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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Saturday, August 17 The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



The "Morning Edition" has translated headlines &  newspaper photos. This Afternoon Edition has  translations of the articles,  Daily Events & Live Music Schedules  & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section including photos & info from individuals & local businesses ....Daily In Isla Mujeres. There are always links to the original articles in Spanish

  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Inspection of affected areas during rains & planning of work

Pumping large quantities of water

Ante lluvias, inspeccionan áreas afectadas y realizan los trabajos

Viernes, 16 de Agosto de 2013 23:39

Bombean grandes cantidades de agua

ISLA MUJERES, 16 de agosto.- During the rainy season, the Civil Protection agency works in coordination with other city agencies to carry out works that will prevent flooding and avoid damaging vulnerable housing. The staff has been identifying problem areas and taking preventative action. They have been pumping large quantities of water that was accumulating in the streets. They need the cooperation of residents to avoid having litter in the streets, because the debris clogs the storm drains. They work to keep the drains cleared, but it is easiest to prevent the litter in the first place, so citizens were asked to clean their yards and clear their roofs when the storm was anticipated. They were also asked to clear the sidewalk-street areas of construction materials and to have non perishable foods on hand. The two days of rain were caused by tropical wave #13. The evolution of Tropical storm "Erin" is being monitored, and its projected trajectory poses no risk to Quintana Roo
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 Tvisla Mujeres

Noticias de El Quintanarroense
by Ovidio Lopez

Closed Port  
Cierran puerto
Boats under 40 feet were not allowed to leave the port of Isla Mujeres, with the same restriction being applied to boats in Solidaridad, Puerto Morelos, Holbox y Chiquilá, due to tropical wave #13, which has caused port closures since Wednesday night. The rain stopped at dawn, and at noon a dense cloud threatened more rain on Thursday. Civil Protection reported a 'Saldo Blanco" (no incidents) with minimal flooding and the port may be open on Friday. Many businesses did not open Thursday due to a reduced number of tourists, which is expected to improve today/Friday.
Children taught about turtle conservation
Niños se suman al cuidado de tortugas
 Over 142,000 turtle eggs have been collected, and the hatching rate is generally about 90 percent. Last year nearly 100,000 hatchlings were released, which is twice the number from about a decade ago. This program involves several federal and local agencies, and volunteers, as well as a few tourists. In includes children who participate in educational activities at the facility, where special tours are conducted for them, and they are invited to release the baby turtles. Nearly 3000 children have toured the facility since the implementation of this School Program for Sea Turtle Protection.

Noticias de  Quequi......

More than 11,000 hatchlings born






Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

In Memory of "El Indio" Martinez Magana

El “Indio” Martínez Magaña A su memoria…

El “Indio” Martínez Magaña A su memoria…
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This is a tribute to a well known Islander fisherman, and talks about shark fishing in the past, including from Cancun beaches, where they came to give birth.

  Removing trash from the storm drains 

Remueven basura de las alcantarillas

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  Uncontrolled increase of strays

Continúa en descontrol el aumento de fauna callejera 


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Ready for school to start 

Listo el regreso a clases

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Rain ruins tourists vacations

Estropean lluvias las vacaciones de turistas

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Schools guaranteed to be free of the mosquitoes that cause dengue

Garantizan escuelas libres de creaderos de mosco de dengue

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Poor catches for commercial fishermen

Azota la poca pesca a las cooperativas

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Deceased entrepreneurs will be recognized
 (Lanrry Parra / SIPSE)

Empresarios emprendedores fallecidos serán reconocidos. (Lanrry Parra/SIPSE) 
Removal of beehive from Town Hall
Isla Mujeres | Cierran el paso a las abejas en el Palacio MunicipalElementos de Protección Civil trataron de nueva cuenta el panal. (Lanrry Parra/SIPSE) Civil Protection personnel attended to the hive that returned to the same location at City Hall, using water with detergent under high pressure to remove the bees for the second time.. They intend to resurface this area to prevent further problems. There had also been a swarm of bees on July 29 at the Magana ferry pier that sent a stampede of locals and tourists running in fear.

Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad

 por esto

 Everything disrupted by rain
La lluvia lo trastornó todo+] Ver mas

Dolphin in the process of recovering
Delfín en proceso de recuperación. [+] Ver mas
Little information has been given by PROFEPA concerning the release of the mammal. (Federal Protection Agency). The dolphin is eating normally and calmer and being monitored. The children visiting the Tortugranja very interested and want to see the dolphin. Many people in Isla Mujeres and Cancun have been concerned about the animal. It had been reported that this dolphin may have been injured on the reefs, but no injuries were noted.  There were sightings of a lone dolphin along the Malecon in Cancun, where people wondered if they are related since dolphins usually swim in groups.
Beehive removed from Town Hall
Eliminan panal en Palacio Municipal+] Ver mas
Por Esto notes that this removal was successful and recalls the previous attempt when a worker with the Civil Protection agency received ~40 stings, and a passerby was stung three times. Then they proceeded to resurface the area so the bees will not return.
Actions to save red and blue crabs
Acciones para preservar cangrejo azul y rojo[+] Ver mas

The Program for the Rescue and Protection of Blue Crabs and Red Crabs will begin on Wednesday, August 21st. Volunteers, including ~150 children, are expected to be involved with the campaign, which occurs annually. It will take place during this full moon and the next two full moons when the crabs migrate to and from the sea to spawn and release their eggs. The event will begin at 6pm at the Punta Sur tourist malecon.


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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

 Bouser was sleeping curled up...and then decided this was more comfy...

It is sunny & windy today. We got our WIFI back Tuesday when we had our Official Appointment...which turned out to be worthless. Our Other Neighbor started complaining & the office sent techs to her house. (They kept refusing to send techs here because I had an Official Appointment, made nearly two weeks previously). 

