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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Monday, January 9 & Catching up from the weekend

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Naval rescued 3 people in the ocean with symptoms of hypothermia   

Rescatan a náufragos

Efectivos de la Armada de México los aseguran en alta mar con principios de hipotermia

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 8 de enero.-
Leer más.Full article at this link..
 See translation in Por Esto section...

Vacation season closes with excellent success in tourism thanks to the commitments of Mayor Juan Carrillo

Cierra con gran éxito turístico

Temporada vacacional gracias a firme compromiso de Juan Carrillo

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 8 de enero.- .
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See translation in Por Esto section...

Tortilla prices to rise

Anuncian incremento a la tortilla

Ante gasoliazo

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 6 de enero.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.    
        A rise in the price of tortillas is imminent, although the amount is unknown. This is expected to occur in the next few days, because first it is necessary to wait until the last consignment of flour is finished, according to local millers.  It has been three years since the last price increase and it is unknown how much the price will rise. The price of the tortilla must inevitably rise due to the increase in the price of gasoline, including diesel, which is the fuel used by the tortilleros for the production of this basic product.
            "It is a domino effect from the increase in the price of gasoline, which adds to the high level of competition that exists in the tortilla production industry, and the profit margin is not like it was a few years ago,"  said the leader of the tortilleros.  He said that these days, it is a great deal of work   to produce and distribute tortillas and the profits are minimal. 
       He also said that a few days ago the price of a ton of the flour that is used to produce tortillas increased by 590 pesos. .He said that during the year 2016, the price of flour  rose twice.

Celebrating King's Day  

Mayor Juan Carrillo leads the festival together with his wife and hundreds of islander families 

Celebra el Día de Reyes Magos

Juan Carrillo encabeza la festividad junto con su esposa y cientos de familias isleñas

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 6 de enero.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.
    Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis, accompanied by his wife, Paola Orrico de Carrillo, the honorary president of the DIF System, led the celebration of Kings Day with many island families. City officials  of Isla Mujeres, in coordination with the municipal DIF,  formed a caravan that began at the Monument to the Fisherman. The decorated vehicles traveled through the main streets of the Island, with the three wise men at the lead, who were greeting people on the sidewalks, especially the boys and girls.
            The caravan culminated at the Bicentennial dome, where the boys and girls received gifts and surprises, and they enjoyed children's shows and the traditional Rosca de Reyes. Paola Orrico de Carrillo said that the purpose of this celebration is to provide children with fun time, in which the main aim is family togetherness in a healthy way.

          She with this goal in mind, the City of Isla Mujeres and the municipal DIF work constantly and hand in hand to make this a municipality in which the children can enjoy healthy development and above all, providing a safe island where they can play and have fun. She said that this is one of the main commitments of the Mayor and he will continue this work during his administration.

No increase yet in taxi rates 

Nada todavía sobre alza

Taxistas esperan que les autoricen nueva tarifa

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 6 de enero.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.

   Despite the increase in gasoline prices since the first of the year, there has been no increase in taxi rates in Isla Mujeres. The leader of the Taxi Drivers Union of Isla Mujeres, Eduardo Peniche Rodriguez, said that it is not  easy to apply an increase to the rates for taxi service, because that requires of a long process and the rates  must  authorized by the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT).
    He said they have felt the pressure of rising gas prices, which has been taking place since 2015, and intensified on January 1st, as well as increasing costs of auto parts, which are mostly of foreign origin, as the peso to dollar exchange worsens. He said that any increase in taxi rates could take place in late February or mid March. 
     Regarding the amount of the increase, he said that is not known at this time,  since a socioeconomic study and other field analysis are required, and amount is not decided by the taxi union leader nor the board of directors, but rather by federal authorities, after a long process.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

We are working together to reduce littering and the accumulation of trash in front of businesses because this causes blockage of the storm drains and absorption wells, which causes more flooding.
Vamos a hacer equipo evitando tirar basura y acumularla frente a los establecimientos, esto causa la obstrucción de las rejillas y los pozos de absorción trayendo como consecuencia que se inunde con mayor facilidad.

