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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Thursday, April 14

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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12 Cuban balseros taken into police custody upon arrival on the eastern coast

Policías de Isla Mujeres los aseguran en las costas de la parte Oriente

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 13 de abril.-
   The first balsero boat from Cuba of 2016 arrived on Wednesday, April 13, with a dozen passengers, including three women. They landed around 6am on the eastern coast of Isla Mujeres, behind the Guadalupe Chapel, in colonia Salinas, and were taken into custody by officers of the municipal police moments later as they tried to climb the cliff to flee.
     It is obvious that this ocean crossing by these Cubans was quite a feat, because the balsero boat is a homemade catamaran with no engine, that is only powered by a sail made with improvised materials, and two oars tied to its sides. For navigation, it has a rudder that is similarly improvised. These Cuban refugees arrived in one of the most precarious boats that has ever landed in Isla Mujeres, and was made from iron bars, lumber, cork, and laminated metal. On board were dozens of bags of cookies/crackers and half a dozen bottles of fresh water, as well as a pair of crutches and wet clothing.
    The Cubans said they left the Isla de la Juventud, Cuba, on March 27th, but after three days they were forced to return to an area of mangroves near Pinar del Rio, Cuba, because of strong winds and large waves. After those three days, the set sail once again and and sailed for thirteen days, using only their sail for power. 
    They said during their voyage, there were at least five storms, and during those times they felt like they were about to die, but in the end, they just suffered from vomiting and intense dizziness/weakness. They said they saw at least 35 large ships, such as freighters and cruise ships, and they had improvised an SOS on the sail, but no one noticed them and they had to continue their difficult passage to Isla Mujeres. 
    The Cubans were were turned over to personnel of the INM (National Institute of Immigration), who then turned them over to Naval personnel who were responsible for transporting them to Puerto Juarez, where the staff of INM in Cancun will take custody of them and decide their fate.


Last efforts: Searching Belize & Honduras 

 Las últimas acciones son en Belice y Honduras

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 13 de abril.-
  Search activities for the five fishermen of the Anastacia are winding down as Thursday marks two weeks since they were officially declared lost. Today a search was being scheduled in a plane from Playa del Carmen to search areas of Belize and Honduras, if possible. For this search, two fishermen from Isla Mujeres, a relative and a friend of the missing men, went to Playa de Carmen. 
    This was explained by Jaime Osorio Sanchez, a representative of the Patria & Progreso cooperative and one of the coordinator of the search efforts. He said first they will search in the area of Belize and surrounding areas, and then they will try to spend the night in Belize with the intention of continuing the search on Thursday along the coasts of Honduras, and surrounding areas. These are likely to be the last efforts, considering the amount of time that has been spent and the lack of resources.
    As for the boats, they are no longer departing to search near Isla Mujeres, because the area has been thoroughly combed, without finding a single clue about the whereabouts of the fishermen, no any evidence to indicate the boat had capsized. 
      The plane that was departing from Florida, with a flight range of up to six hours, has been discontinued, and Tuesday was the last day it searched.  
      It seems that this plane flying over Belize and Honduras is likely to be the final effort in the search to find the five fishermen of the Anastacia. Some experienced fishermen say this latest efforts in the areas of Belize and Honduras are acts of desperation, because they think it is unlikely that the fishermen would have been swept by the ocean currents into that area, because these currents are always running northward. 
 See Por Esto article below for more information...


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Angela Trejo Martinez was named as the new Director of the Institute of Culture and Art. This took place in the Mayors office and those present included the Secretary of Education, José Alberto Alonzo Ovando, the Assistant Secretary of Cultura, Lilian Villanueva Chan, and Isla Mujeres mayor , Agapito Magaña Sánchez,
Ante la presencia del secretario de Educación, José Alberto Alonzo Ovando y de la subsecretaria de Cultura, Lilian Villanueva Chan, el presidente municipal de Isla Mujeres, Agapito Magaña Sánchez, nombró a Ángela Trejo Martínez como nueva directora del Instituto de Cultura y las Artes.
El nombramiento tuvo lugar en el despacho de la presidencia municipal.

