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I have done the translations for today & the past couple days. This is still a work in progress In Isla Mujeres News Monday, April 15 Recent Articles Translated: The Unfinished Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Fishing "Slump" For Islanders
There have been several days so far this month when navigation by small boats was not allowed due to high winds and waves. Even after three days of  "norte" (northern cold front) the waves caused the seabed to remain murky. During the holiday period, the fishermen would catch 50 to 100 kilos, which was not enough to reach the cooperative facilities, because islanders and tourists were waiting on the beach to purchase seafood. With Easter over, people are still looking for fish to buy, and the cooperatives do not have it in stock. The fishermen of "Social Justicia" commented that while the sun has been prevailing onshore, the weather offshore has been affected by the winds and waves. Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez (From Sunday's/yesterday's headlines)

Investing 70 Million Pesos In Public Works
The Mayor said that during the last five months of his administration, there will be an investment of about 70 million pesos in public works projects. This includes about 25 million for the expansion and continuation of the road  "Circuito Metropolitano,Cancún-Isla Mujeres" on the mainland.  It also includes about 15 million to complete the Casa de Culture/House of Culture. Funds will be invested in the park under construction in Amplification la Gloria. It was noted that 3.5 million in federal funds were invested in the three sports domes recently. The Mayor mentioned the public works projects of 2012, in which public spaces were improved to offer families and young people areas for the recreational activities that they prefer, and to reduce delinquency. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  (From Sunday/yesterday's headlines)

Sixth Grader Wins Congressional Contest
Thirteen sixth grade students competed for the opportunity to got the the State Congress in Chetumal to represent Isla Mujeres as a "Child Congressperson For a Day" ( Diputada Infantil por un Día ) at the Mundaca Hacienda.  They gave speeches whose topics included "Addictions", "Environment and Natural Resources", "Rights and obligations of children", "Right to health", and "Bullying", among others. Judges included the Mayor and our local state Congressman,  Demetrio Celaya Cotero, and the winner was Joana Patricia Cohuó Dzib of the school  “Enrique Estrella Oxté”, with her speech titled "The Right to an Education".  (“El Derecho a la Educación”.) Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez (From Sunday/yesterday's headlines).

Ready For Regata Sol al Sol
Everything is ready for the celebration of the XLV version of the Regata del Sol al Sol and the XLIV version of the Regata Amigos, to take place between April 26 and May 4, with the participation of 27 sailboats from the US. It will begin with the firing of a cannon on Friday, April 26 at St Petersburg Florida. The boats are scheduled to arrive in Isla Mujeres from Sunday April 28 through May 1. April 29 and 30 will be days off for the competitors and captains. There will be an event on May 1 at the Casa de las Rocas at 1pm, and a basketball game downtown at 7pm between Islanders and participants.  On May 2, there will be an official session of the City government to acknowledge the participants as "Distinguished Guests", which has become a tradition. On Friday, May 3 children from various schools around the island will participate in the  “44 Regata Amigos” from 10:30 to noon. Of the 27 yachts, two will be manned by Mexicans, and they are el “Serenísima” and el “Jiralda”. Source: Queque/Carlos Gasca   HERE is a link to the event site. Graphics below from that site of the winning posters for recent years and the last one is for this year.

I wrote this last year about this Regatta from information on their website;
In 1964 the Mayor of New Orleans unveiled at statue honoring a man who was a hero in Mexico and New Orleans; Benito Juarez. The President of Mexico appointed Jose Lima to attend, who was instrumental in the early development of tourism in Isla Mujeres and Cancun. (The Lima family own Buho's, Maria Cabanas/Hotel del mar, & that residence to the east of the Avalon that sits alone at the point. Sr Lima was a patriarch of the isle and passed away a 2009. The Lima family hosts the race.) 
   Due to political issues between the US & Cuba, boat owners were unwilling to participate and were avoiding Isla Mujeres due to its proximity to Cuba. Therefore,  first race was between two boats, one manned by naval officials from Pensacola against a boat crewed by naval officials from here (Isla/Mexico won). The next race was a very successful regatta. The fastest time was ~59 hours in 2002.
   This year they are beginning a new tradition honoring participants of ten or more of these regattas with awards and membership to a new club "Regata al Sol Villista Society." This honors Enrique Lima and takes its name from Pancho Villa's army (and is modeled after the Island Goats Sailing Society). There is charitable work done during the regatta, including a basketball game and taking kids out on the boats. 
    Each boat is equipped with a transponder and can be tracked on their webpage during the race. Their document says there will be a Mardi Gras parade. .   Pura Vela means..with sail only, no motor.