This holiday season  visitors enjoyed the beauty of our island.
 It says... Excellent Vacation Season in Isla Mujeres 
Esta temporada vacacional los visitantes disfrutaron de la belleza de nuestra isla.

This weekend....

This afternoon the Three Magi came to Isla Mujeres in a caravan for the kids who enjoyed entertainment, with surprises and gifts.
 (There are also photos of the celebration in the Continental Zone on the mainland)
Esta tarde los Reyes Magos llegaron a #IslaMujeres en caravana para convivir con los niños y disfrutar de divertidos espectáculos, con muchas sorpresas y regalos.

We send congratulations to nurses on their day, thank you for their professionalism in the work. Today we celebrate Nurse's Day.
Mandamos una felicitación a las enfermeras en su día, gracias por ese profesionalismo que tienen al desempeñar su labor. Hoy celebramos el #DíaDeLaEnfermera.

Today the "Crime Prevention" program took place in colonia Los Electricistas
El día de hoy se llevó a cabo el programa "Prevención del Delito" en la colonia "Los Electricistas" con el objetivo informar sobre lo que se debe hacer para preservar la integridad física y proteger nuestro patrimonio ante una amenaza que se pueda presentar en el exterior.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

There are state and national news articles about officials responding to protests over increased gas prices.

Successful holiday season Guadalupe-Reyes…Full article at this link/

Good things are coming for the Community Hospital of Isla Mujeres…Full article at this link/
       The Director of the Community Hospital in Isla Mujeres, Dr. Miguel Angel Garcia Albarran, said they are working with Secretary of Health Central of México with the intention of  achieving  certification of the Hospital and then the hospital will receive financial support. 
     The Specialist in general surgery, endoscopy and gastroenterology said that in July will be the six year anniversary of his arrival Isla Mujeres. His previous experience is given. He said it is his objective that every islander or visitor will have very good medical care. 
        He said the health care needs of the community include a high level of demand for gynecology-obstetrics, as well as general surgeries such as appendix, hernia, and gallbladder. He said that other important issues are vaccination plans for children and seniors, educational talks for the community, and training for the medical staff, as well as working with programs like Promocion a la Salude, PROSPERA, Control del Nino Sano, and anti-violence campaigns. He said health is not just about bacteria, but it is biopsicosocial.

Mexican Navy rescued women who fell in the sea from one of the boats that cross between Isla Mujeres and the mainland…Full article at this link/

At a meeting for Police Day, the Mayor thanked the officers…Full article at this link/


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Navy rescued three people in Isla Mujeres 

Armada rescata a tres personas en IM .. [+] Ver mas Full article at this link
  The Command of the Mexican Navy of the Fifth Naval Region, based in Isla Mujeres, reported the Navy rescued a person who fell from a boat that was traveling between Isla Mujeres and Cancun, and they also helped the two crew members who jumped in the water to help. A distress call was received from a municipal police officer who was aboard the boat and saw her fall into the sea, and the officer reported that two of the crew members were also at risk, who had jumped in to help. A Naval "Defender" vessel was dispatched, and located the people, who were experiencing symptoms of hypothermia. They were taken aboard the Naval vessel and transported to the Isla Mujeres pier and then taken to the Naval Hospital for medical evaluation. They were found to be in good health and left by their own means.
     The Navy explained that these actions were taken as part of their commitment to safeguard lives at sea. The region has been affected by cold front 21, with a strong squall that produced winds of more than 50 km/hr. This is the first accident of this year, and it was a boat longer than 40 feet, which participates in recreational tourism.
    Staff with Civil Protection advise boaters to take precautions at times like this, when this type of weather will be common for the rest of the winter, with strong winds from the north that can cause instability for the dozens of users of monohulls, catamarans, and trimans, which transport thousands of vacationers  so they can encounter the rich underwater life in the waters of the area, as well as the attractions of the island that are on land.

