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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Tuesday, October 8 The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



The "Morning Edition" has translated headlines &  newspaper photos. This Afternoon Edition has  translations of the articles,  Daily Events & Live Music Schedules  & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section including photos & info from individuals & local businesses ....Daily In Isla Mujeres. There are always links to the original articles in Spanish.

Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Distinguished Guest:  Recognition given to Luis Raul Matos Azocar

Huésped Distinguido

Lunes, 07 de Octubre de 2013 21:46

Agapito entrega reconocimiento a Luis Raúl Matos Azocar

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 7 de octubre.-
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  Luis Raúl Matos Azocar was officially recognized as a Distinguished Guest by the municipal president (the mayor) Agapito Magana Sanchez. He is a renowned strategist and political consultant in Latin America, with vast experience in the areas of politics, economics, and education. Positions he has held include Minister of Finance, Minister of Planning in Venezuela, senator, congressman (diputado), Professor of Strategic Planning, Director of the National Council of Science and Technology, and Consultant at the InterAmerican Development Bank (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo). He is currently the Director of the Department of Governance & General Politics at George Washington University in Latin America. (director del Diplomado en Gobernabilidad y Gerencia Política de la Universidad de George Washington para América Latina).  He was educated in the US and Venezuela, and has lectured internationally. He thanked the officials and said he looks forward to working with them.

Free Mammograms at the General Hospital

Mastografías gratis en Hospital Integral

Lunes, 07 de Octubre de 2013 21:37
Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 7 de octubre.-
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Drivers unknowingly run over turtle hatchlings along the Caribbean coastal road 

Inconsciencia de guiadores acaba con crías de tortuga

Lunes, 07 de Octubre de 2013 20:47

En prolongación de la Perimetral

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 7 de octubre.-
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  A half dozen confused turtle hatchlings were crushed by cars when they went onto the Caribbean Coastal road in the Bachilleres neighborhood, near the gas station around 6:30am Monday when they were trying to reach the sea, and apparently when the wrong direction. The PMP (Policia Preventiva Municipal) came to the scene after two people called in the report, and found there were about 50 baby turtles that had hatched out. Although a half dozen had already been crushed, they helped the rest reach the water safely. They appeared to be Green turtles (called Blancas in Spanish) whose nest was not detected by the workers with the Parks and Museums Department who are responsible for the Sea Turtle Protection Program, and officers notified the Tortugranja.
Caught in the act of trying to ransack the Cuban boat 

Desvalijan embarcación de cubanos

Lunes, 07 de Octubre de 2013 20:23

Detienen a par de malandros “in fraganti”

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 7 de octubre.- .
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Two men were arrested by the MPP (Municipal Preventative Police) while they were attempting to remove the engine from the boat that brought undocumented Cubans to Isla Mujeres. The men are  Gerardo Reyes Azcorra González, 31,  who works for the municipal Civil Protection Department, and Cecilio Martínez Ruiz, 29; and both are Islanders. They had released the engine but not removed it, presumably due to its weight. (A previous article said it was a car engine that had been adapted.)  The Harbor Master said they have already notified the Consulate of Cuba about the ship, but the municipal Police Chief got no response when contacting the Consulate. (I believe this occurred on Sunday.) Since there was no owner available to file a complaint of theft with the Public Ministry of Common Law (Agencia del Ministerio Público del Fuero Común (MPFC) ), the two men were charged with disturbing the peace and could leave their cells when they pay the fine.

 Tvisla Mujeres

Close up photo of a flattened turtle hatchling. HERE 

Noticias de  Quequi......

  Turtle hatchlings run over

  • Aplastan a tortuguitas

    0 08 de octubre de 2013

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi..      This article notes that Jesica Fernández Valentín was exercising along the Caribbean Coastal Road when she noticed the baby turtles who were getting caught in the bushes, and others were moving toward the road. She said, "As best we could, we rescued them and took them to the sea, but unfortunately several had died when they tried to cross the street." The Municipal Police arrived on the scene to assist in the rescue of about forty baby turtles. As of September, the Department Parks and Museums had released a record breaking 60,000 hatchlings. This season they rescued 1425 nests containing 165,351 eggs, which are buried and incubated in a controlled area at the Tortugranja, after they are collected from the coasts where the sea turtles make their nests.
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    Now no teachers are missing at the grade schools

    Ya no hace falta ningún maestro en las primarias

    0 08 de octubre de 2013

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi.-The Ministry of Education responded to parental concerns and has staffed the five positions, so all campuses are operating normally. 


Noticias de Diario Respuesta...


Proposing a University in Isla Mujeres
District Congressman Juan Carrillo Soberanis (PRI) said the Mayor supports the proposal to construct a public university in Isla Mujeres, as well as aid from  the state government to assist students with transport costs to the mainland until a university could be constructed. A University could meet their educational needs by offering training for careers in tourism, business, and administration. The Congressman explained that during the five state legislative sessions they are preparing the Ley de Primer Empleo (Law of First Employment), and in November they will present the first draft of the initiative.  The law is expected to benefit young graduates across the state.

Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad
Heat continues in Quintana Roo

  • Seguirá hoy el calor en Quintana Roo

  •  Inauguration of children's baseball league in Isla Mujeres

    Inauguran liga de beisbol infantil en Isla Mujeres



Resources freed to aid fishermen
Liberan recursos en apoyo a pescadores+] Ver mas
This is the same information that was already translated about this state and federal program that subsidizes the purchase of new motors and boats for fishermen. The fishermen who are participating must meet their share of the payment by the end of this month, and since this an equipment renewal program, they must turn in their old boat or motor. The federal government has contributed about 4 million pesos and the state had released about 3.5 million pesos for this program.

Projects at hand to improve the urban image
Proyectos de imagen urbana, en puerta+] Ver mas
The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Juan Carrillo, said he expects  projects to resume soon that will improve the urban image and support the merchants; and that the new administration will accomplish programs that the previous administration did not, such as improvement of trash collection.  He hopes that the 50 members of his organization will have occupancy rates that are at least 80 percent for the month of November, and especially in December. He wants the City to allow the merchants more time to pay their fees for operating permits and other licenses and he wants more regulation of mobile vendors and the areas where they are located. He said there is constant communication with the mayor, and he expects improvements in these areas which affect the economic of the businesses and families of Isla Mujeres, who benefit from increased tourism.

Fruitless search for "Soyita"
Infructuosa búsqueda de “Soyita”] Ver mas
There has been no information released about the fishermen who fell off a boat about 60 miles from Isla Mujeres on Wednesday night, and his mates fear the worst. After more than six days (?), there is no news about the fisherman known as "Soyita", whose family came daily to the shrimp boat docks in Puerto Juarez, but did not come Monday. The Harbor Master in Puerto Juarez has not mentioned a possible penalty for the boat "Marengo" regarding the lack of respect for the restriction to navigation that was issued on Wednesday in response to the passage of the Tropical Storm "Karen".

Third National Health Week begins
Arrancó la Tercera Semana Nacional de Salud[+] Ver mas
During this Third National Health week, there will be over 1200 doses given to the children of Isla Mujeres, which include vitamin "A", and Albendazole for all children under five years of age (kills worms/parasites). They will be passing out electrolyte packages ("Suero vida oral"), and giving vaccines against HPV to young girls whose parents give permission. The sixth grade students will be given Diphtheria vaccines and the first graders will be immunized with the MMR, which protects against mumps and two types of measles. The medical staff will be visiting the schools, and they will also be available at the IMSS, Navy Hospital, and General Hospital.

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Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe or Monchi's,shop at Chedraui or visit restaurants, bars, & beach clubs; minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a pharmacy and variety of other stores and small local restaurants

Last night was said to be the peak night for the Draconin meteor shower, but we only saw one. The Orianid meteor shower due on the 18th & 19th will be affected by light from the  full moon.  
In October there are releases of baby turtles that were incubated at the Tortugranja, at dusk on the eastern beaches of Media Luna or Guadalupana. The Blue Crabs migrate with the full moons, and there are usually organized groups to help them safely across the roads. Watch out for them in Sac Bajo and along the southeastern part of the island. The American holiday of Halloween is observed by the expats & a few candy loving kids, while the whole community observes Day of the Dead on November 1st & 2nd. Special foods are available in the weeks before, and Hanal Pixan altars appear in mid or late October.

October is Breast Cancer Month. There are usually benefits and events by Siempre por Vida.
Oct 1-  Día de Arquitectos  Architects Day
Oct 2- International Day of Beach & Coastal Clean Up
Oct 4-  World Animal Day
Oct 8- 39th Anniversary of Quintana Roo of becoming a Free and Sovereign State

Tuesday, Oct  8  Dusk  Media Luna Beach Turtle Release ~6:30pm
 The Media Luna beach is downtown, near Poc Na Hostel. From the Town Square (near the Super Xpress & hospital), enter the Caribbean Malecon (seawalk) and go left (north).
Oct 9-  Dia de Pescadors   Fishermens Day
Oct. 12  11:30pm My Space Disco  Benefit for Breast Cancer: Pink Divas Night
Thursday, Oct. 17  4p-7p  Artist Fair at Town Square
Isla Mujeres Artist Fair Thursday, October 17, 4pm-7pm in the square-Hope to see you there for great art, food, and drinks! xo
Oct 18  6:13p Full Moon Rise over Caribbean /  Sunset ~6:20p
Oct 18 & 19 Orianid Meteor shower 
Oct 19- Pink Breakfast Benefit for Breast Cancer Due Torri Restaurante
Oct 19- World Food Day Dia Mundial de la Alimentacion  Full Moon Rise 6:57p
Oct 20 Full Moon Rise 7:42p
Oct 21 Full Moon Rise 8:28p
Oct 21 Ramon Bravo's Birthday
Oct 21-22  Anniversary of Hurricane Wilma when Isla Mujeres broke the Northern Hemisphere's and Western Hemisphere's 24-hour rainfall record with 64 inches in 2005.  Dia del Medico, United Nations Day (last year children marched, wearing white)
Oct 31 Noche de Brujas/Haloween
Here is a list of events in the Maya Riviera area LINK.
Here is a LINK to an article I wrote about Hanal Pixan
HERE is the article I wrote about Day of the Dead in Isla Mujeres.

