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Strategy Session: Governor Promises Promotion & Infrastructure, Civil Servants Sworn In, Successful Second Annual Town Square Cultural Fair , Taxistas Demand Sanctions Against Golf Cart Agents Transporting Tourists, Catholics Journey To Chiapas, Airport Aspirations Again In Isla Mujeres News Tuesday, April 16 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Governor Intends To Increase Tourism With Infrastructure, Promotion, & Flights
As part of the "Quintana Roo Competitivo"  program, the Governor and the state Director of Tourism met with officials and business owners in Isla Mujeres to discuss tourism promotion. The Director said they were meeting with business owners to make a check list of what has been done, and decide what things can be done, which includes focusing on marketing of overnight tourism, infrastructure issues, reactivation of the runway, and working to promote sports tourism, ecotourism, small hotels. and tourist attractions. These efforts should improve occupancy in the 1300 hotel rooms available on this island paradise in the Mexican Caribbean. Presently there is a budget of 12 million pesos to change the streetlights along Rueda Medina and the Malecon of Isla Mujeres. (A malecon is a walkway near the seaside) Regarding the airstrip of the island that is owned by the State Government, he said they will try to attract private flights and thereby encourage more tourist arrivals, and that this is work that they would like to begin soon.  Attending the meeting were: (regidor is an City Council member, yates are yachts, CANACO is the Chamber of Commerce. and  Fideicomiso means Trust) Raúl Marrufo González, subsecretario de Promoción Turística; Álvaro Magaña Galué, director del Fideicomiso de Promoción de la Isla; Hugo Sánchez, presidente municipal de Isla Mujeres; Pedro Fuentes, regidor Comisión de Turismo; Guadalupe Martínez, presidenta de la Asociación de Hoteles; Juan Carrillo, presidente de la Canaco; Osmany García, del hotel Privilege Aluxes; Francisco Fernández, de Caribbean Carnival; Rubén Delgado, del Club de Playa y Museo Capitán Dulche; Enrique Lima, del Club de Yates de Isla Mujeres; y, Kin Lima, del hotel La Media Luna.  Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 
Official Replacements Approved At City Hall

At the thirty-first Special Session of the City Council,  unanimous approval was given to the appointment of José Inés Aguilar Rodríguez as new Secretary General of the Council. The Office of Auditing will be run by  Fabiola Vicencio Jiménez, and the Mayor proposed that the current director of Municipal Archives, Luis Sulu Trejo, be given the post of Director of Revenue. Both were unanimously approved. At the end of the session, the Mayor confirmed the directors who were proposed for other agencies, including Isaac Sulu Martinez as Director of Tourism. Other officials and their new positions are listed in the articles. The resignation of 25 City officials became effective yesterday. The Mayor denied that there was a plot against him by Alicia Ricalde, and said he respects the decisions of his colleagues, many of whom were attending the Council session,  and the Mayor thanked them for their previous work. He said there will be no destabilization of his government, and that he would not make negative statements about other members of his political party, PAN. Sources: Diario Q Roo/ Manuel Valdez and Por Esto   and municipal website  


Secretario General, José Inés Aguilar Rodríguez; Secretary General
... Oficial Mayor, Juan Carlos Burgos Baeza;  Undersecretary I think
Dirección de Ingresos, Luis Sulu Trejo; revenue
Dirección de Egresos, Jaime Cohuo Barnet; expenses
Dirección de Desarrollo Urbano, Marcos Alfonso Velázquez Cabrera; urban development
Dirección de Medio Ambiente, Ricardo Alvarado; environment
Dirección de Catastro, Alejandro García Pérez; deed registration I think
Dirección de Turismo, Isac Sulú Martínez; tourism
Dirección de Recursos Humanos, Jorge Leonardo Iuit; human resources
Dirección de Educación, Aracely Mendicuti; education
Dirección de Cultura, Carlos García García; culture
Dirección de Deportes, Natanael Gallegos Salinas; sports
Dirección de Servicios Públicos, Gerardo Aceves Velázquez; public services
Subdirección de Servicios Públicos, Josefa Castellanos;
Dirección de Asuntos Jurídicos, Antonio Galué; legal
Dirección de Fiscalización, Mario Chable (encargado de despacho); enforcement & auditing
IPAVIR, Ing. Lorie Jaziby León Marquez; housing
ZOFEMAT, José Ríos Chale; federal zone (along coasts)
Unidad de Vinculación y Transparencia, Raziel Antonio Poot Hau. governmental transparency

Successful Cultural Event On Town Square

An entertaining cultural afternoon took place Sunday on the Town Square, with an exhibition of talent by participants of cultural workshops, in this second annual event sponsored by the Casa de Cultura/House of Culture. There was an exhibition of paintings from the class taught by artist  Gabriela Tosello. Students of the hammock workshop taught by Tomás Uvalle Pech and students of the handicraft workshop taught by  César López, exhibited their works. The craft workshops involved members of the Senior Citizens clubs and the making of handicrafts using items from the sea and recycled objects. Traditional dances were performed by members of the class taught by Jesús Gamboa Ríos, whose participants wore traditional costumes donated by the municipal government. There was a demonstration by those who attend  Zumba fitness classes at the Mundaca Hacienda, which are taught by Adrián Velázquez Avalos. The evening concluded with a performance by students of the guitar workshop taught by Paul Basto, with singing.  Islanders and tourists enjoyed the event. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez and SIPSE/Lanrry Parra Photos from municipal fb more at this link



