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In Isla Mujeres News & Events Friday, March 27 & Catching up from yesterday

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This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte 


  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

link to their Isla articles

Naval operation in Punta Sam reviewing private cars & cargo

Armada de México revisó automóviles particulares y de carga

Lanrry PARRA
Wednesday afternoon at the ferry terminal in Punta Sam, a surprise operation was conducted by personnel with the Navy and the Federal Police, in coordination with SINTRA (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport), municipal police, and passenger transport workers. The intention was to detect any drugs, weapons, or other banned items, and it was aimed at cab drivers, combi bus drivers, and shuttle drivers (transportistas) with federal registrations. These actions were carried out in advance of the Easter holidays, which begins this weekend, with the intent to avoid incidents among domestic travelers or foreigners involving trafficking in any type of narcotics.
ISLA MUJERES, 26 de marzo.-

Agapito keeps his promise to the students with punctual payment of municipal scholarships 

Con el pago ordenado y puntual de becas municipales

Lanrry parra

ISLA MUJERES, 26 de marzo.-

 See translation below in City section...


Outstanding participation by the Island at Tianguis Turistico in Acapulco: Agapito

De la Isla, en el Tianguis Turístico de Acapulco: Agapito

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 25 de marzo.-
The island and its unique attractions and beauty were well represented at the most important touristic event in Mexico, promoting the isle's hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and other services. 
    The Isla Mujeres booth was in the Quintana Roo pavilion,where it was visited by thousands of potential buyers who gathered in Acapulco. There were business meetings, conferences, and other events to attract more tourism and investment to the municipality. 
    The Mayor said, "I am sure our participation will pay off in the short and medium term. The business presentations and promotions were an extraordinary opportunity to position the island as a great beach destination in all its forms."

City participates in Earth Hour  with symbolic blackout 

Ayuntamiento realizará apagón simbólico

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 25 de marzo.-  See translation below in City section...

Mock tsunami event evaluating communication system 

Evalúan sistema de comunicación

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 25 de marzo.-
  This is a nationwide drill in the case of a tsunami, with alert drills spread among different parts of the Mexican coasts, including the Harbor Masters at Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez, where they tested for timely communication between different departments, via electronic media. The larger drill consisted of activation of different agencies emergency alarms, as well as the distribution and issuing of bulletins every two hours from 9am to 2pm. 
     In Isla Mujeres, the drill included the following agencies: Harbor Master, Civil Protection, Public Security (police), and the Navy, among others. In some parts of Mexico, the drill included the simulated burning of storage tanks and other actions, but in Isla Mujeres they were only evaluating internal communication between the agencies and departments. 


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (you can join this FB page at this link)

Saturday, March 28 at noon...Exciting baseball game at the El Pescador stadium. Holbox vs Isla Mujeres...Don't miss it!
Este sábado regresan las emociones del Béisbol al estadio El Pescador. Holbox vs Isla Mujeres.¡No faltes!


Saturday March 28 6:30 at the Mundaca Tourism Center.
The Legend of Xtabay Dance spectacular presentation of folk dancing, ballet, art, and painting, with a children's area, and more

Les invitamos este sábado al Parador Turístico Mundaca a disfrutar del programa Arte para todos. Disfruta de danza, ballet, pintura y mucho más.

Initiation of the Intermunicipal Phase of the National School Olympics of Basic Education. The municipalities of Lazaro Cardeas and of Isla Mujeres are participating in the sports of basketball, volleyball, and handball. The competition is coordinated by the City via the Sports department.
Se inauguró la Fase Intermunicipal de la Olimpiada Nacional Escolar de Educación Básica. Lázaro Cárdenas e Isla Mujeres participan en las disciplinas de basquetbol, voleibol, y handball; la competencia es coordinada por el Ayuntamiento a través la Dirección de Deportes.

Agapito keeps his commitment to the students by paying their scholarships in a timely manner

Municipal scholarships were paid on time, from local funds, by the City government  on Wednesday and Thursday, for the months of January and February. A total of 568 grants were paid, of which 102 were scholarships for student transportation and 466 were academic. 
       Forty one percent of the scholarships went to students living on the island; while in the Continental Zone, 210 students were assisted in Rancho Viejo, representing 45 percent; and 64 scholarships were distributed in Francisco May, representing 14 percent. The total of 568 scholarships equals an investment of $447,400 pesos.
   The next support installment will be in July for the months of March-April and for May-June. The delay is due to respectful attention and compliance with election laws, because the next process is about to begin. (Legislative elections are scheduled for June 7.)

