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Occupancy Drops To 30%, Repairing Speed Bumps, Protecting Turtles, Mayoral Campaigns Begin, Five Cubans Caught Arriving At Isla Blanca Include 17 Year Old Girl, Whale Shark Season Starts Tomorrow In Isla Mujeres News Tuesday, May 14 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Mayoral Campaigns Begin
The Mayoral candidates began their electoral campaigns. Alicia Ricalde Magana's (PAN) supporters marched to the Blue Dome in La Gloria where a rally was held and Agapito Magana Sanchez (PRI) held a press conference and campaigned at the Fair at Rancho Viejo on the mainland area of Isla Mujeres. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca   TV Isla Mujeres   Por Esto reports that Carlos Pech Casillas (PRD) was unable to hold a rally due to a lack of financial resources and will be conducting a house to house campaign.

Five Cubans Caught Arriving At Isla Blanca Via Boat
Police received an anonymous call yesterday around 1:45pm about a stranded vessel near the restaurant "Acapulquito". Several patrols were mobilized in the area and five people were located, including a 17 year old girl. They are undocumented Cuban immigrants, who were taken into custody about two kilometers (~a mile) from the beach where the boat was found. They said they had traveled for several days in their little boat. (photos at link). Their names are listed as: -
1. Claudia Domínguez Monselier, 17, Cuban student
2.- Anselmo Javier Martínez, 35, Cuban
3.- Félix de los Angeles Berres, 36, Cuban
4.- Jhovany Pelier Jerez, 37, Cuban carpenter
5.- Ángel Asaares Pavila, 39, Cuban welder
They were turned over to the Instituto Nacional de Migración
Source:  TV Isla Mujeres   

Repairing Speed Bumps
In a report dated Monday, Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina spoke to municipal workers of a crew who began  repairing speed bumps the day before, who said they  will be spending two days repairing seven speed bumps/pedestrian crossings. They will repair the cement and apply new paint to crosswalk/speed bumps in La Gloria, the park Venado, and in front to of the Macroplaza, among others. It is unknown whether more speed bumps will be renovated.

Protecting Sea Turtles
The Municipal Committee for the Protection of Sea Turtles was installed and speeches were given regarding goals to protect and increase the population of turtles, as well as raising awareness among the islanders with environmental activities in the schools and with the general public for the preservation of sea turtles. The officials handed out uniforms and work materials for the staff who will be protecting the turtles during their nesting season. The staff will be monitoring the following beaches: Media Luna, Piedra Rota, Bachilleres, Chiapanecos, Acapulquito, Rastro, Punta Sur and Barrancos. (and Guadalupana & the one by the courthouse)  Source: La Verdad  

 Hotel Occupancy Rates Drop To 30%
Por Esto reports hotel occupancy rates were at their worst, with an overall rate of 30 percent. This is expected to improve with the fishing tournament May 17-19 "Pesca Cosme Alberto Martínez Magaña", when occupancy may reach 70 percent. The reporter noted the absence of many tourists at the beaches, in the streets, at the restaurants, and at the boat tours. Most people who were arriving appeared to be spending the afternoon, but a few had suitcases or backpacks, indicating overnight stays. The weather was excellent for tourist activities with temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius, maximum winds of 15 km/hr, and waves barely a meter high out at sea.

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

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  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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  1. When the mandated distance is to remain 3 meters from a whale shark (unfortunately, down from 5 meters), why do these moronic (mostly stupid gringo) tourists feel it's within their rights to pet one?????


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