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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

link to their Isla articles & photos

Mayor announces that the City is providing uniforms for middle school students

Comuna entregará uniformes

 A alumnos de secundaria, anuncia Juan Carrillo

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 21 de agosto.-
Leer más...Full article at this link      The first week of September, the City of Isla Mujeres will deliver uniforms to the 1070 Middle School students of the island and the Continental Zone. For the opening ceremonies, the Governor spoke across an internet link to the schools of the eleven municipalities. The Governor spoke about how students are the present and the future of the state.  Mayor spoke about his commitment to education and encouraged the students to study hard. Names of officials attending are given.

The dolphin rescued from a Yucatan beach passed away at the Tortugranja despite the efforts of the specialists 

Fallece delfín traído desde Yucatán

Pese a atención de especialistas en Tortugranja

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 21 de agosto.-
Leer más...Full article at this link
       The dolphin that was stranded on a beach in Yucatan died yesterday at the Tortugranja, despite the efforts and medical care offered by the veterinarians and specialists of Dolphin Discovery, who were assisted by members of the Mexican Navy.
      Seven days of treatment and intensive care were provided at the facilities of Tortugranja, after the dolphin was transferred to the island on August 15th. The deceased dolphin was approximately 20 years old, and measured 2.18 meters and 79 cm in circumference. He received hydration and antibiotics and analgesics, in addition to blood chemistry tests and sonograms that were done to determine his state of health.
      An autopsy of the dolphin revealed that it died as a result of chronic parasitosis with atypical migration. This means that the body of the dolphin was infested with parasites from the subcutaneous layers to the abdominal cavity, a disease that only occurs in animals whose immune system aren't functioning. 
      "We did everything humanly and medically possible to contribute to the recovery of the animal, with  Dolphin Discovery providing both resources and personnel, but unfortunately his health was in a critical state and it was not possible to save his life," said Roberto Sánchez, director of Dolphin Discovery Veterinary Medicine.        It is expected that the staff of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) will be responsible for the dolphin's body.

Community Hospital review

Seeking to expand its coverage  

Revisan Hospital Comunitario

 Se buscará ampliar su cobertura

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 20 de agosto.-
Leer más.Full article at this link..

This information has already been translated.

Successful end for Isla Fest 2017 

Culmina “Isla Fest 2017”

 Con gran éxito, gracias al impulso de Juan Carrillo

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 20 de agosto.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.

Photos in City section...

Recognition of talents

 Juan Carrillo delivers Youth Award 2017

Reconoce a talentos

 Juan Carrillo entrega Premio de la Juventud 2017

Lanrry parra

Isla Mujeres, 19 de agosto.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.

See City section below....


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

During these rainy days ⛈☔️ do not exceed speed limits 🚗🚲🛵, heed the signs ⛔️🛑 and avoid accidents. It says Drive carefully.

Help us keep our streets clean to prevent flooding during this rainy season.https://goo.gl/Rcbm8X
August 21  Due to the anticipated passage of the remnants of "Harvey", the Director of Civil Protection and Firefighters, Ulises Helman Berman Graniel, said that, on instructions from the municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis,  personnel began working at an early hour to clean the drainage system to prevent flooding and to ensure the safety of the islanders and their property.
      He said,"The intersection of Abasolo street and Hidalgo avenue is one of the most susceptible areas for flooding, so that was the first place we took care of." They asked residents to keep the area in front of their homes clean to prevent flooding and said they will be monitoring the lake levels in case the pumps need to be turned on. 

Children are the present and future of our country, so we continue to work to provide increased and improved conditions for their academic opportunities. https://goo.gl/w5aP5s 
This is about the Continental Zone.

(From Monday) #Harvey is located approximately 385 km east-southeast of #PuertoCostaMaya and 430 km east-southeast of #Chetumal, #QuintanaRoo, with winds of 35 km / h, gusts of 45 km / h and movement west-northwest to 30 km / h. Take proper precautions and keep informed through official media.

This summer thousands of tourists had the opportunity to enjoy their vacations in Isla Mujeres, to experience our beaches 🏝and people.🙋🏽🙋🏽. Many thanks to all who visited us, we look forward to seeing you soon!

