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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Monday, January 2

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Mayor invites islanders to work together with the government to meet our goals  

Vamos cumplir nuestras metas

Invita Juan Carrillo a los isleños a un año de trabajo entre sociedad y gobierno

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 1 de enero.-
Leer más.Full article at this link..

  The Mayor, Juan Carrilo Soberanis led the festivities to receive the New Year on the Town Square, and spoke to the hundreds of families and tourists of various nationalities. He said, "I want to wish that 2017, which is beginning, will be a year of great progress for families. Now is the time to make an effort between all of you and all of us to fulfill our goals."  He was accompanied by his wife, Paola Orrico Carrillo, legislator Alberto Vado Morales, and the delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Sylvia Saldaña Gutiérrez.       The mayor said that today we are in better condition for 2017 to be a year of personal achievements. Many young people want to continue their studies, many families want to start a business of their own and move their family forward, many more want to have or improve their jobs."These are projects to improve the quality of life for all of us, and at the same time, to contribute to the efforts of everyone to have a better Isla Mujeres," he said.         "The year that is starting will be a time to crystallize all plans and projects, to again receive our greatest wishes, our greatest commitment is to work so that 2017 will be the year we all want," concluded Juan Carillo Soberanis, who went with his wife to receive the first rays of the sun of the first day of the year in Punta Sur, where there were island families enjoying the experience.

"The Little Yellow Schoolhouse" for children with special needs will have a nursery school 

Tendrán guardería en escuela especial

Directora agradece colaboración para cristalizar este logro

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 1 de enero.-
Leer másFull article at this link...
   This information has already been translated that the "Little Yellow Schoolhouse" for children with special needs is planning to construct a pre-school at the beginning of the year, because these children need early stimulation and therapies. This will include expanding the staff of specialists of this institution which began 18 years ago and serves 53 students with physical and mental disabilities, including impaired hearing, autism, Down syndrome, and problems with behavior, learning, and language.

Trash projects planned   

Preparan proyecto para manejar basura

Desde la ínsula hasta la Zona Continental

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 1 de enero.-
Leer más.Full article at this link..

The Director of Public Services, José Guadalupe Ríos Chalé, said that about half a dozen programs are expected to be implemented this month and in upcoming months, with the intention of having better management and control of the island's trash. He explained that garbage is a major problem that must be addressed in a timely and comprehensive manner.   
       He said that a recycling program has been prepared, initially consisting of the separation of trash into organic and inorganic;  plastic, cardboard, glass and food waste.      "First we will start with a pilot program in one of the colonias, which will be chosen at random. After getting it implemented, we will take it to the rest of the colonia of the island and to downtown, the tourist zone
      There is a plan to implement fixed routes and schedules for garbage collection, both downtown and in the colonias, with plans to prohibit putting trash cans or trash in the public road, and that trash cans should be taken in after the pickup truck passes. This program includes economic sanctions to be applied to private houses or businesses that do not comply with these rules, but first there will be an awareness campaign about this project. 
       He said there are also plans to begin composting, via the processing of vegetable waste, for which the necessary machinery is already available.  In conclusion, he said in addition to these programs, there will be two or three more projects during the year.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

The City of #IslaMujeres hopes that your life will be full of success and blessings in this new year, in the company of your family and loved ones. #HappyNewYear.
El Ayuntamiento de #IslaMujeres desea que en este año nuevo tu vida esté llena de éxitos y bendiciones en compañía de tu familia y seres queridos. #FelizAñoNuevo.

We have the privilege of receiving the first rays of the sun as they touch our country. Isla Mujeres, where Mexico awakens.
Tenemos el privilegio de recibir los primeros rayos del sol que tocan a nuestro país. #IslaMujeres donde despierta México #1roEnero2017


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Tonight, hundreds of Islanders celebrate the arrival of 2017!
Cientos de Isleños celebran esta noche la llegada del 2017!!


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

No incidents in response to increase in gas prices   
Sin contratiempo se aplicó el incremento al combustiblee.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

 Jan.. 1    The 20 percent increase in the prices of gas and diesel is expected to affect fishermen, lanchero boatmen, cabbies, and to cause the prices of commodities to rise in upcoming days. As of the first of the year, a liter of Magna gasoline costs 15.9 pesos, and customers purchasing 40 liters pay 636 pesos. The taxi drivers are concerned because they will be absorbing the increase, and not their bosses (the owners of the taxi & medallion).
          On Monday, the fishermen will spend more money to fill their 100 liter containers to catch lobster and fish in the vicinity of the island, because to go out further involves using twice as much fuel. This increase will be applied to the seafood when it is purchased, and be passed along to the tourists, but the fishermen also face a crisis due to strong competition.
    The freight ferry, Maritima Isla Mujeres, which docks in Punta Sam, has not announced any increases in their rates, but today they only offered two round trips, departing the island at 2p and 7p and departing the mainland at 3p and 8p. Both boats were anchored at the island, and there were no vehicles in the parking lot at 9am, but two hours later there were almost half a dozen small vehicles.

Thousands welcome 2017 
Miles le dieron la bienvenida al 2017 l.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
      Thousands of people, locals and tourists, packed the Town Square, the basketball court and surrounding area to welcome in 2017. As of noon, the tables and chairs had not been removed, after the traditional live music and dancing. During the festivities, no problems arose, except for some arrests for misdemeanors, so there was a "saldo blanco", according to Civil Defense, Public Security (police), the Harbor Master, and the Port Authority (APIQRoo).
   At 10am, the last people were leaving the Town Square, after 12 hours of celebrating, since the final hours of last year, with Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis leading the festivities. At noon, tables and chairs were still in the Town Square, and Public Services were removing the large amount of trash generated by the dance. 
        The police continued monitoring the downtown streets of  Rueda Medina, Juárez, Nicolás Bravo, Madero, Hidalgo and Guerrero. The fire department reported there had been a wood fire near the coastal road by colonia Meteorological. Some young people set the wood afire, after setting off fireworks, which burnt a 10 square meter area of weeds.

