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Isla Mujeres News & Events Friday, Oct. 8

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Our Northern Zone will be in Green-First Stage for Oct. 11-17 on the state Epidemiological Light. This allows restaurants and hotels to have capacities of 80% and for bars and nightclubs to open at 50% capacity

For most of the graphics, they removed the person signing briefly, but he stayed onscreen throughout the Isla Mujeres graphic.

On Monday, our Northern Zone will begin Green Stage 1 status on the state epidemiological light for Oct. 11-17, which increases most capacities to 80%. The graphics give the specifics.

#1 lists Principal Tourism Activities of: hotels, restaurants & other eateries, tourism transport, water parks, beaches & public parks, golf courses, car rental, travel agencies, tourism guides, adventure/natural operations, diving, nautical & aquatic operations, museums and tourist sites and movies & theaters at 80%.

#2 lists the Principal Transport Activities of public transport (80%), private vehicles (4 seats), taxis (4 incl driver) and motorcycles (2). It also notes that face masks are mandatory, natural ventilation should be facilitated in vehicles, businesses should establish staggered entry and exit schedules, and disinfection should be done frequently. 
#3 are the principal Sales activities & other Services, which includes hunting, cleaning services, administration, sciences, consultation, finance, home appliances & electronics, hair salons, religious groups, sales of motorized vehicles, real estate, internet cafes, sales of cell phones, and malls, department stores & clothing stores.

#4 & 5 are Sports

#6 lists Principal Social Activities which are allowed 80% capacity in open air and 60% in closed spaces as conventions, fairs & expositions with less than 150 people; gyms & sports clubs; artistic, cultural and sports services; and social events. Commercial sales on public streets at 80%. Casinos at 60%. Bars, discos, nightclubs, show centers, piano bars, cantinas, etc at 50%.

#7 & 8 are Principal Recreation Physical Activities which sets the activities of aerobics, fitness and pilates at 85%. Diving, sports dancing, yoga, Tai chi, kickboxing, Futbol-7 are at 80%. Healthy distancing is required for snooker, running outside, fishing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking water skiing, kayaking, kick boarding, kite boarding and wind surfing.


Yesterday, Oct 7   Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde held a press conference at the Trash Transfer Facility to announce the new trash collection schedule and report on the her administration's progress with the garbage issue.

She says when she took office on Sept. 30th, there was an estimated 35,000-40,000 tons of trash at the Transfer Facility. In her first week in office, 75 truck-loads ("gondolas") of trash were removed, which represent 1530 tons or 2000 cubic meters.
She reported that the previous administration left things in a state of "abandonment" and lacking in maintenance, leaving the collector-trucks inoperative. She said there was about 70 tons of trash waiting to be collected, which has been achieved. She spoke about other equipment that is also inoperable, including equipment necessary to maintain the street lights.
The new trash collection schedule is:
Beaches Route-Starts at 5am--Put out trash after 8p
Salinas Route-Starts at 5a--Put out trash 8p-12a
El Cañotal-Starts at 1p--Put out trash 11a-1p
La Gloria-Starts at 8p--Put out trash 7-8p
Sac Bajo-Starts at 3p--Put out trash 1-3p
Centro-Starts at 9p--Put out trash 8-9p


Yesterday, Oct. 7...Noti Isla Mujeres reports that residents of the municipality of Benito Juarez (Cancun) came to the Bicentennial Dome in La Gloria to receive a vaccine, which caused long lines. The vaccine brigade only had a thousand doses, and the personnel reviewing people's documents decided to give priority to the islanders, which caused some of those from Cancun to cause a ruckus. This vaccine event began yesterday and ends tomorrow, for those who hadn't received their first dose.

Monday....Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde published these pictures of Sunday evening's event lighting the pink lights of the Palacio Municipal on the Town Square with the following caption:
With the #EncendidoRosa we reaffirm our commitment to contribute to this fight to raise awareness among island women about the importance of timely detection of breast cancer, so we will activate modules to provide free mammograms and ultrasounds. My admiration to all those warriors who today are an example that you can win the battle against cancer.

(On the mainland)....ADO announces that starting Oct. 1st, when purchasing a ticket and when boarding the bus, you're required to present your official identification and, in the case of foreigners, your document showing your legal status in Mexico. They apologize for any inconvenience and explain that this is based on requests from state and federal authorities, including the the National Institute of Migration (INM), in view of the extraordinary situation of the flow of migration currently crossing the country.  (Your tourist or resident visa and your passport...for foreigners.)

