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Mayor Backs Alicia To Replace Him, Kids Compete For Congressional Seat: Deputy For A Day, Crime Prevention Committee, Voter Cards, Parks & Public Works Nearly Complete, 24% More Guests & 13% More Arrivals, Tale Of Tourist Locked In Tortugranja, Taxistas Threaten Protest, Passion Video, Whitecaps & Sunshine Today In Isla Mujeres News Wednesday, April 4 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



13.5% Increase in Arrivals

In the first three months of the year Isla Mujeres received 433,894 passengers, which is an increase of  13.5% over last year when 382,092 people arrived over the same period. During Easter week, there were 3.5% more passengers this year, although this year it was in March and last year it was in April. The largest numbers of people were transported on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For example on a normal day there are between 4500 and 5000 passengers, and over 6000 daily on the weekends. On those Easter vacation days they moved an average of 7500 people daily. Holy Saturday was the busiest, when 8283 passengers were transported.  In March there were 157,178 passengers which was and increase of 19.5% compared to February when there were 131,457 passengers. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

 24% Increase in Occupancy
Por Esto reports that hotel occupancy rates in Isla Mujeres were 24% higher this year during Easter Week, compared to last year. The year the holiday week ended with an average occupancy rate of 83% compared to only 59% last year. The highest occupancy rate was reached on Friday, with 97% occupancy, and the rate is now 74%, and expected to rise on Friday.  On Tuesday the reporter noted a good presence of tourists, both foreign and domestic, at the beaches and restaurants.

Public Works In Progress
The park know as "Las Frigatas" (The Frigates" is 90% complete and the
 park for the Senior Citizens is 80% complete. The first stage of the park being built in Amplification La Gloria is 90% complete, which involves the foundation of the park and the construction of walkways and parking spaces. During the second stage, which they are about to begin, the progress will be more visible. The second stage of the eastern Caribbean Malecon seawalk is 90% complete, and only lacks signage, benches, and fencing in parts to protect pedestrians. The roadwork on Paseo de los Peces is 90% complete, as is the work on the Sac Bajo road where are completeing the final part near the curve. Source Manual Valdez/Diario Q Roo & Municipal Website

 IFE Distributing Voter Cards
 The IFE (Federal Electoral Institute) has set up a temporary office in the Community Center and have over 300 credentials that are ready to be picked up before the election on July 7. The office is open between 9am and 3pm this week, and they will return from April 22-26. Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

Committee In Training To Prevent Crime
Teresa Gomez Officer, head of the municipal Women's agency (IMM), said training is the first step for members of the Municipal Committee on the Prevention and Combating of Human Trafficking Crimes, so they will know how to prevent these crimes. She explained that this issue is new to the island, where there is no record of such a crime. The committee was formed as part of a national requirement to combat this problem in Mexico. Ms Officer noted that Quintana Roo ranks second in the nation in cases of human trafficking. She said the agency will focus more on the mainland area of Isla Mujeres, which because of it geographical position is potentially more vulnerable to this type of crime.  Source: Muncipal website & Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  

 Deputy For A Day Contest:  Congressional Representative
On April 12, sixth graders will give speeches for 3-5 minutes as part of a competition to choose a representative to attend the State Congress in Chetumal as Deputy for a Day on April 30th. Registration for the competition closes on April 10, and the contest will take place a the Mundaca palapa at 5pm. The topics for the speeches include subjects like "Children's rights & obligations", "Conservation of the Environment", "Gender Equality", and Promotion of Democratic Values", among other themes. Source: SIPSE/Lanrry Parra & Municipal website

 Mayor Backs Licha To Replace Him
 The Mayor announced his endorsement for the PAN candidate for Mayor, Alicia Ricalde Magana, who has submitted her resignation from her position as a Federal Deputy. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca

 PAN & PRI Prepare To Announce Candidates
 Juan Basto Chacon is a former leader of the PAN party who is facing expulsion if he pursues his intention of running as an independent candidate for Mayor. The local PAN leader, Edwin Magana, explained that the requirements state that if an active member participates in an election year  as a candidate for another party, they will receive a sanction such as expulsion. The article notes that Alicia Ricalde Magana confirmed on Facebook that she requested an indefinite leave of absence from the House of Representatives. The article says that confirms  informal information that Athena Gomez Ricalde, current DIF president in Benito Juarez (Cancun's township) could become a candidate for Congress in District XIV.  Other possible PAN candidates include: Antonio Ríos Chalé (nephew of Arturo Ríos) for sín­di­co muni­ci­pal (city union);  for Aldermen--Víctor Osorio Magaña (brother of alderman Julio Osorio), and Manuel García García, Liliana Magaña, Julio Santiago Chacón, Moisés Chi Pech & Yolanda Tiket.  Candidates under consideration by PRI include: Fidel Villanueva Madrid(current historian and former mayor); Agapito Magaña Sánchez, who is a state governmental representative in the North Zone; Miriam Trejo León, delegate of the Woman's agency Instituto Quinta­narroense de la Mujer (IQM); & César Poot Pérez, party leader. Source: Quintanarroense/Ovidio Lopez  

