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   Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

 Athletes "Go for the Glory" during 2014 Olympics

Atletas van por gloria deportiva

Viernes, 24 de Enero de 2014 21:56

Durante Olimpiada 2014

The municipal competitions for the 2014 National Olympics for Chess and for Boxing will take place on January 24-26 in Cancun. Isla Mujeres will have eight athletes in the boxing competitions, with one boxer from the island and the others from the Continental Zone. There is one person from Isla Mujeres in the chess competition. Also, from the 7th to the 9th of the same month (sic) are the eliminations for athletes in the sports of Tae Kwon Do, Soccer, and Baseball".
   The Triathlon and basketball competitions will be held February 7-9, and the softball competition will be on February 14 & 15. These events will be held in Cancun and the competing municipalities include Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Lázaro Cárdenas, Benito Juárez and Isla Mujeres, who comprise the Northern Zone of the state. The winners of these competitions will play against the winners of the South Zone on February 21-23 at the state capital, to determine the regional competitors. There will also be playoffs for children's and pre-junior baseball and for handball.

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 24 de enero.-.
Leer más...

Tortilla market: Saturated?

Concerned over opening of new business

Mercado de tortilla, ¿saturado?

Viernes, 24 de Enero de 2014 21:54

Crece inquietud ante apertura de nuevo negocio

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 24 de enero.-
Leer más...
There are currently eight tortillerias in Isla Mujeres, including the ones at the Naval store and Chedraui. Tortilleria owners and manager say this is adequate to meet the needs of the island community, and no more are needed.
      A franchise chain of tortillerias is expected to open a store in Salina Chica, near the primary school "Cesar Mendoza Santana", with the possibility  of opening a total of four tortillerias on the island. Owners and managers of tortillerias went to City Hall to ask the authorities to intervene, saying during his campaign the Mayor pledged not to authorize the entry of more businesses of this type.
     The leader of the group, Román Collí Ku, said, "With eight tortillerias operating on the island, business has become unsustainable. Opening of four more would be the 'coup de grace' and would cause closures, because it would not be profitable to continue." He was optimistic after their meeting that the City authorities will support them and prevent the operation of new tortillerias.
       He explained that as business owners, the local tortilleria owners employ many people who support their families on the island, and their profits stay on the island, while the other companies seeking to open businesses here will only come and take the money elsewhere. 

"Chaos" at High School

No electricity on campus for two months: Many complaints

“Caos” en el Cobach

Viernes, 24 de Enero de 2014 21:51

Desde hace dos meses no hay energía eléctrica en plantel: Cunden quejas

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 24 de enero.-
Leer más...
      The school lacks electricity because the transformer at their substation has burnt out, which will cost 200,000 pesos to replace. However, the expense is not the problem. The new transformer must be specially ordered, and it will be four to six more weeks until it is replaced. The school director explained that they have been working on this since December with requests for quotes, searching for suppliers, and obtaining the paperwork to purchase the transformer; "because this is not something you can find at the shop on the corner," he said.
    They are taking steps to assure that next week the CFE will put up a temporary connection, so they can operate the lights in the classrooms and offices. Currently they are using a small generator owned by an employee in the offices, which is inadequate to power the campus. The evening classes are beginning an hour or two early, since the classrooms become dark shortly after five o'clock. The parents are complaining and asking why the problem has not been solved.
Ready for Lion Fish Tournament 

Listo, torneo de pesca de pez león


Viernes, 24 de Enero de 2014 21:32 
The two day event will take place on February 14 & 15, starting promptly at 8am at the pier of the cooperative "Caribe". A press conference was held with a formal presentation for this innovative event designed to combat the presence of this species which is a predator of lobster, grouper, and other marine life. It was attended by officials and the State Secretario de la Federación de Cooperativas, Ezequiel Sánchez Herrera, presented harpoons designed for the capture of Lion Fish. 
    Participants can register at the municipal offices of the General Secretary  (Secretaría General) from January 27 to  February 13th, Monday thru Friday between 9am and 3pm. Competitors may register as a team (per boat), naming a captain, with a maximum of four divers. All specimens caught over the two days must be submitted whole, alive or freshly caught, juveniles  to adults, regardless of size. 
    There will be awards and cash prizes for the top ten winners, as well as for the fish that is biggest and heaviest. Islanders and foreigners are encouraged to participate, to increase the number of lion fish that are captured. 

Leer más...