"Wato" not endorsed  

Fuera “Wato”.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
  According to his opponents, the Local Board of Conciliation and Arbitration (JLCA) did not authorize Eduardo Peniche Rodríguez "Wato" to take office for his fifth term of three years, due to his violating the Bylaws of the taxi drivers' union of Isla Mujeres "Gustavo Diaz Ordaz,". They were waiting for confirmation from the JCLA this weekend,and have considered his leadership "spurious" since Friday, because they say there is no document of confirmation. They expect the situation to be resolved on Monday, and to being the preparations for a new election to appoint a new board of directors for the taxi union. The opponents who want a new election, say they have gathered enough signatures, despite alleged efforts by Wato to influence members with threats of sanctions and denial of permits. They say Peniche has no power to act as the union leader, and they are monitoring and attending to the process, with someone already in Chetumal to manage this.

Improved weather conditions  
Se prevé mejoría en las condiciones climáticasVer mas Full article at this list
  On Sunday the port remained closed for small boats, after the Harbor Master imposed these restrictions on Saturday afternoon, due to the effects of cold front #21 of the season. The official forecasts predict the weather should improve on Monday, forecasts of partly cloudy weather.
        The SCT (Ministry of Communication and Transport) reported gusts of 42 kilometers per hour in the Yucatan Channel by the Isla Contoy National Park, at 5pm. The winds were strong 24 hours earlier, and should continue to weaken by Monday, which should permit nautical recreational activities in the Bay between Isla Mujeres and Cancun, according to personnel of the Civil Protection agency.Yucatan Channel, due to the effects of the 'norte' cold front with winds of 56 to 65 k/hr and stronger gusts. According to CONAGUA (National Water Commission), thei forecast for Monday is partly cloudy skies with moderate winds and temperatures increasing to 25 degrees during the day (77F).
   Tourism on Sunday on the island was entirely on land, however Playa Norte was nearly deserted of people, except a few who challenged the bad weather. Most visitors stayed in their hotel rooms waiting for better weather. Therefore, commercial activity declined and few recreational boats arrived, and there were very few day-visitors. Few golf carts were rented, due to the weather.

Successful Guadalupe-Reyes holiday season   
Exitosa temporada Guadalupe-Reyesn.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

The Guadalupe-Reyes holiday season was a great success, when hotels were at their highest occupancy and the Government guaranteed the safety of vacationers, resulting in a "saldo blanco" (no incidents), said Mayor Juan Carrillo. He said this was thanks to coordinated efforts between the municipal government and the other levels of government. 
    There was a significant increase in tourism this holiday season, with increases in the percentage of visitors and in hotel occupancy, as a result of in intense promotional campaigns of the island and its attractions, by the municipal government, in coordination with other agencies and private initiatives. The Mayor announced that promotion would be increased this year with a strong presence at tourism fairs in Mexico and abroad. These are the main showcases to publicize the amenities and attractions offered by Isla Mujeres, which enjoys being a Pueblo Magico and has Blue Flag and White Flag certification of its beaches, with first class tourist infrastructure and sites of interest without equal.
   The average hotel occupancy during the Guadalupe-Reyes holiday period was over 80 percent. The holiday period closes Sunday, and the good occupancy rates are expected to continue March, and then there will be a time of waiting until the Easter holidays arrive April 9 to 15.

This weekend.....

The Utramar ferry broke down 
Falla nuevamente en barco de Ultramar. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
 January 7  The Ultramar ferry that departed the island at 11:30, carrying about 200 passengers, broke down in the middle of the crossing, when both engines failed. They tried to get it started for about 25 minutes without success, and then a tow boat came, but the navigation was difficult. The passengers disembarked at Puerto Juarez shortly after 1pm, and some were annoyed that the crew did not have the courtesy to explain to people which would calm them.
        Resident users say the Ultramar company should train their workers better so that when there is an emergency, they know how to treat people to calm them down, and not to exacerbate the bad moods, as has happened in recent events of this type.
       Several children were crying from the heat and lack of air conditioning, and there were passengers who had planned to arrive on time for work, medical appointments, business, as well as tourists who needed to arrive on time to bus and air terminals in order to make their other connections.

