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Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, October 28

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Our Northern Zone remains in Green Stage 1 thru November 7th, and the Southern Zone will become Green Stage 1 on the first of the month. The state of Quintana Roo will remain Green on the National Semaforo Nov. 1-14.
Isla Mujeres showed the largest decrease for the past 15 day period (in grey) with a 100% decrease and a current daily average of zero cases. Benito Juarez (Cancun), which strongly affects the statistics of the state, has dropped down to an average of 10-15 cases daily, a profound decrease from when they were approaching 250 per day. In the Northern Zone, only Cozumel reported an increase.

Today, Thursday...Personnel with the municipal Department of Civil Protection and the municipal police located the elderly man who has been missing since Tuesday on the mainland part of the municipality near the colonia Jerusalen. Photo credit Isla Mujeres al Momento

This is Quintanarroense Camila Jaber who won an international award for this piece "Soy Cenote / I am Cenote" describing the beauty and fragility of these natural water systems that are special, sacred places, but often contaminated. She's a young activist who achieved the national record for free diving without fins to 58 meters in 2020. In this evocative video recorded in 2019, she wears a huipil given to her by her grandmother and says: "I am flowers that become gardens. I can be mountains underwater, or a forest. ... I am necessary. I am the source of life in the jungle above me...I need your help."
She won $10,000 in this CreateCOP26 contest supported by UNESCO which is open to any creator 14-30 whose work focuses on raising awareness about the climate emergency. She won a Silver medal at this summer's prestigious Vertical Blue free diving competition and you can visit her page to learn more about her diving & activism (in English & Spanish). Our governor congratulated her on the award & featured the video on social media.

Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde described the work that will be done at Punta Sur / South Point, expressing her happiness about the renovation of this iconic location, as well as her gratitude to the state government. She said the improvements will include another, larger sculpture of Ixchel, and elements along the walking path that honor the Mayan culture. Renovations will be done to the bathrooms, stores, pergola, safety barriers, and electrical infrastructure. There will be a full renovation of the lighthouse and the park's lighting. The work will be done section by section so that the park won't be closed. FB VIDEO of inauguration of work ceremony  

Yesterday...Cold Front #6 is expected to arrive tomorrow & could bring cloudy skies, the possibility of intermittent rain and more comfortable temperatures.

On Monday, Nov. 8, the C-19 vaccination & testing requirements for international flyers to the US will change.
>>The new rules will require unvaccinated US citizens to show proof of a negative test taken ONE day before flying to the US. Vaccinated US citizens will have 3 days prior to departure for the US to obtain their test.
>>Unvaccinated US citizens will be required to test again after they land in the US, according to the New York Times who report, "But the new policy does require unvaccinated Americans to provide proof of a negative result from a test taken within one day of their return flight to the United States, and to test again after they land." EDIT--I didn't find this retest requirement on the CDC site, so that could be incorrect.
>>Unvaccinated people who are not US citizens nor US permanent residents won't be permitted to enter the US, except children under 18 and a limited category of foreigners arriving from countries with low vaccination rates; and both categories must have negative test results.
>>"Fully vaccinated" means two weeks after a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine such as J&J. Astra Zeneca is among the acceptable vaccines, as are "mix & match" vaccines as long as both are on the accepted list.
>>Airlines will be collecting phone numbers & email addresses for a new contact-tracing system.
>>Changes are also taking place in November regarding requirements for land border crossings.

7.1 million pesos are being invested in the Plaza Central / Town Square which includes the following work:
>Rehabilitation of 1650 square meters with stamped concrete
>Fourteen electric LED lights providing public lighting
>Ten tables & ten benches for socializing
>A Kiosk
>185 square meters of reinforced concrete flooring 10 cm. thick, including ramps for persons with disabilities.
>205 meters in curbing guarniciones

With Día de Muertos / Day of the Dead coming soon, and with the goal of avoiding agglomerations at the cemeteries, the municipal government invites islanders to tend their family graves between the hours of 8am and 6pm. This year the cemeteries will be open with capacity limits of 80% in compliance with state health authorities, and there are two religious ceremonies scheduled on the day of November 2nd.

The municipal Director of Public Lighting, Katerine Sulub Parra, reports about 60 burnt-out street lights have attended to since the new administration took office, and they continue to work on this issue which affects the safety of island families. She said the work began with an inspection which revealed a little more than 150 non-working lights on the island. She recommended calling the Public Services Department at 274-1661 to report burnt-out lights.

