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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Today's only edition

North Beach/Playa Norte In Real Time  In Isla Mujeres  LINK to 24 hour time lapse of the webcam

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These papers had nothing published in the morning...will recheck them & they have articles...manana!

 por esto

Everything is going up in 2014
Todo sube en el 2014[+] Ver mas
 Ultramar, the main ferry company, crossing between Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez, confirmed a rate increase effective January 1st. For a one way ticket,  the rate for residents increased more than ten percent from 40 to 46 pesos (40 +15% =46), while there was less of an  increase for tourists, with their rate changing from 70 to 73 pesos. (70+4.3%=73. The cost of a round trip ticket increased by about a dollar for residents, and about fifty cents for tourists. 12p / 6p) This information has been confirmed with the company, but no public notice was seen on Tuesday afternoon. It is noted that the increase in the Value Added Tax to 16% takes place January 1st. On the TVIslaMujeres website, a company representative said they cannot provide services at the same rates because there  have been continuous increases in fuel prices.
  There have been no reports of increases in fares for the Magana company ferry or for the vehicular ferry, which also carries passengers and crosses to Puerta Sam. In a telephone interview with the president of the Chamber of Commerce,  Juan Carrillo lamented the increase, saying this will affect traditional tourism,  making it harder to decide to come to this destination, because of the expense of visiting. He predicted cascade  of increases in costs of products and services as a result of the Fiscal Reform.
   Some users want the Mayor to intervene, and one commented about the continuing increases in ferry rates, "We are practically prisoners here, unable to leave."
Family unity: Essential in society
La unidad familiar, esencial en la sociedad[+] Ver mas

The reporter interviewed Catholic priest Raúl González Alonso who spoke about the great challenges presented by digital technology, which he says has robbed parents of their leadership role within the home, and about the importance of parents setting good examples and having good values.

First effects of cold front #22
Primeros efectos del frente  frío número 22[+] Ver mas

The nice weather which beckoned people to the beaches of Isla Mujeres was interrupted around noon when they began to feel the effects of Cold Front #22, and sought refuge from the intermittent drizzle. The cold front encountered a warm front over the Caribbean sea, which generated strong winds from various directions, and then a calm fell over the port. Tourist who had hotels booked continued to arrive to see the new year in on the isle. There was increased security from an early on Dec. 31st until after dawn on January 1st by all the police forces, the Navy, Resguardo Marítimo, and Civil Protection. They had a meeting about the need to provide increased security for the swimmers &  people at the beaches,(los bañistas) and coordinated their activities, and did not allow the press to attend their meeting.

Commemorating Former Governor Javier Rojo Gomez

  There was a commemoration in the morning by the Navy of the 43rd anniversary of the death of the former governor of the Territory of Quintana Roo, Javier Rojo Gomez, who was governor from June 2, 1967 to December 31, 1970 when he died in Mexico City. During his administration the roads were built between Chetumal & Escarcega and between Tulum & Cancun, as well as roads serving Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. 
  He was born June 28, 1896 on the hacienda Bondojito in Huichapan,, HIdalgo. He was a tireless defender of the campesinos in his native state, which led him into politics and he became a local representative, and then a State representative, a Federal Senator, a District Judge, Governor of Hidalgo, Mexican Ambassador to Japan, and General Secretary of the Confederación Nacional Campesina.

   Wikipedia in Spanish notes that his government work is characterized by a concern for public education, having promoted the construction of schools and public libraries, in his home state, in the Federal District (Mexico City/DF), and in Quintana Roo. 

Regarding Isla Mujeres history, Javier Rojo Gomez was the Territorial Governor when the decision was made to create Cancun as a tourism destination, and he played a part in that. The project received Presidential approval in 1969, when lands were bought up, and in the early 70's, construction began. The International Airport opened in 1975. 
   He was Governor in 1969, when Isla Mujeres & Puerto Juarez got their water systems, and concrete piers replaced wooden ones in Puerto Juarez and Puerto Morales. That year the road was built between Puerto Juarez and Puerto Sam.

    Most histories of tourism in this area say it began in the 1970's, which is true, but its roots go back a little farther, and there is more to the story than is often told. Today I wrote an article about tourism & its infrastructure arriving to Isla Mujeres and then Cancun, which I will include in the Isla Mujeres Magazine, (which will benefit Isla Mujeres charities & be published this month). 

 Here's an excerpt from it...

  As of March 2, 1972 Aviomar & Aeromexico  launched an intense four-day promotion called "An Adventure in Cancun",  which promised interesting things. Aeroméxico started selling packages left and right , but there was one problem. The first hotels opened in 1974 , but it was two years earlier, in March 1972, when the first flights, with the first tourists, arrived, landing on the old runway, which is now Kabah Avenue. Cancun had visitors, but nowhere to put them.    
  Javier Medina Riancho, who was a representative for  Aviomar in those days explains: 
"One morning at the old airport, I saw in a couple of foreign tourists with their golf clubs, who had bought an all inclusive package from Aeromexico Travel. You see, Aviomar  and Aeroméxico were working together, but Aeroméxico had accelerated the selling of these packages.
    When I saw them, I drove the shuttle van over and said 'Climb on in & I'll take you to your hotel!' But the Playa Blanca was under construction, so upon reaching it, I said, 'Gentleman! Choose your room!' But there was nothing. In reality, I made money from the package taking them to Akumal and everyone was happy. For the record, Aeromexico suspended the promotion in 1973."
 Source:  THIS article in Spanish by Francisco Verdayes Ortiz.

Replica of original Airport Tower in Cancun. From 1970 - 1975 what is now Kabah Ave was the runway. The old airport was closed in 1975, after the International Airport was opened, but a commercial jet accidentally landed there in 1976, when it had become a street.

 Nautical tour providers: In the doldrums
Lancheros turísticos, de “capa caída”[+] Ver mas

I will translate this manana...gotta go...

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