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More Turtles & Fewer Tourists Arriving, Seeking Lake Cleaning, Seawall Concerns, Rain Deity Still Respected, Educational Bird Watching, Tough Times For Fishermen & Merchants, Tourist Agency Competition In Isla Mujeres News Monday, May 27 Today's Articles & Events: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



More sea turtles arrive to Isla Mujeres
Source: La Verdad
 Rogelio Magaña Moguel, head of the Tortugranja said they expect (or hope) to protect more turtles this year. Last year 851 nests were protected. (and then this article gives the statistics that were given in the last article about turtles in La Verdad, which are different from those given by other newspapers.). In the past five years, the turtle protection programs have been strengthened. In addition to protecting the nests, they collaborate with authorities if they detect any slaughtered turtles on the beaches. The officials that investigate those crimes are with the Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente.

Students gather together to care for the environment: "United for the Birds"
Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 
For the third year, local students participated in a project sponsored by the NGO "Amigos de Isla Contoy" that uses letters to link students from the United States with students in the Caribbean and Mexico. It is called "United for the Birds" "Unidos por las Aves" and is associated with the Center for Migratory Birds at the Smithsonian Institute. The goal is to educate children about environmental awareness and give them an appreciation for birds, while they learn about the phenomenon of migration. In addition it stimulates interest in learning about other countries and cultures. In Isla Mujeres four courses were taught to a total of 108 fifth grade students, from three primary schools, “César Mendoza Santana”, “Julio Sauri Espinosa” and “Jean Piaget”. The material generated in the different classrooms was sent to fifth grade students in Maryland. On International Bird Day, May 9, a group of students were invited to the Hacienda Mundaca with their teacher to observe and identify birds. They were taught to use binoculars and a field guide, and shown how to record the species observed in a list. They saw 17 different species including palomas aliblancas, garrapateros, cenzontles, candeleros, garza verde, pájaro gato gris, calandria, chipe, golondrina ala cerrada, tirano viajero, vencejo, salta pared común y otros. White winged doves, black cuckoos,  mockingbirds, "candlesticks?", green heron, grey catbird, lark, warbler,  'closed wing' swallow?, eastern kingbird, swift, the "common wall jumper" salta pared común is a house wren, and others.

Below is a Garza Verde or green heron. The photo credits say it won an Audubon photography contest in 2011. By Itzel Fong Gadea  Foto ganadora de nuestro 3er Concurso de Fotografía de Aves para Aficionados Ave del Año 2011: “Cuiden mi casa: manglares de Juan Díaz”, por Itzel Fong Gadea.

From Wiki where you will find more info LINK   This heron is only 17 inches tall. HERE there is a recording of one of its calls
Green Heron
Adult Green Heron (Butorides virescens) in Costa Rica

This is a tirano viajero which translates as a traveling tyrant, and is an Eastern Kingbird. In Latin their name is Tyrannus tyrannus for the aggressive way they defend their nests against larger birds.They are native to North America and migrate in flocks to South America Link to info in Wiki

Eastern Kingbird

Urge replacement of seawall reinforcements
Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca
This report says there are people who doubt the functionality of the seawall along the Caribbean coastline, noting that the "gabions" that were once filled with stones have largely disintegrated due to the strong erosion that exists in the area. Four years ago alderman Baltasar Gómez Catzín said there should be a public investigation into the work, where several million pesos were spent. The second stage of the wall was built at a cost of over 20 million peso, and has also been questioned. The company that did the work is no longer on the island. The wall protects 600 homes, who could be at risk in the event of a direct hit fro a category five hurricane, according to this report.

Asking the City to clean the lakes
Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina...
Resisdents of La Gloria asked the reporter to witness the trash along the lake called Salina Grande, at colonia Lol-Beh, which he noted, saying it is pollution that is bad for the ecosystem. This area has been cleaned many times by various groups, but it is a popular area and prone to becoming littered. Francisca Godoy, who lives in the vicinity, told the reporter that some people who walk in the area throw their cigarette butts or anything else in their hands, and at night drunks fling their bottles into the lake. The reporter noted there are plastic bottles, branches, and trash left there by people who lack awareness about this body of water. The residents of the area want the authorities to clean up at Salina Grande, Amplification la Gloria, La Gloria, Lol-beh, Canotal, and others.

