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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Friday, November 29 The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte

North Beach/Playa Norte In Real Time  In Isla Mujeres  LINK to 24 hour time lapse of the webcam

The "Morning Edition" has translated headlines &  newspaper photos. This Afternoon Edition has  translations of the news articles,  Daily Events, the Live Music Schedule  & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section including photos & info from individuals & local businesses .... Daily In Isla Mujeres. There are always links to the original articles in Spanish.

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   Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Offering plates of lion fish

Tasting event: Friday, December 6th

Impulsan platillos de pez león

Jueves, 28 de Noviembre de 2013 23:58

El próximo 6 de diciembre, muestra

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 28 de noviembre.- 
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The First Gastronomic Tasting of  Lion fish (1º Muestra Gastronómica” de pez león) event will take place on Friday, December 6th, at the Town Square. At this event, various preparations of lion fish will be presented. 
     There was a meeting of governmental officials in the council room to establish the criteria and format. The meeting was chaired by Cristina Medina , director of Ecology, and Humberto Moguel , director of Fishing, and both officials stressed how imperative it is present the benefits of the marketing and consumption of lionfish, whose presence is disrupting the local ecology. It is not a native species and its overpopulation is threatening lobster, fish, and other seafood which are pillars of the island's economy. 
     To provide accurate information about  lion fish , experts MC Francisco Aguilar, of the Regional Center for Fishing Research ( CRIP ) , and Arturo Gonzalez Gonzalez of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas ( Conanp ) were invited to speak at the meeting. They reported that lionfish can be consumed without being harmful to people, saying that cooking at high temperatures removes toxins.This event may lead to further tasting events and a fishing tournament, and will by preceded by training for the fishermen regarding capturing and handling lion fish for preparation and distribution, so it can be consumed by the public.
     These actions are being performed under the direction of the Mayor, said Christina Medina, as a measure to find economic alternatives for the fishermen, and at the meeting they discussed how to market the product for human consumption. The meeting included fishermen, restauranteurs, and gastrónomos (gourmets/food experts/food critics), among others. They are urgently seeking to reverse the negative ecological and economic effects, and somehow take advantage of the situation.

Swiss man arrested after allegedly conning multiple small businesses 

Destierran a sueco

Jueves, 28 de Noviembre de 2013 23:58

Luego de defraudar a docena de pequeños empresarios

 It is alleged that Robin Leijon, 26, of Sweden has failed to pay hotel and restaurant bills to at least a dozen businesses during his stay in Isla Mujeres, which is said to have lasted over a month. When this was first reported to Immigration, they said there was a lack of evidence. On Wednesday, a hotel reported him to the PMP, Policía Municipal Preventiva, regarding a bill of 10,000 pesos, which resulted in his arrest. He was transported in a Naval vessel to Cancun, for delivery to the Swiss Consulate, and it is expected that they will deport him to his homeland.

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 Tvisla Mujeres

Noticias de  Quequi......


Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Opening of CRIT announced for 2014

Anuncian apertura de CRIT para el 2014

 Graffiti damages the appearance of Isla Mujeres

Dañan los grafiteros la imagen urbana de IM

 por esto

Navigation by small vessels allowed
Aprovecharon el día las barcas[+] Ver mas
At 7:30 am the port was reopened and tourism activities resumed with catamarans arriving from the Cancun Hotel Zone. On Wednesday, boats under 50 feet were restricted to port, due to winds associated with Cold Front #14. Boaters were cautioned to pay attention for further advisories, because there could be a new port closure Friday night or Saturday morning. He said "The winds are currently 30-35 km/hr, but the port is open because it is not gusting beyond 40km/hr, which is the limit. The wind may increase in intensity on Friday afternoon.

Preparing for Lion Fish Tasting event
Preparan Muestra Gastronómica de pez león[+] Ver mas

Bundle up when temperatures drop
Abríguense cuando la temperatura comience a descenderVer mas
Dropping temperatures cause increases in respiratory infections, and those with weaker immune systems are more at risk, including people with chronic degenerative diseases, said the Hospital Director, Dr David Valenzo Loeza. People are advised to stay warm, especially those who are under five or over 65 years of age, and to consume foods high in vitamin C. There has not been an increase yet, but typically at this time of year there are more infections of both upper and lower airways, including tonsillitis, pharyngitis, flu, and common colds.

Swiss man accused of eating what he wants & leaving without paying
Sueco come cuanto quiere y se sale sin paga [+] Ver mas

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November Calendar of Events .

Nov 1 Dia de los Muertos / All Saints Day
Nov 2 Dia de lost Muertos / All Souls Day
Here is a LINK to an article I wrote about Hanal Pixan
HERE is the article I wrote about Day of the Dead in Isla Mujeres.