On Sunday and Monday, March 29 & 30, Isla Mujeres will host the Second National Meeting of National Network of Environmental Justice Attorneys
 The National Association of State Environmental Justice Attorneys (ANAAE) is composed of the 16 state Environmental Attorneys in Mexico, who seek to join efforts to strengthen justice in environmental matters and to focus on issues of national interest relating to the environment. ANAAE includes all those state dependencies in the country who are concerned with environmental matters, including the Environmental Ministries of each of the Federal agencies, as well as the attorneys within the organizations. The state environmental prosecutors began the organization, to create a special entity to care for these particular needs and issues which are unique.
    There are attorneys participating in the meeting from the following locations: Aguascalientes, Campeche, Coahuila, Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacan, Morelos, Nayarit, Querétaro, Sonora , Veracruz and Quintana Roo

On Saturday, March 28, at 8:30pm we will participate in the Earth Hour, when lights are turned off for an hour to help stop the effects of climate change
 The City will turn off the lights at City Hall for an hour to demonstrate their commitment to the planet, joining the Earth Hour initiative by the WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature, whose aim is to raise awareness about the need for sustainable consumption and respect for the environment.
        Enrique Barrancos García, Director of the Municipal Ecology Department encourages all island residents to join this great cause that benefits everyone. Information about this has been spreading among the population for several days via social networks.
     The official invited people to be creative during the hour of darkness, and to do uncommon things such as dinner by candlelight, playing with pets, getting involved with community activities, or just taking a break to relax.
        This event began in 2007, and since then, millions of people from around the world have participated. The WWF is an independent international organization who recommend buying products that use less poser and to disconnect them when not in use, and to replace old light bulbs with more efficient ones, among other actions to protect the environment on a daily basis.          

Staff from the Civil Protection agency and fire fighters from Cancun participated in giving a class on use and management of fire extinguishers for the personnel of Mocambo restaurant and volunteers. In total, 22 people were trained.
Con la participación de elementos de Protección Civil de Isla Mujeres y bomberos de Cancun, se impartió un curso sobre uso y manejo de extintores a el personal del restaurant Mocambo y voluntarios; en total, asistieron 22 personas.

On behalf of our Mayor Agapito Sanchez Magaña, we went to the gastronomic meeting of community kitchens in the northern zone of SEDESOL.
En representación de nuestro Alcalde Agapito Magaña Sánchez, acudimos al encuentro gastronómico de los comedores comunitarios de zona norte de SEDESOL.

Islaa Mujeres was represented in Acapulco at the Tiantuis Turistico (National Tourism Convention) with dignity and positive results, said the Mayor Agapito Magana Sanchez.


From Tvisla Mujeres (You can join this fb page at this link)

Successful gastronomic meeting of community kitchens in Cancun
Exitoso encuentro gastronómico de Comedores Comunitarios en Cancún
The Secretary for education and culture (SEyC), Jose Alberto Alonso Ovando, said that public programs are successful when society participates, as it is the case with the Community Kitchens programs, which benefit nearly 10,000 people at Quintana Roo. This is the result of  coordinated efforts between the three levels of Government, and because of the participation of society through groups of women volunteers who prepare the food. 
   The official opened the event on behalf of Governor Borge, which was held in the staduim Fernando Toro Valenzuela in Cancun.  He recognized the important role of the women volunteers who prepare and serve food in each kitchen, who received certificates at the ceremony for compliance with the guidelines for hygiene. Children received recognition by entering a contest "How I see my community dining room" and books were donated for their dining rooms. This program also impacts the quality of education, since more and more students in Quintana Roo are benefiting from dining areas in their schools.
     There are about 10,000 people who receive food daily from 76 community dining rooms around the state, of which 26 are located in the municipality of Benito Juarez (Cancun). This is part of the National Crusade Against Hunger which includes the participation of 19 federal agencies, the state government, and the municipalities. This event highlighted the participation of community kitchens in the municipalities of Lazaro Cardenas, Isla Mujeres, and Benito Juarez. This is a program with great vision which benefits those in need of a good diet, taking actions that allow them to get out of their conditions of poverty and assert their human rights to build a better future.

