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Photo Tribute to Odd & Missy Beach Dogs...RIP

 Lynda The Neighbor wrote on Facebook last week.....
The Last Chapter: Yesterday the rein of Odd and Missy as the king and queen of Bachilleres beach on Isla Mujeres came to an end. Time and age, and medical problems finally caught up with them. We named them Odd and Missy in the summer of 2009 when we started feeding them, and keeping them healthy. Many of you have always had your own favourite names for these two little vagabonds. If you send me a photo and a little of information on how you met these guys I will do a follow-up article for our blog page: Notes From Paradise. Cheers Lynda

    Photo by Judy SutherlandOh they loved couches, beds anything comfy and none of us could say no. That's why one of my favorite photos was at your place lol

  • Bruce  It won't be the same around here without them. They will be missed.

  • Bruce  Missy in her "you're not the boss of me" mode.
    Judy Sutherland...Did find one in an email. This is Missy waiting at top of stairs at Casa Vista Alegre hoping Eileen would appear. I had a property manager that use to say "The dogs can smell when Doug and Eileen get off the ferry"

 Photos & captions from the News blog...

Dec 21 2012
 Odd dog wanted to follow his gal pal Missy...but he knows that fence is a tight fit since he's put on a coupla pounds.

Jan 6 2013
They were staring and staring at me until I took their pic... "Missy & Odd dog"

 Then they decided to romp a bit.
 Waiting here for breakfast next door...watching me  hang laundry & take pics.

March 20, 2013
 Greetings from Odd dog to his friends in other places!


Dec. 12, 2012
Odd dog: "Cement walls are great for scratchin an itch...First ya walk East, then West, Repeat." (his name is Odd because he has eyes of two different colors. He is at the Neighbors to the North and lives with the Neighbours to the South.

 Retired Beach Dog  "Missy" waiting for breakfast..."What no waiters at sunrise bringing it poolside? It''s a dog's life..."

..Dec 25, 2011
Odd The Dog and Three Pirates (and their booty). He had to wonder why the humans dug that nice hole; he usually has to do it himself.

Aug 22, 2012

 Odd dog, waiting for breakfast on The Neighbour's side of the 'fence', in his favorite doggie hole.

July 25, 2012

 Turtles aren't the only critters digging holes around here. That was a small stack of driftwood by the BBQ, which now looks like the start of a tunnel to the Neighbours, where Odd dog lives. He used to sleep with his chin on his foot, but he can't reach anymore...He is living the Good Life.

Photo taken yesterday of Missy drinking the sandy water set out for the hermit crabs at the Neighbour's Crab I Tat Shell Exchange..."Mmmm  crab water! ...More flavorful that that boring fresh water in MY dish!"
July 18, 2011
Sunset yesterday at The Neighbours Yard:  Bouser is young and loves to play, while Odd is not so young and very patient.Bouser lives to our North. Odd (and Missy) are former beach dogs who adopted The Neighbours.
Sunrise this morn: Odd & Missy worn out from romping last night with Bouser and rearranging The Neighbours sand.

Odd, the retired beach dog who lives at The Neighbours and has many foreign friends.
 Nov 8, 2012
 This is "Odd" dog rolling in some plants that seem to be handy for back scratching

 "Puppy Love"...Odd, the white dog, got up and relinquished to Missy the favorite Hole By The Rock Border, and settled down next to her on  the sand. I have seen her point with a paw, where she would like a hole dug, and he will dig it for her.

 Missy dog 'guarding' a turtle nest at sunrise. This morning's view included one turtle nest and two dog "nests". Missy & Odd & the Mama Turtles all like to dig holes out back. I amuse myself 'keeping score''s just sand & moves around easily.

Odd the Retired Beach Dog Who Adopted The Neighbours, "You could come down here and pet me".

Predawn: doggies waiting for breakfast.

Aug 27,2011

This dog called Odd is waiting before dawn for the The Neighbours he adopted to offer his daily breakfast. Then he has a nap scheduled because it was a lotta work getting the yard to look like that.(Bowser helped.)

Missy noticed me when I whistled softly, this morn just after sunrise. "Oh, Hi!"

MAY 9 2011

That's "Odd" , named for his one blue eye, a former beach dog who adopted the Neighbours, and has lived a life of ease ever since. He has also won the heart of a number of returning visitors who spoil him during their stays in nearby rentals.
DEC 8 2011.
Missy: "I used to be a beach dog. Now I am retired and enjoy lounging by the pool."
Young Bouser, who lives a lil north, came down to romp with Older Odd at The Neighbours to my south. Odd is being patient and looking at me for sympathy.
Missy indulges young Bouser with some romping at The Neighbours of MaraVilla Caribe B&B 
APRIL 25 2012

Put Down That Camera & Feed Me!

If we BOTH stare at her, she MIGHT get the message. Photo by Lynda The Neighbour, who has given these dogs "The Life of Riley". (For those of you unfamiliar with 50's sitcoms, They Have It Made!)
AUG 7 2011


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  1. We will miss their antics immensely ~~ I loved getting up in the morning and seeing them sleeping comfy on the poolside loungers ~~ RIP Odd and Missy ~~ L and J


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