Municipal workers cleaned up the skate park in colonia Salina Chica yesterday. Efforts continue daily to beautify and improve the island's recreational spaces & the community is encouraged to help by keeping these areas clean.

HOLDING ONTO ISLA MUJERES TRADITIONS--Welcoming Back Our Dearly Departed to Celebrate "HANAL PIXAN" with **Calaveras & Catrinas**Pibs & Bread of the Dead**Contests & Dancing**

This is an island whose community understands the importance of actively holding onto its traditions, while also maintaining its position as an international tourism destination. Holidays are celebrated both privately and publicly, offering opportunities for visitors to sample unique holiday foods and enjoy special events while learning about the Mayan-Yucatecan-Caribbean culture that makes Isla Mujeres so unique.
Here, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) mingles with the Mayan tradition of Hanal Pixan (Food for the Souls), and there are special tamales called 'pibs' / 'pibis', for the enjoyment of both the living and the dead. Altars are assembled with photos of deceased loved ones and their favorite foods, to entice their souls to return for these special eight days.
In the wee hours of November 1st (after midnight of Oct. 31st) the souls of the children return, with the adults following during the early hours of Nov 2nd. The Mayas believe the souls of their loved ones stay until November 7th. During these eight days, called "Ochovario", women shouldn't embroider for fear of sewing the skin of a spirit. Men shouldn't go hunting for fear of shooting the soul of someone who was a hunter when they were alive. Black threads may be tied around the wrists of newborns to protect them from the evil spirits that haunt these days. On the eve of these celebrations, it is believed that the fine rain that often falls is used by the dead to wash their clothing before coming to the earthly homes that have been prepared for them.
Mayan ancestors believed humans were endowed with a soul-spirit, called "Pixan", which determined the vigor and energy of individuals, as well as their behavior. At death, the soul travels to a place that corresponds with their conduct in life. They believed the worlds of the living, of the dead, and of the gods were interconnected by snake-like roads used by Pixan-souls to travel to heaven and to return each year to be alive for eight days.
The souls living in the highest, most paradise-like 'heaven' were those of warriors, women who died in childbirth, priests, those who were sacrificed, and members of the highest social class. In contrast, the lost souls traveled to Mitnal, descending through thick roots of a ceiba tree to a cenote leading to the bowels of the earth where the shadows fade.
Altars vary by region, but in general, they're covered with an embroidered cloth and include a cross and images of saints, as well as photos of the deceased ones, candles, yellow 'mum' flowers and incense. It is presumed the souls are thirsty and hungry, and will enjoy the essences of their favorite beverages and foods. Offerings for children include marzipan candies in special shapes, cookies, chocolates, seasonal fruits, pastries, and toys. For souls who have no one to remember them, a small table may be placed beside the family altar, with a candle, water, and a plate of food, or a basket may be hung at the home's entrance with offerings inside. (The source for this information was Isla's town historian, Fidel Villanueva Madrid).
Traditionally, there are altar competitions in the schools & a display at City Hall. This year, the isle-wide Altar Contest is Tues. Nov. 2 at 7p on the Town Square. The annual candlelit procession of "Catrinas" is scheduled for 6p on Mon, Nov. 1st. down Hidalgo from the Cemetery to the Town Square. The translated schedule for the three nights of festivities downtown is here--
Special foods for Dia de los Muertos include sugar skulls and Pan de los Muertos, which is a sweet bun flavored with anise (for bitterness) and dusted with sugar (for sweetness). The dough is in the shape of bones, positioned to portray the circle of life, with a teardrop representing sorrow. Souvenirs include calaveras (skulls), Catrinas (more about her in my next article), and "papel picado", which are rectangles of tissue paper cut into elaborate designs.
Written by Ronda Winn-Roberts for Isla Mujeres History

