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Chemical Odor Causes Mobilization of Police & Navy & Civil Protection, TV Program Promotes Isla Mujeres, Sewage Concerns At Some Marinas, 3 Hawker Permits Revoked, Increased Mosquito Prevention, June Events Calendar, Celebrating Two Years Of Bringing You The News In Isla Mujeres Wednesday, June 12 Today's Articles & Events: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



 TV Program Promotes Isla Mujeres
The hosts of the TV program Verano TeleHit 2013 were filmed while touring the island and visiting its attractions. The program will be shown during the month of August. Part of the goal of Summer TeleHit is to introduce their millions of viewers to activities and tours available in Quintana Roo including diving, culture, gastronomy, extreme sports, aquatic activities and more. Source; Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

Three Marinas Registered: Sewage Status Unknown With Others

Caption: Most marinas are not connected to the sewage network  Source: Quintanarroense/Ovidio Lopez    
    Leonel García, of the  Regulación Sanitaria de Isla Mujeres, said there are hundreds of boats in the marinas that are not connected to the sewage network..He said they lack data on how many marinas are irregular, noting there are more than a dozen where it has not been confirmed if they have sewage service.  He said  three marinas that are registered are  Club de Yates de Isla Mujeres, Paraíso and Marina Puerto Isla Mujeres.
    The reporter was unable to find information online about regulations in Quintana Roo,  and quoted them from La Paz, Baja California, which noted that wastewater discharged into surface water without prior treatment can be a problem because it is highly concentrated after being stored on ships using very little water to thin it. It discusses other problems and procedures regarding locations sewage is pumped from boats, noting that marinas are required to have procedures and systems to remove sewage, with a pumping station connected to the sewage system.

Permits Revoked From 3 Comissionista Hawkers
The Tourism Agency revoked the permits of three comisionista hawkers, who were notified in advance on January 14th, due to problems. They will no longer be allowed to vend services in the streets. Yesterday the Director of Tourism issued a circular at various businesses leasing golf carts & motorcycles, and those selling tours, with the names of the three men, which are given in the article. Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina 

Mistaken Odor Downtown Mobilizes Police, Navy, & Civil Protection
Municipal police and personnel from Civil Protection mobilized downtown immediately when there were numerous reports of an odor down town that was believed to be from a gas leak. The Navy joined the operation, and after 20 minutes of searching it was determined to be coming from Casa Serena where the owner explained the odor was from spraying chemicals on plants, and then opening the doors and windows. The personnel from Civil Protection were immediately calming people who had become alarmed by the odor.  There were no consequences to the event except some people experienced "un fuerte susto"..were strongly startled.

Increased Mosquito Prevention
Because there are still puddles remaining where mosquitoes could breed, the campaign to prevent dengue has increased with spraying in colonias including Caribeña, La Gloria, Mundaca, Salina Chica, Electricistas, Aeropuerto and Sac-Bajo, as well as at the turtle farm and in the area of Devil's Curve/Curva del Diablo. Junk removal is planned in these colonias next week and with equipment from SESA they can treat 200-300 homes daily. Residents are asked to clean and remove unused items, to keep containers clean, disinfected, and covered where water is stored, and to allow health staff to review homes and patios to detect potential breeding sites. If any symptoms of malaise, or fever are experienced, self medication is not advised, and it is recommended they see a doctor. Source: Por Est

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

Live Music Wednesday In Isla Mujeres

  Brisas Grill 2-4  
Melekai Joe Petrila

Casa de los Suenos 4-7  Banda Sin Nombre   Half priced appetizers LINKwebsite LINKfb

Iguanas 6:30-8:30   Jazz       Tapas Special  LINK   Fb

Bahia Tortuga 6-8 Open mic
  Melekai Joe Petrila   LINK

Sunset Grill 6-7:30 Keyboard & Vocals  LINK


El Patio 8:30-11  La Guera & Willys Blues    LINK 

Cafe del Mar  8 -10 (?)    LINK LINK

Faynes 8-10 Raul Alexis

Faynes Banda Sin Nombre 10:30-12:15   LINK

Critter events...
In June the whale sharks (and rays) are visiting. Three species of turtles are nesting on Caribbean beaches & breeding offshore (The honeymooners are more obvious by Punta Sur, but we are seeing them here, too.) 
There are little red crabs migrating to and from the sea. (Watch out for them on road at the southeastern end of the isle at night.)