 Trash and pestilence downtown
Source: Por EstoLink
Por Esto reports there was a problem with garbage collection which  affected downtown businesses on the weekend, when there was a slight increase in both tourism and trash. Apparently some collections were missed in the downtown area on Friday through Sunday due to a garbage truck breaking down. Strong winds added to the problem along avenue Vicente Guerrero.

Hotel Occupancy Declines
Source: Diario Respueasta/Jesus Molina
The Tourism Department reports that hotel occupancy overall is 39%,  with the HIM Hotel Association reporting 49% occupancy, and the others reported a rate of 34%.  Service providers offering three and four bedrooms are having higher rates of occupancy. Generally, the majority of tourists staying overnight are from the United States and Canada, and many of them who were visiting this tourist destination have returned to their countries of origin, while others have continued their holidays in other parts of the country, according to this article. The reporter toured various hotels and found very few guests.

Only local tourism and for little money
Source: Por Esto] Link

Por Esto says that the Department of Tourism reported that hotel occupancy overall was only 50 percent. Many people from the island and from Cancun went to the beach to escape the heat, and there were a good number of people at the main public beaches of Isla Mujeres. Most of the tourist were Mexican, with over 500 people enjoying the beaches, of which the busiest were North Beach and the Avalon Beach. On Friday the beaches had been relatively empty, and on Sunday the number of swimmers and sunbathers had increased. On Sunday the boat tour operators were offering discounts as low as 250 pesos because there is a low demand for their services at this time.

Fishermen: In a difficult economic situation
Seasonal bans, the climate, or failure to catch enough affect their pockets
Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  
The fisherman have been having difficult economic times since the lobster fishing season ended February 28th. To catch fish, in the evening or at night they place 400 meters of line, with a hook every three meters and return the next day to see if any fish have been caught. In recent months they are barely able to make their fuel costs. The winds, the shortage of product, and the bans on several species have caused many to resort to seeking loans from their cooperatives, to have debts at stores, and to seek temporary employment. Despite all these economic hardships, they love their work and the sea, and have confidence that their luck will improve. They are aware that only a month and a week remain until lobster season resumes, and trust they will be able to pay off their debts and get ahead on their family expenses, and prepare for the new school year.

"Pirate" Whale Shark Tour Agencies Cause Concern
 Source: Por Esto The whale shark season has begun, with highest demands for tours with the giant sea creatures occurring in July, August, and September. On the island there are 14 local agencies offering these services to tourists, and it is believed there are about 10 other "pirate" agencies from cities like Progreso and Cancun, who are only in business here during whale shark season. There are complaints about them offering tours well below the official price of $125.  There are complaints that some of these businesses do not respect the rules and get their boats too close the the animals. There are concerns that the boats and these irresponsible operators are causing stress to the animals with too many tourists.
Kukulkan: Civilizing God
 Source: Quintanarroense/Fidel Madrid Villanueva (special)
Kukulkan is the "Plumed Serpent" Mayan diety associated with the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl, and with Chichen Itza and the northern Yucatan. He was described as white, with a beard, and some legends mention the sign of a cross.  It is thought that Kukulkan was culturally introduced to the Maya of the Yucatan around 1000 BC, when his followers conquered the major cities of Uxmal and Chichen Itza, dominating the peninsula, and founding other cities including Mayapan. Temples built in his honor include  Chichén Itzá, Maní, Tihó and el Meco. (El Meco is in the township of Isla Mujeres, near Punta Sam). He is associated with cultural developments of the Maya such as agriculture, hieroglyphic writing and their calendar, as well as with idolatry, human sacrifice, blood offerings and other rites. Astronomically he is associated with Venus.
Chaak - God of Rain
This is the most revered mythological god of the Mayan pantheon, whose cult persists to this day. On some occasions he is depicted with a torch, symbolizing drought, and in other he appears to be emptying water from a vessel. He is represented by the Chaakes, who symbolize the four cardinal points with their respective colors. East-red is Chaak Xib Chaak ,  North-white is Sak Xib Chaak, West-black is Ek Xib Chaak, and south-yellow Kan Xib Chaak. He seems to have a close association with the God of wind, and has many helpers. He is a benevolent god associated with creation and life, who was a giant that taught agriculture to man, and in gratitude they called him the god of bread, water, thunder, and lightning. He was not to be angered, or the consequences could be no rain, or an abundance of rain. There are Chaak rites and rituals associated with all stages of the agricultural process including site selection, clearing, burning, planting, and harvesting. The Chaakes carry symbols such as small gourds filled with water, wind sacks, a drum and axes, which serve to produce rain, winds, thunder, and lightning. These beliefs exist in the Mayan culture to this day, and the Chakes are called Yumil Kaxob which means "Lords of the Monte". Monte means jungle or forest.

