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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Thursday, March 16

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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The government of Mayor Juan Carrillo is committed to clean beaches 

Playas limpias, compromiso

Del gobierno de Juan Carrillo

Lanrry parra

ISLA MUJERES, 15 de marzo.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.
See City section below....

Annoyance over power interruptions on the east side of the island  

Malestar por apagones continuos

 En la parte Oriente de la ínsula

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 14 de marzo.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.

  The first outage occurred at 7pm yesterday (Monday), affecting hundreds of users between downtown and colonia La Gloria, and apparently to the southern part of the island and  Garrafon. There were several outages following, with the last one after 9pm. These affected several businesses, mainly restaurants on Hidalgo who were left without electricity at times, although it was almost immediately restored. Basketball players with the municipal league were affected since the lights at the downtown field "Jose del Carmen Pastrana" went out at least three times during the game, forcing them to suspend play. (See article in Por Esto section for more information).

Police officer fired for allegedly extorting a tourist  

Policía, a la calle

Procede baja luego de extorsionar a turista

Lanrry PARRA.

ISLA MUJERES, 14 de marzo.- . Leer más..Full article at this link.

  A police officer with the municipal Department of Public Security, Juan Lorenzo S, was fired this week due to allegedly extorting money from a foreign tourist in a golf cart. This was confirmed by the Director of Public Security and Traffic, Jaime Alberto Ongay Ortiz.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Mayor and his government are committed to clean beaches 
   The Mayor acknowledged his commitment to a clean municipality, for the benefit of tourism and the islanders whose economies depend on it. He gave recognition to the various departments and agencies who keep the public areas and beach of Isla Mujeres clean, including the Department of Public Services and ZOFEMAT (Federal Maritime Zone).
     He spoke about Isla Mujeres being among the top 25 beaches in the world on the TripAdvisors Choice awards, and thanked the municipal authorities and residents for keeping the beaches clean and safe. He invited all the inhabitants of the island to join him in working together and making it a priority to have the island remain a safe and clean place for visitors, since tourism is the main source of income for many island families.

The general public is invited to attend these performances Sunday evening at 8pm on the Town Square.(See events section below)

Job Fair
Atenta invitación para quienes busquen empleo.

Annual collection for Red Cross begins in Isla Mujeres 
  The Annual Collection for the Red Cross of Isla Mujeres began with a march down Rueda Medina Avenue, which concluded at the Town Square. They are hoping to collect 160,000 pesos this year, which will be allocated for maintenance of the ambulances,  payment for services, and for the salaries of the staff working for the Isla Mujeres Red Cross Delegation.
  Those attending the event included the municipal general secretary, Joel Saury Galué, who wasrepresenting the municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis; a representative for the Fifth Naval Region; municipal trustee Suemi Beatríz Gónzalez Sánchez; City Council members Raquel Castellanos Álvarez, Sebastián Escobedo Jiménez, Carlos Manuel Gamboa Ortíz, Elsy Georgina Rivero Arjona; members of the Red Cross Council; Parents and students of the Jean Piaget schoo.
    The  president of the Board of Directors of the Mexican Red Cross, Isla Mujeres Delegation, Jorge Luis Cárdenas Bazán thanked those in attendance and the group of island men and women who organized themselves to form the Isla Mujeres Delegation of the Red Cross, for the benefit of the community.

An invitation for middle school students
Atenta invitación para los estudiantes isleños de nivel secundaria.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Suspected burglar of homes arrested…/

  A suspect was surprised on Tuesday night when he was apprehended with a suitcase containing items that had been stolen from a residence at the south part of the island. The incident occurred at 11pm on the eastern coastal road, when the owners of the house took it upon themselves to detain the alleged thief.
    It appears that the suspect attempted to rob the Casa de las Olas on the eastern coastal road near Punta Sur, but the tenants located the alleged thief using the GPS of one of the stole cell phones. In addition to the telephone, they found a computer and jewelry.
  The suspect who was caught with the suitcase was turned over to the Agency of the Public Ministry where as of today  the declaration of the tourists followed (en donde hasta hoy se seguia con la declaracion de los turistas), and the legal situation of the suspect should be defined in the upcoming hours.
   It is noted that in recent months there has been an increase in home burglaries, and many times it occurs to visiting foreigners, which makes it difficult to follow up with the legal process.

Colegio Bachilleres is near to achieving level 3 accreditation       
  The article mentions that one of the problems that the school faced was the lack of air conditioning, but thanks to help from the City, the parents, and various businesses such as the hotel Mia, now all the classrooms are air conditioned. 

SINTRA asking for compliance…/
  The SINTRA delegate, Jorge Miguel Martin Alvarez is asking the island taxi drivers and owners of golf cart concessions to complete the renewals for their vehicles, which are will be subject to fines after March 31st. Last week he announced the arrival of the new plates & placas, which were paid for during the past two months, with a discount of 50 percent. He encouraged the islanders to take advantage of this financial stimulus and comply before the deadline.  This is for persons who have vehicles for rent or who have a taxi.