 Improving Public Recreational Spaces
Por Esto reports that maintenance work was being done on Saturday at sports facilities in Isla Mujeres, which included cleaning, repairs,  and painting. Work was done in the colonia of Salinas and  Salina Chica, as well as in La Gloria. It is noted that some thoughtless people have left trash behind last week which included broken bottles, which could have caused injuries. Citizens complained and requested attention be given. These maintenance works are part of a project to improve public spaces with an investment of over 60 million pesos. (From yesterday/Sunday's headlines)

30% More Diners This Holiday
The president of CANIRAC (Restauranteurs organization : Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Restaurantes y Alimentos Condimentados ),  Juan Carrillo Figueroa, said members want improved promotion in 2013. He said business at the restaurants increased by 30% this year during the Easter holidays, compared to last year, which he attributed to domestic tourism. He gave credit to businesses such as Magnicharters who have included Isla Mujeres as a tourist destination in their magazines. (That is a domestic airline based in Mexico City).  Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  (From today's headlines)

Preschool Students Need New Teacher
Anonymous parents whose children attend the preschool/kinder  “María Enrique Camarillo y Roa” would like the Mayor to intervene and hire a teacher for the remainder of the year for a class of 25 students who currently lack a regular teacher. The group has dwindled to about a dozen students who regularly attend, which is believed to be due to the lack of a regular teacher, and having substitutes who only take over the class for a few days at a time. These parents are requesting the Mayor's attention to hire a teacher so the children can resume their normal activities. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  (From today's headlines)

Fishermen Claim PRI Office Property Is Theirs
Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez reports there is a property dispute between the fishing cooperative "Caribe" and the PRI political party regarding the office space occupied by the political party. The property includes nearly 200 square meters on the corner of Rueda Medina and Abasolo. The president of the fishing cooperative, Juan Gil Chalé, says twenty years ago the political party was allowed to occupy the space, which everyone knows is owned by the fishermen, and there is no record of any money being paid. He said he will create a commission to appear before the Public Registry of Property to determine who really owns the property. He said it was not expected that the PRI would occupy the property for two decades, but the fishermen are open to negotiations about selling the property to the political party. (From today's headlines)

Cutting Protected Plants Near Runway
The reporter received a phone call complaining about someone cutting chit palms, mangroves, and sea grape plants near the runway, with a machete. In the area near the airstrip there are many protected species, and the reporter observed these being cut down. He checked with the Department of Urban Development, to see if the required Environmental Impact Statement had been filed and building permits granted, and it appears they have not. Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina  (From today's headlines)

Storm Drain Grate Repairs
 In recent days workers have been repairing the grates covering the storm drains, and are currently working on Avenue Martinez Ross. This is a response to complaints from citizens because they have been damaged by vehicles. There are grates awaiting repairs in various colonias including Electricista, Caribeña,and  La Gloria. This work is being done by the municipal Public Services Department. Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina  (from today's headlines)
        In Saturday's headlines, Diario Q Roo reported the City was investing 530,000 pesos in municipal funds on these repairs which began last Tuesday. The work began in colonia Meteorologico on Avenue Jesus Martinez Ross, and they are repairing the grates near the Police Station (office of Public Safety), and will then make repairs in the colonia Salina Chica. They intend to repair all the grates on the island, including in Electristas and downtown. The current administration is using municipal funds in response to this problem and showing its commitment to the needs of the citizens of Isla Mujeres.