Noti Isla Mujeres (you can join this page on FB at this link & view the photos)

Today over 5100 students in Isla Mujeres began their Easter vacations.
Este día salieron de vacaciones más de 5 mil cien estudiantes en Isla Mujeres, debido al periodo de vacaciones de Semana Santa.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles

Federal operation at maritime terminal
Operativo federal en la terminal marítima[+] Ver mas

Isla Mujeres: Trash issues
Isla Mujeres, olvidada entre la basura [+] Ver mas
Two trash compacting trucks arrived from the state on February 1st as part of the program "Brigades of Wellness" to assist the municipal government in transfer of trash to the mainland landfill. Between the two units, they have a combined capacity to transfer 32 tonnes daily. This demonstrates the good relationship between the municipal and state governments.
      Previously it was in February, 2013 when the municipal government received state support for trash removal. In just two weeks they reduced the buildup of trash at the Transfer Center by about 2000 tonnes, to protect the health of the islanders, and the groundwater & image of the island.
     The island has not had a sufficient number of its own vehicles, which has caused trash to accumulate. On more than one occasion, the state has relied on the municipality of Benito Juarez to bring trucks to the island to intervene and assist.
     For over a year, the 30 tonne compactor truck owned by the municipality has been parked at Punta Sam, decommissioned for a lack of budget for parts & repairs.


Official blackout to promote awareness
Habrá apagón oficial para promover conciencia[+] Ver mas
World Wide Earth Hour article is translated above...

Good expectations for this destination
Buenas expectativas para el destino[+] Ver mas
Tianguis Touristica article is translated above...

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View from the rooms.

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March Events

Sunset ~6:50

Moonrise over the Caribbean
March 5, Thurs.    7:01    Full Moon   
(a 'minimoon'...the most distant moon of 2015)

March 6, Fri.         7:50
March 7, Sat.        8:39
March 8, Sun.       9:28
March 9, Mon.      10:19
March 10, Tues    11:10

Sunrise ~7am
From Time & Date

March 5 , Thursday Town Square Artist Fair 4-9 & Taste of Isla 5-7
March 8 Daylight Savings Time begins in US. Isla is on EST year round, not observing DST.
March 8 International Women's Day
March 16, Monday: Day off for March 21, Birth of Benito Juarez. 
March 17, Tuesday: St. Patrick's Day  (Celebrated in some bars)
March 18 Oil Expropriation Day (an observance, no closures)

You are invited to attend a dance and exposition "Ixtabay, living legend" on Wednesday, March 18. Free admission. It says "Art & the Punta Sur/South Point palapa at 5pm"

Thursday, March 19  Red Cross Donation Drive begins with march down mainstreet. Includes kindergarten kids & marchers wear white. Time TBA..late afternoon/early evening usually.

 March 20th from 1 to 4pm there is a sterilization and vaccination campaign for pets at the Community Veterinary center at Hacienda Mundaca. Completely free.

 Friday, March 20 8pm Catholic Church on the town square downtown Symphonic Orchestra
March 20 Equinox   Total Solar Eclipse
March 21 Benito Juarez's Birthday
March 25 & 26  Pet sterilization campaign
March 26 Bus Booze Cruise benefit for Isla Seniors & Friends (Sold out)
Fri March 27 - Sun April 12: Easter Break w lotsa daytrippers/busy ferries.  Isla schools close a day early, on Friday.

Saturday, March 28 at noon...Baseball game at the El Pescador stadium. Holbox vs Isla Mujeres.

Saturday, March 28 6:30p at the Mundaca Tourism Center.
The Legend of Xtabay Dance spectacular presentation of folk dancing, ballet, art, and painting, with a children's area, and more

Saturday, March 28  at 8:30pm we will participate in the Hour of the Planet, when lights are turned off for an hour to help stop the effects of climate change

This weekend: Initiation of the Intermunicipal Phase of the National School Olympics of Basic Education. The municipalities of Lazaro Cardeas and of Isla Mujeres are participating in the sports of basketball, volleyball, and handball. 

On Sunday and Monday, March 29 & 30, Isla Mujeres will host the Second Meeting of National Network of Environmental Justice Attorneys

 March 29 Palm Sunday

Friday, April 3  Passion of Christ reenactments "Via Crucis" in the streets

Friday, April 3, Noon-2p: >3000 people are to expected to join in the Viacrucis event walking from Guadalupe chapel (Meteorologico) to the Immaculate Conception church on the Square, with (parishioner) actors in costumes playing the parts.
  The other representation of the martyrdom of Christ is at 10a in La Gloria..departing & returning to the Catholic church there..down the main streets, with parishioners carrying the cross.

Texas Hold 'Em Poker Mon & Thurs at El Patio 6p on Hidalgo..more info HERE.

Fishing Tournament May 22, 23, & 24
June 7  Legislative elections

 Charity Info
See tab at top of page!

Donation Drop offs:
Red Cross:  Social Justicia Restaurant (south of ferry terminal, north of car ferry)

 Books for Grade School Reading Program, Items for Isla Animals, Diabetes Supplies, Items for Little Yellow School House, Moto Helmets for kids...Barlitos @ Marina Paraiso

For donations to Zapatos Para Los Ninos.. please contact Greg at, or find them on Facebook at "Shoes For The Children."

