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Final Edition Translations Sun-Today (Whew!) Too Many Headlines To List. Here's Today's First Recycling Contest: Creating A Sea Creature, Successful Red Cross Fishing Tournament, Regatta Begins, Hotel Occupancy Decreases In Isla Mujeres News Thursday, April 25 Today's & Recent Articles: The Five Final Editions

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Recycling Contest To Feature Sea Creature Sculptures

A recycling contest for children and teens was announced yesterday by the DIF social service agency with the theme "Marine Species". Registration is open at the DIF office until May 7 and the deadline for submission of artwork is June 3. Teams of four may participate, using recycled materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard, bottle caps, and glass to form a sculpture of up to two and a half meters in length, a width of between 70 cm and two and a half meters,  and a maximum height of 70 centimeters. The purpose of the competition is to encourage recycling and the criteria for judging includes Originality, Creativity, Difficulty, and Expressing the Theme of the contest. Source: Diairo Q Roo/Manuel Valdez Photo from Municipal website 

Red Cross Fishing Tournament Raises 2500 Dollars

The Red Cross Fishing Tournament raised $2500 dollars for the organization. They collected $3450 of which they spent $950 dollars for expenses. Of this, $450 was spent for the three top place trophies which were a marlin, a sailfish, and a painting of Mayan warriors, plus $100 for the fourth place and other awards. The remainder was spent on the reception and buffet for the participants.  Source: Diairo Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

19th Anniversary of Port Authority

On April 30th, the Port Authority, APIQROO, will celebrate its 19th anniversary. In Isla Mujeres the celebration will begin at 10am when awards will be given to those who have contributed to the port infrastructure. They will recognize Benjamín Celis, who is a pioneer in pier building, as well as Mario Burgos Sánchez, who is a pioneer in boat building, and the well known fisherman Buenaventura Delgado, who is called “Coleguita”.  Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca 

Hotel Occupancy at 52%

Although there was a slight decrease in hotel occupancy at the beginning of this week, the statistics are higher than last year at this time. The decrease is more marked in the smaller hotels. According to the Municipal Tourism Department, the HIM association of hotels in Isla Mujeres reports an occupancy of 42 percent while the others report 56 percent occupancy, giving a global occupancy of 52 percent. Occupancy is expected to increase on the weekend, as is usual. Source: Respuesta/Jesus Molina

45th Regatta Begins

The Ministry of the Navy of Mexico confirmed its support for the Tournament Sol al Sol 2013 XLV which begins today, April 25, with the firing of a cannon in St Petersburg, Florida, and the first sailboat is expected to arrive in Isla Mujeres on May 28th. Just over 30 sailboats are expected to participate, including two yachts featuring Mexicans, which are the "Serenissima" of the Club de Yates y Vela de Yucatán, and the “Giralda” of the Club de Yates Isla Mujeres. The Navy has assigned two ships to provide support for the event which include the 112 foot patrol boat "PC 224 Yucatan" which will be anchored at the norther tip of Isla Mujeres, awaiting the arrival of the sailboats, and another ship, the MLB-BR-103. Lieutenant Commander José Antonio González Huerta will be the judge and official timer. Activities for the event begin on May 1 with the "Captain's Cup" hosted by the Isla Mujeres Yacht Club at the Casa de las Rocas/ House on the Rocks. Source: Por Est

From Sunday's News.....

Improvements At Hospital
The Director of the General Hospital,David Valenzo Loaeza, said now that they have taken over management of the pharmacy from "Phoenix" , they have one hundred percent of the medications prescribed by the physicians. (Seguro Popular insurance provides medications to beneficiaries, if they are available at the hospital pharmacy. When they are not in stock,  patients must pay out of pocket elsewhere.) He says the hospital has specialists and everything needed for childbirths, surgeries, and consultations, with the exception of x-rays. There is an agreement with the naval hospital to provide that service when needed, for now. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez

Second Graders Win Third Place
Students of the Isla Mujeres  grade school “Francisco Hernández de Córdova" won third place in a contest promoting reading as a fun activity. This was the fourth annual competition, whose title was "Experiences and Successful Projects".  The second grade class of the teacher  Andrea León Ancona, won the award with their project titled "Tales and Legends of My Imagination". Nine schools participated in the competition. Source Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  