On Wednesday, Mayor Agapito Magana Sanchez named Norma Estela Bacab Garrido as Director of Social Developmentand   Erick Florencio León Chan as Director of Economic Development. The mayor encouraged them to be professional when offering their services to the community. 
La mañana de este miércoles el presidente municipal de Isla Mujeres, Agapito Magaña Sánchez, nombró a Norma Estela Bacab Garrido y Erick Florencio León Chan como directores de Desarrollo Social y Desarrollo Económico respectivamente.
El alcalde exhortó a los funcionarios a realizar con profesionalismo sus encomiendas para que la comunidad reciba con oportunidad los servicios que solicite.

Pueblo Magico Nights presents the Dance Star Academy of Dance performing at 8pm on Sunday, April 17 in the Town Square.
Noches de Pueblo Mágico presenta la Academia de Danza Star Dance Studio.
Domingo 17 de abril a las 20:00 hrs en la explanada municipal.

Starting another lovely day on our beautiful island.
Comienza otro bello día en nuestra hermosa isla.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

12 Cuban balseros arrive  
Arriban 12 balseros cubanos [+] Ver mas Full article & photo at link

 This has the same information as the article above noting that they arrived safely, tired and with moderate signs of dehydration, and were given physical exams at the Police station, where they were turned over to the INM. They said they endured between three and five storms and could not agree on how many days had passed since their departure, which was blamed on a loss of sense of time.
    They said it took many months to build their precarious boat, which they kept hidden in some brush to avoid detection and imprisonment. They used styrofoam, wood, and 'cavillas soldadas' (welded something?) and were traveling to the United States, but their adventure was cut short when they landed in Isla Mujeres. They said they endured several days of intense waves, strong winds, and rain, and on several occasions they encountered freighters and cruise ships, which passed fairly close to their rustic boat, but no one noticed them, despite the fact that the breezes generated by the large vessel caused their white sail to wave, with its distress signal.  Concern was highest for one of the passengers who spent almost every day vomiting and was clearly dehydrated, which made them wish they would be spotted and rescued from the ocean. They said on Tuesday they encountered a vessel that was not far from them and which stopped for a while in one place, and didn't offer any type of assistance, and if they were seen, they were ignored.
    The nine men and three women, who landed on the beach behind the Guadalupe chapel, climbed the ladders (escaleritas) to the top of the cliff, went to the street, stopped a taxi, and asked him to take them to a church, although they were right in front of one. They said the anonymous taxi driver took them to the Sacred Heart Church, where they sat on the stairs, waiting for the priest to awaken.
     They were there when the police officers came and took them into custody, because the police were aware of their presence, supposedly because the taxi driver advised them. They said, "We wanted him to fetch the Police and Immigration because we were tired from our long trip, we were nearly out of food and distraught after 16 days at sea. We endured five storms and there were only two days when we could sleep. We were nearly out of food and had been living on a diet of candy and soda crackers. The police said they received an anonymous call around 5am concerning the arrival of a group of Cubans behind the Guadalupe chapel, who had moved to the streets. A patrol was sent to verify the report and after searching for several minutes, they found the Cuban.
 The Cubans in custody are:

Sergio Fis Ruiz, 27 años
María Milagros Ruiz Durán, 46 años
Germán Blanco Pantoja, 49 años
Moraima Lizet Roque Pláceres, 41 años
Janiel Figueredo Arévalo, 32 años
Brayan Alexander Rodríguez, 26 años
William Lahite Agüero, 30 años
Janeisy Vega Martínez, 55 años
Arturo Moreno Sánchez, 28 años
Denys Adolfo Mora Clavel, 48 años
Javier Moreno González, 25 años
Alejandro Hernández Martínez, 31 años

