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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Tuesday, August 29

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

link to their Isla articles & photos

Crime prevention activities in the schools  

Previenen el delito

 Con actividades didácticas en escuelas

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 28 de agosto.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.
    This event occurred in the mainland part of the municipality, the Continental Zone, with 510 primary school students participating.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Thanks to all the participants in the Run and Walk for Senior Citizens LINK 
     Sports were included in the activities celebrating Senior Citizen's Day in Isla Mujeres, with a run and walk in two categories, 60+ and 65+. Senior citizens from Sinanché, Yucatán participated in the events, which also included a game of cachibol (which is similar to volleyball). Awards were presented in the Senior Citizen's Park by officials representing the Mayor's wife, who is the honorary president of the DIF.
           In the 60 + category, the winners, in the female division were Alma Rosa Villanueva Kú, Marisa Isabel Silva and Ana Berta Lora. In the male division the winners were Miguel Angel Esteban, Vicencio Pech Cruz and Filadelfo Duarte Hernández. In the 65 + category, the winners were Miguel Arcangel, J. Carmen Bustos Arce and Geny Catzín.

IslaMujeres - besides being beautiful on the outside, there is also beauty on the inside. In the depths of its waters you'll find MUSA, the Underwater Sculpture Museum, which has more than 500 sculptures. Immerse yourself in the world's most attractive underwater museum!

Congratulations to all the senior citizens of #Isla Mujeres on their day! We are working hard for your well-being and care.

      Many thanks to all the senior citizens who participated in the 2017 event organized in coordination with the DIF Isla Mujeres and the Senior Citizen's center. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. https://goo.gl/PpuDCA
    The municipal social service agency, DIF, held celebrated Senior Citizen's Day with a contest, "Abuelito y Abuelita 2017" with 11 senior citizens participating. They were judged in the categories of traditional attire, casual attire, evening attire and answering a final question. 
         Alma Rosa Villanueva Kú and César Guillermo López Espinosa, were crowned as "Abuelito y Abuelita 2017". Second place went to Delia Graniel Chalet and Guadalupe de la Cruz Macareno, while third place went to Edilta del Socorro Polanco and Gregorio Sánchez Celis.
         The Congeniality prize went to Juana Argüelles Vega and Guadalupe de la Cruz Macareno; and the Most Photogenic prize went to Eldita del Socorro Polanco and Félix Canto Díaz.
      Entertainment was provided by a folkloric dance troupe from Sinanché, Yucatan,  ”Juventud Dorada”,("Golden Youth"), and the island singer Consuelo Cruz.
      The Mayor, Juan Carrillo Soberanis, and his wife, Paola Orrico de Carrillo,  attended and he spoke about his commitment to the health and welfare of the senior citizens of the island. He said, "There is nothing more important than caring, respecting and listening to our grandfathers and grandmothers, because they always have words full of wisdom to give us." Names of officials in attendance are given.

       We want the children of #IslaMujeres to participate in activities that promote the care of our seas and a family lifestyle in our beautiful Pueblo Magico. Congratulations to the winners of the Children's Municipal Fishing Tournament '' Coleguita 2017 ''!https://goo.gl/WHwcMp

    The Mayor and his wife welcomed the 190 children between the ages of 6 and 12, and their 'tutors', who participated in the Municipal Children's Fishing Tournament" Coleguita 2017. Six year old Ismael Moisés Cauich Felipe, won the prize for first fish and Iker Andrés Rodríguez Argüellez caught the largest fish. The other winners were Karina de Ríos, Iker Andrés Rodríguez Argüellez, Dylan de Jesús Constantito Cupul, and Fernando Natanael. The Mayor spoke about the importance of teaching the children about fishing, which is one of the most important and historical economic activities in Isla Mujeres. He said it is important to teach them about caring for the seas and marine life, using fun, healthy activities such as this. He said the City of Isla Mujeres reaffirms its commitment to work so that the island's children grow up knowing their roots and protecting their natural beauty, since the care of the future in the municipality depends on the next generations. Names of officials in attendance are given. 
     This annual event is named for a well known islander fisherman, Buenaventura Delgado Díaz, aka "Coleguita", who passed away in August of last year of natural causes at age 99.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Isla Mujeres taxi driver killed in assault in Cancun LINK  