Red Cross Collection Period Continues
The Red Cross collection period has been extended to May 31st, and they are seeking to double the amount collected during April. The students have been volunteering enthusiastically to work at the collection of donations. Between March 15 and April 17, 65,000 pesos have been collected, with the City donating 30,000 pesos. Hotel Ixchel gave 10,000 pesos, the Electric Company CFE gave 2000 pesos, and donations of 5000 pesos each were made by Villas Rolandi, Hotel Media Luna, Hotel Secreto, and businessman Enrique Lima. During the period from May 11, 2012 to April 17, 2013 they had expenses of 669,3000 and revenue of 675,938. The State government donated 245,000 pesos, ASUR gave 40,491 pesos, while individual donations were 349,232 and the money raised at events totaled 41,215 pesos. With these funds they paid utilities, office expenses, and ambulance repairs in the amount of 75,300 pesos and payroll expenses at a cost of 594,000 pesos, leaving a positive balance of 6638 pesos in the bank account. The local president of the organization, Jorge Cárdenas, said there are donations  from the state government of 80,000 pesos, from the Navy of 30,000 pesos, from the business sector of 2000 pesos, and general donations into the cans of 16,176 pesos for a grand total of 211,176 pesos. Source: Ovidio Lopez/Quintanarroense  

Bullying Complaint
 Carmen Solís Bacelis has spoken with media and written a letter,  requesting intervention from the state and federal departments of education (SEQ & SEP) because she says her daughter is being bullied at the middle school Benito Juarez, and school officials have not responded to solve the problem. She said her daughter "K.A.S." has suffered psychological and physical abuse from students A.A.B., M.A.C., J.G.T., and B.A.P. for months without any type of sanction. This has included teasing and writing obscene messages on the walls. School officials did not respond to her request for a meeting with the parents of these children. She lost patience after her daughter told her on April 18th they had again written obscene messages and thrown eggs when she was in the bathroom (echaron huevos). Source: Quinatanrroense/Ovidio Lopez  

Catching Tons Of Shark & Fish
Commercial fishermen are saying their catches of shark have improved recently, with members of the cooperative “Patria y Progreso” reporting an increase of 30 percent compared to the year that just ended. Member  Agapito Magaña Canton said that in recent days with the good weather they have caught between 20 and 25 tonnes of shark, between all those dedicated to catching shark. They were told 8 tonnes were sold and transferred to the port of Progreso. The capture of fish has also slightly increased, and among the five cooperatives they have caught between two and three tonnes. Source: Ovidio Lopez/Quintanarroense 

Taxi Union Objects To Cart Company Transporting Tourists
Taxi union president Eduardo Peniche Rodríguez wants authorities to intervene against unfair practices by golf cart rental agencies, and in particular he is complaining about "Coco Cart Rental".  He says they have a travel agency at the ferry terminal and are transporting tourists in golf carts who want to rent carts. The union leader explained that there is an agreement which states that tourists  must go to actual location of the rental company, but they are not complying. This situation takes opportunities away from taxi drivers and they make no money. He wants the inspectors to surprise the employees of the rental agency, and asks that these activities be avoided, which affect the families of the cabbies and benefits only a few people. Source: SIPSE/Lanrry Parra   

Free Opportunity To Obtain Diploma Equivalency Certificate
More than a dozen teens and adults participated in the first National Day of Accreditation and Incorporation 2013, which gave them an opportunity to earn an equivalency certificate for their primary or middle school education if they successfully complete  an examination. Several days ago an announcement was made inviting people from age 15 to senior citizens to take advantage of this free opportunity to complete their education with a single test, offered by the State Institute for Adult Education (IEEA). The event took place at the Community Plaza "4 de Marzo" in La Gloria, beginning at 9am and finished at 3pm  There was one test for primary level and two for middle school equivalency. The results will be given in 10 days. Source: Por Esto  