Last year in October....
 The 5th annual Environmental Culture week had workshops Oct 8-10 (Semana de la cultura Ambiental)
The 7th annual Caribbean Mayan Cultural Festival was Oct 20-24 (There was also a 2nd annual statewide Caribbean Mayan Cultural Fest last year in early November)
The Ramon Bravo Underwater Photography Contest was cancelled. Oct 20-22 The Artist's fair will be the third Thursday in October due to the change of government & will resume being the first Thursday in November.  Oct. 17th, Town Square 4-7p.


See Live Music schedule at top of page for Live music during low season. Fayne's is closed in early October. Some gigs are more intermittent during October & can be prone to weather cancellations.
John Cain schedule last week was..
Tuesday solo from 8 to 10 pm at Cafe Del Mar, lovely spot on the beach across from Jax,
Wednesday the return of The Sol Rockers at Bally Hoo Restaurant from 7 to 930, come support this great venue, relaxing vibe and good food!
Friday solo at Iguana Bar Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres from 7 to 9 and
Saturday at The Sunset Grill, solo from 7 to 9 pm. They offer 2x1 special from 6 to 10 pm on all wine by glass or bottle, nice deal. See ya! 

At Poc Na Nov 24..Fidel Nada Full Band

Poc-Na Hostel's photo.

Sunday, November 24 at 8:00pm

On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Sunrise this morn from MaraVilla Caribe Bed & Beach 

Tony Garcia added 7 photos.
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Laura Mapchick, www.CancunMap.com has a post about la Bruja restaurant, with a copy of their menu and photos of her dinner HERE.  

Tony Garcia added 9 photos.

Isla Animals  Daily Update: This is Sally. It’s amazing to see the pups come in so skinny that it makes their ears looks huge by comparison. When I first started to rescue puppies I thought that it was some sort of Isla Mujeres mixed breed with enormous ears. Luckily they grow into those ears as we fattened them up. Sally did so well and went into a wonderful home. She came in during one of our clinics in Cancun. There are so many puppies on the streets of Cancan that it’s heart breaking. We do put some of the adult dogs back on the streets after we spay/neuter them and usually at the same time de-worm and de-tick them and whatever else they need. Many of the street dogs would not be able to adjust to living in a home. But we are the puppy rescue and Isla Animals never puts a puppy back on the streets. That was how we ended up with 65 puppies last January because , of course, they were added to the dogs and pups from Isla Mujeres who always come first.
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You don't have to give any info to vote, and it takes you right to the Isla Animals option. Very easy! Click this link: Please Help My Animal Shelter Win
Isla Animals is participating in a contest to win $10,000.00. All you have to do is go to: www.shelterchallenge.com and vote for them. You can vote once per day, and do not need to create an account to vote. Please share with your animal lover and Isla lover friends!
Lynda's most recent blog was about the tricyclista malateros...the ferry porters HERE.  
Lynda L. Lock  Cuban refugee boat abandoned on the beach - local dog guarding the boat, or maybe he's just relaxing in the shade. — in Isla Mujeres.

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(Graphic from fb, origin unknown)

Tony Garcia and Betsy Snider were tagged in Por Siempre Viva's photo. — with Paula Parra and 19 others at Due Torri Isla Mujeres Ristorante Italiano.
Amig@s le recordamos que este es el Mes de la lucha contra el Cáncer de mama y por esta razón la asociación Por Siempre Viva tiene preparado varios eventos! 1. PINK DIVAS NIGHT la discoteca My Space donara todas las entradas a la asociación sábado 12 de Octubre , 2.- Desayuno Rosa, el día sábado 19 el cual sera en el restaurante Due Torri Isla Mujeres y 3.- Ese mismo día a las 5:00 pm sera la Marcha Rosa partiendo de playa posadas!. Ademas de que todo este mes tenemos Mastografias Gratis, mas informes al 8770073 o por este medio!
It says...Friends, a reminder that this is the Month of fighting breast cancer, and for this reason the association Por Siempre Viva has prepared various events.
1. Pink Divas Night on Oct. 12, at the disco My Space who are donating all the entrance fees to the association
2. Pink Breakfast on Sat. Oct 19 at the restaurant Due Torri
3. Same Day 5pm the Pink March will start at the Posada Beach
Call that phone number for information about free mammograms, or contact them via FB.

We've been watching flocks of white birds flying just inches off the ocean for several days.

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  
. .

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