Music (By band & location)

Miguel's high season schedule:
Sunday: The Sol Rockers @ El Patio 9p - 11p
Monday: Miguel solo @ El Patio 6:30p - 8:30p
Tuesday: La Banda Sin Nombre @ El Patio 9:15p - 11:15p
Wednesday: The Sol Rockers@ El Patio 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a
Thursday: Miguel Solo @ el Patio 6p - 8p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a
Friday: Marina Paraiso 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a, Adelita's 12a - 2a
Saturday: Marina Paraiso 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a, Adelita's 12a - 2a

 John Cain's schedule  
Wednesday 7pm - 9pm   ElPatio Sol Rockers 
Thurs 9-11 El Patio 
Sats. El Patio 630-830 
Sunday at El Patio w Sol Rockers from 7 to 9 pm

 El Patio House of Music...(formerly Comono)

Sundays 7-9 - Sol Rockers
Mondays 630 to 830 Miguel / 830 to 1130 Ryan Rickman -

 Tuesdays  9-11 Banda Sin Nombre
Wednesdays 7 to 9 Sol Rockers /  DJ 9-12
Thursdays 6 to 8 Miguel / John Cain from 8 to 11
 Fridays 630 to 815 Fabio & Ryan / band 830 to 1130 
Saturdays 630-830 John Cain solo Country music / 830 to 1130 Ryan and Band..

Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo 
Mon - Tues 7pm - 9pm - Jazz with Norman and Darin 
Wed- Sat 8pm - 11pm - Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge

Javier Martinez Cen La Banda Sin Nombre has played for 12 years at Faynes, we needed some days off, so less than a year a go, we let the band Radios play for us (at the same stage same time), they are great! LBSN play Weds/Saturday from 10:30 till 12, Fridays and Saturdays we also play next door, at Adelitas, just salsa music, from 12:39 till 2:00  (I'm not sure if this is still current
Banda Sin Nombre at Chuuk Kay 3:30p Sat & Sun ?? Now Playitas

Fenix  ~1p~4p   Live music at the beach in the afternoons including  Chucho (Jesus Campuzano) on Mondays & Wednesdays, the Cuban musicians Tuesdays & Thursdays, Pao & others on Fridays, someone on Saturday, Cuban musicians w Barbie playing Salsa on Sundays. 

Marina Paraiso has live music Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 7-9

Bahia Tortuga has live music at times...announced on their streetside signboard.

You may find live music at night on Hidalgo 
Fayne's: 10:30-12 (see above)
La Terraza: 9 or 10-12 
Morgan's:  7 or 8 - 9 or 11 (see above)
El Patio (see above)

And at Poc Na Hostel: 9:30-11

Saturday afternoon ~3-5 Cuban music at Veradara's Cuban restaurant

Here's Music by day of the week...with a thanks to Jean Lemke for rearranging it!

Monday - Miguel solo @ El patio 6:30 - 8:30
Ryan Rickman @ El patio 8:30 - 11:30
Jazz with Norman and Darin 7-9p Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Tuesday -  Fenix live music 1-4
Banda Sin Nombre @ El Patio house of music 9:15-11:15
Jazz with Norman and Darin 7-9p Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Wednesday - Fenix live music (Chucho?) 1-4
Sol Rockers @El patio house of music 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Faynes - 10:30 - 12:00
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Thursday -Fenix  live music 1-4
Miguel @El Patio house of music 6-8/ Faynes 10:30 - 12
John Cain @ el Patio 9-11
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Fayne's 10:30 - 12
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Friday - Fenix- 1-4 La Guera & band
Miguel @ Marina Paraiso solo 7-9
Miguel @ Fayne's 10:30 - 12
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Adelitas for Salsa 12:30 - 2
Fabio @ El Patio house of music 6:30 - 8:15
Ryan and Band @ El Patio house of music 8:30 - 11:30
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Saturday - Cuban Music at El Veradaro's 3-5
Banda Sin Nombre - Chuuk Kay 3:30
Miguel @ Marina Paraiso solo 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre - Faynes 10:30 - 12:00
Banda Sin Nombre - Adelitas for Salsa 12:30 - 2
 John Cain 6:30-8:30 @ El Patio house of music Ryan and Band 8:30 - 11:30
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Sunday - Fenix for Salsa 1-3
Banda Sin Nombre @Chuuk kay 3:30
Sol Rockers El Patio 7-9
Monday - Miguel solo @ El patio 6:30 - 8:30
Ryan Rickman @ El patio 8:30 - 11:30


 Artist Fairs on the Town Square, usually first Thursday, 4p-9p Dec~April.  

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