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Death In House Fire, School Celebrations, Improving Tourism, Summer Security Operation, Glassy Seas, Popular Music Video, Continental Cubans, Very Old Photos, Dining & Dancing & Sunshine In Isla Mujeres Daily News Saturday, June 29 Articles & Events: The Afternoon Editon

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..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Schools ready for end of school year

Alistan escuelas fin de curso

Viernes, 28 de Junio de 2013 20:47

 The students have completed their coursework and final preparations are being made for the ending of the school year, which includes the "changing of the guard", festivals, and recognition of outstanding students. There will also be recognition of teachers. The high school Colegio Bachilleres already had its graduation ceremony with over 60 students receiving their diplomas.  At the school, Andreas Quintana Roo they have 75 students graduating and leaving, and 78 students entering. Of the enrollment of 404 students, only three failed. The next school year begins on August 19th.
ISLA MUJERES, 28 de junio.- .
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Inspection of progress of works on the island
Remodeling & enlargement of the market and construction of CRIM


Inspeccionan avance de obras en la ínsula

Viernes, 28 de Junio de 2013 20:45

Remodelación y ampliación de mercado y construcción del CRIM

Manuel VALDEZ ISLA MUJERES, 28 de junio.- Leer más...
The Mayor and members of the State Government toured the market in Cañotal, Audomaro Magaña", which has been remodeled and expanded, as well as the Municipal Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. They listened to complaints of the tenants of the market, and recognized their patience. The CRIM facility is progressing on time and will provide rehabilitation for Isla Mujeres children with disabilities.

 Tvisla Mujeres
Authorities have confirmed that there was a death of one person in the interior of a home that was on fire this morning. At this moment the identity of the person is unknown, and they are awaiting the arrival of an official from the Ministerio Publico to obtain the facts.
Confirman autoridades la muerte de una persona al interior de la vivienda que se incendió esta mañana. Hasta el momento se desconoce la identidad de la persona; Esperan el arribo del agente del ministerio público para dar de de los hechos.

Tvisla Mujeres Imágenes de la casa que se incendió esta mañana Images of the house that was on fire this morning  A comment says.Maria Elsy Avalos Galue Fue en la col. Salina chica, en frente de doña choni, a lado de morgan y no hay bonberos, solo hay un camión de bomberos. It was in colonia Salina Chica in front of doña choni, next to Morgan, and just one fire truck, of civil protection.

Confirma seguridad pública el recale de 8 indocumentados cubanos en Isla Blanca (Zona Continental de Isla Mujeres); sucedió a media noche!Public security (Police) Confirms 8 undocumented Cuban had landfall in Isla Blanca (Continental Zone Isla Mujeres), in the middle of the night!

Noticias de El Quintanarroense

  The info in both these articles has been translated recently.
Announcement of new website for tourism promotion

Anuncian nuevo portal de promoción turística
Ovidio Lopez  

Continúan sin médico especializado
Ovidio Lopez 
Still without a medical specialist

Noticias de  Quequi......

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...



Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad
 por esto

The outlook is slowly beginning to improve
Poco a poco empieza a mejorar el panorama +] Ver mas
Tourism is improving and entrepreneurs and restauranteurs are looking forward to the summer holidays, when thousands of tourists will visit the coasts of Isla Mujeres. Arrivals improved on Friday, and restaurants were operating at 60 percent and some hotels were reporting occupancy rates of 70 percent. The Dept of Tourism announced that things look encouraging for this season with an 80 percent reservation rate for July and early August, although many are in the category of "All Inclusive".

Security operation to begin
Viene operativo de seguridad+] Ver mas
The annual summer security operation  “Operativo de Verano 2013” will begin July 5th, to protect and safeguard the lives of tourists and locals during the holiday period. They will have increased numbers of personnel on duty on the weekends, when the number of visitors to the island increases. Next weekend the police will be using the Breathalyzer to prevent accidents.  This Summer Operation also involves staff from the Port Authority, Navy, and Civil Protection.
Ready to close the school books
Ya se alistan para cerrar los libros [+] Ver mas

Approximately 4200 basic level students will leave school to begin their vacations on July 5th, and will return on August 19th. It is expected that the kindergarten and primary school classes will also stop after Wednesday, and in the last two days are the closing festivities. Teachers are aware that it is important to complete their paperwork and that the students receive their documentation in a timely manner, so they can enroll in the next school.

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

 Mama turtle dug at the edge of the neighbor's gate (didn't lay eggs One crawled up our beach too. The sea is Very Calm!

Sunset yesterday from Marina Paraiso/Iguanas
 Tropical Groove...who often have more members. Sounded good!

MVC Presents...Upcoming Events!

Sat & Sun June 29 & 30 Isla Contoy Closed while guides attend 2 day training there

Sunday, June 30   El Pescador Field:  Baseball 

Monday July 1  Lobster Season Begins  (And Freddy says... Lobster tacos return to Soggy Peso on Mondays!)

Thursday, July 4  at 4-7pm  Town Square  Art Fair 

Friday, July 5 7p (?)   Town Square Stage Senior Citizen's Beauty & Talent Contest

It is currently the season for swimming with the whale sharks, and turtles are mating offshore & nesting on the eastern beaches. The mating is visible by day, especially off Punta Sur, the South Point. The nesting happens in the wee hours, and there are Tortugranja personnel, volunteers, and Naval staff monitoring the beaches to prevent people from disrupting them, and to gather and transport the eggs for incubation.
       By far, most of the turtles nesting in Isla Mujeres are Green turtles (called Blancas in Spanish), and the second most common are the huge Loggerheads, and there are some Hawksbills.  The Green turtles take ~60 days to hatch and the hatchlings are released by the public at events at dusk on Media Luna or Guadalupana beaches. The releases will begin in about a month & be held periodically until early October.