Search for the Anastacia continues by air  
Sigue búsqueda de la “Anastacia” vía aéreaa.. [+] Ver mas Full article & photo at this link

By Yolanda Gutierrez. April 13

Although the fishermen of the Patria & Progreso cooperative have suspended the search by sea for their companions who have been lost since March 30, the search efforts continue in the air. On Wednesday, a private plane left Playa del Carmen to fly over Belize, and also Honduras, if necessary. In addition, in the United States efforts to find the fishermen continue with two planes searching for evidence of the Anastacia or its crew.
Despite the amount of time that has elapsed, hope has not died out among the friends and relatives of Jorge Fernando de la O. Avalos “Pipis”, Alfonso Jiménez Torres “Chanty”, Humberto Constantino Ordaz “Beto”, Russel Enrique Pech Cemé “Curro” and Marco Antonio Bardales Pastrana “Vampiro”. And they are encouraged by the news that a group of Cubans landed in Isla Mujeres after they had been at sea during several events of bad weather aboard a precarious homemade vessel with only a sail and a pair of oars. The feeling among the family and friends of the missing men is, "If they could make it and they didn't capsize in the bouts of bad weather, that is a good sign regarding the Anastacia, and we are hopeful and expecting them back soon."
According to Jaime Osorio Sanchez, when the plane departs from Playa del Carmen on Wednesday, it will have two fishermen on board, “Archie” and “Papo”. who are companeros of the missing men. It will fly across the ocean to Belize, and if necessary they will stay overnight in Belize, and fly over Honduras the following day.
In response to a question, Sr. Osorio said that currently no boats are involved in searching because they are small boats with limited range, and the search has moved beyond that range, so they are unable to help.
However, after many days of inactivity, the boats went out fishing and caught several shark, which they hoped to sell the same day because of the lack of electrical service, which recently caused 12 tonnes of shark to spoil in the cold storage room.
He said, "In Miami, the search also continues, and Marcelo Cupul and his son are there. The reality is that although it has been 13 days since we last had contact with the crew of the Anastacia, we have not lost hope of finding them."
At the Patria & Progreso cooperative, families of the family maintain the watch, whose waiting and hoping began with the first day of the search. Donations have not stopped coming in, both in cash and donations. Thanks to everyone who donated for the bake sale with various desserts and various amounts of cash, in just a few hours the not insubstantial amount of 16,280 pesos was raised, which was given to the wives of the crew of the Anastasia.

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April events

Sunset ~7p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
April 21   6:54pm
April 22   7:44pm  Full Moon
April 23    8:33pm
April 24    9:24pm
April 25   10:14pm
April 26   11:04pm
April 27    11:54pm

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 10am: Sergio's Batik class. ~3 hours long. 400p includes materials.
Kid's classes every other Saturday at 12:30: March 26, April 9 and April 23.
To reach the classroom enter the doors shown in the photo & go through the building, into the courtyard. His classroom is on the right. If this front door is locked, go left around the side of the building to the back/seaside and enter the courtyard from there. LINK to FB page w  photos & more info

Every Tuesday and Thursday: Free spay/neuter clinic  (Isla Animals)
 Consults 100p, Vaccines: parvo & distemper 50p, flea & tick meds 20p, wormer 10p. Helpers always welcome! Isla Animals, Mundaca Hacienda, 10am-4pm (No food morning of surgery/water ok)

April 7, Thursday  4-9p Casa de Cultura:  Artist Fair (Last of the season)

April 7, Thursday at 6:30pm on the Town Square, in a "Sesion Ordinaria" (That usually means a regular session of the City Council) the Music Trova (repertoire) of Isla Mujeres will officially be declared a part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the state of Quintana Roo.
It doesn't mention if there will be a performance, but since it is happening on the Town Square rather than inside the Town Hall, that seems like a possibility.

April 10, Sunday night at 8pm on the Town Square

April 30  Children's Day
May 1 Labor Day

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