We wish all the children and young people great success during this 2017-2018 school year.

Thanks to all the performers and artists, tonight we conclude Isla Fest 2017, with great joy. It was a great commemoration of the 167th anniversary of the founding of Isla Mujeres. https://goo.gl/6iJXM7

Although we are not in danger, there are showers and isolated storms forecast in much of the state due to the arrival and passage of tropical wave number 28. (Harvey). We encourage you to take precautions and keep the streets clean to avoid flooding.

Enjoy the solar eclipse safely and without endangering your health. .
Visit the page of the Institute of Astronomy - UNAM 👉🏻 http://www.astroscu.unam.mx 👈🏻 They will transmit it live with images from NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

It says: Solar Eclipse August 21
Don't look directly at the sun, it can damage your retina quickly.
Watch the eclipse with #14 solar filters
Don't use sunglasses, binoculars, cameras or video cameras, telescopes or exposed film
Even with safety equipment don't look for more than 30 seconds
If you want to observe the eclipse, go to the page of the UNAM Astronomy Institute

There's promos for Sunday afternoon's Electronic Festival on Playa Centro and for the evening's dance event on the Town Square.

Many thanks to those who visited us this summer 🏖👋🏼 vacation, we look forward to the next holiday period to enjoy all the natural beauties of our wonderful Pueblo Magico / Magic Town!

After 5 days of music, talent and lots of fun in Isla Mujeres, tonight Isla Fest 2017 will successfully culminate. Thank you very much for attending each of the activities we presented in commemoration of the 167th anniversary of the founding of our town!  https://goo.gl/LmwNJQ
      An invitation is extended to participate in the Mayan Run "The Four Elements" to be held on September 17th.

Because Tropical Storm #Harvey was downgraded to a Tropical Wave, the State Civil Protection Coordination Quintana Roo reported they removed the blue alert issued a couple of days ago. We invite you to be informed through official media.   (Here's two links).


We are making preparations so that our children will have clean and safe schools to develop their intellectual and social skills. This is about cleaning school grounds in the Continental Zone https://goo.gl/qJWkDq

The young people are the present and the future of Isla Mujeres, that's why their talent was recognized by President Juan Carrillo.
     This contest was organized by the Municipal Institute of Youth, headed by Oswaldo González Barredo for youths to compete in the following categories: culture, education, disability and integration, and sports. 
     "In Isla Mujeres we have young people with diverse talents and we recognize them, which is why this government is working for you to have better tools for  development", said the municipal president Juan Carrillo Soberanis, during the delivery of Municipal Youth Prize of 2017.
    Names of winners and judges are given and recognition was given to Sergio Emanuel Lizama Celis, winner of the first place in the regional championship of Jiu Jitsu; to Adrian Ceme May for winning the State Speech Contest 2016;  and to the group Añoranzas of Isla Mujeres.
   This event was initiated on  Municipal Youth Day,  August 12th.
     The Mayor continues to be committed to the youth of the island, working in coordination with the three levels of government to promote the creation of sports fields, and more educational and cultural programs,which allow them to continue developing and learning so that in this way they continue to improve the reputation of Isla Mujeres.

Translated Sunday...

On Saturday and Sunday, # islanders can enjoy the #VeranoFamiliar 2017, where together with the DIF Isla Mujeres we will have different fun activities for young and old 👨👩👧👦. Don't miss it!
(There's a video of the sand sculpture contest from the previous DIF Family summer event)

In the streets of #IslaMujeres we can find beautiful handicrafts, made by islanders who portray the beauty of our culture in textiles, necklaces, sculptures and a variety of articles. Come and experience Isla Mujeres! (There's a video of handicrafts)

There's a promo for last evening's entertainment on the Town Square.

