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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Wednesday, August 2

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte.  HERE is a timelapse version, that you can set to slow or fast (fps-frames per second). It takes a few seconds to load.
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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Isla Mujeres remains a leader as a "Pueblo Magico": Mayor Juan Carrillo 

Se refrenda liderazgo

De la ínsula como “Pueblo Mágico”: Juan Carrillo

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 1 de agosto.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.
See City section below.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Here are the rules for competing in the Family Summer 2017 event.
Teams of five people, dressed in the same color, one bicycle per team.
Completely Free. Rally Aug. 18, 19, & 20. Bicycle Race, Tug of War, Sand Sculpture Contest
Music & Games. Daily Prizes for the first three places.
A DIFferent Weekend (DIF is the social service agency).
Register at the DIF office between 10am & 4pm. Captain must present official ID

Agreement signed between the DIF & Ultramar for people with disabilities
    In order to continue contributing to the welfare of island families, the president of the Isla Mujeres DIF social service agency, Mrs. Paola Orrico de Carrillo, signed an agreement with the general director of the ferry company, "Naviera Ultramar", Arturo Báez Vega.  The agreement consists of implementing a special credential, so  that people with a disability are exempted from paying for a ferry ticket, and a 50 percent discount is granted to their companion.

We are a Pueblo Magico  perfect for spending the holidays with  your family. Come and fall in love with Isla Mujeres. 

 The video says... Isla Mujeres is a very special place that received the coveted designation of "Pueblo Magico" (Magic Town) in 2015.  It is where the sun first rises over Mexico. Throughout the year, thousands of people visit. The municipal Pueblos Magicos Director says, "Isla Mujeres is spoken of as a unique paradise that many people think is like heaven on earth."  Isla Mujeres is a perfect place to spend your vacation.

The video says:  Isla Mujeres meets the criteria to maintain its status as a Pueblo Magico. Authorities and private industry working together for this destination so that Isla Mujeres remains a leader among the Pueblo Magicos of Quintana Roo.

Isla Mujeres maintains its #PuebloMagico status
Thanks to authorities with the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico and entrepreneurs for their trust and for working together
. The municipal government complies with the catalog of requirements to maintain this important designation. 
      Isla Mujeres reaffirms its leadership as a Pueblo Magico in Quintana Roo by fulfilling the necessary requirements to maintain this category, thanks to the commitment of its government, business sector and society in general for making it more competitive as a world-class tourist destination.
    The City of Isla Mujeres headed by municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis, continues working to guarantee the island's permanence as one of the 111 Pueblo Magicos of Mexico, because thanks to this and other distinctive features there has been an increase in hotel occupancy percentages and in tourist activities in general.
     The Mayor said,  "To belong to the Magic Towns / Pueblos Magicos Program is a great responsibility, it implies a permanent effort to reach and maintain standards that assure our position within the localities that have achieved the designation. We continue working because we know that this represents a benefit for the entire island community and endorses our leadership as a world class tourist destination and setting the standards among the most visited sites in the Mexican Caribbean."
     In addition, the mayor said that they will continue working to maintain the leadership of Isla Mujeres, not only at the local level but also at the national level, as a Pueblo Magico, recalling that in 2016 the island obtained the first productive chain (cadena productiva) pf the 111 Magic Towns.
    "The promotional efforts of the municipal government, in coordination with state and federal agencies, to encourage tourism in the destination contribute to a greater number of visitors, keeping Isla Mujeres as one of the most important beach destinations in the country. We all have a love for this Pueblo Magico that has become a successful destination," said Juan Carrillo Soberanis.
      Luis de Potestad Clemens, Undersecretary of Planning and Development of the Ministry of Tourism of Quintana Roo (SEDETUR), stated that Isla Mujeres generally did "very well" as a Pueblo Magico in terms of its process of remaining in this category, meeting nearly all the necessary requirements in the new rules of operation issued by the Federal Ministry of Tourism.
    Since acquiring the designation as a Pueblo Magico in September 2015, the island has remained a leader among the Quintana Roo destinations. The Federal government designated nine new Pueblos Magicos, and implemented ne requirements, and Isla Mujeres continues to work to adjust to this new dynamic. Names of officials in attendance are given.   

On August 4 and 5 all fans of fishing are cordially invited to La Dorada Del Caribe 2017, the most anticipated sport tournament in Quintana Roo. Come to Isla Mujeres and have fun with us! (See Events section below.)

