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El Pescador Baseball Field Appears Aptly Named, Soccer Tournament To Benefit Red Cross, Deity Of Death & Goddess Of Birth, Daylight Savings Time Controversy, Art Fair On Square Thursday, Refreshing Rains Dampen Tourism In Isla Mujeres News Monday, June 3 Today's Articles & Events: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Tropical front #1 annoyed tourists and providers of tourism

Manuel VALDEZISLA MUJERES, 2 de junio.- Source:  Diario Q Roo    
The heavy rains on Saturday were followed by cloudy weather on Sunday, with some scattered showers, which caused large puddles in some low areas, as well as limiting commercial and touristic activities. The Harbor Master restricted navigation to boats 40 feet and larger. Merchants suggested that the downtown flood pumps be changed to a higher capacity, like those at the lakes, because there was a point when some merchants had to protect their goods. The photo above is of the baseball field "El Pescadors"/The Fishermen
Quequi/Carlos Gasca notes that on Saturday at 2:30pm the Harbor Master closed the port to navigation by boats under 40 feet as a preventative measure and to avoid risks to tourists, as the winds increased. Nautical activities remain restricted, even in the bay. The Harbor Master said the showers and thunderstorms are expected to continue, and the navigation restrictions are likely to last until Tuesday.

Soccer Tournament July 23 For Red Cross
Yesterday, the Board of the Red Cross of Isla Mujeres announced a soccer tournament will be held on July 23rd to benefit the organization. The "Gol por la Cruz Roja" tournament will be held in La Gloria and they are expecting about 20 teams to participate. The entry fee is 150 pesos and each team can have a maximum of nine players and a minimum of six, and they can register at the Red Cross facilities daily after 9am.  Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez   

Ixchel: Goddess Of The Moon

(Source; Quintanarroense   No author is given, it says by Special Collaboration. I think the author is  Fidel Villanueva Madrid)

    To the Goddess Ixchel, the Mayas attributed the conception of human beings, as well as the invention of weaving, medicine, and by association with this, of divination, among other virtues and avocations, which I will mention.
     Ixchel o X-Ch´el was venerated as a "patrona". In 1517 when Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba arrived at the island, he found femal figures that were representation fo the deity. Diego de Landa said the island was named "for the idols found there of goddesses of this land:  Aixchel, Ixchebeliax, Ixbunic, Xbunieta”(...). These are names attributed to the daughters of the mother god Ixchel, and Landa added "They were dressed from the waist down and 'cubiertos' their breasts, as did the Indians"
     Although the main temple to Ixchel was in Cozumel, this goddess was worshiped throughout the Mayan world. All along this Mayan province of Ekab, the Spanish found shrines to this Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of the Rainbow,and Mother Goddess. The Codices also called her "The inventor of painting and weaving", adding that her name was also Ix Chebelyax.
     She has two representations in the Codices. Researchers believe the figure of the angry old woman is associated with the full moon, and the representation of her as a young woman is associated with the new moon. The youthful Ixchel represents medicine and childbirth, while the elder Ixchel is associated with the earth, plants, and weaving. She is also strongly associated with the sea, and appears with an offering of fish in her hands.
    She is usually surrounded by symbols of death and destruction, with a snake writhing on her head and crossed bones in her lap.
   Her good side, as the spouse of Itzamná, is symbolized by signs of reproduction and fertility. Some researchers have labeled her "Senora Blanca or La de Tez Blanca" (The white woman, or woman with a white complexion)., although her obvious association with the moon and water may have influenced this name.
       This name is associated with the flower Nicté, which is used in plumeria/frangipani, and with the "carnal vice of women" according to Ralph R Roys.
   Her association with the moon is based on the energy and influence which this cosmic body has to promote fertility in both humans and agriculture.  The relationship of the Mother God with the moon is common in  a majority of  religions around the world, which can be explained by how the moon regulates cycles associated with the tides, the rains, and with life itself.
   "For Ixchel", says Landa, "Is the goddess of making children" with pregnant women placing a image or idol of the deity beneath the place they slept. Mayan fertility rites were directed toward this Goddess, from whom they requested sexual energy and reproductive ability.
   Friar Diego de Landa wrote that for childbirth, the Mayas "Went to 'hechiceras' (sorceresses) whose lies they believed and who put them under the spell of a demon idol called Ixchel, who was the goddess of giving birth."
  Ixchel was worshiped in the month of  Zip, and divination stones were used in her rituals.
    About one ceremonial meeting, the Franciscan (Landa) wrote, "Healers and sorcerers gathered in a house with their wives and the priests summoned the Demon. This was done by taking out from their medical packages little medicine dolls and idols of the goddess of medicine, Ixchel, and with the casting of small divination ("lucky") stones which were called "Am",  and with a great deal of invocation of prayers, during which they appealed to the Gods called Itzamná, Citbolontun, and Ahau Chamahez."  
   "And the priests burned incense in a brazier with fire anew, before the "cha­ces emba­dur­ná­ban­los'  with another tint/polish of blue, like that used on the books of the priests. ( In Catholic art, the color blue is associated with Mary & her virtues). With that completed, they wrapped up their items, and with the bundles on their backs, they danced a dance called Chan-tun-yab, which has a part for the women and a part for the men. When the activities was finished until another year, they began drinking and became disgustingly drunk, except the priests who supposedly had shame and kept their wine to drink alone at their pleasure. "