Police receive uniforms at breakfast hosted by Mayor

Policías estrenan uniformes


Agapito encabeza entrega durante ameno desayuno

 Photo from municipal gov page

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 23 de enero.-
The Mayor gave uniforms, equipment, and an economic bonus to the employees of la Dirección de Seguridad Pública y Tránsito (the police department). The Mayor thanked them and acknowledged that it is a demanding job that sometimes requires double shifts, in order to provide 24 hour security. He thanked them for keeping the island safe during the holiday season, when there were no incidents. He spoke about his support for the police and his committment to improving their working conditions, while asking them to remain free of corruption. Over 400,000 pesos were invested in the uniforms and equipment.

Delivery of garbage truck

Completion of "Habitat" classes

Entregan camión de basura

A dirección de Servicios Públicos municipales, al clausurarse cursos de Hábitat

 Entregan camión de basura

 Photo from municipal gov page

       With an exhibition of their work at the Bicentenniel Square dome, 270 students completed three months of training at the Community Center. The participants learned job skills such as the manufacture of bags & backpacks, tailoring, baking, candle making, beauty services, computing, English, baking, regional crafts, woodworking, jewelry making, massage, and preparing Italian cuisine. There was also a workshop on the prevention of breast cancer. At the end of the event, officials and the general public toured the displays, where the students gave examples of their work.
      These classes were provided by municipal and federal resources, through the "Habitat" program, with the Department of economic Development and support from the Job Training Institute of Quintana Roo (ICATQR). Most of the participants are housewives who now have skills for self employment to improve their family's income.
   A garbage collection truck and trash containers were purchased with funds from the federal government's Ministry of Agricultural, Regional and Urban Development (SEDATU), at a cost of 1,605,779 pesos, which will improve the trash collection services in Isla Mujeres.

Six cooperatives renew concessions
To continue capturing lobster
  • Seis Cooperativas renovarán concesión


    Para seguir capturando langosta

    Lanrry PARRA
 There are six unions of fishermen in the state who are obligated to renew their twenty year leases for the capture of lobster, which will expire late in 2014, after being granted in 1995. There are four cooperatives in the Southern Zone, and two in this Northern zone. The two in this Northern zone are "Por la Justicia Social" of Isla Mujeres, and Holbox's "Vanguardia del Mar".
   The cost of the renewal is 60,000 pesos, which can be paid in two installments.  Por Justicia Social has already prepared their 30,000 peso payment to begin the paperwork with CONAPESCA, the national fishing agency.
   These concessions for the capture of lobster can only be given to organizations of fishermen. He clarified that these concessions are not for the permisionarios libres, which are not available at this time, and those can only be given renewals year to year.
     The lease for the cooperative Justicia Social covers an area to the North from Cabo Catoch, including Isla Contoy, and to the south, from Punta Nizuc, where they are allowed to capture lobster. The concessions require the hiring of an expert to design a sustainability project.

Seis Cooperativas renovarán concesión

 CROC union seeks discount from SESA for health cards of food handlers

CROC buscará un descuento ante Sesa


Sobre tarjetas de salud

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 23 de enero.CROC buscará un descuento ante Sesa

      After receiving complaints about the unexpected rise in the renewal fee of the health card for food handlers, the leader of the CROC union, Román Maldonado Euán, will ask the Ministry of Health (SESA) to reduce the cost. Last year the cost was 151 pesos and this year it is 211 peso, an increase of 60 pesos. (~$5usd).
     He says this expense is unjustified, because the test that was added to the analyis is for the detection of syphilis, which he says should be applied to prostitutes, not cooks, bartenders, and waiters. The increased cost affects hundreds of workers from dozens of bars and restaurants in Isla Mujeres.


 Collaborating to combat alcoholism

Duro contra el alcoholismo

Miércoles, 22 de Enero de 2014 22:43

Gobierno de Agapito signa importante convenio de trabajo

A collaboration agreement was signed between the City and the "Central Mexicana área Quintana Roo Dos", of the  Alcohólicos Anónimos organization. Through this agreement the group can make use of municipal spaces to work with the community and disseminate the programs and services they offer, for the prevention of alcoholism and the support of people living with this problem.
      This agreement is being done in the context of “Compartiendo esfuerzos” (Working together/sharing efforts) national information week, which is celebrated in January by the Alcoholics Anonymous association. They will be disseminating information and doing various activities. They will be providing information about the problems caused by alcohol abuse, and encouraging reflection to avoid consumption & to delay the age at which drinking is begun to encourage responsible consumption.

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de enero.- 
Leer más...

Listening to needs of senior citizens: Mayor pledges support

Escucha necesidades de adultos mayores


Edil se compromete a apoyarlos

Lanrry PARRA

Yesterday afternoon the Mayor visited the Senior Citizens Center and listened to the concerns of this sector of the community, and verified the state of the property to take action for improvements. He was accompanied by the honorary president of the Isla Mujeres DIF, Marthy Vargas Magana.