       Thieves ended the life of taxi driver Raúl Matos, leaving his brother Rene severely injured, on Gastón Alegre avenue, heading to Rancho Viejo, at Region 236. The taxi operator, who is affiliated with the Union of Isla Mujeres, but serving in the Continental Zone (by Cancun, ), was stabbed at 6pm. There was a struggle during the assault while approaching the intersection, and it appears that Raúl Matos resisted the assault.            The driver of  #439 was transporting a couple (a man and a woman), who tried to assault him near the stone church in Rancho Viejo , but when Raul resisted the robbery, one passenger stabbed him twice in the chest with a knife, while the woman allegedly took the victim's belongings and money.
          During the struggle inside the car, the taxi driver Raul, managed to call his brother René, who arrived on the scene while the criminals were still there.The man and the woman are getting out of the red taxi, #439, when they came face to face with René Matos, the taxi driver's brother, who is also stabbed and is seriously injured.
             After robbing Raul and leaving him on the brink of death to Raúl and leaving Rene in grave condition, the two delinquents fled in a  red vehicle, but a timely call to 911 alerted the police who implemented a search operation, and arrested the alleged criminals in the Continental Zone of Isla Mujeres.
        The wife of the taxi driver came to the scene and collapsed in tears when she saw her husband lying in the street in a pool of blood. 

   Note: This didn't occur on the island. A large part of the municipality is on the mainland, next to Cancun, and is undergoing development. .
The police arrested the alleged assassins of the Isla Mujeres taxi driver in the Continental Zone on the mainland.   LINK
                Municipal Police of Isla Mujeres arrested the three alleged criminals who assaulted and killed the isleño taxi driver  in a fast and effective search in the Continental Zone.The alleged assailants - two men and one woman - were detained in the vicinity of the colonia "Mexico", in the Continental Zone of this municipality, after being identified as the alleged perpetrators of assaulting and stabbing taxi driver Raul Matos, who was a member of the taxi union " Gustavo Diaz Ordaz ", and he died minutes later because of the seriousness of his injuries.
            It is suspected that they may also be associated with the assault on a BanCoppel branch in Cancun. Their arrest was achieved as part of the coordinated work of the police forces of Benito Juárez and Isla Mujeres.
       Minutes after 6pm, a taxi driver approached the police station located at the access to Rancho Viejo, on the avenue Gastón Alegre López to alert the officers that in Region 236 of Cancun, there was a taxi driver who was lying inside his vehicle and those responsible for this incident had fled in a red Hyundai car.

Wato condemns the crime against the Isla Mujeres taxi driver in CancunLINK  
 Edward Peniche Rodríguez, aka Wato,  said that the family has received support and is watching for what they need, condemning above all, these violent acts.The union leader said that since yesterday, all support has been provided to the family of the deceased taxi driver.  The brother of the deceased, who came to his aid, René Matos also taxi driver and operator of ca #463, also received several wounds with the knife. He is in a delicate state of health and under medical observation.

There is video that whose caption says: Dramatic images of an assault this afternoon in Cancun on an Isla Mujeres taxi driver, who died, and his brother was injured trying to help him who is in serious condition in the General Hospital of Cancun.

APIQROO (Port Authority) hopes to recover the spaces inside the Maritime Terminal in Isla Mujeres. LINK  
       - The Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT), through the Ports and Merchant Marine Department, has advised one of the tenants of the Isla Mujeres Maritime Terminal to evacuate their premises of the Terminal, which can then be used as a waiting area.  
     The director of APIQRoo, the Integral Port Administration of Quintana Roo, Alicia Ricalde Magaña, said that the SCT notified the company, because it occupies a space in an area that was not subject to commercialization. They are occupying an area inside the Waiting Area, which causes less space for people waiting in line for the ferry.
    The affected business is a watch and jewelry shop which opened a few months after the Terminal opened, however the Port Authority never endorsed the contract and the area it occupies was never intended for commercial space. 
    The procedure to recover this space began in November 2106, and on August 24 the manager of the business was notified. They have 15 days to respond and present their arguments to the General Director of the Ports. Ms Ricalde said that sometimes the lines extend outside the termninal and more space is needed inside, which is why it is important to regain this area. 

The municipality of Benito Juarez (Cancun) continues to 'toreando'  regarding the payment of SIRESOL LINK  
There's also a video
Badically it says not progress has been made on this problem, which is that Cancun owes Isla Mujeres millions of pesos because they haven't been making payments for using the landfill since the agreement was signed in Septeber 2012. 

Celebrating Senior Citizens of Isla Mujeres LINK  
See City section 

Participating in the 2nd Youth Congress of Quintana Roo LINK
  Young people between the ages of 18 and 29 who are state residents may participate by presenting legislative proposals on the subjects of society and family, human rights, environment and sustainable development, youth , Politics, education, health, technology, tourism, culture, sport, employment and equal opportunities, vulnerable groups and indigenous communities, sexual and reproductive rights, and transparency and accountability. There is a website given with more information and the documentation must be presented between Sept. 4 and 15, the selection for the youth congressperson will be made on Sept. 21.

On Monday morning, , Faustino Uicab Alcocer,  General Secretary for the PAN party in Isla Mujeres, delivered the support of tinacos (water tanks) to the settlers of La Guadalupana. LINK 
I'll translate this manana.