Hot Weather Advice
Por Esto reports that temperatures rose above 35 Celsius provoking increased sales of cold water, sunglasses, fans, hats, cold drinks, ice cream, frozen treats, and sunscreen. The Ministry of Health recommends that people stay hydrated, wear light clothing, and use sunscreen.
 Recommendations for this hot season:
-Boil tap water before drinking, at least for 5 minutes.- During the day, drink water regularly.- Wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom.- Disinfect fruit and vegetables, and be sure that animal products and seafood are fresh.- Avoid street food.- Keep your home and workplace ventilated.- Avoid direct sunlight, use parasols and whenever possible, use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.- To avoid dehydration, always try to have packets Vida Suero Oral available in your home. (Ask for them for free at your nearest health center).- If you will be exposed to the sun for a long time, you should protect your head with a hat.

Assistance Payments During Ban On Lobster Fishing
Over 200 Isla Mujeres fisherman will receive their first assistance payment for the closed lobster season of 2013 on April 26. The payments were delayed  while waiting for some of the fishermen to submit their documentation. The lobster season is closed for four months, and last year they received 10,000 pesos, divided into four equal payments.Source Por Esto  This money comes from municipal funds. The lobster season is closed from the end of February until the beginning of July

 From Monday's News.....

Public Dispute Over Property
Saturday there was an altercation between family members over a property dispute involving land on prolongation Rueda Medina near "Villa Panchita", where surveying work was being done. This involved the family of the former Mayor, Adame Paulino Torres, with more than 50 people gathering on the site. About a dozen policemen intervened to restore order and the police Chief said they were not granting rights to one party or the other, but were asking people to retire in order to not affect the roadway and for both sides to avoid public disputes, and to allow traffic to flow freely.  Source: Diairo Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

Ditch Digger Wins Red Cross Tournament

Crew of the boat "Ditch Digger", captained by Bruce Batura, won first place in the  International Sport Fishing Tournament ,"Mario Alberto Cardenas Montalvo",  which was held last Saturday to benefit the Red Cross of Isla Mujeres.  Seven vessels, with 15 crew members participated, in the "gentleman's" tournament, based on mutual trust, that involved release of any sailfish that were caught, and the one who caught the most fish was the winner.  Second place was taken by "Sea D" and third place was won by "Relax".  The President of the Red Cross Board, Jorge Cárdenas Bazán, admitted this event was hastily organized, and that they expect it to expand next year, giving greater opportunity for participation by fishermen from around the state and other countries with promotion on the internet and inclusion in the Quintana Roo fishing tournament schedule. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez

US Invaded Veracruz During Mexican Revolution: Heroes Commemorated

The Governor came to Isla Mujeres to participate in the ceremony commemorating the XCIX Anniversary of the Heroic Defense of Veracruz, in 1914, against invading US forces. The Governor spoke about the loyalty of the Navy and the high sense of honor and  of duty shown by the  everyday heroes of the Mexican Navy.  Source:  Diario Verdad /
  They were commemorating the Battle of Veracruz on April 21, 1914 when citizens of the city, with students of a military school, heroically tried to defend the city against invading troops. The US had not declared war, and invaded the city and occupied it for 7 months, for political reasons. This was during the Mexican Revolution.  HERE is a link about it. It was triggered by the Tampico affair when the US had military ships offshore, out of concern for American financial interests in the area. Nine American sailors went ashore into an off-limits area and were briefly detained, then released with apologies from the commanders involved who returned the men to their ship. In addition to official apologies, Pres. Wilson demanded Mexican officials raise the US flag over their governmental buildings, although the US had refused to recognize Huerta's government. When Huerta failed to comply, Congress began discussing military action. A ship was about to arrive in port bringing arms to Huerta's army, so the US decided to intervene, claiming this was a violation of a US embargo. In fact, these arms originated from the Remington factory in the US, who routed them via Germany in an attempt to subvert the US embargo. Huerta was in power due to assistance from the American ambassador Henry Wilson, in 1913. Many civilians and students were killed during the twenty day siege of Veracruz by US troops. Some of the naval students and sailors who died in the battle are commemorated annually when their names are read from the List of Heroes. Here is Wiki's link.

