7 to 9 pm, The Sol Rockers....get ready to jam.....
Bahia Tortuga Restaurant-Bar  Marina updated their cover photo.

Roger Hardestyposted toIsla Mujeres Community Information BoardHad a great nite last nite playing poker and since everybody wants to do it again and some people couldn't make it last nite. We are going to play again Thursday at 6pm at El Patio. Come join us.
Thursday July 25 Texas Holdem Poker at El Patio
Thursday at 6:00pm

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

If you visited the Daily Specials page of my Restaurant Guide with Menus & Delivery would find explanations (like this) of today's specials at Manolito's, what's cookin' at Soggy Peso, where to find half priced appetizers, other discounts, and more....There's always a tab at the top of this page!

Specials available at noon today at Manolitos Loncheria:
*ESCABECHE DE POLLO  Yucatec Chicken & Onion Stew *BISTEC A LA CAZUELA   Steak in a Pan (w sauce) 
*PUERCO ADOBADO   Pork in chile sauce/adobe
-POC CHUC  Yucatec Pork BBQ
-MILANESA DE POLLO O PUERCO  Breaded chicken or pork steak Parmesan

  This is how Chicken Escabeche is made (Warning: These may make your mouth to water & this first one is complicated)...

1. In a small bowl, combine coriander, oregano, salt, pepper, cumin, cloves, allspice, and cinnamon; set spice mix aside. In a large bowl, whisk together half the spice mix, orange, grapefruit, and lime juices, and minced garlic; add chicken pieces, and toss to coat evenly in marinade. Cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
2. Meanwhile, heat a cast-iron grill pan over medium-high heat. Place whole cloves garlic and chiles on pan, and cook, turning as needed, until lightly charred all over, about 10 minutes for garlic, about 25 minutes for chiles. Transfer to a bowl, and set aside to cool. Remove chicken from marinade, reserving marinade, and working in batches, add to grill; cook, turning once, until lightly charred on both sides, about 8 minutes. Transfer to a plate and set aside.
3. Heat oil in a 6-qt. saucepan over medium heat. Add onions, sprinkle with remaining spice mix, and cook, stirring occasionally, until soft and starting to brown, about 15 minutes. Stir in charred chiles and garlic, and then return chicken to pan along with reserved marinade and stock; bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low, and cook, covered, until chicken is cooked through, about 20 minutes. Uncover, and continue cooking until liquid is slightly reduced, about 15 minutes; serve with tortillas. 
Recipe for Pollo en Escabeche Oriental (Yucatán-Style Chicken and Onion Stew)& photo  from

How to make Steak Cazuela
First you make a "Sofrito" with oil, onions, garlic, pepper, oregano, cumin, bay leaf and tomato sauce, and then you add the steak & cook for a couple minutes, then add potatoes, cooking wine, olives, salt, enough water to cover, and cook.. one recipe adds a packet of sazon Goya. Some recipes include green pepper, some leave the steaks whole. Details in English HERE    Photos & recipe in English from Cocina de Nathan

Adobo de puercoPork Adobe is made with pork ribs & another cut of pork (pierna/leg) browned & simmered with garlic, salt, & thyme.  For the sauce: Ancho & guajillo chiles  are roasted & seeded. Cumin, cloves, allspice, black pepper, garlic, & onion are roasted, They are blended & made into a sauce (adobo), added to meat. In this version, Knorr seasoning can be added. Adjust & serve w rice. Photo & recipe HERE  at misrecetas   

Chicken or Pork Milenesa is similar to  "Chicken Fried Steak" and "Chicken Parmesan";  a seasoned, breaded,  fried cutlet Photo from MexicoFood&more   

In Salina Chica-Meterologico a few steps south of the Chapel Guadalupe and Mango's Cafe     Manolitos Loncheria Menu   For to go or Home Delivery call 9982433776
Bufalo shared Ibette de Alcocer's photo.   Come, Bufalo..Delicious food!  274 7003 & 998 186 3242 Delivery after 7p  Mega Nachos only 100 peso with plenty for three persons! Cuban, roasted meat (da Asada), chorizo, chicken, vegetarian, or just with cheese & beans.11 hours agoVen! ven! a BUFALOOOOOO. ESTA RIQUISIIIIIIMOOOOOOO 2 74 70 03 Y 99 81 86 32 42 MEGA NACHOS!! CUBANOS, DE ASADA, DE CHORIZO, DE POLLO, VEGETARIANOS, O SOLO CON QUESO Y FRIJOL, A SOLO 100 PESOS, UN PLATO QUE ALCANZA PARA 3 PERSONAS!
What are you waiting! ordering it now! Home Delivery! (after 7p)
Que esperas!! ordenen ya!! Servicio a domicilio!! 2 74 70 03 and 99 81 86 32 42.

