Thursday, October 21, 2021

Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, October 21

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Our Northern Zone remains in Green-First Stage for Oct. 25-31 and the Southern Zone of Quintana Roo remains in Yellow status on the state Epidemiological Light.

Today, Oct. 21--Isla Mujeres again reports a decrease in the average number of cases reported daily, which dropped to zero and was just over 2.5 per day at its recent peak. The only municipality in the state that reported an increase was Cozumel.
Cancun and its municipality continue to report decreasing cases with an average of 20 per day, compared to nearly 250 daily at its recent peak. Since the majority of the state's population is concentrated in Cancun, this has a considerable influence on the status of our state, which remains in green on the national light for the upcoming week.
The vertical axis is the Average Cases Daily and the horizontal is the dateline of the pandemic, with the grey area highlighting the recent 15 day period.
Our Northern Zone reported a slight increase in hospital occupancy, which remains in the green status, with sixteen C-19 patients.

 Today, Thurs. Oct. 21   At the Mayor's press conference, she announced that 4088 tons of trash have been removed from the Trash Transfer Facility in 245 truckloads and taken to the landfill on the mainland area (Continental Zone) of the Isla Mujeres municipality. She said the work is being done every night, even when it rains, with a commitment to clean up Isla Mujeres. They have also been cleaning in the Continental Zone and have removed 144 tons of trash from the 35 colonias there. 

    Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde expressed her appreciation to all who have complied with the new trash collection schedule and she respectfully asked those who have not been complying to cooperate and take their trash out at the assigned times, so that we can have a cleaner island and your neighbors and yourselves can enjoy a safer, quieter, cleaner neighborhood. 

   On the issue of public lighting, more than 300 lights on the island and approximately 100 in the Continental Zone have been "verified" (inspected?) and approximately 50 have been attended to, but due to a lack of materials and a lack of cables where they have been stolen, removed or they disappeared, that is all they have been able to do so far. She said materials were ordered and have arrived, so this next weekend they will be moving faster to provide public lighting in areas that are currently lacking this service. They have obtained the crane (cherry picker?) that was needed to facilitate the work of the Public Lighting Department. 

   She said that as of today, there will be light in the parks of "Las Gaviotas", "La Gloria", "Las Hormiguitas", "Centro" and "El Cañotal", as well as the main streets, and in other areas she specified in the Continental Zone. She noted there is a long way to go but little by little, Isla Mujeres is being illuminated for the safety and tranquility of the populace. She said they have reestablished electrical power in many parks and domes, but if it cannot be seen yet, that is because they need to change the bulbs, which wasn't done yet due to the lack of a cherry-picker (boom-lift). 

     She gave recognition to the workers of the Parks and Gardens Department, who begin working at 5am cleaning and clearing areas of Isla Mujeres, both on the island and in the Continental Zone.  She said, "As of today, we have cleaned the areas of the Bicentennial Dome, the Community Center, the lagoon/swamp in front of the Community Hospital, the parks of “Las Iguanas”, “Las Hormiguitas Obreras”, “Las Fragatas”, “La Gloria”, avenue Rueda Medina, the walking path near Isla 33, and Punta Sur,...(as well as areas she listed in the Continental Zone)...and every day we continue cleaning."

In response to flooding caused by the heavy rains experienced on the island, staff with the municipal Civil Protection Department cleared the affected areas of the Caribbean Coastal Road (Perimetral) and other affected areas. "We will continue to work intensely to take care of Isla Mujeres and its people!" FB VIDEO  


FB VIDEO       International Day of the Fight Against Breast Cancer was commemorated in Isla Mujeres


 Oct. 19    The Mayor participated at the Pink Breakfast Benefit

Oct. 18.. Isla Mujeres commemorated the 68th anniversary of the Women's Right to Vote in Mexico with the unveiling of a plaque. The Mayor gave a speech and was accompanied by women who have stood out in the public and political life of Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, and the general population. On Oct. 17, 1953 women were given the right to full citizenship and the right to vote in local and federal elections, and in 1955 they were given women's suffrage for federal intermediate elections. 


Now that we are in the First Stage Green on the state epidemiological light, rehabilitation work is being done on the sports facilities and fields, as well as the public parks.