Ah Puch, God of Death
Of the 88 gods that appear in the ancient documents, the fourth position is given to Ah Puch. The God of Death has a skull for a head,  gaunt ribs and a spine with projecting vertebrae. His body may be shown covered in blood, appearing swollen, with black circles that symbolize decay. His figure and clothing are decorated with human bones and he wears a necklace of feathers and bells. Many more bells appear on his arms and legs, and in his headdresses. At the bottom of the cenote of Chichen Itza, a large number of icons were found, made of copper or gold, which were offerings made to the God of Death.
 Ah Puch was the opposite of Itzaman, and two hieroglyphs represent his name as well. The first resembles the head of a dead man with his eyes closed. The second is the head of the god himself with truncated nose, fleshless jaws, and as a prefix, a flint knife for sacrifices. He is the patron of the day "Kimi", signifying death among the Mayas. Ah Puch often appears associated with the God of War and of Human Sacrifices; his companions are the dog, the bird who moans, and the owl, which are all considered bad omens or omens of death.
 The description of this fearsome deity, demonstrates the great fear the Mayas felt about death, which they associated with many calamities. One of these was drought, which was one of the worst evils that Ah Puch could cause.  This God of Death was given other names which included Hunhau, Kumhau, Yum Kimil, Kisín, Xibalbá y Rakalkú, and the Mayas called him “El Señor del Metnal”, “Príncipe de las Tinieblas” and “Señor de la Sequía.” (Lord of Hell, Prince of Darkness, and Lord of Drought.)

In State News.....
Persistent rejection of permanent Daylight Savings Time
Persiste el rechazo al horario de verano permanente

 Consideran que los empresarios hoteleros no están toman en cuenta las comunidades indígenas. (Manuel Salazar/SIPSE)
 Opponents say hoteliers are not taking indigenous communities into account

Hoteliers continue to ask federal legislators for year round Daylight Savings Time in Quintana Roo, while the civil association "Citizens Alliance" is lobbying against this proposal. Source: Manuel Salazar/SIPS
The proponents of this proposal complain that the onset of darkness at 5:30pm in the winter is bad for business and tourism.  In an article last year in El Economista, a business leader explained that geographically, Quintana Roo is on the 75th Meridian, but the law places Q Roo at 90 degrees west of the Greenwich Meridian, which is suitable for the center of the country. He said, "This robs us of two hours of sun every day."

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Sunset yesterday & sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

Sunrise:  The day got brighter, while the invisible sun rose behind the clouds
  A breakthrough at 7:50 while light rain was falling.
At 10am it has started raining harder, with comfortable cool temperatures, and a light breeze off the Caribbean. There are good sized breakers and a few whitecaps. It looks fiercer on the bayside according to the video below. You have to follow the link to see this video at Capt Tony's FB page. (If you can't see it..befriend him). The bay is on the west side of the island, the leeward side. The winds appear to be coming from west & south judging by those palms.

~1:30 Brightening a lil to the southeast..
We are on the eastern side of the island, this is looking southward down the coast.
 This is looking northward, up the east coast at Punta Norte

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

LIVE MUSIC In Isla Mujeres 
 Scheduled for TODAY / TONIGHT: MONDAY
Try Checking at Links about rain cancellations

Early                         Time
 The Joint                     1-4          Marco (Reggae)  LINK
Casa de los Suenos  4-7          Banda Sin Nombre  LINKLINK
Sunset Grill-                Dusk       keyboard/vocals LINK

Faynes-                        8-10          Raul Alexis   LINK
Cafe del Mar-              8p              Jesus "Chucho" Campuzano  LINK LINK
Comono Roof              8:30-11     La Guera & Willys Blues LINK

Faynes-                       10:30-12:00    Jesus "Chucho" Campuzano  LINK
Tiffany Yenawine Wareing   We hope you will come support the 38 artist & food vendors participating in this month's Isla Mujeres Artist Fair!
Isla Mujeres Artist Fair