Photo: Ven a BUFALO y Prueba nuestros deliciosos waffles, por promocion a solo 40 pesos la orden! un postre muy bien servido! tal como lo ves aquí! tengo de fruta con chocolate, de helado con fruta, de napolitano, de fresa de zarzamora, de lo que tu quieras!!
Come and try our delicious BUFALO waffles, for promotion to the order only 40 pesos! very well served dessert! as you see here! I have fruit with chocolate ice cream with fruit, Neapolitan, strawberry blackberry, of what you want!Come and try our delicious BUFALO waffles, for promotion  only 40 pesos! very well served as a dessert! as you see here! I have fruit with chocolate, fruit with ice cream, Neapolitan, strawberry blackberry (fresa de zarzamora..could be raspberry?), or how you want!
Ibette de Alcocer shared a photo.
  • SOLO BUFALOOOO!Ibette de Alcocer Ay bueno, para los que no quieren gastar casi nada, recuerden que también tengo la promoción de las tortas de 3 x 55 pesos y las hamburguesas a solo 20 pesos! Tortas 3 for 55p and hamburgers 20p at Bufalo
Ibette de AlcocerSOLO BUFALOOOO!
Casa Havana Cafe Paladar updated their cover photo. Fillete criollo
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Tony Garcia Good morning. Very nice sunrise bright moon on the blue sky. Lots of turtles landing eggs. Very calm not wind ocean the best to go whale shark and manta rays.  Tony Garcia  What wonderful day. Ocean smooth perfect to be on the ocean swimming with manta rays and whale sharks and why not swimming also with couples mermaid

This is a video on Tony's page Tony Garcia
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Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres updated their cover photo. "Your House" program builds small starter houses and owners pay a says 475 constructed on the mainland & island areas of the municipality at a cost of ~25 million pesos
Buenos días amig@s today we're selling Bolognese Pasta with meatballs d meat and there will also be breaded Milanese with their sauces, make your order at  9981533787 watsap Imbox & have a nice dayhoy venderemos pasta bolognesa con albóndigas d carne y tambien habra milanesa empanizada con su respectiva guarnición hagan su pedido al 9981533787 imbox o watsap k pasen bonito dia

Yesterday Promo for ...Chamoyadas & machacados...(In la Gloria, next to Tuggui paletaria & delivery)Rivero Ricardoposted toMerca IslaRicas chamouadas y machak2 empezamos con una promocion!!!!! 3x2 de 10 a 10:30 pm, y la primera en comprar un machak2 a las 10:01 pm se lleva un machak2 gratis!!!!!!! No aplican restricciones
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Pablo Garcia Interianposted toRecuerdos de isla mujeres!Después de la lluvia. Blanco y Negro. Isla Mujeres. After the rain. black & white. Isla Mujeres
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Pablo Garcia Interianposted toRecuerdos de isla mujeres! Después de la lluvia. Color. Isla Mujeres.
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Pablo Garcia Interianposted toRecuerdos de isla mujeres! Después de la lluvia. Siete A.M.
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Eterno embravecido... Caribe. Isla Mujeres.
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Still lost....July 18  fromJul Isla  She is beige with a white nose
this is Holly, she was lost in La Gloria, has anyone seen her ----- 9992785950 is the contact for the owner, Angelina (She wasn't wearing clothes at the time...)

Isla Animals Daily Update: I arrived in Mexico on Monday and it’s been nothing but dogs since I landed. After being away for a few weeks I think it has overwhelmed me just a bit. But I’m still convinced that we can only do as much as we can do and that we have to stay focused. Today we picked up 10 puppies, 7 from one litter, 2 from another and then one sweet, sweet baby that was tied to a tree (as usual). But we got her, oh, could this little honey break your heart. We took her straight to the vet, as we did the rest of them. Arturo was amazing, spayed and neutered them already. He also bathed them, de-wormed them and vaccinated each one. So the picture is of the lovely pup that was tied to the tree. We unhooked her and all she wanted was to have her tummy rubbed. We named her Juanita. I’m amazed at how these pups stay so wonderful. Juanita was so relieved to be with us, she actually fell asleep on Arturo’s exam table. For my birthday wish we are so close to half way there, now at $980.00 in monthly pledges thanks to Carol. I’m so excited and re-energized about all the things that we are going to do. Also a special thanks to Wag on the Danforth in Toronto who donated a great set of clippers to us, we never have enough.
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Yucatan Dreams's photo.
It's National Tequila Day....In the US...Toasting Tequila Across The Nations!
Beatiful Night!

Link in yesterday's news about this (not in Isla Mujeres).. A dinosaur tail was discovered in northern Mexico and most likely belonged to a hadrosaur, a duck-billed dinosaur. The tail is 4.9 meters (16 feet) long and is made up of 50 vertebrae. Tails are rare finds, and this is the first discovered in such good condition.More info:  Photo via Reuters
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 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

The Early Edition has headlines & newspaper photographs.
This Afternoon Edition has translated articles, events, & original photos with the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section.
 There are always links to the original articles.
  If  there is a headline, but no translation,  the information was probably already translated recently.

. Check out our Restaurant Guide...with Delivery numbers, Menus, & Today's Special Deals...HERE!

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