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Motorcycles Collide Leaving Two Hospitalized, Boat Ambulance Gets Green Light But Lacks Sailors, Successful Festival For Mothers & Children, Regatta Ends Well, Shark Ban Annoys Fishermen, Tap Water Properly Chlorinated, Paying Scholarships In Isla Mujeres News Sunday, May 5 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Motorcycles Collide Leaving Two Hospitalized
According to the director of Public Safety & Transit (the chief of police), around 12:10pm on Saturday, on the eastern perimeter (Caribbean) road,  Raúl de Jesús May Zap, 18 was driving his "Jog" scooter from South to North when he was about to enter the gas station. As he turned into the other lane (a left turn) he was hit by a Yamaha "IVR" driven by José Martín Mendo Chaves, traveling at excessive speed from North to  South.. The impact was into the middle of the turning moto, and it fractured the leg of his passenger Jorge Humberto León Miss, who remains hospitalized in Cancun. The passenger on the Yamaha, José Santos Mares García, appeared to have suffered a small skull fracture and was taken to a hospital in Cancun. Mendo Chaves was seen at the Isla Mujeres General Hospital for abrasions & contusions and released. His brother died in December in a accident that occurred just south of the gas station, when he was a passenger on a motorcycle that was hit by an SUV. The driver of the "Jog" was treated at the Galenia hospital in Cancun for minor injuries to the hip and discharged the same day. The case will be brought before the Public Prosecutor to determine responsibilities since both motorcycles were a total loss. Source: Manuel Valdez/Diario Q Roo 

Successful Festival Friday
Hundreds of mothers and children attended the DIF festival held in their honor on Friday at 3pm at the Blue Dome in La Gloria. There was a children's show by “Pa Niños”, and a presentation by the Dance Academy “Renata Dance Studio”, as well as surprises, gifts, raffles, and contests. This was held in honor of el Día del Niño and Día de la Madre by the state and municipal DIF agencies. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez

No Red Tape For Sea Ambulance: Lacks Captain
Although there is no official release date for the boat ambulance, state officials say it can be used as of today if there is an emergency, noting that lack of its pending permit and red tape should not prevent the transfer of a patient and saving a life. The document in process is a special permit required for navigation from the Port Authority (API), and it is noted that it is the responsibility of the API to coordinate with the medical staff and confirm the necessity of the transfer of patients in critical condition. The unnamed  state official said a lack of resources prevents the recruitment of a captain in charge of the boat, but they are hoping someone with experience will step forward. While this is a free service for patient, if the family has means, perhaps they would make a contribution to the captain. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

DIF Director Resigns & Is Replaced
Municipal DIF director  Jacinto Rejón Nájera resigned and has been replaced by María de los Ángeles Migonni Samaniego, who took over running Friday's festival. The resigning official said the reasons were personal issues, and it was not due to politics or to work on a political campaign. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca 

Shark Ban Annoys Fishermen
There is a shark fishing ban from May 1 to June 30, that is causing complaints from some fishermen who say that with the lobster ban also in force, they are left with only scale-fish (escama) to capture and there is little profit from those species. They say shark is only a threatened species, and is not endangered. The ban was implemented by SAGARPA the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fish, and Food to encourage repopulation of all shark species. Source:SIPSE/Lanrry Parra 

Tap Water Properly Chlorinated
Leonel García Povedano, head of the agency against Sanitary Risks, announced that they monitored the tap water at 50 locations around the island and found it to be safe for human consumption with adequate levels of chlorine, which is near 1.0 parts per million. They also conduct monthly monitoring of six different samples to asure the water is free of coliform bacteria. Source: Sipse/Lanrry Parra   I would recommend continuing the local practice of drinking bottled water.

 Scholarship Payments Tomorrow
Tuition payments will be made on Monday at the park in  “El Cañotal”, for students from primary to high school levels for the two months of  January and February. These payments are from the Municipal Scholarship program and will benefit about 335 students who must maintain their grades to meet the standards. These payments are in addition to payments made recently to 355 primary and middle school students in Isla Mujeres by the municipality. Source: Por Esto  

Sol al Sol Regatta Ends
On Friday at ~7pm 18 trophies were awarded to participants in the Sol al Sol Regatta, which was attended by 23 boats from about 17 yacht clubs including Isla Mujeres and Progreso Yucatan. Yesterday morning some of the participants began leaving, to return to Florida. The results are given in the article and are on their website HERE. and below is the 2013 drawing winner from their website, created by a student in Isla Mujeres.  Source: Por Esto  

Regata de Sol a Sol.2013 Poster WinnerArtist.Mariana Alejandra De La Cruz EK Primaria Andres  Quintana Roo Fifth Grade

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...
"Kid's fishing tournament"

Last evening we went to Iguana's to hear some salsa-Caribbean music, because we really like the band that plays there on Saturday evenings. And it is one of our favorite spots. There are seven members & half of them are percussionists & there was some amazing hula hoop dancing going on...sorry about the poor quality of the photos. It was excellent music & great fun & it was especially entertaining because a violinist was added to the line up. 
    This very tasty plate of ribs landed in my lap! Well, really it was politely placed in front of us, compliments of Carlos. Very Tasty, tender, not fatty....I loved em! Wonderful Jack Daniels sauce...very flavorful. Excellent potatoes & very good creamy slaw. Bruce was very enthusiastic about it all too.  It was a great night...the weather was lovely & the company was pleasant. Gaby, our favorite bartender is back in town. On Saturday nights at Iguanas, at Marina Paraiso, Carlos is grilling Rib Eye steaks, ararranchera (sp?), I think burgers..over charcoal. And of course these ribs! We reviewed all the marinades, sauces, dressings,and prep methods for gluten freeness. I really appreciate their attentiveness to that.

Ignacio Acosta Casanova (with Posada del mar) ("Ready") Listo. — with Lupita Martínez.

Villa La Bella's photo.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Come by for a cold one.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Come by for a cold one.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo today at The Soggy Peso. Mariachis will be playing at approx 4pm. YAHOO!!!

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Eight year old Dael Ix Rubio caught the first fish in the Kids Fishing Tournament of Mexico Nuevo, which had 140 registered.  Picture at that link.
Dael Ix Rubio de 8 años de edad, pescó el primer ejemplar del Torneo de Pesca Infantil de México Nuevo; 140 inscritos
who not only takes great sunrise photos...he has very popular tours to Isla Contoy!
5 de mayo 2013 (6 photos)

There is a Pink Wig Breast Cancer Benefit Breakfast at Mogagua at 9am Satuday May 11. Your pesos are appreciated even if you don't have a pink wig..come attend!
Somewhere out there is the right title for this photo............Wilbert and I crossing paths at MUSA today!!!
Somewhere out there is the right title for this photo............Wilbert and I crossing paths at MUSA today!!!
with Wilbert Mike Lauren and Arnie, port opened in the afternoon, pretty strong north wind and swell, but still great dives!May 5 Musa Manchones (40 photos)
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Maybe a litttttttle bit windy for a beach day but, hey free exfoliation!
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A little bit of the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair May 3... 
Renee managed to make the whip crack after only a couple of tries...and bought one. That's Sally in the photo above
Freddy Medina  (with Soggy Peso) Que tal este paraíso. !!!
Que tal este paraíso. !!!

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 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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