Fighting Dengue

 Last week staff from the vectors department, under the direction of the Health Department and the Director of the General Hospital of Isla Mujeres, David Valenzo Loeiza, were touring homes and fumigating for the mosquito that transmits dengue. The director asked the cooperation of the public. The Vector staff will also review all government buildings & offices to assure they are free from mosquito breeding areas. Efforts to prevent dengue are done throughout the year, and not just during the approaching rainy season. The public is advised not to leave appliances outside and to pay attention and participate when there are junk removal drives. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca  

Tourist Enjoy Hot Sunny Weather & Occupancy At 60%
Por Esto reports the sun was shining brightly, the beaches were busy, and many domestic and national tourists were enjoying touristic activities, including boat tours, snorkeling and diving. Only 15 minutes were required to get a good tan, says Por Esto. The weather was hot, so people were swimming, as well as enjoying sports on the beach such as baseball and soccer.   The Department of Tourism reported that hotel occupancy remained at 60 percent, which is expected to increase during the fishing tournament "Cosme Alberto Martínez Magaña" from 17 to 19 May. A few sentences later it says: Some hoteliers reported up to 60 percent occupancy, and these are mostly the hostels, which are less expensive.

From Tuesday's News....

Island House Fire & Mainland Brush Fire & Search For Missing Hunter
The Department of Civil Protection reports the fire Sunday night in colonia Salina Chica, near the business Bepensa, was controlled, resulting in material damage only. There was a good response to the alarm, with Civil Protection receiving support from police, Navy, and Aguakan. According to the owner, there was a candle left burning, which cause a stuffed animal to catch fire, resulting in a mattress burning, while no one was home. On the mainland area of Isla Mujeres, there was a small fire on a vacant lot that Civil Protection quickly controlled without damage. On Monday the staff from Civil Protection, in coordination with the group Caritas, began searching for Juan Carlos Nunez, 40, who was reported missing Saturday night after he had gone out hunting. He is a caretaker of a ranch within the township of Isla Mujeres, and they were searching near the town of Francisco May at Rancho Abascal, where he was last seen. Six members of Caritas, a search and rescue dog, and four members of the Civil Protection staff were searching for him.  Source: Diario Q Roo/ Manuel Valdez

Tots Parade & Plant Trees For Earth Day
To celebrate International Earth Day, a parade was held in the streets of colonia La Gloria, coordinated by the social service agency DIF, with the Child Development Center CENDI. The children carried messages and tips about caring for the environment, conserving water, land and air, and other messages about protecting nature and the planet. The children and their parents also planted trees in the medial onf Jesus Martinez Ross Avenue. The families enjoyed these activities, while the preschool children were raising public awareness around the island. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

L'Argentine Owner Says Closure Unfair & Official Says "Open After Hours"
In the wee hours of Sunday morning, the restaurant L'Argentina had closure seals placed over its doors while it was closed for the night The owner says he does not know why they were closed, and believes he has all his documentation in order, noting that the municipal inspectors must have arrived after they had closed for the night at 1am. He said they were the first of the businesses in the area to close on Saturday night. He says he feels persecuted by both City inspectors and COFEPRIS. The business was closed all day Sunday and remained closed Tuesday. A few months ago COFEPRIS imposed a fine of over 300 days minimum wage, alleging they had contaminated food. (The daily minimum wage is approximately ~$5usd/day) Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca
     Wednesday TV Isla Mujeres reported their fine was 31,000 pesos. The Isla Mujeres municipal Director of Audits, Mario Alberto Espinosa Chablé denied that the closure procedure on Sunday morning of the restaurant L'Argentina was outside the law, explaining they placed the closure seals because  the business had been operating outside its allowable hours. Only those businesses who pay the fee to have permmision to operate for extended hours can be open for extended hours, under Article 20, Section D which sets the scheduled times. In the case of L'Argentina the allowable hours of operation are from 7am to 11pm, with one hour of tolerance. This means they should not be open later than 12pm, yet they closed at 1:40 am, so we placed closure seals to enforce the law, explained the official.  He says his office acted within the law, and the owner became arrogant. He noted that the maximum fine  is 2000 daily minimum wages, and they applied the minimum of 500 daily wages. He noted that some business opt to pay for permission to have extended hours, while others do not, and that this business did not.