The case of the officer is in the hands of the comptroller…/

The annual Red Cross collection has begun in Isla Mujeres    

Network failures cause blackouts in Isla Mujeres…/

With Easter vacation period approaching, COFEPRIS increases inspections (Protection Against Sanitary Risks...they inspect restaurants & other sellers of food products)…/


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

New ferry company awaits authorization 
Nueva naviera espera autorizaciónl.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   A company from Ciudad del Carmen has made advanced progress with their paperwork and procedures with the Merchant Marines, and now they are just awaiting authorization to use the APIQRoo (Port Authority of Quintana Roo) pier at the Puerto Juarez Terminal, and to start operations on April 15, according to the general director of the project, Santiago Garcia Garcia.
   However, he noted that there has been an alleged attempt to obstruct this plan by the APIQRoo general director, Alicia Ricalde Magana, who is alleged to be in collusion with the general director of Ultramar, German Orozco. It is hoped that the good will of Governor Carlos Joaquin will speed up the paperwork for the delivery of the maintenance work on that pier.
     Sr. Garcia said they've invested 40 million dollars in the acquisition of four boats with capacities for 200 passengers each, and this will generate direct jobs for 250 workers. The 'bimodal' boats also have a capacity for 100 tons of cargo.  He said this will generate 250 direct jobs in Isla Mujeres and over 1500 indirect jobs in Quintana Roo. These boats of the Marinsa ferry company ( are ready to cover the 15 kilometer route.


  The other ferry company that had plans to operate the route, Barcos Caribe, still have not made progress on the project, after everything was stopped with arrival of the new state administration. The general public has been clamoring for the government to facilitate the entry of any company to offer an alternative to Ultramar, and there are complaints about Ultramar not improving its services. On Tuesday, they did not have the regular departures at midday, and used secondary boats for the crossing, according to complaints.
   Sr Garcia Garcia said they have had meetings with Governor Carols Joaquin and Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis to explain their plans, and says he regrets that Alicia Ricalde is trying to obstruct the project.

Plan for dental health in schools  
Plan de salud bucal en escuelas. [+] Ver mas

 The National Week for Oral Health takes place March 13-17 in the schools, which includes talks about prevention, oral hygiene, application of fluoride, and distribution of toothbrushes. A total of 1024 actions are being implemented among the preschool, primary, and middle school students, through the municipal Health Department with the support of 12 doctors (medicos) in charge of diagnosis the students, in case any one requires and extraction, 'salladuro', or has a fissure in a the dentadura. The Oral Health Program is offered to children up to 12 years of age, to teach them about correct oral hygiene, prevention of diseases caused by cavities, and recommending visits to the dentist at least twice a year for the prevention of cavities, infections, and bacterial plaque.

Port closed for navigation by small boats  
Cierran el puerto a la navegación menor[+] Ver mas

  The arrival of cold front #34 with winds of 28 to 37 km/hr, caused the port to be closed for small boats. The SCT(Secretary of Communication and Transport) forecast that winds would increase in the evening and night hours to reach 46 km/hr with stronger gusts and waves of 2.7 meters. The CONAGUA forecast predicts this is likely to continue until Friday, when the strength of the winds should decrease.
   It is noted that tourism remained active on Wednesday, but there were fewer people on Playa Norte where the winds are stronger, and plenty of people at Playa Centro where the winds have less effect. The lifeguards reported no problems.


Transfer process in progress 
Proceso de transferencia, en marchap.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

  Personnel with the Harbor Masters of the northern zone of Quintana Roo met with the Naval comptroller general and inspector regarding the project of transferring the Harbor Masters of the SCT (Secretary of Communication and Transportation) to the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR).
   In  a press release issued by the Fifth Naval Region, it was announced that on Monday morning, Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, inspector and comptroller general of the Navy, met with personnel from the Harbor Master's offices of Isla Mujeres, Puerto Juárez, Holbox, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen, with the purpose of publicizing the strategic plans for the process of transferring the port captaincies of the SCT to SEMAR, and the specific actions involved.
    With the joint work and development of the powers and functions of SEMAR and  SCT, they are merging into a single National Maritime Authority that will effectively fulfill its commitments to the population and to the nautical sector, which will result in greater efficiency in the ports. The Harbor Masters offices will be improved with the transfer of Merchant Marine personnel and the knowledge and experience they bring with them.