Preparing for new hospital's inauguration

Starting staff training 

Preparan inauguración de nuevo hospital

Martes, 21 de Enero de 2014 22:29

Inician cursos de capacitación a personal

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de enero.-
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Training is being given to seventeen people of the administrative staff of the hospital on the subject of the Interstate System of Compensation, which offers free medical service to patients who are benficiaries of Seguro Popular, regardless of their place of origin, according to an agreement signed between the 32 states. 

 Basketball tournament begins with enthusiastic participation by teams

Inicia campeonato de básquetbol

Martes, 21 de Enero de 2014 21:32

Con entusiasta participación de equipos

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de enero.-
Leer más...
There are 18 teams in the two categories (Men and Women) who responded to the call to form the Municipal Basketball League. There was an inaugural event, which included special guests, and a game between the City team "Ayuntamiento" and the team "Elements", which was won by Ayuntamiento 62-61.

Protecting pets
Agapito & citizen committee sign collaboration agreement 

Protegen a mascotas

Martes, 21 de Enero de 2014 21:27

Agapito y comité ciudadano signan convenio de colaboración

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de enero.-
Leer más...
An agreement was signed between the City and the “Comité de Cuidado" and the group "Defensa Animal Huella K-nina de Isla Mujeres” who intend to join efforts and campaign against problems which include people who do not care for their pets, animal illnesses, and environmental problems like dirty streets and open dumps. This will include sterilization and vaccination campaigns, disseminating information about animal protection, a pet census, and educational activities.
      The municipal director of Ecology thanked the Citizens Committee for reaching this agreement, and for their readiness to join efforts to take actions to manage and control pets, for the benefit of the island community.
       The Mayor welcomed the presence of people who are interested in resolving this situation, saying, "This agreement is a reflection of who we are in Isla Mujeres. We are a community taking action together: Hoteliers, businesses, environmentalists, and students, and with this great agreement for our control of street animals and caring for our pets, we will work in order to be a community that sets an example. (or to be an exemplary community) " (?).vamos a trabajar para ser una comunidad ejemplo”.

 Tvisla Mujeres

City government of Isla Mujeres promoting first Grand Fishing Tournament for Lion Fish with this morning's "call"! (press conference...invitation to register..information)
Promueve ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres primer gran concurso de pesca de Pez León 2014, esta mañana será lanzada la convocatoria!

Tortilla workers worried about opening of more tortilla stores in Isla Mujeres
Trabajadores de la masa y la tortilla dicen estar preocupados por la aparición de más tortillerías en #IslaMujeres

Colegio Bachilleres High School left without electricity

Isla Mujeres police receive bonus & breakfast for Day of Police

Policías de #IslaMujeres reciben bono, como apoyo al día del Policía, esta mañana se les ofreció un desayuno

Risk of closure of torillerias due to opening of more tortilla manufacturers


Noticias de  Quequi......

Being taught in semi darkness
  • Reciben clases en penumbras

    Reciben clases en penumbras
    0 24 de enero de 2014

    Por Carlos Gasca.
  • Plan de Manejo quedará listo a mediados del año
    Ecological management plan will be ready by mid-year


    Plan de Manejo quedará listo a mediados del año

    0 24 de enero de 2014

    Por Carlos Gasca.
  • Objections to increased cost of health cards 


    Protestan por alzas en tarjetas de salud

    0 23 de enero de 2014

    Protestan por alzas en tarjetas de saludPor Carlos Gasca-Quequi.- 
  • Exhortan a abrigarse por los frentes fríos
      Encouraged to stay warm during the cold fronts


    Exhortan a abrigarse por los frentes fríos

    0 23 de enero de 2014

    Por Carlos Gasca-Quequi.-
    There has been no increase in respiratory diseases, although an increase is expected when there are constant temperature changes. The usual advice is given by the hospital director about staying warm, and he noted the importance of keeping children warm in the mornings when taking them to school. They have given 580 vaccines against flu, with more available for senior citizens, children under five, and pregnant women.

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Changing the street lights

Realizan cambio de alumbrado público

The municipal government is responding to citizen complaints, with city workers out changing burnt out bulbs in street lights and performing maintenance. Yesterday they were working on the lights on Juarez Avenue downtown, and last week they repaired 30 street lights in Canotal. The reporter was told that this work will continue throughout the entire island, and that this weekend they will be working downtown.
Leer más...
Announcement of certification courses for seamen

Convocan a los ciudadanos a que obtengan su libreta de mar


Congestion of tourists at ferry terminal

Congestionan turistas terminal marítima

Leer más...

Beautifying the appearance of the island

Remozan la cara de la ciudad

Leer más...
City government combats alcoholism

Combate el Ayuntamiento el alcoholismo

Leer más...