From Wednesday's News.......

Inauguration Of Public Works Of 2012

On April 25 there will be an inauguration of public works completed though the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) during 2012. First will be the Sports Center in Ciudad Mujeres, which was built at a cost of nearly 3 million pesos. The second inauguration on Thursday will be at 5pm of work done under the Habitat program at the Bicentennial Plaza in colonia La Gloria of the construction of a bridge, garden, and lighting. This construction connects with other facilities including the Community Center, the sports dome, the playground, and the outdoor theater, integrating them together, and were constructed at a cost of about 2.6 million pesos.  Over the past 5 years the Municipal Government has obtained and managed funds under the Rescue of Public Spaces program and the Habitat program, and in 2012 with funds from SEDOSOL has made many improvements to public spaces. The most representative is the Bicentennial Plaza which was once a gloomy place housing incomplete works from past administrations, and now is one of the most important recreational spaces for the islanders. Other public works from these programs include the parks Las Tortugas and Las Gaviotas (Seagulls) on the island, and a sports facility & CIMAS facility on the mainland, to name a few. Projects from these programs are now administered by SEDATU, the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development. Since the budgets have already been submitted, information about the projects in Isla Mujeres for 2013 should be announced in coming days. Source Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez

Learning To Please Tourists

Thirty five employees of businesses in the tourism industry are attending a two day course "Effective Customer Service and Attention".  Following this workshop, other classes will be offered including "The Five C's of Quality (Calidad)", Tourism Teamwork & Legislation, Human Trafficking, Telephone Courtesy, Tourism For Children, First Aid, and Tour Guides For Tourists. 5 ́s de la Calidad, Taller de Integración Humana y Trabajo en Equipo Legislación Turística y Trata de Personas, Cortesía Telefónica, Cultura Turística Infantil, Primeros Auxilios, Geografía Turística, Conducción y Liderazgo  The director of Tourism, Isaac Sulu Martinez invited those interested to come register at the his office, to improve professionalism and service for tourists. Source: Diario Q Roo/ Manuel Valdez 

No Increase In Summer Illnesses With Heat, Yet
Although certain illnesses are expected to increase with the hot weather, so far they have not. Usually conjunctivitis increases, but they have seen only one case last week. Gastrointestinal illness usually increases when temperatures soar, so the hospital Director, who was addressing a women's group, advised avoiding street food and recommended handwashing before meals and after using the toilet. He also noted that chicken pox and head lice tend to increase during hot weather. He said their prevention programs run by the hospital and around the island seem to be effective (with a "bandera blanca" reference I don't understand. That literally means "white flag". ) Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina  This article had a misleading headline & photo of people at the hospital clinic waiting room:  "Hot Weather Increases Illnesses" Aumentará el calor enfermedades

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Sunrise Tuesday from MVC B&B

Tuesday afternoon on Playa Norte at Buho's

Wednesday evening at Iguanas listening to awesome Jazz & having tapas..Well, Bruce had Tapas which came with two glasses of beer or wine (we had one glass of each & I drank the wine). He enjoyed it all, and especially raved about those triangles of potato puff something or other. That is a meaty kabob, breaded shrimp and bell peppers with onions in a tasty sauce. I had great guac. We really enjoyed the Jazz! Gabby is a great bartender, and the views are always impressive. At Marina Paraiso.

  If you have the opportunity, & are on the isle consider watching the sunset then full moonrise (in the east, over the Caribbean) tonight...and Saturn may be visible above the moon & I think tonight is the partial lunar eclipse.  If you are planning a trip to Isla, you can google "Cancun moonrise" and this site shows up  where you can find out the moonrise & sunset times for any month.

 On the internet recently...

Dif Isla Mujeres  
DIF is the social service agency and this is the preschoolers & their parents celebrating International Earth Day
Celebrando el "DIA INTERNACIONAL DE LA TIERRA"con alumnos del CENDI (4 photos)

LAS NIÑAS EN SU ACTIVIDAD — with Rel-Pub Ayuntamiento Isla Mujeres and 3 others in Isla Mujeres.