Today, Thursday, Oct. 21   Municipal police set up an inspection checkpoint and reviewed documentation this morning on Rueda Medina Avenue. NOTE....Documentation checks of vehicles are not unusual. There is an abundance of vehicles and drivers on the island who need to update their registrations or licenses, as well as some drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol. We have also have had occasional checkpoints to remind people that masks are mandatory. These are municipal police, who aren't in charge of verifying your immigration status, that would be INM. You can put a photo of your passport & FMM tourist visa on your phone or carry a copy rather than carry the original, in case of an unlikely encounter with INM. It is the Mobility Institute who impound illegal golf carts, not the municipal police. They ticket the golf cart owner, not the tourist driving it. If you have an interaction with authorities while driving a golf cart, you should present your rental document in lieu of your drivers license; they are aware that your license is held by the rental agency.

Oct. 21, Thursday....You and your family are invited to participate today and tomorrow from 7p to 8:50p to assist the spawning Blue Crabs who will be crossing the roads between the lagoon/swamps and the ocean during this full moon. The meeting point is at the end of the Sac Bajo street. Participants should bring a flashlight, gloves, a bucket, a rake & dustpan, and they should wear insect repellent and closed shoes.

Isla Mujeres is participating in the Travel Mart event in Cancun where José Jesus Castillo Magaña notes that the island continues to be a preferred destination for tourism thanks to caring for its beaches.  FB VIDEO  .


Friday, Oct 15...Attendees at today's peaceful demonstration seeking the reopening of the Tortugranja included islander families with children, taxistas, members of City Council, reporters, and the Mayor. She promised fight for this issue, and to go to Mexico City if necessary. She spoke about the importance of the Tortugranja and its conservation and education programs to the children of the island, as well as its value as part of the economic recovery. It is valued by tourists and a memorable part of most island tours. She spoke about corruption at the facility, noting it was not limited to the municipal level, and complained there was a lack of accountability and no Management Plan. VIDEO   

Oct. 15  In response to flooding caused by the heavy rains experienced on the island, staff with the municipal Civil Protection Department cleared the affected areas of the Caribbean Coastal Road (Perimetral) and other affected areas.

Saturday, Oct. 16..

     The governor announced that 93% of adult Q Roo residents are vaccinated with one shot & 75% with both! This is an impressive increase from nine weeks ago when 84% had one dose and 28% had both. (At that time, Isla Mujeres was at 82% with one dose and 59% with both.)
Another impressive statistic is the Growth Rate of cases for our Northern Zone dropped from 93% to 9% in two months!! (It's 0.09 vs 0.93 for Aug 9-15.)
      This week, ten of the eleven municipalities of our state reported decreases in Daily Average Cases, with Tulum as the exception. Isla Mujeres reported a 65% decrease, dropping to zero cases daily. Historically, Isla's peak was August 2020 when officially reported cases exceeded an average of 3 daily. The other peak was this summer in June-July when cases reached 2 to 2.5 per day. (Graphic #2)
The new national Semaforo shows considerable improvement with the number of Green states jumping from 9 to 20 and the Yellow states went from 22 to 11. There was no change in the one Orange & zero Red. (Graphic #3)
      The first graphic also shows that 26,320 doses of C-19 vaccine have been administered in our municipality and the state total exceeds 1.95 million doses. The adult population of Q Roo is 1,178,307 and Isla Mujeres had a total of 22,686 inhabitants in the 2020 census.
A total of 433 cases of C-19 have been reported in Isla Mujeres with 43 deaths and 388 recuperated since the start of the pandemic. The Geoportal shows zero active cases.

Saturday, Oct. 16   Check out these hard working women cleaning up the Iguanas Park, with some male assistance. The NGO Patrulla Verde A.C. organized the cleanup, which began early this morning & includes volunteers from the DIF social service agency & neighbors of the park....the reporter points out "Mark and his spouse" and thanks them. He notes the bathroom requires repairs & water service. FB VIDEO   

Sat. Oct. 16    The NGO Patrulla Verde thanks everyone who helped with the cleanup at Iguana Park today, which included neighbors from Isla 33, including Mark Johnson, Jane and Bryan Elliot, other members of the foreign community and volunteers from the DIF social service agency. They also thanked the municipal government.

Monday, Oct. 18   WATER ADVISORY for TOMORROW (Tuesday)--Outages or low pressure may occur in the listed colonias. You're invited to store and/or ration water tomorrow, Tues. Oct. 19.

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Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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