Uncooperative residents leave Christmas trees at curb

Lanzan ciudadanos árboles de Navidad a calles de la Isla

Leer más...


Beaches lack cleaning away of seaweed

Carecen playas de limpieza del sargazo

Leer más...
CFE personnel practiced rescue procedures 

Realiza CFE prácticas de rescate ante accidentes

Leer más...

Workers for the Federal Electrical Commission practices rescue procedures for coworkers ("who could caer/fall "en desgracia" = "out of favor"?). The reporter observed three workers carrying out these manuevers with one perching on a concrete pole, with the other two in a mechanical lift at its highest position, while at the same time a mannequin was dangling from the concrete post.
     The life-sized mannequin was simulating an injured worker hanging from a line, and the workers practiced lifing and rescuing the body of the mannequin. They did not have much to say to the reporter, other than that this was routine training, and they were not authorized to give out information.
     Their activities caught the attention of residents and visitors, who stopped because they thought a life was lost, until they realized that fortunately, it was just a life-sized mannequin simulating a real person, for the purpose of training CFE employees.

 por esto

High school: Without electricity
Cobach, sin energía eléctrica[+] Ver mas

Short circuit caused panic
Corto circuito generó pánico[+] Ver mas
On Thursday at 11:30pm, the winds caused a low voltage electrical line to be shorted out by a palm branch, provoking sparks, fire, and alarm from neighbors. This occurred on south Juarez by the Naval base, about 20 meters from the CFE (Electrical Commission) facilities.
    Police and military officers stopped traffic briefly while they resolved the problem. Electrical service was briefly disconnected and the branches were pruned back. A state electrical official said there is a new program to review the situation in order to avoid similar problems such as this night time event.

Shortage of police on the island
Déficit de policías en la ínsula[+] Ver mas
The police were honored at a breakfast and given financial incentivies, and appreciation. The reporter noted the Mayor did not use the opportunity to address the need for more officers, recalling that the City Council Commission for Public Security recommended a fifty percent increase in the number of officers, for a staff of 140.

Guadalupana: In the process of being 'regularized'
La Guadalupana, en vías de regularizarse[+] Ver mas
Andrés Díaz Samoza represents a group of families who comprise 10 percent of the 208 families of the irregular colonia of Guadalupana, who settled onto the 4 hectares in 2003. The group is in the process of legalizing the lots in the local courts, and the application is making good progress. Meanwhile the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission), the Federal Electoral Institute, Aguakan, and the City Council are assigning names to the streets, blocks, and lots.
     Sr. Diaz explained that there has been no response or claims from the alleged owner of the abandoned land, Julio Prieto, which is presumed to be an alias for former local politicians. Nor is there a Cadastral number, so the promise by a former government of  six years of 'juicio' was just a promise because it was not put into the land registry, he said.
      "Now we are going thru the legal process," he said. He showed a map of the location, which is inhabited by low income families, who are clearly having difficulties in this economic crisis with rising costs of services and rising prices, caused by Tax Reform, says PE.


Noise pollution unchecked
Imparable contaminación sonora Ver mas

 Visiting seniors talked to the reporter about noise pollution and their unsuccessful but persistent efforts to persuade local business owners, "Until they wanted to hit me," said the worried American. "I'm not against any particular business, but I have asked those who are responsible to lower the volume of the music, nothing more. We want to relax in peace. "
      The Americans, who asked to remain anonymous, sat in the door of their apartment at a local hotel,  were accompanied by a translator. They complained about the demolition of the hotel Perla two years ago, when dust fell on the whole area around Guerrero Avenue.
   They said they have been visiting every winter for a decade, and have many friends who are also tired of the noise problem, and looking for options. The Americans warned that this could lead to massive complaints on social networks if authorities do not intervene in a timely manner.
   The reporter visited some families on Juarez Avenue, a street that is parallel to Hidalgo Avenue, which is a source of noise pollution. They say the city has not followed up on its recent offer to control the decibel levels by enforcing the regulation.
      Maria Trejo said the owners and managers of hotels have tried without success to seek the intervention of authorities. "Nobody pays attention to us. We have made a request for intervention to the City in writing, with 70 signatures. People are tired of this," she said.

Unstopped devastation of mangroves at Makax Lagoon
Sin freno, devastación de mangle en la Laguna MakaxVer mas
Por Esto criticizes the City and PROFEPA for failure to protect the environmentally sensitive Laguna Makax, saying there are about 100 piers, and adding that hardly anyone has documents of approval by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. It is noted that the lagoon is the main "nursery" of marine species on the island. Witnesses say mangroves have been cut without any intervention by the municipal Department of Ecology.

Additional cost for syphilis blood test
Sube de costo examen de sífilis[+] Ver mas

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