Fishermen take advantage of the good weather  
Pescadores aprovechan el buen clima] Ver masFull article at this link
  The fishermen reported good catches on Tuesday, and winds were expected to increase on Thursday, would would be likely to close the port due to cold front 34. Fishermen had more than enough fish to supply the individuals who came in search of fresh fish, usually already filleted for the convenience of housewives, in addition to supplying the needs of restaurants on the island
   Several fishermen who were filleting their fish commented that it was ironic that many individuals, both locals and tourists, arrived early when the cooperative refrigerators didn't have a single fish. One of them said, "Now while we have fish, no one has arrived. If they don't hurry, the fish will be sold to restaurants in Puerto Juarez."

Heavy losses due to electrical cuts 
Fuertes pérdidas por cortes en la energía eléctrica+] Ver masFull article at this link
March 14
  There was a power outage at about 7pm on Monday which lasted a few minutes, followed by three more at different times of the night. Some islanders complained on social media about their electrical appliances shorting out, including an owner of a grocery store in La Gloria who needed the refrigerator for his cold cuts repaired the next morning. The cable services of Telmex and CableMas also failed, annoying hundreds of customers.
   CFE (Federal Electrical Commission) superintendent Capi Madera Gil explained that the interruptions in service were caused by excess salt residue in the insulation or insulators (aislamiento) of the line (tenido) serving downtown and the colonias of prolongacion Aeropuerto and Salinas, but about half the users on the circuit in the affected area were remotely transferred, approximately 1500 customers.
    He said,  "The insulation/insulators contaminated by salt residue was/were replaced and service was restored without any problems. Unfortunately, these are systems that deteriorate due to the nature of the weather, so we are now doing more intensive monitoring  of the other insulators/insulation with thermovision to prevent similar accidents, such as this one, which also affected, to a greater or lesser extent, customers of the colonias of  Meteorological, La Gloria, Amplificacion La Gloria, and the development Mar Turquesa."
   In response to a specific question, the superintendent said that Monday's outages had nothing to do with the renovation work being carried out on avenue Lopen Mateos and nearby streets. He acknowledged that the delays are causing difficulties, which will soon end. He said, "We are concluding the civil part, the pipelines are already buried. We will need to install the adocretos (pavement surface), in addition to removing debris and cleaning up. Nothing more will remain of the civil work near the area of the roundabout of the Monument to the Fisherman, which is strategic. The work, which has been complicated by the fact that that we cannot use heavy machinery. Everything is being done by hand with picks and shovels, because otherwise it could have affected someone else's service, if the machinery broke a pipe, for example."
   He said the once this work is 100 percent complete, they will begin working on the underground wiring in the first part of downtown. He said that once the cables are inserted into the tubes the CFE will be able to ... it ends mid sentence.

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View from the rooms.

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 March Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Wednesday March 1  Ash Wednesday, beginning of Lent

Thursday, March 2  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Be proud to be an islander. Don't miss it!
500 years since discovery 1517-2017
Start of the Commemoration

Friday March 3
Official Ceremony to commemorate 500 years since the discovery of Isla Mujeres
9am at the eastern Malecon by the Paso de la Triguena (east of the Town Square by the bathrooms)

Carnaval Dance Troupe from Holbox "Las Dormadoras" dancing in the streets of Isla Mujeres.

Saturday March 4
Cultural Artistic Festival with the Ballet Folklorico of the State of Quintana Roo
"The Setting is Quintana Roo"
"Trova Islena"
Accompanied by the musical group "Mar y Arena" (Sea & Sand)
8pm Town Square

Monday, March 6  Town Square 5:30 The City of Isla Mujeres invites the island community to participate in a Zumba demonstration class as part of the International Day of Women.

Wednesday, March 8  International Women's Day

Thursday, March 9  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura  4-9, Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Saturday, March 11  International DJ Day with guest DJ's outside the Casa del la Cultura 1p-10p

Sunset ~6:50p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
March 12  7:12 Full Moon
March 13  8:05
March 14  8:56
March 15  9:47
 March 16  10:37
   March 17  11:26  
 Painting by Pam Haase Link to website

Celebrations for St. Jose start Thursday, March 16 and conclude Monday, March 20 with a Mass at 7pm that is preceded by a kerme in front of the Immaculate Conception church on the Town Square. Novenas are at 7p nightly with locations TBA. Link  

Thursday, March 16  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Friday, March 17  St. Patrick's Day World Maritime Day

Saturday, March 18 Oil Expropriation Day

Sunday March 19  8pm on the Town Square for Noches Magicas there will be a belly dancing show by dancers from the US & Argentina and a Carnaval performance by the always impressive troupes of the Renatta Dance Studio.

Monday March 20  Equinox & Day off for Benito Juarez's birthday

Tuesday, March 21 Benito Juarez's birthday

Thursday, March 23   Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Saturday, March 25 Yoga on beach in front of the Posada Hotel. 150 pesos Registration 4p

Thursday, March 30   Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

The Artist's Fairs are scheduled weekly on Thursdays at the Casa de Cultura, 4-9 thru April 20.

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