4:30--Sales Expo of Young Entrepreneurs
5p--Presentation of the Select Group/Grupo Selectivo RDS (Renatta Dance Studio)
5:30--Pet Contest Hanal Peek Xan
6p--Young Children's Costume Contest
7p--Children's "Coco" Show
7:45--Fiesta of Pinatas
8p--Youth Costume Contest
8:30--Presentation of the Sonidas Danza Dance Group
8:40--Presentation of the Astro Salsa Group
8:50--Presentation of the Sonidas Danza Dance Group
9p--Light & Sound Show "Fiesta of Calaveras"
6p--Procession of the Souls--Starting at the downtown cemetery, walking up Hidalgo Avenue to the Town Square
7:30--Altar Exposition of the Jean Paget Liceo Caribe School
8p--Presentation of Renatta Dance Studio Selectivo "Hasta la Raiz" (Raiz-Roots/Race)
8:30--Catrina Contest with recycled materials
Al Son del Corazon (To the Heart's Rhythm/Sound)
Ojo de Huricane (Eye of the Hurricane)
Latin Dancers
Selectivo Renata Dance Studio
Dasha Perdomo
Estrella & Carlos Pat
Aldahir Davila
6p--Samples of Yucatecan Cuisine--The Traditional Pib Tamale
6:30-Origins of Hanal Pixan by our Town Historian Fidel Villanueva Madrid
7p--Altar Contest
8p--Vaqueria of the Souls --(Vaquerias feature jarana dancers in traditional finery.)

Isla Mujeres will participate in the 3rd Edition of the Pueblos Magicos Tianguis Convention, which will be held virtually again, on October 29-31, from Pachuca Hidalgo. The island's municipal director of Pueblos Magicos, Octavio Cruz Magana, said that an invitation to participate has been extended to local artisans, the Isla Mujeres Hotel Association and the Asociación de Hoteles Fascinantes de Isla Mujeres, as well as the local Citizen Committee of Pueblos Magicos. He said they have been working on sending material to upload on the official site of the tianguis, where Isla Mujeres will once again have the opportunity to publicize its historical, gastronomic and cultural legacies which are part of its identity.
He explained that although the event only lasts for three days, participants will be able to sell their products throughout the year. A Virtual Store (Tienda Virtual) is being launched this year where artisans of the Pueblos Magicos will be able to upload their products and crafts available for sale, without limit. Attendees will be able to view in detail what is available, add items to their cart and make purchases just like any online platform.
(This link should be available after the fair begins; it's not in the press releases yet.)

At Monday's press conference, Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde reported that inspections have been done of the municipality's public spaces for sports and recreation, which were found to be in terrible condition. She said that in order to provide maintenance and prevent accidents, the Green Dome was closed, which may occur with other facilities.
She said that when her administration reviewed the financial resources in the Municipal Social Infrastructure Fund (FISM) and the Fund of Contributions for the Strengthening of Municipalities (FORTAMUN), they found that more than 20 million pesos had been improperly applied. She said 76% of the FISM resources were used for payment of current expenses and payroll without specifying exactly, and that 100% of the FORTAMUN funds were used or improperly applied.
She said that with the few funds remaining, the following pubic works are planned in November and December: construction of eight streets in the Continental Zone, rehabilitation of all of the sports areas of colonia La Gloria, and maintenance for the children's baseball field and for the futbol rapido soccer stadium in colonia Salina Chica.
She said that in addition to a not leaving enough money in the accounts to finance governmental functions, the previous administration left considerable debts that must be paid. She said that the state government's Ministry of Finance and Planning confirmed news of the seriousness of the non-compliance with payment of millions in debts to the Federal Electrical Commission, the ISSSTE, ZOFEMAT and for income tax.
She said a (discount) program has begun for residents to make payments of back taxes & fines & trash collection fees, which was approved by the City Council. She asked the residents to have faith in this government, assuring them that if they come in and catch up on these payments, every peso will be used appropriately for what needs to be done.

The Mayor welcomed back the 1144 students returning to in-person classes on the island and in the Continental Zone after many months of being away from their classrooms. She said, "I'm glad to see your bravery and discipline with the sanitary protocols. Let's not let down our guard and let's continue taking care of ourselves!" Personnel with the municipal police ensured their safety with operations around the campuses.

From October 31st thru November 2nd, we will celebrate our departed loved ones with the Festival of Luz y Vida Entre Vivos y Muertos / The Festival of Light & Life Between the Living & the Dead! There will be artistic and cultural activities for the whole family. You're invited to participate in our traditions, respecting sanitary measures! Celebrate this magic tradition with us!