City crime prevention efforts in Isla Mujeres LINK   
 This was in the Continental Zone.

On September 14, Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis will make his annual report (There's a video)

The government supports & encourages sports for the children of Isla Mujeres  LINK  

Inauguration of the state Baseball League "Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez" LINK   

Need to address the problem of stray dogs in Isla Mujeres LINK  
      The problem of attacks by stray dogs is becoming more common and so the inhabitants of Isla Mujeres are asking the Ecology department to enforce the animal protection regulations and to impose sanctions for the owners of the animals that end up loose in the streets.
    You will recall that a few days ago, an attack by a stray dog was reported (on a newspaper delivery man who was on his motorcycle on Hidalgo). Now it seems that this dog has attacked other islanders.
Elias Magdiel Couoh Collí, said that recently, on July 11, he was passing through the same area when he heard a dog barking at him. "I was riding my motorcycle and I never imagined the dog would bite me. "
         He said the animal began to follow him, and when it reached him, it  jumped on his leg, which was when he realized that he had bitten. He decided to get away from the animal and when he reached the corner where Karma disco used to be located, he saw the blood coming out of the bite. He said, "I saw that I was bleeding profusely and I needed to go to the doctor, who is by the Cesar Mendoza elementary school." 
      He said that he didn't know if the animal had an owner, but he had to pay all the expenses himself. He said although this it has been over a month since this happened, it is serious that this animal continues to bite people who pass near Faynes. 


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Proliferation of contaminants in Makax lagoon  
Proliferan contaminantes en laguna Makax [+] Ver masFull article at this link

  The trash in the Makax lagoon contrasts with its beauty, and its periphery is lettered with trash, mostly made of plastic. Sporadic cleaning campaigns have little effect when many small and medium sized boats are coming and going. Many of these boats are dedicated to transporting hundreds of tourists on whale shark tours, diving, sport fishing and other types of recreation. All of them have received environmental conservation talks in order to receive their accreditation as crew members and guides of groups of visitors, but apparently they are setting a good example in their own practices when they litter with their empty containers. 
    Trash includes plastics, including for paint, soft drink bottles, 'unicel', life preservers, and aluminum cans. People arrive by boat and by foot, and there is a lack of trash receptacles, and it is suggested that signs would help, which could be installed by the federal zone concession holders. 

Blue crab habitat threatened  
Amenazan hábitat del cangrejo azul. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

      Cab drivers and residents say they are concerned about construction in Sac Bajo because it is an environmentally sensitive area, full of mangroves, which provide habitat for blue crabs. Last weekend, at the norther part of the residential area  of Sac Bajo, an enclosure was constructed, presumably in advance of construction work "of infrastructure for tourism use".
     It is recalled that three years ago, the taxi union leader, Eduardo Peniche ordered the construction of a site near Dolphin Discovery that destroyed 300 square meters of mangrove, and there are questions about whether this was done with permits and City approval.

BREVES DE ISLA MUJERES.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

  With about two months remaining in the turtle nesting season, there are expectations that the total number of nests protected could exceed 1000, since they have rescued 700 so far. In 2016,the total was 508 nests. The season began in May and ends in mid-October.
    So far, several thousand hatchlings have been released, in accordance with the law 162-SEMARNAT-2010, which specifies they are not to be handled by anyone during their release. However, releases can be done by the Tortugranja workers, and residents and tourists can participate as spectators.
      Every night, the eggs are taken from the new nests and moved to a special area at the Tortuga where they are incubated until the hatchlings emerge later (in about 60 days), and they are monitored by municipal personnel. The largest numbers of nesting turtles are arriving on the beaches of Media Luna, Hangar, Bachilleres, and la Invasion.

  It has been suggested that during the current low season would be a good time to install lockers on the beaches for use by tourists during the upcoming winter high season. A month ago, Juan Carrillo Figueroa, president of CANACO, announced that he would propose the installation of lockers to the Council of Pueblos Magicos.

Praise for return of Consumer Protection Agency  
Beneplácito por el regreso de Profeco [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   It has been  al little over a week since the PROFECO moduel was set up in Isla Mujeres, and the merchants are expressing their approval. The agency stopped operating on the island in 2011.

Fishermen insist on recovering their space  
Pescadores insisten en recuperar su espacio.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

  The controversy between the Caribe fishing cooperative and their tenant,  Martin Trejo Manzano has not yet been resolved. The cooperative has 31 partners of whom 80 percent are senior citizens, and leasing the palapa helped pay for their expenses associated with illnesses. The cooperative says they have an old concession which is still valid (and they forcefully took possession of the palapa restaurant on July 15 in the middle of the night. They are seeking to have the consession that was granted to Mr Trejo in November to be declared null and void. They were angry that he obtained this concession, took possesion and announced that his rental contract is cancelled.
       (Mr Trejo has explained that he only obtained the concession to protect his business because the cooperative wouldn't file for it and it was available. He has said he only wants to be allowed to finish his contract which expires in January (or maybe February, I've forgotten exactly) and he is not trying to deprive the cooperative of the concession.)