Oct 4...1000 Tons of Trash Removed in 4 Days!

Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde, who was sworn in Thursday, thanks everyone involved with the ongoing cleanup of the Trash Transfer Facility, where 1000 tons of garbage have been removed in the past four days. She explains that by optimizing resources, the municipal trash-transport truck (a "gondola") called "The Beast" ("La Bestia") has been reactivated, which is able to transport 35 tons at a time, while the leased trucks hold about 17 tons. The larger loader-backhoe is able to load the trucks more quickly. She reiterated that hard work is being done to keep her promise of emptying the Trash Transfer Facility & cleaning up Isla Mujeres. (Screenhot from her video)

Oct. 3...The Director of Public Services Helvir Santiago Quiñonez, says the Trash Transfer Facility should be cleaned out within 90 days and that they acted quickly collecting trash around the island. Garbage is being transported to the regional landfill on the mainland part of the municipality.

Oct. 3--Ten people were rescued by the Navy, after their yacht "Kema" caught fire 2.5 nautical miles (5 km) southwest of Isla Mujeres. The Search and Rescue (ENSAR) unit from the Isla Mujeres naval base responded to the crew's emergency call, rescued the 10 people on board and brought them safely to the island. They were in good health and didn't require any specialized medical care. They were transported to the ENSAR of Puerto Juarez, and departed from there by their own means. Screenshot of photos published by Noti isla Mujeres

Sunday, Oct. 3 Tomorrow our state of Quintana Roo moves to Green status on the National light, which is very good news! On the State epidemiological semaforo, both Zones remain in Yellow thru Oct. 10th, which determines the limitations on capacities, hours, etc.

When our Northern Zone moves to Green on the state light, public events will resume, including holiday celebrations. Our upcoming holidays include Día de lo Muertos, Día de la Revolución, and celebrations for the island's Patron Saint (traditionally from late November thru her day on Dec. 8th.)
The Governor announces the color updates on Thursday evenings, for the following Monday thru Sunday.

Oct. 3...

13 Leased "Gondolas", 3 New Compactors & 2 Golf Carts Transporting & Collecting Trash

Thirteen large semi trucks ("gondolas") arrived on Thursday to fulfill the newly sworn-in Mayor's promise to clean-up the huge accumulation of garbage at the Trash Transfer Facility. (#1) They transported the first 250 tons to the mainland landfill on Friday morning. (#2)
A flag-waving event & procession inaugurated the clean-up campaign on Friday, featuring the three new compacting collector-trucks, as well as two golf carts donated by local rental agencies, to assist with collection downtown. (#3 & #4).
Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde was at the Trash Transfer Facility on Friday night, recording the 13 trucks being loaded for the second time (#5).
Yesterday, she thanked the municipal workers collecting trash, noting they work tirelessly showing their love and caring for the people of Isla Mujeres. (#6). She reported from the Trash Transfer Facility that (a total of) 800 tons have been removed. (#7)
This morning, nearly 300 tons of garbage were transported to the mainland landfill (#8).
These are screenshots from her videos, which can be found on her page and at the H. Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres page.

Oct 3 The new Mayor of Isla Mujeres, Atenea Gómez Ricalde, introduced the members of her administration noting, "I am very proud of the cabinet that we created; today there is real change; now there is no cronyism and positions are not being created for friends. These are people from here in Isla Mujere who love this place and want it to move forward." Her cabinet includes young Islander professionals, and is divided equally between men and women.

Oct. 3...The municipal DIF (social service agency) invites you to participate in the lighting of the pink lights tonight at 8p on the Town Square, to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer. You're encouraged to wear pink. The Buzon Rosa ( Pink Box) will be inaugurated to receive donations of women's hygiene items. "Pink is for the brave ones, because after cancer, life goes on."


Oct. 3 ..... On Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, Pfizer C-19 vaccines will be available for adult residents who haven't gotten their first shot, from 8a to 6p at the Bicentennial Dome in colonia La Gloria. Print-out your registration with the QR code from the national MiVacuna site and bring it with your CURP, ID & utility bill.

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Public events have been suspended due to C-19, mostly. Some holidays have featured online competitions and events. 

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

LINK to US National Hurricane Center 




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