The Tropical Storm # Harvey is in the phase of approaching the coasts of Quintana Roo, establishing the #AlertaAzul./ Blue Alert (which was later removed when the storm was downgraded)
So far  "Tropical Depression Number 9" does not pose any danger to islanders.
Stay informed about their trajectory through official sources



From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

In Isla Mujeres they foresee the closing of the port for small boats LINK 

 Faustino Uicab distributed school supplies in Isla Mujeres LINK  

Despite the efforts of veterinarians, the dolphin rescued in Yucatan died  LINK 

Despite the efforts and medical care provided by veterinarians and specialists of Dolphin Discovery and members of the Mexican Navy, the dolphin rescued from a beach of the Yucatan Peninsula, died on Sunday, August 20, at the Tortugranja.

The remnants of what was  Harvey, are still felt in Isla Mujeres, which has caused the closure of the port for small boats starting tonight (posted Monday).

More than 5 thousand students from preschool to middle school, began today (Monday) for the new school year 2017-2018 in the municipality.

Despite the difficulties encountered with the trash removal vehicles, José Ríos Chable, Director of Public Services, expects to evacuate the more than 6,000 tons of trash which has accumulated on the island.

Isla Fest concluded successfully https://goo.gl/nWsQ13

There are showers and isolated storms forecast in much of the state due to the arrival and passage of tropical wave number 28.

There is a graphic giving the same precautions and advice for the solar eclipse as the one in the City section.

Two young people are rescued from drowning in Isla Mujeres https://goo.gl/T42Swx
   Two young men, Jesús N. L. and Israel B., who live in colonia La Gloria,  were rescued by personnel with Civil Protection when they nearly drowned in the water by Media Luna beach,  where there is a permanent restriction for swimmers. This beach  has claimed the lives of dozens of people, many of them tourists. They were attended to by paramedics with the Red Cross, and said they were native islanders.

Harvey was downgraded to a Tropical Wave  https://goo.gl/kRDvm8

There's a video of Merenglass and of Julio Baro.


45 boats in the Barracuda Tournament organized by the PRI  https://goo.gl/HDAnvK
   August 19th    This Saturday the 9th edition of the Barracuda 2017 Fishing Tournament took place, organized by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), with a total of 45 boats registered. Prizes will be awarded at the dock of the Caribe cooperative.

Harvey continues as a Tropical Storm moving towards Belize (and then it was downgraded) https://goo.gl/FtJsDr
 Link to NOAA NHC


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Taxi drivers prepare renewal of directive

Taxistas preparan renovación de directiva[+] Ver masFull article at this link

        In the Continental Zone, a meeting was held on Sunday, with more than a hundred operators and partners expressing their support, as part of a series of preparatory activities,  and there will be a similar meeting on the island on Saturday. They are planning a new election for September 16th.
      The Coalition of Operators of Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo (Cotiqroo) taxi drivers and members of the union endorsed their support for Miguel Ángel Chan Mena "Fishman" to become the leader of the union.
        They expressed their total rejection of Wato because of his obstinacy of wanting to remain at the head of the union, despite the decision of a judge of the Sixth District Court on April 27th, who denied him the right to continue, after 12 years in office. They said,  "He continues to illegally usurp the office of leader to this day."
        They already have 33 percent of the total number of signatures of the concession partners which are required to convene an special general assembly. It was promised that the elections will be free and democratic, and the secret ballot of the concessionary partners will be respected;

Rescued dolphin died  
Murió delfín rescatadoVer masFull article at this link

Port closed for small boats last night  
Cierre del puerto desde anocheVer masFull article at this link 

Deficiencies in the educational infrastructure 
Deficiente infraestructura educativa [+] Ver masFull article at this link
     Laureano Chulin, principal of Julio Sauri Elementary School, said that everything was ready before the summer vacation began so that the federal program "Escuelas al 100" could take place, but nothing occurred, and the students began the new school year facing serious deficiencies in infrastructure.      He said, "We don't know the cause of the delay to renovate the main dome and roof the dining area. The bathroom was not taken care of, nor the classroom windows. The computation areas needs work and the morning shift director has no computer.