 I added this a few hours after publication yesterday, so am reposting it..
Taxistas Plan Protest Against Golf Carts
(added a few hours after publication...sorry..I forgot to translate this one)
The leader of the Taxi union,  Eduardo Peniche Rodríguez, said the drivers are tired of the excessive increase in the number of golf cart rental concessions, and he is looking into the problem personally. He said drivers have complained of new concessions appearing over Easter vacation. He said this could trigger a "manifestation"/manifestación (rally?) in coming days. He said if necessary they will burn more carts or throw them into the sea, because it is necessary to understand that the island now cannot support more golf cart concessions. He said that having a saturation of services is an old problem, that the streets are narrow. He said the drivers will no longer tolerate this problem that is affecting the income of the many taxistas, while the only beneficiary of the golf cart concessions is the owner. He acknowledged that this state government has not granted new concessions, and that there were permits granted previously to several businesses who are now renting, mentioning Joaquin and Capitan Azul. Source: TV Isla Mujeres Por Esto carried a version of this article today.

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

not today....

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Tiffany Yenawine Wareingposted toBarlito, bakery & market cafe and Sonrisas Catering on Isla Mujeres, MX We are gearing up for tomorrow's Artist Fair with some great specials! The Koldin Panini w/ grilled chicken, sundried tomato, onion, gouda & roasted garlic...back by popular demand The PoolBoy Panini w/ smoked pork, fajita peppers, caramelized onions, mozzarella & bbq sauce...& The Nichols Breakfast Panini w/ scrambled eggs, ham, tomato & black olives topped w/ jack cheese & spinach crema. Make your belly happy & face smile with Barlito!

Tiffany Yenawine WareingWe have 51 participants in this month's Artist Fair on Thursday, April 4th from 4pm to 7pm. Come support our local & visiting talent, eat yummy local cuisine & have some fun!!

Ken Wanovich

Tue, Apr 02 - Mamacita's, 6pm.
Thu, Apr 04 - Bahia Tortuga, 6pm.
Fri, Apr 05 - Brisas Grill, 6pm
Sat, Apr 06 - Bahia Tortuga, 6pm.
Mon, Apr 08 - Bahia Tortuga, 6pm.
Tue, Apr 09 - Mamacita's, 6pm.
Thu, Apr 10 - Brisas Grill, 6pm

Dif Isla Mujeres   Thursday April 4 11a-2p Free ortho consults at the Senior Citizens facility (in la Gloria) El DIA JUEVES 04 DE ABRIL ESTAREMOS OFRECIENDO CONSULTAS ORTOPEDICAS GRATUITAS PARA TODO PUBLICO..DE 11:00 A.M A 2:00 P.M. EN LA CASA DEL ADULTO MAYOR...
Por Siempre Viva's photo   The Annual Breast Cancer Breakfast at Mocambo is a great way to support the cause here on IslaDust off your pink hat & buy a ticket! Proceeds are used to buy prosthesis .....Saturday!
La Asociación @[100001997588985:2048:Por Siempre Viva] les invita a su próximo desayuno del "Sombrero Rosa", todo lo recaudado sera para la donación de una Prótesis, Participa, si requieres mas información déjanos un mensaje
La Asociación Por Siempre Viva les invita a su próximo desayuno del "Sombrero Rosa", todo lo recaudado sera para la donación de una Prótesis, Participa, si requieres mas información déjanos un mensaje

Here (below)is a sample from last year's Islandfest, with a very nice slideshow of Isla Mujeres photos

Below is a freshly published video selling a culinary tour of Isla Mujeres and Valladolid in February

Below is a video of Friday's reenactment of the Passion of Christ..the Viacrusis...of the parish of the Catholic Church in La Gloria. Taken by Ricardo Xool

Below is a nice minute & a half fishing slideshow with footage of the new residence at the end of Sac Bajo, locally known as the "Corona House" as they go by in the boat.

Anna sings about her dirty footed friend who was distracted watching Two Crabs Making Love and found himself locked into the Tortugranja after closing....and Then What Happened??? Blogger's YouTube search won't locate the video for me to post here, so here's the LINK.

HERE is a link to another video Blogger won't offer by Channel 10 of a minute of scenes around Playa norte last week. The voiceover is very similar to the article I translated about occupancy statistics last week.

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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