Visitors and islanders are cordially invited to attend our Noche Magico (Magic Night) of Isla Mujeres Sunday, August 6th  8pm Town Square. Free. Dance Troupe Ballet Folklorico Kantunich del CBTA 186 of Lazaro Cardenas and Singer Manuelita Loeza of Tizimin

Islanders, we are sharing the corresponding information for applying for state scholarships based on need or academic excellence for the 2017-2018 school year.

Summer Isla Mujeres


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Ultramar & DIF sign an agreement for reduced ferry rates for people with disabilities.
See City section above.

Isla Mujeres maintains its Pueblo Magico status.
See City section above.

Hoteliers seek strategies to attract overnight tourism.
    Guadeloupe Martínez Márquez, president of the Isla Mujeres Hotel Association (HIM), reported that overall hotel occupancy is at 76 percent in the municipality, with the island at 58.09 percent and the Continental Zone at 87.05 percent. This is expected to rebound during the second half of the holiday period. She said that at the end of the season there will be more accurate data because: "We can start with an occupancy rate of 60 percent and suddenly it can climb to 80 percent. This is because the tourists are no longer accustomed to booking in advance. With the new methods of promoting this destination and making reservations, now the visitors arrive at the last minute."
   She said as a joint effort, the tourism service providers are being trained, as well as enhancing this destination, so that the visitors spend the night and don't just visit for the day.
     Finally, Ms. Guadalupe Martinez mentioned that during this season, there are more Mexican tourists coming to Isla Mujeres and the parents receive their vacations during the last weeks of the holiday, and then numbers can rebound.

City Council responds to the needs of residents to legalize the titles to their properties.
See yesterday's translations.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Seventy-three year old American died while snorkeling 
Septuagenario no aguantó el snorkel [+] Ver masFull article at this link

       A 73 year old tourist from the United States died while snorkeling, apparently from a heart attack. He was from Utah and it appears that he had a history of cardiac problems. He was part of a group of visitors who boarded a catamaran in Cancun to visit Isla Mujeres. He was snorkeling at El Farito (the little lighthouse), where he had difficulties, and died after being  put on the boat to receive attention.
      The boat went to the facilities of Dolphin Discovery in Sac-bajo to meet the paramedics,  who found no vital signs and confirmed the death of the foreigner. This is the second case this year. Three months ago there was a similar case in the same Marine Park, and that boat docked at Playa Lancheros to turn the body over to authorities.

Going after the thieves on the beach 
Van tras de los ladrones playeros. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

        Staff with Public Security, Tourism, Civil Defense and companies based on the beaches, confirmed the existence of more people involved in the thefts of tourists' possessions on Playa Norte, and videos are being reviewed to coordinate efforts aimed at their detention.
        Tourists from Japan and other countries have had possessions stolen in recent weeks, and apparently the accusations are being formalized for the procedures that would be set up to accuse those who are responsible, to prevent damage to the image of this destination. 
        Mayor Juan Carrillo has given instructions to stop this bad practice, after the business sector called on the municipal government to act accordingly and curb this stigma to Isla Mujeres. Therefore, Gustavo Rodríguez Orozco, Director of Promotion at the Tourism Office, confirmed that work is being done investigating this and other illicit activity against visitors, without going into details, to avoid hindering the investigations.
       Conversations on social networks show the level of progress of that particular investigation, in an inter-agency effort to coordinate with the General Prosecutor's Office of Quintana Roo, because it is not wanted to repeat a recent experience regarding the man who was allegedly responsible for stealing a tourist's possessions who was arrested and then released for lack of a complaint.          The 33 year old suspect, whose initials are A.Z.P.C., was detained in colonia La Guadalupana a week ago, and confessed his participation, but the visitor who recovered his belongings did not have time to file a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office, which is an agency known to practice "Tortuguismo" (tortoise-ness) in their procedures.
     Of the more than 4 million tourists (sic more than 2 million) that come to Isla Mujeres every year, 80 percent are visiting for the day. They arrive just to walk around, swim for a few hours, ride in golf carts to tour the isle and then return to their hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya.      The area of highest incidence of robbery on Playa Norte is from the Hotel Mía to the restaurant Búhos, and there are videos that show the existence of an apparent network organized to steal the belongings of tourists who go swimming. The thieves in this area even go and talk with their victims, according to the recent case.
      There is also an investigation into credit card thefts, which seem to have resumed, after penalties were imposed on individuals three years ago, and now this problem appears to be reoccurring on Hidalgo Avenue, which is the main area for shopping and nightlife on the island. It isn't a coincidence that the return of the PROFECO (Federal Consumer Protection Agency) has been requested by the municipal government to stop this problem which is very damaging to the image of this destination.
 There is a screenshot with a photo of a couple guys on the beach that says, in Spanish, A:. "I have located the thieves who operate between Mia and Buho's" B: Ok. Are you sure?  A: We've just talked with Agustin and we're going to coordinate. Maria del Mar (hotel that owns Buhos) is going to show us the hotel's video so we can see." B "Perfect". A: "Tomorrow I'll go with the guys from the Tourism Department, dressed in beachwear, in order to go unnoticed while we see if we can locate (them)." B; "Perfect".