Golf Cart Agents Transporting Tourists: Taxistas Demand Sanctions
The head of the taxi union, Eduardo Peniche Rodríguez said  municipal authorities and the state agency of Communications and Transport should enforce sanctions against rental companies who are in violation of an agreement reached some time ago. He said there is an agreement that golf cart rental customers must receive their vehicles at the premises of the rental facility.  He gave "Coco Cart Rental" as an example, saying they place their vehicles along various parts of the malecon (sidewalk near the sea.) and transport their clients from the dock area.
      There is an agreement with the taxi union about the use of taxis to take tourists to the golf cart rental locations,  and this activity violates that agreement and is unfair competition, said the taxi union leader. The union leader spoke about an incident that occurred  on Monday morning, in front of the ferry terminal, next to the taxi stand, and said, "There is a travel agency at the ferry terminal who rent golf carts, and once they rent the cart, they transport the tourist to the location where all the golf carts are kept. They are coming and going in golf carts from the taxi stand  area. What do the taxistas gain?"
    The taxistas are unhappy about the steady increase in the number of golf carts on the island, which they say puts the squeeze on them, as well as contributing to a serious vehicular saturation problem during "rush hour" along the malecon. (These references seem to mean the malecon area along main street and the Posada Beach. In Spanish, rush hour is "hora pico"..Peak hour. At first I thought it said hora pica which would be  "the hour that bites".).    
    Taxistas are also unhappy about the increased number of taxi permits, which have grown from 250 to 850 in the past five years, under the current union leadership. This includes the continental area, where they complain of saturation and say they wait at the ferry terminal and then only make two client transports daily from Punta Sam.  Union member  José Luis Tovar Olmos said he bought a taxi "placa" or permit for 250,000 pesos, in exchange for selling his property,  and due to supersaturation its worth became 150,000 pesos, while the value of his property increased. Source: Quintanarroense/Ovidio Lopez 

Catholics Journey To Chiapas
On Monday evening a group of Catholics from Isla Mujeres began a bus trip to Chipas where they will attend the inauguration of the Archbishop of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, monseñor Fabio Martínez Castilla, who is a native islander. The event is scheduled for April 18th. Other groups are also planning to make the journey, departing on April 17th. The round trip cost, including lodging, is 2500 pesos. They are expected to return on April 20th.

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Sunrise Wednesday from MVC B&B

 My tremor was acting up Wednesday...interesting effect, ay? (Doesn't work as well with portraits...people end up with four eyes and two noses, grin)

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Tiffany Yenawine Wareingposted toBarlito, bakery & market cafe and Sonrisas Catering on Isla Mujeres, MX It is that time of year again when the Isla Snowbirds head North. It is going to be a long while before you get your Barlito fix! Stop in for a bite or get it to go & make the airplane/car ride so much better! Our menu is full of great sandwiches, paninis & bagels all easy to eat while traveling! Just imagine how tasty today's Krissy Breakfast Panini w/ scrambled eggs, tomato & onion topped w/ jack cheese & pesto cream cheese would be!! We look forward to seeing you at Barlito!
Good folks on this island...
On Thursday, Barlito donated lunch to Isla Animal's spay & neuter clinic.  Many thanks to the 15 volunteers who have been helping daily with the cats & dogs coming to the clinic.  On Monday 29 animals, Tuesday 32 animals, Wednesday 21 animals & Thursday 20 animals were all spayed & neutered.  The clinic is being held at Delfino's veterinarian clinic just South of Casa Ixchel.  Today, Friday is the last day.  I have been stopping by the clinic every day after work instead of going to Isla Animals.  Apparently, Perra Feria has missed seeing me at Alison's.  She came yesterday to Barlito full of wiggles & smiles & stayed the day!
On Thursday, Barlito donated lunch to Isla Animal's spay & neuter clinic. Many thanks to the 15 volunteers who have been helping daily with the cats & dogs com...ing to the clinic. On Monday 29 animals, Tuesday 32 animals, Wednesday 21 animals & Thursday 20 animals were all spayed & neutered. The clinic is being held at Delfino's veterinarian clinic just South of Casa Ixchel. Today, Friday is the last day. I have been stopping by the clinic every day after work instead of going to Isla Animals. Apparently, Perra Feria has missed seeing me at Alison's. She came yesterday to Barlito full of wiggles & smiles & stayed the day!

Here is a Facebook link to an official video from the City from 2011-2013 Somos Todos (for all of us) about the public works done, including over construction of over 500 small basic  homes  and renovation to 90% of the roads, new sports facilities and parks, which includes a lot of beautiful scenery and smiling faces.

Free Adult Education


 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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