A fire at the Trash Transfer Area was extinguished by the Department of Civil Protection and the Firefighters. They were supported by staff with the municipal Department of Public Services, personnel with the Navy, and officers with the municipal Police. Heavy machinery was utilized and they continued to monitor the area to avoid any further consequences.

VIDEO   Oct. 24 The Noti Isla Mujeres reporter asks Governor Carlos Joaquin about the status of the Tortugranja, which has been closed, explaining that its recuperation is very important to the islanders and that it is iconic to the identity of the municipality, where turtles have been conserved for many years. The Governor pledges his support to the Isla Mujeres municipality and its president, but clarifies that it is an issue between the federal and municipal levels of government.
This exchange takes place at the end of the interview. In the first two and a half minutes, the Governor discusses ~50 million pesos in public work investments in the municipality. These will include ~8.5 million pesos for the Punta Sur Sculpture park, ~7 million pesos improving the image downtown (Plaza Central), 4.7 million pesos being spent at the Community Hospital and about 36 million pesos spent improving the APIQROO (state Port Authority) terminals & offices at Punta Sam & on the island.

Oct 24  Last night, Noti Isla Mujeres reported that a woman in her mid-forties, who had allegedly been drinking alcoholic beverages, went into the sea and was dragged by the waves. The municipal police in unit 6044 responded to assist her, and the Red Cross paramedics provided first aid & transported her to the Isla Mujeres Community Hospital in stable condition.

Oct. 24 FB VIDEO     During yesterday's tour of the island, Governor Carlos Joaquin and Mayor Atenea Gomez discussed public works costing more than 50 million pesos. They began at the new facilities of the APIQROO (State Port Authority) Terminal in Punta Sam, which were modernized and expanded, and then to the Terminal on the island, where a global investment of 36 million pesos has been made.

The tour continued at Punta Sur / South Point where 8.48 million pesos will be invested in the Rehabilitation of the Sculpture Park. There will 7.1 million spent on Improving the Image of the Town Square (Plaza Central). They visited the isle's Community Hospital where 4.7 million pesos will be invested. The Governor said, "It's good that we have the opportunity to do these public works that have a goal; it is most important to recover part of the identity, traditions, and culture that Isla Mujeres has, which are offered, through these sites. Sometimes we just think of destinations such as the island as the beach and the sea, when it also has important spaces in historical, cultural and traditional matters, that generate identity and strength, giving meaning to the lives of each family on the island. This evidently needs to be rescued, while at the same time, providing a greater economic benefit."
The tour included the implementation of various social programs, such as Zero Hunger (Hambre Cero), which will be delivering 3000 food packages during the next two "bimestres" with further expansion of the program next year.
The tall fellow accompanying them is our legislator (diputado) Edgar Gasca Arceo. The woman with the black mask is Alicia Ricalde Magaña, Director General of the state Port Authority (APIQROO) and our Mayor's mom. (She's also a former Mayor of the island.)

Oct. 22  The Mayor was in colonia La Gloria encouraging residents to comply with the garbage collection schedule. She also said that smaller collection trucks will be arriving soon which are better suited to the streets of the island. Meanwhile, she asked for patience with these large trucks which affect traffic, particularly when vehicles are parked on both sides of the street.

The La Gloria neighborhood is on Route 4 with pickup starting at 8p, so trash should be set out 7p-8p. When trash is left out for extended periods of time by those not adhering to the schedule, it gets strewn around, creating a mess that is unhygienic She asks your help to have colonias that are clean and healthy for the children, as well as everyone else.
Oct. 22     During this full moon, blue crabs are spawning and moving between the lagoons where they live and the sea, with human assistance crossing the street in Sac Bajo. If you'd like to help tonight, the meeting place is at the end of that road and you should wear your mask, closed shoes, gloves & insect repellent; and you're encouraged to bring a flashlight, bucket, rake and dustpan. It's scheduled from 7p to 8:50. The Mayor posted this video, noting that it is important for young islanders to learn about conservation of the species that inhabit the island and the sea.
Oct. 21    The Mayor reports: "We are working in a coordinated manner with Capitanía de Puerto (Harbor Master), Secretaría de Marina (Navy) and the Asociación de Náuticos de Cancún (Cancun Nautical Association) to address the problem of boats at Playa Norte (North Beach), a complaint made to me recurrently on social media. I trust in the will of the authorities to resolve this complaint of the islanders."

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Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

LINK to US National Hurricane Center 




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