June Events
Sunday June 16: Father's Day /Dia de los Padres
Friday June 21: Summer Solstice 
Fri-Sun June 21-23:  Whale Shark Festival
Sat & Sun June 22 & 23 : Super Full Moon (6:50, 7:50, & ~hour later nightly)

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. BTW the serpent shadow moving on the steps of Chichen Itza occurs with the Equinoxes.

Super Moon of June: The biggest brightest moon of the year
This year the Supermoon will be up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a typical Full Moon is. This is a result of the Moon reaching its perigree — the closest that it gets to the Earth during the course of its orbit. During perigree on June 23 the Moon will be “only” about 221,824 miles away, as compared to the 252,581 miles away that it is at its furthest distance from the Earth (apogee). Source link  

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...
I f##king love science  Credit: Science Bob

Tony GarciaQuiet . nice breeze air .blue sky. Very intense and clear sun. Clear and smooth ocean        Good morning. Good morning, nice sunrise, beautiful the life with passion and love,,

Melekai Joe Petrila    Brisas grill 2-4 and Bahia Tortuga 6-8pm open mic
(Watermelon Art is Not from Isla Mujeres)  So Mexican  Original Mexican Artwork. TALENTED!

But these are from Isla Mujeres!   From Delicias Galletas Decorades Bakery of Isla Mujeres... — with Sally Margolis  in Isla Mujeres. Posted by Jennifer DC.  Carrot Cake Cream Cheese MoonPie Sally Margolis  wrote: omg sooo good and she does free delivery!-just needs 24 hour notice-she sold out of these at the fair immediately-lovely lady!!

Diane White Daniel   Lost doggie at our house...Diane found his owner

Bruce :  Sunset from the Soggy Peso pier.
Sally Margolis A few things from Picky Picky Designs at Lola Valentina, Isla Mujeres :)

Diane White Daniel Sea and sky

Diane White Daniel  Beef tacos at Avalon (about 8.50us)

Volunquest is planning an event at Fenix
.:La Banda Sin Nombre:.  Want a Mexico experience? Volunteer and teach English in local elementary schools while living with a host family. Learn to dive. Learn Spanish. Live on the island and experience it as a local. Lots of opportunities. Certificates provided by the Secretary of Education for your work. Click the link below to learn more.
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Barbara Lutz

Had a really tasty dinner with Ibette de Alcocer at Buffalo. Orange chicken that was fabulous, really really good fried rice, more spring rolls then I will admit to eating! Ibette also made a chicken and noodle soup that the granddaughter ate all up. . . and that is impressive since she is a very picky almost three year old!
Kathy Ennis  Best orange chicken ever. Bufalo's.

It Says...The underwater museum of  Isla Mujeres - Cancun is nominated to be one of the eight wonders of the world! Remember you can vote once a day, so you can come back tomorrow and vote. Voting is open from June 3 to September 30
 Photo Jason deCaires Taylor
Isla Mujeres¡El museo subacuático de Isla Mujeres - Cancún está nominado para ser una de las 8 maravillas del mundo!  ¡Vota! Recuerda que puedes votar una vez al día, así que puedes regresar mañana y votar. La votación está abierta del 3 de junio al 30 de septiembre

Retired Beach Dogs Living The Good Life
by David Daniel:  It's a two dog morning here in Mexico... There are half a dozen comments..These two have a lotta friends who visit the isle. The Neighbours provide their food & vet care & around here they get petting & occasional leftovers. David responded to one of the comments about them being smart doggies...The wind comes up through the corridor and gives a perfect breeze all the time.. smart is as smart does.. and these two are smart!

From the "Friends & Family Room: Cuarto Arriba" at MaraVilla Caribe. It has "Natural" A/C   (...and a conventional, quiet minisplit a/c)

Celebrating Two Years Of Translating The News...Thanks for Reading!

Last 24 hrs "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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