Inaugaration of State Baseball League & a dog complaint
Arrancó la Liga Estatal de Béisbol semiprofesional[+] Ver masFull article at this link

 On Sunday the Mayor recognized veteran baseball players and the state semi-professional league was inaugurated at the Pescador Park, when the Pescadores competed against the team from Puerto Morelos.
     At the southern part of the island, neighbors and the manager so La Joya Hotel have complained to Ecology about seveal dogs who are being left alone in a home and their barking is not allowing neighbors to sleep. They have complained to the Ecology department to enforce regulations on this matter, but the promblem remains unresolved.
      The dogs apparently belong to Ms Santos, who is often not at home, and the dogs are seeking food and spreading trash around the streets. The animals include two or three chihuahuas and a dog of the region. When the animals want to leave the home, they are locked inside and begin to bark and cry in the street ( toward the street? por lo que los animales querían salir de la casa donde estaban encerrados y comenzaron a ladrar y a llorar en la calle,). This prevents the nearby families from sleeping, who include the Fernández, Molina, and Gaitan families, as well as the guests of La Joya Hotel , among others.

We don't support Wato 
“NO SOMOS COMPLICE DE WATO”.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   A meeting was held among taxi union members in the Continental Zone, with opposition and controversy continuing within the taxi union in regard to their leader, and legal complaints have been filed against him. His oopponents want to hold an election on Sept 16 to attempt to replace him. The opposition is led by Miguel Chan Mena, who attended the meeting, as well as Julio Osorio and Javier Acereto. They also want to recover the 119 plates (placas/authorizations) that were recently issued by the governmental agency SINTRA.  Preparations are being made for that legal procedure and a complaint has been filed against Wato,  Eduardo Peniche, for falsification of documents and other crimes.
        There are 917 operators between both areas, the continental zone and the island.

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August Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

August 5 Women's Fishing Tournament Dorada del Caribe (New date)
 Prizes for the International Women's Fishing Tournament "La Dorada del Caribe". It says surprise prizes for 4th thru 10th. Registration in 2000 pesos. Captain's Dinner Friday evening, Sat morn boats depart at 8a, scales close at 3p, award ceremony at 6p.

August 6 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

                                                                    Sunset ~7:20
Aug  7   7:28
 Aug 8   8:11
Aug 9   8:52
Aug 10  9:33
Aug 11  10:13
Aug 12  10:55
Aug 13   11.39

August 13 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

Celebrate the 167th anniversary of the founding of our town with us! Isla Fest
Tues. Aug. 15 Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
         8p Downtown street tour Night of traditions
         8:30p Town Square Multifaceted Orchestra of Felipe Carrillo Puerto
                    Dance troupe performance with Jaranas                    

Wed. Aug. 16  Casa de la Cultura
       5:30p Art & Food Fair
       6p  Dancing to the live music of Trova Isleña
       Anniversary of the dance troupe Añoranzas of Isla Mujeres                       

Thurs. Aug. 17  8a Departure from the car ferry dock
    Wreath ceremony at the Cross in the Bay / Cruz de la Bahia
    Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
                     6:30  Presentation of Awards for Tourism and for Citizenship
                     8:30  Performance by Poncho Laduarte & Pierre David  (musician-comedians) 

Fri. Aug. 18 Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
                                    8p Performances by dance troupes
                                          Musical group "Sensitive"
                                          Musical group "Merenglass"

Sat. Aug. 19 Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
                                    8p Performances by dance troupes
                                          Musical group "Rillex"
                                          Musical group "Super Lamas"
Sun. Aug. 20  Playa Centro 2p Electro festival
                      Town Square 5:30p Art & Food Fair
                                            8p Quintana Roo Danzarte Gala

 Aug. 18, 19, & 20   Friday, Saturday, Sunday Family Summer 2017 event.
Teams of five people, dressed in the same color, one bicycle per team.
Completely Free. Rally.  Bicycle Race, Tug of War, Sand Sculpture Contest
Music & Games. Daily Prizes for the first three places.
A DIFferent Weekend (DIF is the social service agency).
Register at the DIF office between 10am & 4pm

August 19 Barracuda Fishing Tournament 

August 20 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

 August 27 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

On August 31 the Fifth Gastronomic Competition 2017 will be held in the Town Square 🏆
The main ingredient will be the Lionfish.

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