 The Women's fishing tournament will be held May 4th & 5th

5° Torneo de Pesca "Alicia Ricalde Magaña"
Para Mayor informacion: For more info:
Direccion de turismo
Av. Rueda Medina #130
Tel: 998 8770307
See More
 The Cosme Magana fishing tournament will be May 17-19

 Dip Demetrio Celaya Cotero  Monday

El presidente de la Comisión de Salud y Asistencia Social en la XIII Legislatura y diputado del PAN, doctor Demetrio Celaya Cotero asistió como representante del Poder Legislativo a la ceremonia del XCIX aniversario de la Defensa del He...roico Puerto de Veracruz, celebrada la mañana de este domingo en la explanada principal del cuartel general de la Quinta Región Naval, en Isla Mujeres. El evento fue encabezado por el Gobernador de Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge Angulo y por el almirante Juan Ramón Alcalá Pignol, comandante de la Quinta Región Naval, y Hugo Sánchez Montalvo, presidente municipal de Isla Mujeres.

En el evento se realizo una ofrenda floral y se montó una guardia de honor en memoria de los heroicos defensores de la Honorable Escuela Naval Militar Armada de México —Teniente José Azueta Abad y cadete Virgilio Uribe—, quienes murieron por la patria en un día como hoy en el año de 1914, a manos de fuerzas invasoras norteamericanas.
— with Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo and 48 others.
 TRANSLATION: The chairman of the Committee on Health and Welfare in the XIII Legislature and PAN deputy (our Congressman), Dr. Demetrio Celaya Cotero attended as a representative of the legislature at the XCIX anniversary ceremony honoring the Heroes of the Defense of the Port of Veracruz. It was held  Sunday morning on the main concourse of the headquarters of the Fifth Naval Region in Isla Mujeres. The event was headed by the Governor of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge Angulo and Admiral Juan Ramon Alcala  Pignol, commander of the Fifth Naval Region, and Hugo Sánchez Montalvo, mayor of Isla Mujeres.
A wreath was placed  and an honor guard was assembled in memory of the heroic defenders of the Naval Academy of the Honorable Mexican Military Navy-- Lieutenant José Azueta Abad and cadet Virgilio Uribe. They died for their country on a day like today in the year 1914, killed by invading U.S. forces.

Rico mondongo!!! Apoyemos a Isleñitos Isla Mujeres. Servicio a domicilio, solo $60 la orden — with Isleñitos Isla Mujeres and 19 others.

The Islenitos are young soccer players and Mondongo is a slowly cooked soup, that I think is made with tripe, and vegetables.

Below is a recent video by the municipal government that has already been published here once. It was put on YouTube on April 16 after appearing on the municipal fb page the day before. You may recognize some of these smiling faces!

Poc-Na Hostel
It says the date for this performance has been changed from Friday, to Sunday May 5..same place, same time, etc.
Cambio de ultimo momento, por motivos ajenos a la productora y al hostel, la fecha de Agarrate Catalina en Isla Mujeres, cambia para el domingo 5 de mayo, misma hora, misma entrada, mismo valor, solo cambia el dia, en vez de viernes sera el domingo. saludos y los esperamos!!!!!! — with Cockteleria Justicia Isla Mujeres and 83 others at Poc-na hostel.

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A Cancun blogger addresses this issue that has been in the international media lately....
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  • Linda  I believe when I saw this earlier and looked up the stats for Detroit, there were 32, yes, THIRTY-TWO murders in a 2-week period. Wanna visit Detroit? =:-o

Poc-Na Hostel shared Amor A La Niñez's photo. This is The Little Yellow Schoolhouse, selling donated palms to raise money...Need a Tree?
A llenar la Isla de Palmeras!!!!!
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Tony Garcia  Ready. The kayak for next saturday
Ready. The kayak for next saturday

Becky Bowman McHugh   April 2013Wednesday on Isla Mujeres (a sample of her 19 photos) Check out her blog for more great photos...Life's a Beach...LINK (and there is always one at the bottom of this blog in the Blog List)

Bruce:   Tuesday   Another beautiful day on Isla Mujeres.

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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