 Souvenir Vending Competition
Source: Por Esto ]Link
  Por Esto says there has been a thirty percent increase in the number of artisans coming to Isla Mujeres from Cancun to vend their products on the weekend, which is sparking more complaints of unfair competition from established businesses. Although sales of souvenirs have declined, itinerant crafts people setup stalls near the accesses to the public beaches, and it is said that they to lack permits to operate. They are selling bags, wallets, rag dolls, and key chains.

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...


Earlier                         Time
 The Joint                     1-4          Marco (Reggae) 
Casa de los Suenos  4-7          Banda Sin Nombre
Sunset Grill-                Dusk       keyboard/vocals

Faynes-                        8-10          Raul Alexis
Cafe del Mar-              8p              Jesus "Chucho" Campuzano
Comono Roof              8:30-11     La Guera & Willys Blues

Faynes-                       10:30-12:00    Jesus "Chucho" Campuzano

Bruce Sunset yesterday. (From Soggy Peso)
Sunset this evening.

Bruce    Freddy working his magic at the Soggy Peso Bar Grill.

Bruce   Consistently great ribs every Sunday at Soggy Peso Bar Grill. (the corn bread is on a plate at right...outa respect for my gluten free ness, since it contains flour.)
Consistently great ribs every Sunday at @[100003545234422:2048:Soggy Peso Bar Grill].

Diane White Daniel  Hanging out — with David Daniel at Cafe Mogagua.

Jul Isla ..with Coati


Meg DeClerck  ~sweet lil paradise~
~sweet lil paradise~

The Mayor asked soccer fans celebrating a win in a caravan to exercise caution and limit their speed: Amigos Américanistas de Isla Mujeres si salen en caravana para festejar el triunfo tengan precaución y demos ejemplo al respetar la velocidad; con precaución!!!




History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster. Download the Tropical Cyclone Preparedness Guide (PDF). But remember, this is only a guide. The first and most important thing anyone should do when facing a hurricane threat is to use common sense. t

These are ~minute long videos from NOAA about hurricane preparedness beginning with an overview, then surges, and the third one talks about hurricanes vs tropical storms & how they include tornadoes. The next is about inland flooding.  After you watch the first one, the next will begin.

It's called sonoluminescence. No one knows exactly why this occurs, but there are a lot of different hypotheses. One of the most common explanations is that when the bubble collapses, the air inside gets pressurized. Increasing the pressure on a gas increases the temperature of the gas. During sonoluminescence, the temperature inside the tiny bubbles becomes so great that the gas begins to glow.

Another theory is that the collapsing bubble lends energy to prolong the life of the otherwise quickly annihilating photons that are spontaneously generated in a vacuum. Sonoluminescence could also be the product of the way photons can pop into and out of existence; the sudden collapse of the bubble making the photons noticeable to those in the macro world.It's called sonoluminescence. No one knows exactly why this occurs, but there are a lot of different hypotheses. One of the most common explanations is that when the bubble collapses, the air inside gets pressurized. Increasing the pressure on a gas increases the temperature of the gas. During sonoluminescence, the temperature inside the tiny bubbles becomes so great that the gas begins to glow.

Another theory is that the collapsing bubble lends energy to prolong the life of the otherwise quickly annihilating photons that are spontaneously generated in a vacuum. Sonoluminescence could also be the product of the way photons can pop into and out of existence; the sudden collapse of the bubble making the photons noticeable to those in the macro world.

monday 27 may 2013 (3 photos)

Video on Tony's fb above. Lobster starting to eat an urchin
Video on Tony's fb page  link above  Punta Sur
A beautiful pack of manta rays from the other day
A beautiful pack of manta rays from the other day

On Isla Mujeres's photo
A shot from this season..
A shot from this season..

Last 24 hrs "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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