 Merchants Offer Discounts As Tourism Decreases
With the beginning of low season in Isla Mujeres, merchants have started offering discounts on their merchandise on Friday. Some even offered liquidation sales, but these vendors explained it is a sales strategy because low sales mean they can barely afford to pay their bills and payroll.  Doña María Rodríguez Rojas, 45, of Isla Mujeres, said that since the end of the Easter holiday season, sales declined by 70 percent. "Truthfully,  sales are down and you have to look to measures like these to attract customers, because the rents are too high." She said the minimal rent here is 15,000 pesos, plus paying utilities and workers. This weekend discounts ranged from 10 to 40percent off, and others offered 3x2, which they hope will improve sales, before tourism decreases more. Source: Por Esto  (from today's headlines)

 Payments For Students &  Fishermen This Week
 This week the City is paying scholarships to students for the bimonthly period of January-February. This scholarship program is assisting 554 students at a cost of 320,050 pesos. These students include those seeking higher education, special students, and sports scholarships, as well as benefiting students in primary and middle school. The previous two month payment was 311,300 pesos to a total of 309 students of whom 89 were in middle school, 45 were in high school, 83 were attending a university, plus 19 special cases, and nine athletic scholarships. The City also intends to make assistance payments to 260 fishermen this week, but the date has not been announced. Source: Por Esto  (from today's headlines)

Increased Mobile Vendors
Por Esto observed an increase in mobile vendors this weekend and attributed it to the resignation of the director of Enforcement, Manuel Serrano Magaña. This bothers the established merchants who pay taxes and fees to operate. Vendors were observed selling empanadas, gorditas, handicrafts, refreshments, and cold beers.  It is hoped that there will be fewer of these mobile vendors next weekend when the fishing tournament will take place, to decrease their negative effect on the sales of the established restaurants and merchants. (From today's headlines)

Weekend Occupancy at 70% & Restaurants at 50%
Hotel occupancy this weekend was at 70 percent and the restaurants were operating at 50 percent. There was a slight increase of tourism at the beaches, which Por Esto attributes to the end of the Easter holiday season.  Both domestic and foreign tourists enjoyed swimming, water sports, soccer, volleyball, sunbathing, sleeping in hammocks under the palms, eating fresh seafood, taking pictures, snorkeling, and purchasing handicrafts. The most popular beach is North Beach, where the reporter estimated there were 500 people. Other beaches being enjoyed by tourists include  “Playa Paraíso”, “Playa Lancheros” y “Playa Indios”. With the fishing tournament next weekend, occupancy is expected to reach 85 percent.  Source; Por Esto (from today's headlines)

One Ferry For Small Vehicles & The Other For Big Trucks
The vehicular ferry company, “Marítima Isla Mujeres”  is meeting with the companies who use its services to transport their cargo to determine a schedule for the ferry "Isla Blanca" that best suits their needs. Their are meeting with companies whose products include soft drinks, bottled water, beer, building materials, and perishable goods, as well as meeting with the City regarding the transfer of trash. This schedule would be independent of the smaller ferry "Sergio Aguilar Grace" which will offer passenger service and carry smaller vehicles.  The intention of the management is that with assistance from  the "Isla Blanca" ferry making one or two round trip crossings daily, depending on the demand, of two or three times weekly and thus they will avoid mishaps. (?? I am not understanding this sentance, sorry. It is:  La intención de los directivos es que con el apoyo de ferry “Isla Blanca” se realice al día uno o dos cruces redondos, dependiendo de la demanda de dos a tres veces por semana y de esta manera evitarse contratiempos.)  Source  Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez , From Headlines posted on Saturday.