Finally deeding downtown property 
Al fin regularán céntrico predio [+] Ver masFull article at this link
See yesterday's translations.
       The City Council of Isla Mujeres finally authorized the process of regularization (legal deeding) of a federal property occupied by workers of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (FONATUR) four decades ago, whose property was transferred several years ago to the municipal government for tax debts.         During the Twentieth Ordinary Session of the Council they approved the donation of 801 square meters of that property in favor of 22 families who have occupied it since the late 1970's, although in fact some have already renounced this privilege for some time and others are living there, according to information that has been gathered.          The municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis, said that this process of regularization of the property has the purpose of giving legal certainty to the families that inhabit the property known as "La Lavandería".
           During the  1996-1999 administration,  this property that had been donated by FONATUR was obtained by the municipal government because of a debt of unpaid taxes on the property. This transfer was made along with another, larger property of more than 5000 square meters, located almost in front of the Convention Center.
      This process of regularization had already been discussed during that same period of government, but there wasn't time to complete it, and the municipal administrations that followed weren't concerned. 

       The City Council approved the donation of the property by FONATUR, located at the intersection of López Mateos street between Hidalgo and Guerrero avenues, adjacent to the Substation of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), in the colonia Centro (downtown).
        The Mayor said that this is only the first step to start the process, which will be subject to the guidelines and technical standards established by the Cadastre (Deeding agency) and the Urban Development Department, with the authorization of the City Council.            He said the decisions made during the Twentieth Session of the Cabildo, he said, are part of the whole process that must be carried out to regularize (legally deed) the La Lavandería and for those who live in the building to have the certainty that they have decent and proper housing.
      It is also noted that the Mayor signed an agreement to bring a representative of the federal Consumer Protection agency, PROFECO, to the island, so that consumers are not abused by service providers or businesses.

Training Civil Defense personnel
Capacitan a protectores civilesVer masFull article at this link
See yesterday's translations.

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August Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

August 5 Women's Fishing Tournament Dorada del Caribe (New date)
 Prizes for the International Women's Fishing Tournament "La Dorada del Caribe". It says surprise prizes for 4th thru 10th. Registration in 2000 pesos. August 4th & 5th

August 6 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square  Dance Troupe Ballet Folklorico Kantunich del CBTA 186 of Lazaro Cardenas and Singer Manuelita Loeza of Tizimin

                                                                    Sunset ~7:20
Aug  7   7:28
 Aug 8   8:11
Aug 9   8:52
Aug 10  9:33
Aug 11  10:13
Aug 12  10:55
Aug 13   11.39

August 13 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

Dates haven't been announced for the Maya Riviera Film Festival, which has presented films in Isla Mujeres at the Posada beach (Playa Centro) the past couple years.

Mid August:
167th Anniversary of the Foundation of the town 
Events to be announced

 Aug. 18, 19, & 20   Friday, Saturday, Sunday
It says...
Here are the rules for competing in the Family Summer 2017 event.
Teams of five people, dressed in the same color, with one bicycle per team
Completely Free. Islanders & Visitors are invited to participate.
 Rally.  Bicycle Race, Tug of War, Sand Sculpture Contest
Music & Games. Daily Prizes for the first three places.
A DIFferent Weekend (DIF is the social service agency).
Register at the DIF office between 10am & 4pm. Captain must present an official ID.

August 19 Barracuda Fishing Tournament 

August 20 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

 August 27 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

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