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Headlines & News From Sunday July 7 In Isla Mujeres Daily News...My Wifi Is Back & I'm Catching Up

North Beach/Playa Norte In Real Time  In Isla Mujeres   

LINK to 24 hour time lapse of the webcam

This is the "Early Edition" with translated headlines &  newspaper photos. 

The Afternoon/Final Edition has translated news articles, upcoming events, & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section, with original photos....In Isla Mujeres Daily News.

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  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Taxi hit motorcycle

Taxista impacta a motoneto

Sábado, 06 de Julio de 2013 21:49 

On Friday night around midnight taxi #64 hit a scooter. The article says the taxi driver made a reckless maneuver, near the gas station, while traveling from south to north and entering the gas station, trying to "beat the moto". The motorcycle was black without plates driven by forty year old waiter,  Everardo Javier Medina Sepúlveda, and the taxi was driven by Juan Alexis González Estrada, 20, of Chiapas. Both drivers went to the Public Security building to make an agreement about the damage to the motorcycle, and if they fail to come to an agreement, it will be turned over to the Public Ministry to determine responsibilities. 
ISLA MUJERES, 6 de julio.-
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 Islanders: Ready to elect a mayor and representative to congress

Equipment & materials delivered without mishap

Isleños, listos para elegir a su presidente municipal y diputado

Sábado, 06 de Julio de 2013 21:35

Entrega de equipo y material, sin ningún contratiempo

ISLA MUJERES, 6 de julio.-
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Consuelo & Cesar: winners of the contest

To represent Isla Mujeres in the State competition

Consuelo y César, los ganadores del certamen

Sábado, 06 de Julio de 2013 21:33

Representarán a Isla Mujeres en la fase estatal

ISLA MUJERES, 6 de julio.- 
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Consuelo Cruz López y don César López Espinoza will represent Isla Mujeres in Cozumel at the State competition for Abuelito & Abuelita 2013 (Grandfather & Grandmother). The competition was held Friday night at the Town Square stage 

 Tvisla Mujeres

En algunas casillas, como en la 257, la policía municipal montó seguridad para el resguardo de las urnas
In some ballots, as in 257, city police set up security to guard the polls

Polls closed without incident  Cierran casillas en ‎#IslaMujeres sin contratiempo

Noticias de El Quintanarroense

.Clean elections predicted
Auguran elecciones “limpias”
Ovidio Lopez

Noticias de  Quequi......


Continue to investigate fire in Salina Chica

Continúan investigando incendio en Salina Chica

0 06 de julio de 2013

Por Carlos Gasca-Quequi.-.  State Police Commander,  Arturo Enrique Medina Parra, said they are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire in Salina Chica which ended the life of  foreigner  Allman Caroll Porter, 63,  and two of his pets. Experts arrived last week to investigate the causes of the fire and causes of the injuries to the deceased. According to preliminary analysis, it was presumed that the foreigner was injured by an explosion from the stove. The Commander said there was a gas tube passing behind the refrigerator and the roof had indications of a golpe provocado  ( provoked impact/hit), probably from the stove. His remains were given to his wife, Linda Jean Wosack, 63, who had been traveling to the United States on the day of the fire.
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Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Abuelito & Abuelita 2013 crowned

Coronan a Abuelito y Abuelita 2013

Coronan a Abuelito y Abuelita 2013.
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60% of the vote is in

 caption: Islanders voting peacefully.
Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad

 por esto

Important influx of tourists to the island
Importante afluencia turística en al isla[+] Ver mas

Summer vacation began Saturday with a good influx of tourists to the island, with about a thousand sunbathers at the beaches enjoying the sunshine and clear waters, according to the lifeguards of the Civil Protection agency. Hotel occupancy was at 70% and expected to climb to 80%. Tourists are arriving from Mexico, North America, Europe, and Latin America.

César López y Consuelo Cruz, “Abuelito y Abuelita 2013” del DIF] Ver mas

Prevén una jornada limpia y tranquilaVer mas
Foreseeing an clean and tranquil election

Lobster catch not very "fruitful"
Poco “fructífera” la captura de langosta+] Ver mas

Sales were not a good as expected and there was some poor weather during the first week of lobster season. With improved weather and summer vacation, these drawbacks may be better this next week. Last year was the worst of all years, and the start of this season has not shown an improvement, said the president of Social Justica cooperative, Baltazar Gamez Catzin.

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This is the "Early Edition" with translated headlines &  newspaper photos, which usually publishes around sunrise. 

The Final Edition publishes around noon with  translations of the news articles, and original photos including today's sunrise & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section, with upcoming events & activities....In Isla Mujeres.

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