    Lately the water has been very calm and there have been many manta rays, with many swimming upside down, in addition to many whale sharks. Offshore from MVC, we have been seeing dolphins & turtles from the balcony, and lotsa big fish while snorkeling. 

Saturday's Live Music:

Fenix:  3-5 Tropical Groove (reggae & Cumbia) LINK
Chuuk Kay:  3:30-6:30 Banda Sin Nombre  LINK
Casa de los Suenos:  4-7 w 1/2 price appetizers  LINK LINK
Iguanas: 6:30-8:30  Tropical Groove  w BBQ ribs, steaks,etc   LINK   LINK   
Brisas Grill: ~7p   Cuban trio  LINK
Sunset Grill: Sunset Keyboard & vocals  LINK

Fenix: 8-10  Latin Jazz w Fabio  LINK
Faynes 8-10  Raul Alexis  LINK
Comono 8:30-11  Marco LINK
Poc Na 9p  ?   Link
Ocean Blues & Sassy Jazz  8-10   La Guera & Willy's Blues  LINK

Fenix 10:30-2 Guest DJ & Fire Show  LINK
Faynes 10:30-12  Banda Sin Nombre  LINK
La Terraza 10p-close Salsa & Latin  LINK
Poc Na   Link

Tres Mentiras ?  LINK

La Catrina ?  LINK LINK 

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Mañana en Pocna (Saturday)
Tomorrow at Pocna
Chucho y Piraña

This video was posted two days ago & already has nearly 100,000 hits. Fonseca was filming here recently

Fonseca - Si te Acuerdas de Mi
(If you remember me)

Bruce Roberts  View from our friend's house downtown.

Isaac Sulú Martínez 29 de junio de 2013 in Recuerdos de isla mujeres!

Isaac Sulú Martínez Faro de la Punta Sur de Isla Mujeres (Foto del Antropólogo estadounidense William Henry Holmes, 1895)

Lobster season begins Monday....Here's Tony's Lobster Salad Recipe...
Tony Garcia
I got lobsters salad,yummy , mariner (marinate) the lobsters,lemon,sea ,pepper,garlic,onion.celery.and soya salsa,,wrap with banana leave and aluminum foil the carrots, potatos and onios also.,on the gril soft fire with charcoal..when it s done cut in small piece everything,,put celery,onions,cream mayonnaise, little chilly, men with some cracker rits,,you can eat anytime. Special Tony's lobsters salad,,
Tony Garcia   Tomorrow spending the night on contoy pier,watching the stars,listener the birds and Mosquitos bites,,
 These are videos on Tony's page Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia added a new photo.

Casa Havana Cafe Paladar updated their cover photo.
Photos by Jackie Conlon

Induna Charters  Was just beautiful on Induna tonight! www.indunacharters.comSunset Sail Friday June 28, 2013 (2 photos)

Sheila Poppeposted toIsla Mujeres Community Information Board  Anchovies pizza at Rolandis. Mmmm

Kathy Ennis  Holbox

Making homemade Italian sauce for our famous Villa La Bella Meatball Sandwich & our Anthony Meatball Panini. If you are missing some Italian flavors try one of these for lunch. Our meatballs are made with half homemade Italian sausage (fennel seeds from brought the US), homemade Italian bread crumbs (made w/ Brads whole grain breads, parmesan & herbs) & ground beef. We bake the meatballs slowly & they are awesome tossed with our "gravy" as Grandma Folino used to call it!

el Salina Chica, on the left/east side of the road, with a pink stripe above and plants painted on the front wall, and a white barrel grill and tables out front. Coming from downtown, Salina Chica is the first colonia/village, and is past Colegio Bachilleres high school, and the restaurant is on the first block. If you come to the tortilleria and street to the have gone too far.

Chicken with peanuts and veggies comes with a spring roll, only $50 pesos. Less than $4.00 US.

4 different homemade sauces. Some kind of spicy others kind of sweet.
— with Ibette de Alcocer in Isla Mujeres.

restaurant sesoloco added a new photo. 8771446

Casa de los Sueños Una rica ensaladita con queso de cabra frito

A custom cake from Nubia Cakes. Nubia cakes participates in our monthly Artist Fairs. They are best known on the Island for their tres leche cakes. Tiffany Lanier of SunHorse Wedding Services on Isla is a big fan of Nubia's custom cakes. This cake is for an 8th birthday party of a big Spiderman fan. It is a total chocolate tres leche with chocolate tres leche filling, chocolate cake & chocolate frosting. It is as good as it looks! You may contact Nubia Cakes at 998-577-1704.

Willie Gibsonposted toRecuerdos de isla mujeres!  1972 (Temple to Ixchel at South Point)

Fenix Lounge Take a look at these beautiful images of the Riviera Maya printed on beautiful canvas! A beautiful addition to any home - whether you live in the Caribbean or just wish you did!

I love shooting HDR photography then customizing the photographs using multiple software programs. I specialize in shots from Mexico and the Caribbean. I print using an Epson Stylus Pro 7890 wide format printer using fine art canvas and 300g watercolor paper. I use archival ink and protect the finish.....
Sandcastles can be an art form, but there actually is a lot of science behind them. When making a sand mixture, it must be (by volume) 99% dry sand, 1% water. If you add much more water than that, you’ll be in danger of creating landslides. Essentially, you want just enough water so that capillary bridges hold the grains of sand together.
How well does this work? The researchers were able to make a cylinder 7 centimeters in diameter that stood 60 centimeters high! More info:

Last 24 hrs "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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. Check out our new Restaurant Guide...with Delivery numbers, Menus, & (coming soon) Special Deals...HERE!

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