5000 students returning to class 
A clases, alrededor de cinco mil alumnos [+] Ver masFull article at this link

Lacking taxis for people with disabilities  

Faltan taxis para discapacitados. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

      On Thursday at noon, in the colony La Gloria, where the CRIM rehabilitation center is located,  Mr. Beder, who is in a wheelchair, waited in vain for a taxi for an hour and a half, with his wife Mrs. Candelaria Delgado. She explained he is very ill and receiving dialysis treatments, and the long wait was very difficult in the intense heat, and many taxis passed them by without picking them up. Fortunately, councilman Baltazar Gómez Catzin came along and intervened so that the DIF bus (the Municipal System for Integral Development of the Family) came and took them home to Juarez avenue, downtown.
    It is said that the president of the DIF, Paola Orrico de Carrillo, is managing to provide free service to people with disabilities, for when they have to travel for medical reasons or for recreation, so that they can be transported at a previously agreed time.
      Regarding the poor service provided for local people by taxi drivers, she pointed out that it is nothing new, and this is common problem, especially for families and disabled people, because the drivers prefer tourists, and those who are by themselves.   
      The problem has been worse during the holiday season, and this will continue as long as the municipal government doesn't act to reactivate the urban transport service that was officially canceled 16 months ago when the 15-year old concession expired for Isla Turicún. During that period they didn't meet the needs of the Community, and violated the clauses of their contract.

Maritime Terminal: Insufficient
La terminal marítima, insuficiente .. [+] Ver masFull article at this link 
      Two years after the opening of the maritime terminal in Isla Mujeres, it is already too small during this summer holiday season which is concluding, because of the huge daily volume of tourists.
Long queues are formed by passengers outside the building, who are waiting for their turn to board, with tourists occupying the rear access corridors and sidewalks to the main entrance. Sometimes the line goes toward the parking lot and office of the Harbor Master.  Tourism service providers are requesting that the Port Authority (APIQRoo) provide shaded, protected areas, because the more than 300 people cannot fit inside the facility at the same time. Throughout the holiday season, there have been long lines after 5pm when 100's of tourists want to return to Puerto Juarez.
         About one thousand people arrive at the same time, because Ultramar has been using a boat with a capacity of 800 people. The large number of people returning to Puerto Juarez continues until late at night. People are inconvenienced when it rains, which is especially uncomfortable for children and the elderly.
    It has been suggested that the commercial spaces be removed to provide a larger area for waiting passengers, and it is noted that at times there are 20,000 passengers daily. It has also been suggested that tarpaulins be installed to provide protection from the sun and rain.  

Vacation season closes without incident 
“Saldo blanco” al cierre vacacional. [+] Ver masfull article at this link


Yucatecan detained over domestic issues  
Detienen a yucateco por incumplimiento familiar. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   A man from the Yucatan, J.M.C.C., 51, was detained in Isla Mujeres, where he resides, because there was a warrant for his arrest from 2014,  from his home state for failing to comply with family assistance obligations.  He was detained on a public street in Isla Mujeres and made available to ministerial agents from the neighboring state. 
    Regarding another case the state prosecutor reported that two people are implicated in the robbery of Dunosusa, when 21,809 pesos were stolen in August, 2016. They entered with weapons and forced the manager to open the safe. An investigation and indictment were conducted for R.P.P. and D.P.P.. The judge decreed a year of informal preventive detention for the accused, as well as a month to close the investigation.

Poor service  
Servicio del asco [+] Ver masFull article at this link

     August 19  The Secretary of Health of Quintana Roo, Alejandra Aguirre Crespo, toured the Community Hospital and announced improvements in their service, but Por Esto reports this is not so, because a woman went to the hospital to give birth to her baby, and the delivery room was not in serviceable condition, because it was still flooded with rainwater caused by Franklin's passage. Therefore she had to go over to Cancun to give birth.
       "A problem as simple as a childbirth can not be taken care of on the island because the operating room and the delivery room have been flooded since the passing of the storm Franklin, incredibly," complained a member of the patient's family.
           There is no date for when the space will be rehabilitated, and residents have angry complaints about the lack of medical personnel. Any surgery already scheduled simply is not carried out on the island, and patients have to cross to Cancun.
           In the case of the women in labor, this morning, they had to request the service of a private ambulance in Puerto Juarez, because a Red Cross ambulance was not available  at that time, which increased the expenses of this family with limited resources. One member of that family, who was upset over poor service, revealed that "15 days ago my dad crashed and there was no acetaminophen (paracetamol) for pain in the hospital." 
       Aguirre Crespo reiterated during her visit that citizen's need will be attended promptly with medical personnel and equipment, and she intends to have the facility at 100 percent by the end of 2017.