June 6, 2013@ 4:00 to 7:00pm: The Artists include....Daryl Adler, sea glass expert & artist..Rose Arriga, vintage inspired clothes & accessories...Rossmery Avila Fernandez, sweets...Raul Becerra Vargas, tres leche cakes..Paulo Bimbu, jewelry...Santos Caamal Cocom, handmade leather goods...Manuel Gerado Calanda Guerrero, jewelry & housewares... Guadalupe Camara & Cecilia Marin, Isla Mujeres Bead Co-op...Victor Cauich Caamal, tamales......Kay Cole, Author...Ana Goodman, oil paintings...Maria Del La Paz Fentanes Zamora, handmade clothes... Gladys Galdamez, clothing & jewelry..Gloria Garcia Bautista, accessories & angels......Firely Gomez Martinez, Italian pastries...Maria Gomez Ocejo, accessories & angles... Laura Gonvalez Gavida, accessories & angels....Renee Grooves, photographer & mixed medium...Bonnie Hamilton, PEACE - Isla Mujeres...Bessie Hammaker, sea treausure artist w/ mixed mediums & collage.... Sandra Herrara, recyclable artist...Wayne Jahr & Bob Knight, mixed medioum artists....Ma Luisa Kumal de Castillo, accessories..Rosie Lizama Mendosa, tamales.... Sally Margolis, jewelry designer...Carol Ann McDonald, paintings...Gustavo Arturo Morales Pacheco, oil paintings... Lisbeth Moreno Martin, food...Jose Pech Balam, handcarved wood sculptures...Timothy Pennington, painter...Nora Perez Sosa, hair accessories...Todd Pierce, jewelry......Sergio, batiks...Emilio Sosa, sculptor...& Susan Stowell, mixed medium artist.

(Yesterday)The Sol Rockers at Bahia Tortuga tonight at 6 pm assuming we don't get rained out...:)

  • John Cain Fantastic night, musicians from New Orleans and Alabama sat in, we all jammed and had a ball...awesome...
Fenix cancelled its live music yesterday.

Diane White Daniel wrote on fb.... My first time at Kash Keken Chuc ~ I was so excited I forgot to take a photo! That was some fantastic chicken! Thanks Ronda  and Bruce! I also got a kilo to go ~ 1 Kilo (2.2lbs) of roast chicken + sides for 110 pesos. This little island really is a food lover's paradise
 At KKC yesterday, the food was served fast food, except of course it is cooked slowly and hand made from fresh ingredients. The sauce is exceptional, and other sides include grilled onions, beans, slaw, tortillas, and rice.  The ~$9  kilo of chicken, plus sides makes several meals or serves several people. Usually we get servicio domicilio/delivery, but their phone was outa order ("to be working tomorrow). It is a short walk, that was pleasant in the cooler weather with a light breeze and overcast skies. They do a brisk To Go business and are popular with the taxistas & other residents.

Hey! No Parking On The Beach...

This Photo (not taken in Isla Mujeres) was posted on Fb by one of the Mayoral candidates, commenting ... We had rain  Saturday, after having drought, which ironically coincided with the start of Hurricane Season. This is a little reminder of the natural forces and that in this area we need to be well informed about weather forecasts.
Buenos días, ayer llovió como hace mucho no llovía, irónicamente coincidió con el inicio de le temporada de Huracanes. Fue un pequeño  recordatorio de la fuerza que tiene la naturaleza y que en esta zona nos ha enseñado a estar siempre bien informados con el clima que viene. Excelente domingo!

Kathy Ennis: Wonderful, tasty fruit plate at Casa Sirena breakfast. Thanks Steve!!
Wonderful, tasty fruit plate  at Casa Sirena breakfast. Thanks Steve!!
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Ha! Posted at "Merca Isla", and by  Posada del Mar..who wrote Especiales para los días de lluvia. For those rainy days.
Ya llegaron

Caribe On Canvas's photo.
Nice stretch of beach in front of Fenix. Wouldn't mind being on one of those loungers!
Nice stretch of beach in front of Fenix. Wouldn't mind being on one of those loungers!
Isla Mujeres Artist Fair created an event.

Isla Mujeres Artist Fair
June 6 at 4:00pm

  • si quieres un buen saborin esta semana hay de guanabana y coco con la receta de don amado fernandez
    If you want a good saborin this week, these are of guanabana & coco from the recipe of Don Amado Fernandez.
(Soursop in English)
Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres  Muy buen día Isla Mujeres, tomen sus precauciones en esta temporada de lluvias. Se invita a la comunidad en general a participar en la Ceremonia del Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente y a la exposición de figuras alusivas al Tiburón Ballena y al Medio Ambiente, a realizarse el próximo miércoles 5 de junio a las 10 de la mañana en la Explanada Municipal.
Very good day Isla Mujeres, take precautions in this rainy season. We invite the community to participate in the Ceremony of World Environment Day and see the sculptures representing whale sharks and the Environment, to be held on Wednesday, June 5 at 10 am at the Esplanade Municipal / Town Square.
Special thanks to Ricardo Gaitan, Optician. He will retest those clients from the Little Yellow School House vision clinic who require further assessment, and glasses will be provided by a US based service club.

Sue McDonald Lo Free/Gratis!!!  June 13th through June 15th there will be an AIDS/SIDA information and testing program on Isla thanks to Brazos Abiertos of Merida and volunteers...Tests are free and results are available within minutes.  Testing sites will be in La Gloria, and Municipal Palacio Square...exact times and places will be announced...stay tuned!If you would like any further information, or want to donate or volunteer, just let me know.

Click on THIS LINK to see the weather moving thru

Tropical Atlantic - Visible Loop

Last 24 hrs "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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