Transferring Trash
The director of the Trash Transfer facility spoke about the transfer of 85 percent of the 500 tonnes of trash that had accumulated at the facility during the first quarter of the year.  Vehicle problems, weather affecting the ferry, and other factors contributed to the backlog. About 30-40 tonnes of trash are collected daily.  He said since February they have moved about 100,000 tonnes of trash, making three trips daily. There is currently about 400 tonnes of trash of trash at the facility.  The director of the Public Services department oversees its daily operation of collection trucks covering seven routes. He has resigned and will leave office April 15, and his replacement has not been announced. Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez from headlines posted Saturday. El Quintanarroense, in Saturday's headlines, said more thatn 400 tonnes accumulated of the 500 tonnes collected in the first quarter, and a contributing factor was the lack of more transfer vehicles last year, causing a backlog. Until May or June they will only be able to transport what accumulates daily, unless new vehicles are provided  by the state, as was done at the beginning of the year. (they were loaned

Horror in Holbox
Here is a movie trailer from "Come Out and Play", a horror film made in Isla Holbox, whose link was provided by TV Isla Mujeres, from headlines posted Saturday.

~Two Dozen  City Officials Resign: Effective Today

In Satuday's headlines, TV Isla Mujeres reported there will be full support by the remaining municipal officials after 25 staff members and officials resigned. Councilman Henry Tejero Bacab regretted the decisions of the civil servants, but said we should be optimistic and see the positive side of this, noting the payroll was "about to burst, and with their departure, we have a breather." He has requested that lower ranking officials take over the responsibilities rather than hiring more staff.  The list of officials who decided to leave, by TVIM is:

Faustino Uicab Alcocer (Secretario General)

Jahil Joth Pérez (Turismo),

Jorge Aguiñaga (Zofemat); the federal zone
Elvin Velázquez (Catastro); (property titles)

Geisler Fernández Rodríguez, Oficial Mayor;

Sergio Sarmiento (Recursos Humanos), Human resources

Jarvin Velázquez (Ingresos), (income)

Victor Manuel Méndez Cimé (Deportes), sports
Gerardo Millán (Recursos Materiales); Material resources

Antonio de Jesús Méndez (Educación),

Adrián Villanueva (Cultura);

Rafa Villanueva (Egresos),expenses 

Álvaro Ríos Fernández (Servicios Públicos);

Manuel Serrano Magaña, (Fiscalización); Auditing and enforcement

Antonio Rios Chalé, (Director de Salud); Health

José Ignacio Fernández Reyes (IPAVIR); Housing

José Angel Cohuó Collí (Ecología);

Alberto Morejón (Director de Buen Gobierno);

Ricardo Torres Rergi (Vinculación y Transparencia)

Manuel García García, (Asesor Jurídico) legal council  (among others)

Among those remaining are:
director de Seguridad Pública, el Director de Obras Públicas, la Contraloría, el Tesorero Municipal, el director de Desarrollo Urbano, la directora de comunicación Social, el director del DIF, la titular de la Secretaría Particular y el Jurídico. (police chief, director of public works, city treasurer, director of urban development, director of DIF, the head of the Particular Ministry (? sorry), and the legal something?.)
The resignations will take effect April 15.

I have to go...will review and translate the older articles at another time. Thanks for your patience. I added some photos below...gotta go again.

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Soggy Peso Bar Grill shared Freddy Medina's photo.
One more from Soggy !
One more from Soggy !

Soggy Peso Bar Grill  We're celebrating Monday at The Soggy Peso Bar/Grill with women drinking cocktails at half price. Lobster season is behind us, so our Monday lobster taco special will be replaced with some of our other favorites. ..........this Monday, Crispy Tacos.......see you at the bar!!!

Here is a link to an official Isla Mujeres video "Somos Todos" 2011-2013 by the City

Poc-Na Hostel  a no quedarse sin entrada!!!, la Catalina en Isla Mujeres, ultimos dias del precio de 200 pesos, presentando pre venta en el barco, 80 pesos ida y vuelta — with Turismo De Isla Mujeres and 39 others at Poc-na hostel.
a no quedarse sin entrada!!!, la Catalina en Isla Mujeres, ultimos dias del precio de 200 pesos, presentando pre venta en el barco, 80 pesos ida y vuelta
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Apr 12, 2013 (4 photos)

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 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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