The dolphin that was stranded on a Yucatan beach is stable 
Estable delfín varado en Yucatán .. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
  Personnel with the Navy are assisting with the around-the-clock-care that is being given to the dolphin that was stranded on a beach in Yucatan, whose medical care is being provided by the specialists from Dolphin Discovery.  
   "Everyone involved is working to provide a lot of physiotherapy, because the animal's tail mobility is reduced by 80 percent. Over the past 5 days, he has required assistance in water 24 hours a day." The presence of several abdominal cysts that are probably clusters of parasites were also detected with an ultrasound.       His gastric ulcers have improved, as well as his dehydration. "He began to eat by himself today and we hope that it continues like this. This is a very difficult case, but we will do everything medically and humanly possible to achieve recovery, "said Dr. Roberto Sánchez, director of Veterinary Medicine at Dolphin Discovery. Names are given of those assisting with his care. (He passed away on Sunday).

Recommendations for boaters 
Recomendación a la flota naviera. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

Aug 19. This is an advisory for boaters to pay attention to the weather reports during the passage of the remnants of "Harvey" and a report about its position and other data on Saturday.

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Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Within ten minutes walk are the restaurants Mango Cafe, Brisas, Manolitos,  Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, and the large department store-grocery Chedraui. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Attend Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants. It takes 20-30  minutes to walk downtown.


August Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

August 5 Women's Fishing Tournament Dorada del Caribe (New date)
 Prizes for the International Women's Fishing Tournament "La Dorada del Caribe". It says surprise prizes for 4th thru 10th. Registration in 2000 pesos. Captain's Dinner Friday evening, Sat morn boats depart at 8a, scales close at 3p, award ceremony at 6p.

August 6 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

                                                                    Sunset ~7:20
Aug  7   7:28
 Aug 8   8:11
Aug 9   8:52
Aug 10  9:33
Aug 11  10:13
Aug 12  10:55
Aug 13   11.39

August 13 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

Celebrate the 167th anniversary of the founding of our town with us! Isla Fest
Tues. Aug. 15 Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
         8p Downtown street tour Night of traditions
         8:30p Town Square Multifaceted Orchestra of Felipe Carrillo Puerto
                    Dance troupe performance with Jaranas                    

Wed. Aug. 16  Casa de la Cultura
       5:30p Art & Food Fair
       6p  Dancing to the live music of Trova Isleña
       Anniversary of the dance troupe Añoranzas of Isla Mujeres                       

Thurs. Aug. 17  8a Departure from the car ferry dock
    Wreath ceremony at the Cross in the Bay / Cruz de la Bahia
    Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
                     6:30  Presentation of Awards for Tourism and for Citizenship
                     8:30  Performance by Poncho Laduarte & Pierre David  (musician-comedians) 

Fri. Aug. 18 Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
                                    8p Performances by dance troupes
                                          Musical group "Sensitive"
                                          Musical group "Merenglass"

Sat. Aug. 19 Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
                                    8p Performances by dance troupes
                                          Musical group "Rillex"
                                          Musical group "Super Lamas"
Sun. Aug. 20  Playa Centro 2p Electro festival
                      Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
                                            8p Quintana Roo Danzarte Gala

 Aug. 18, 19, & 20   Friday, Saturday, Sunday Family Summer 2017 event.
Teams of five people, dressed in the same color, one bicycle per team.
Completely Free. Rally.  Bicycle Race, Tug of War, Sand Sculpture Contest
Music & Games. Daily Prizes for the first three places.
A DIFferent Weekend (DIF is the social service agency).
Register at the DIF office between 10am & 4pm

August 19 Barracuda Fishing Tournament 

August 20 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

 August 27 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

On August 31 the Fifth Gastronomic Competition 2017 will be held in the Town Square 🏆
The main ingredient will be the Lionfish.

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