Preparing to celebrate 500 years of Catholicism in Isla Mujeres
Festejaran los 500 años de la fe católica en la islaVer masFull article at this link
The Parish Council of the Catholic Church of Isla Mujeres began preparations to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the Catholic faith to Isla Mujeres, and they are planning a maritime procession to the Hispanic convent of Boca Iglesia in March. This will be the longest procession done by the church, of more than 70 kilometers from Isla Mujeres to the church, with the last section of access being through an area of mangroves in a system of lagoons, which can only accommodate smaller boats. 
   These plans were previously announced in November, about a celebration of the arrival of the Spanish, led by Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, and the alleged military encounter with the Maya at "Gran Cairo" as this settlement was called in the area where the church is now located. The procession is planned for early March, and could be on Saturday, March 4, with an early departure from the island. It will take about two hours to travel the distance, and they would return following a Mass at the site, a little after noon, according to the estimates of the organizers. The Mayor was present at the first organizational meeting, who could help manage and facilitate coordination between local and state agencies, as well as the owner of the property where the church is located, to facilitate access which was blocked with wire for the past year. 
    A series of religious activities are planned in May to celebrate events, and dates and other details will be determined during this month. 
   As is known, Boca Iglesia has been a subject of research by the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) with a plan to recover the site and convert it into a National Heritage site, which was announced two years ago, but there has been no news about the process or any progress. There is an area of about 30 hectares where field work would be carried out beyond the religious structure which has been turned into a ruin by many centuries of abandonment.

Cold front #21 brought strong winds 
Frente frío 21 trajo fuertes vientos [+] Ver masFull article at this link

From Friday....

Chedraui took precautions 
Chedraui tomó sus precauciones [+] Ver mas Full article at this link
   Grupo Chedraui took precautions after suffering looting at some of its stores around the country, as part of public protests against a gas price increase of ~20 percent. In Isla Mujeres the main entrance was temporarily sealed, leaving only one access from the parking lot. Comments were made that this will promote more 'psicosis'(psychosis) in a peaceful place like Isla Mujeres, and is likely to upset tourists, who come here for recreation. Two police officers were seen at the entrance to the parking lot, to offer assistance in any eventual type of incident, after reports indicated that the managers of this branch had received information that vandals were organizing and planning to loot.
   Wooden boards were used to temporarily seal the main entrance facing the road to Garrafon, making the only access from the parking area. The boards were reinforced with pallets, allowing restricted entry of less than two meters wide. Similar precautions were not observed at any other franchise stores, at a time when the effects of an inflationary spiral of increasing costs for products and services, as a result of the gas price increase of about 20 percent.

Fishermen affected
     The two gas stations have maintained service normally since Jan. 1, except for delays for a few hours for the delivery truck, which is a common occurrence due to the truck being transferred over on the ferry from Punta Sam. The main people affected by the increase are the fishermen who now pay 795 pesos to fill a 50 liter tank, while ten years ago that would purchase 100 liters. Managers and members of the fishing cooperatives  (Caribe, Justicia Social, Patria y Progreso, Isla Blanca and Makax), said the price of lobster and fish is beginning to increase. They are evaluating a recommendation from the state Federation of Fishing Cooperatives to adjest the price of lobster (tails) to 700 pesos/kilo by February. The tourism "lanchero" cooperatives (Adolfo López Mateos, Isla Mujeres, Boteros Libres, Isla Bonita, and Un Día Perfecto) are about to raise their rates for tours in the Bay, and this is also true of about a dozen dive shops.