    Because clouds prevented it, it was not possible to enjoy the first rays of the sun of 2017 at 7:00am at Punta Sur, as planned, where hundreds of people had gathered. This is a tradition from previous years at this site, which is the first place that the sun touches Mexico. There was gratitude, prayers, and speeches, with believers expressing their hope, faith, and trust in God, in hopes that their projects may bear fruit. Whole families attended with their children.

May 2017 be a year of great progress for families  
Que el 2017 sea de grandes progresos para las familiase.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   Despite the adverse circumstances envisioned around the country concerning the probable escalation of prices of products due to the 20% increase in the price of gasoline, Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis spoke about his good expectations for the economic and social development of the municipality of Isla Mujeres in the year 2017,  See translation above.


Surge of tourists  
Oleada de turistas] Ver masFull article at this link
  Thousands of tourists visited the island on the last day of 2016, to enjoy its beaches and other attractions, and to occupy the last available hotel rooms. Boats and ferries were bringing passengers from various piers in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, Puerto Juarez, and Punta Sam in the morning on a massive scale, while the golf cart rental agencies also had many clients from an early hour. The small boats were active in the Bay, because they were restricted from the open seas due to strong winds and large waves.
   There were no incidents as of Saturday afternoon, according to staff with the Harbor Master, Red Cross, Lifeguards, police for Public Safety and Traffic, the Public Ministry, the APIQRoo Port Authority, and the Navy.

Navigation by small boats restricted  
Restringen navegación a embarcaciones menoress .. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
    The blue and yellow flags were flying on the public piers of Isla Mujeres, indicating restrictions on small boats, while recreational activities were allowed in the Bay, due to winds from the southeast with gusts over 40 km/hr. The forecast for Sunday is given & the usual tourist activities are described, which took place on Saturday, despite the threat of rain in the morning, and then the weather improved. The attractions at sea include El Farito, Sac-Bajo, MUSA, the Cruz de la Bahía; and Los Manchones. On land, the attractions include the park Garrafón, Punta Sur, Tortugranja and Mundaca, as well as tours by golf carts to enjoy the panoramic sea view from the cliffs above the Caribbean, the Malecon, and ​​Punta Sur. The rough waters of the Caribbean were visible in the distance, which were preventing the small boats from going into the open seas.
    The incidence of robbery of personal belongings of tourist is lower than previous years, with about 15 cases this year, according to preliminary data, which indicates good coordination of agencies to assist those who are affected, and to help them make recovery from their insurance, with support from the Tourism Office, Consulates, and Public Ministry. Most of the cases involve items that were left or misplaced by visitors and about 40 percent were robberies of visitors, in different parts of the island. It has been noted that minors were involved, but none have been caught by the authorities, so far.
     In a recent case, an English woman was driving a rented golf cart with her two children when her purse was snatched by two youths of 14-15 years of age. They were not caught and arrested, and the woman was in difficulty because all her cash, credit cards, and belongings were in the bag. The helpful staff of the Tourism Department assisted her by providing food and transportation to a hotel in Cancun where she could recover the stolen money (? y traslado al hotel de Cancún en donde se le repuso el dinero robado.) This incident did not change her mind about returning to Isla Mujeres and Cancun to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean, but she said she will come with her husband, and without her children.

Tortilla prices expected to rise  
inente incremento de la tortilla [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   Due to the announcement that diesel prices will rise by 20 percent in January, there will be no way the price of tortillas can remain the same, which is 17 pesos per kilo in a paper wrapper and 12 pesos per kilo of masa. In August, small businessman in the industry, Roman Colli Ku, explained that they are unable to continue absorbing the increasing costs of fuel and other expenses such as light, water, and flour. 
    He said five months ago, a ton of flour cost 10,250 pesos and two years ago it was 2000 pesos cheaper, and meanwhile they have maintained the same prices for tortillas and masa. He said they are competing against the large commercial chains that offer tortillas made with lower quality flour.
    Once the fuel increase is in place, prices for other basic foods are expected to rise, including beans, rice, milk, sugar, salt, oil, eggs, and produce. Increasing taxi fares are also expected, so it is urgent that the City takes responsibility since Turicun has completed its 15 years of poor service. It is also anticipated that the ferry companies will increase their fees for moving passengers and freight, although Ultramar only increased the rates for tourists and state residents, by 20 percent. The cargo ferry that crosses to Punta Sam could announce an increase in its freight rates at any time.

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January Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Jan. 1 Sunday  New Year's Day

Jan. 5 Thursday 4-9 Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music

Jan. 6  Friday  Three King's Day   Children receive presents & the holiday season ends

Sunset ~6:25p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
Jan. 12  6:55  Full Moon
Jan. 13  7:56
Jan. 14  8:55
Jan. 15  9:51
  Jan. 16  10:44
    Jan. 17   11:36  
Painting by Pam Haase Link to website

Jan. 12  Thursday 4-9  Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music

Jan. 19 Thursday  4-9  Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music

Jan. 26  Thursday  4-9  Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music

The Artist's Fairs are scheduled weekly on Thursdays at the Casa de Cultura, 4-9 thru April 20. 

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