Nov 3 US Time Change / End DST
Nov 7 Art Fair at Town Square  4p-7p
Nov 7 Red Cross Benefit Concert 6:30 Hotel Ixchel Palapa downtown
Nov 8 Last day of Hanal Pixan
Nov 11 US Veteran's Day   Canada Remembrance Day
Nov 12 Postal Worker Appreciation Day in Mexico /
Día de Carteros
Nov 12 Día Nacional del Libro / National Book Day
Nov 13 Health Fair Salina Chica 5pm Blue Dome
Nov 13 Employment fair  9am Town Square
Nov 14 World Diabetes Day
Nov 14 Naval Wives Breakfast 9am (Naval Club, usually).
Date of Caribe Maya Cultural Festival TBA? (Was this w/e in 2011 & 2012)
 Buen Fin Weekend of discounts
Nov 16 International Day of Tolerance
Nov 18 Day off for Revolution Day (date of parade TBA)
Nov 20  Dia de la Revolución
Nov 22 Día del Músico  
Nov 23  Día de la Armada de México (Mexican Naval Day)  Demonstration of Rescue on land and sea 11am

Nov 24 Solemnidad de Cristo Rey (Christ the King Day / El día de Cristo Rey)
Nov 25 Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Violencia Contra la Mujer
Nov 27 Hanukkah begins
Nov 28  US Thanksgiving holiday
Nov 28 Beginning of Festival for Town Saint through Dec 8: Virgin of Immaculate Conception  

TONIGHT  Fashion show at Posada Del Mar Hotel Downtown Cover 250pesos   Benefits Little Yellow SchoolHouse

HERE is an article about the Patron Saint Festival
   On November 28th the celebration of the taking out of the Virgin is scheduled to begin at 7pm with the Mass celebrating taking her down from her niche., Then a procession will take her through the streets downtown, and the event will end with a Kermes and dance in honor of the Patron Saint.
  On December 4th the Confirmation Mass will be at 6pm.
  On Saturday, December 7th the Paseo de Virgin will take begin at 7pm at the parish and go through the colonias and conclude with the singing of Las Manitas at the Church of Immaculate Conception downtown at ~10-10:30p 
  On December 8th at 3pm a procession will leave the parish of Immaculate Conception for the procession on the Bay, and there will be three large boats available for parishioners. There will be a grand Kermes, and then the Patron Saint will be returned to her niche. Father Jesus Martinez Penilla will celebrate the 50th anniversary of his priesthood.


  Miguel's playing schedule 
 Fayne's BarandGrill  Wednesday through Saturday 10:30pm - 12:00am.
 Saturday Tequileria La Adelita's 12:00am - 2:00am for salsa night. 
 Sunday Bahia Tortuga with the Sol Rockers 7:00pm - 9:00pm

 John Cain's schedule   

Tuesday, Cafe Del Mar, solo, 8 to 10 pm
Friday, Bally Hoo Restaurant, solo, 630 to 830 pm
Saturday, The Sunset Grill, solo, 630 to 830 pm
Sunday, Bahia Tortuga, The Sol Rockers, 630 to 900 pm 
Banda Sin Nombre at Chuuk Kay 3:30p Sat & Sun

Fenix Sat 2p Reggae/Cuban 
  Sun 2p Salsa

Fenix Lounge   Domingo Salsa en Vivo con ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! :: Sunday Live Salsa with ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! + Gratis/FREE Chilpachole Pa' la Cruda! + Tragos/Drinks + SUP & Kayak :: See You There!! / No Falten!! — at Fenix Lounge.
Domingo Salsa en Vivo con ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! ::  Sunday Live Salsa with ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! + Gratis/FREE Chilpachole Pa' la Cruda! + Tragos/Drinks + SUP & Kayak :: See You There!! / No Falten!!
·Iguana's has music on Friday evenings usually   Reggae- Caribbean-Tropical music on Saturdays  & Sundays, Starting around 6. 
The Sol Rockers play at Bahia Tortuga on Sunday evenings. 
You may find live music after 9 or 10 on Hidalgo at Fayne's, La Terraza, or  Comono, and at Poc Na Hostel.

On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Christy Dix  House projects, Mexican style! Haha


Morna Walker McLean
Dick thought 10 seconds would be long enough for the self timer....

Betsy Snider  I have a medium sized white problem. I'm thinking if I feed her enough so she won't fit between the bars on the door, I can solve the problem. She belongs to neighbors but apparently Little Dog told her about the food bowl inside.

DALE CLICK A LA FOTO Y ABRE NUESTRO MENU A LA CARTA. Open Tues-Sun (Closed Mon, sometimes Tues) 8:30am-midnight

Today, Friday...Chinese & Mediterranean food. Economic packages & free desserts. Delivery between 2pm and 7pm
 Below>>>>>On Calle Cacahuate..dead end street north of hospital, three houses from Suenos Maya Hotel. Red Pozole today   Cocina YeyeMerca Isla
Hoy rico pozole rojo.
Pedidos al 9981888462.
Costo 55 pesos.

While eating breakfast at Amigos earlier this week, we watched this beautiful lady diligently clean the street in front of her shop. We've seen her many times before.

Exchanging food for recyclable trash  Below
Basura por Alimentos, Mercado del Bienestar.
Domo de la Plaza Habitat

Daisy Silver
Tonite Jim and I had a remarkable dinner at Casa de los Sueños. We had carrot ginger soup, potato leek soup, tropical salad, turkey, ham, duck, yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, apple pie, pumpkin pie. Everything was just wonderful. The company was great and so was the atmosphere. This is my favorite restaurant on the island, Patty and Jim are amazing owners and Jason has done a fantastic job putting this menu together. Thank you to Casa de los Suenos....Gracias!!


Daisy Silver
Today was 77 degrees in Isla and tonite 63 degrees, oooooh, we're cold lol. I spoke to my sister in Belize and the first thing she said was that it was cold....same temp as us. We are so use to 85 degrees so we complain when the temp goes down. Tomorrow it will be 80 degrees and 67 degrees in the evening....chilly lol People are wearing jackets! (Posted yesterday)



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