Calmness and prudence 
Calma y prudencia .. [+] Ver mas Full article at this link
    Business leaders called for calm and prudence in these times when there is anger over the gas price increases that are affecting the costs of products and services. The local leader of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), Juan Carrillo Figueroa, estimated that this spiral of increasing prices would cause a 10 percent increase in menu prices and recreation services. He does not believe that tourism will be decreased this winter, since visitors from the United States and Canada are benefiting from the depreciation of the peso against the dollar. And they make better income to come and spend time and relax in the Mexican Caribbean.
   Juan Carillo, father of the Mayor of the same name, said that so far he has no noticed an increase in costs for purchases in the gastronomic industry, but this may happen in upcoming days as a result of the 'gasolinazo'.
     In response to a specific question, he said there could possible be a decrease in Easter tourism, because of the increased prices of food and transportation, because it is mostly Mexican tourists visiting beach destinations, like the island, although there are recommendations to contain the inflationary price spiral of products and services.
       The first recommendations to the government of Quintana Roo to prevent an upcoming spiral of prices that could affect the inhabitants of the islands,  the Integral Administration of Quintana Roo should stop charging the 500 pesos of each docking of the Ferry that supplies cargo service between  Isla Mujeres and Punta Sam which would mean a saving for that ferry company of about 10 thousand pesos per day, depending on the frequency of trips.
    This measure of the Federal Rights Law is meant to give alternatives to address the needs of the residents of Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, and Holbox, which are main destinations in the Mexican Caribbean and generators of currency for the Mexican government. 

Excellent collection of property taxes  
Gran recaudación en el pago del predial [+] Ver mas Full article at this link
This information was previously translated.

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January Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Jan. 1 Sunday  New Year's Day

Jan. 5 Thursday 4-9 Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music

Jan. 6  Friday  Three King's Day   Children receive presents & the holiday season ends

Sunset ~6:25p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
Jan. 12  6:55  Full Moon
Jan. 13  7:56
Jan. 14  8:55
Jan. 15  9:51
  Jan. 16  10:44
    Jan. 17   11:36  
Painting by Pam Haase Link to website

Jan. 12  Thursday 4-9  Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music

Jan. 19 Thursday  4-9  Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music

Jan. 26  Thursday  4-9  Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music


In March, we'll celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first Europeans visiting the isle. That was the ill-fated Cordoba expedition where everyone was injured, except one guy, who later disappeared in Florida. They made it back to Cuba, where Cordoba died from his injuries.

Also in March is the 140th anniversary of Jose Marti's visit to Isla, which I've been researching. I found a copy of his journal about the visit & am translating it.

Jose Marti was a 24 year old journalist, anti-slavery activist, & exiled Cuban revolutionary, against Spain. He wrote for various Latin American and American newspapers and founded a number of newspapers. One of his poems was adapted after his death to create the song Guantanamera.

Also visiting in March, 1877, was the eccentric archeologist Augustus le Plongeon, 50, with his wife, Alice, a 25 year old British beauty. Le Plongeon published bizarre theories about interconnections between Mayas & Egyptians & "the people of Atlantis", as well as articles about "psychic archeology" & the occult, which left him discredited among the scientific community.

When he took his bride of two years to the Yucatan, he neglected to mention the Caste War, which had been raging for three decades, and that half the population had died or taken flight. He also didn't warn her about the yellow fever epidemics.

Marti described Augustus as an erudite, talkative, greedy American industrialist-scientist, who was here to benefit commercially. He also comments that the couple's rent is absurdly cheap at six pesos, for a traditional Mayan palapa-house.

Marti writes about a foreign academic he met on the isle, who was barefoot and penniless, carrying a couple ragged books, a hammock, and a violin, who could play beautifully and quote Voltaire, Ronsard, Molière, etc. He describes some of the sights & international events that the old man experienced in his travels, and said it was sad that he had not followed the Arab precept & had not written a book, planted a tree, nor had a son.

Meanwhile, Alice is writing about Mundaca (starting to sound like Facebook? ha!) who she described as a strange, solitary, selfish character, who called himself the Spanish Consul. She said it was understood he'd been a slave trader & people suspected he'd committed some heinous crime that haunted him.

Also in 1877, La Trigueña, (Martiniana 'Prisca' Gomez Pantoja) turned 15. Although Mundaca, 52, died several years later, he carved "1877" onto his tomb. Perhaps this is when she married another & he realized her rejection was final.

So, it seems the tradition goes back a ways of finding an odd, interesting mix of foreigners, with diverse political views & backgrounds, hanging around this isle....

The Artist's Fairs are scheduled weekly on Thursdays at the Casa de Cultura, 4-9 thru April 20. 

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