     My assistant went out to make sure they were reconnecting us also. They said, 'Nope!' & that we had no appointment! aurgh. My assistant recounted all our efforts to get reconnected since the end of July, & how BOTH neighbors were now connected. The techs stayed late & hooked us up!

 As is often the case in Mexico, the kindness of individuals helped offset the frustration of dealing with the PITA organization that employs those individuals.

    Yesterday we walked over to KKC (Kash Kichen Chuc), because Bruce loves their Enchiladas Suizas, which seem to be made with their smoky BBQ chicken. But they were close so we grabbed a cab &  had a nice evening downtown...lotsa people out enjoying the pleasant evening, walking around, dining on Hidalgo, listening to strolling musicians. We enjoyed dinner at Amigo's (I like their sopa de Azteca which has a tomato base & is made with ground tortillas, and Bruce enjoyed their Enchiladas Suizas.) He bought some pastries from the fellow at the north end of Hidalgo.  Our drinks were Two for One and our bill was 300p ($25). We bought a couple beers at a convenience store to drink while we walked around, and with cab fare back & forth, we spent about $30 for our Night on The Town ;).  We ran into some musicians we know, who invited us to come listen to them at 9pm, but we were getting ready to head home. They will be playing today at Fenix, and this evening at Iguanas.

Upcoming Events
 Sat., Aug 17  1p at Fenix: Isla Art Expo & Corona Beach Party 

 Sat Aug 17  at Town Square   
 4pm-9pm Art Fair including ~25 artists from First Thursday Fairs 
 Evening:  After the speeches & awards, the Founding Grandma will be crowned, Dancing by Casa de Cultura & Renata Dance Studio & more!
Aug 19  Mexico Summer Holiday season ends with the start of school
Aug 20 Next Full Moon 

Aug 21  6pm Punta Sur Rescue & Protection Program for Red Crabs & Blue Crabs begins Wear white, bring bucket or box & gloves or a lil shovel, and a flashlight.
Aug 22  Dia de Bomberos..Firemen's Day.
Sept. 30  Current municipal government completes its term 

Critter events...
It is currently the season for swimming with the whale sharks, and turtles are nesting on the eastern beaches in the wee hours. There are Tortugranja staff  monitoring the beaches to prevent people from disrupting them, and to gather and transport the eggs for incubation.
       By far, most of the turtles nesting in Isla Mujeres are Green turtles (called Blancas in Spanish), and the second most common are the huge Loggerheads, and there are some Hawksbills.  The Green turtles take ~60 days to hatch and are held in the water tanks at the Tortugranja until the hatchlings are released by the public at events at dusk on Media Luna or Guadalupana. These events will occur periodically until early October and are usually announced a day or two in advance. They are rescheduled if the sea is rough.
    Lately there have been many rays, in addition to many whale sharks. From MVC, we have been seeing dolphins from the balcony,  and some large fish while snorkeling offshore. Lotsa mama turtles visiting our beach lately! 

     There are small red crabs that migrate to & from the sea in August, watch out for them at night on the coastal road at the southeastern part of the isle. The main migration of the blue crabs is during the  full moons of Sept-Oct, but there are always some early ones... watch out for them in Sac Bajo.
      There are usually some "crab rescue" events on these nights, to help them get across the roads safely. The red ones move between scrub and the sea and the blue ones move between the mangrove type areas and the sea. They are spawning. 
  Lobster season began July 1 and continues until the end of February. 

Saturday's Live Music:

Fenix: 1p Art fair & Corona Beach party. Usually 3-5 Frequencia Tropical
Chuuk Kay:  3:30-6:30 Banda Sin Nombre  LINK
Casa de los Suenos:  4-7 w 1/2 price appetizers  LINK LINK
Iguanas: 6:30-8:30  Frequencia Tropical  w BBQ ribs, steaks,etc   LINK   LINK   
Brisas Grill: ~7p   Cuban trio  LINK
Sunset Grill: Sunset Keyboard & vocals  LINK

Fenix: 8-10  Latin Jazz w Fabio 
Faynes 8-10  Raul Alexis  LINK
Comono 8:30-11  Marco LINK
Poc Na p Kapanga  ?   Link
Ocean Blues & Sassy Jazz  8-10   La Guera & Willy's Blues  LINK

Fenix 10:30-2 Guest DJ & Fire Show  LINK
Faynes 10:30-12  Banda Sin Nombre  LINK
La Terraza 10p-close Salsa & Latin  LINK

Poc Na  Kapanga continues  Link

Tres Mentiras ?  LINK

La Catrina ?  LINK LINK  

 John Cain's schedule is
  Tuesday- Cafe Del Mar, 8-10, solo guitar & vocals

Wednesday- Bally Hoo, 7-9, Sol Rockers band
 Friday- Iguana Bar-7-9, solo guitar & vocals
  Sunday- Bahia Tortuga- 7-9, Sol Rockers band  

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

HERE is a Very Nice  (four minute) whale shark video shot with ah $3000 camera . It is freshly posted. When it gets more views, it will show up on Blogger's YouTube search, so you'll have to follow the link to see it today. Thanks to Rob Herrin for sharing it..He has put together some very nice Isla Videos Been Travelin on YouTube.
Agapito Magaña Sanchez En el 163 Aniversario de nuestra tierra, ¡Todos Somos Isla! — in Isla Mujeres.
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Vendo pulpo$60 el kilo after 8am Sat.

These are videos on his page...The first is of the incubating Turtle eggs at Tortugranja Tony Garcia
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Nuestra tierra es hermosa
— in Isla Mujeres.
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Jane Solberg Hudallaposted toRecuerdos de isla mujeres!  1991 -- Playa Sol
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  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  
. .

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