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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Saturday, July 15

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte.  HERE is a timelapse version, that you can set to slow or fast (fps-frames per second). It takes a few seconds to load.
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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Summer Vacation Operations Committee 2017 was inaugurated: For a safe holiday period

Vacaciones seguras

 Garantiza Juan Carrillo con operativo

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 14 de julio.-
Leer más..Full article at this link. The Summer Vacation Operations Committee 2017 was inaugurated at a ceremony and officials representing various governmental agencies gave speeches about working together to ensure a safe holiday season.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Coastal cleaning campaign
July 14th. An ongoing coastal cleaning campaign is being conducted under instructions from the Mayor. Staff of the Federal Maritime Zone (Zofemat), headed by Vladimir Vallejo Molina, carried out a clean up of 500 meters of the malecón located on Rueda Medina Avenue, removing 50 kilos of trash. (Photos were published yesterday.) He said they have been given instructions to clean up various parts of the island.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Wato: I will continue to work because the majority wants it…/
       Eduardo Peniche Rodríguez, leader of the Isla Mujeres Taxi Drivers Union, denied accusations made by a group of union members yesterday demanding a new election of the president and board of directors. Although "Wato" lacks the official Toma de Nota from the Local Arbitration and Conciliation Board, he says he has the right to be the union leader because he has the endorsement of more than half of the union members.

Overwhelmed by debt, a foreigner committed suicide in an Isla Mujeres hotel…/
       A foreigner named Phillip T.W., 69,  apparently committed suicide at the Marina Paraiso Hotel in room 14 by taking an overdose of medications. He was originally from Los Angeles California, born on March 12, 1948,  and had arrived at the hotel Sunday around 3 pm. At first, he had registered for three days, and then extended it for two more days.
      He was last seen on Tuesday at 6pm, and Wednesday morning the housekeeper found a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his door.  When she returned a little later to knock and ask to clean the room, there was no response, so she notified the manager and security personnel. 
     When the door was opened, the deceased foreigner was found laying on his back on the bed with his hands together on his chest. A metal cocktail shaker and two Pentotal bottles and several tablets and wrappers were observed on the table.It is presumed that the now deceased man prepared the drugs and some other substance, which he ingested during the middle of the night for the purpose of taking his life. 
      A note was found which said he had been planning his death for some time. It said he took his life because he was overwhelmed by debts, by the loss of a company he had, and by the abandonment of his children.

PROFEPA inspection finds ten whale shark tour boats operating without permits.…/
   Last week PROFEPA (Federal Environmental Protection Agency) conducted a surprise inspection in the whale shark tour area and found at least ten boats operating without permits, many of which are on the waiting list for permits with CONANP (National Commission of Protected Natural Areas). For those boats which operate with only two or three permits and who had two of them held back by CONANP, are finding it difficult to recover their investment. 
      The delayed response of CONANP to the tour boat owners of Isla Mujeres could have serious consequences for those who are risking their permits by offering tours without authorization and were surprised by the inspection.
     CONANP has retained at least 70 permits, for an equal number of boats, and it is now two months into the season and the release date remains unknown. (The Harbor Master said his office plans to deliver their report to CONANP on Monday regarding the status of the boats they inspected. CONANP has said they plan to reassign permits whose owners have boats that did not pass the inspections.)

  SINTRA will maintain permanent vigilance to eradicate piracy and unfair competition.…/
The Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport (SINTRA) will maintain permanent vigilance throughout the municipality of Isla Mujeres, including the Continental Zone, with the firm purpose of eradicating piracy and unfair competition.The SINTRA delegate in Isla Mujeres, Jorge Miguel Martín Álvarez held a meeting with the manager of the hotel Villas del Palmar, Juan Carlos González, with the purpose of ending the conflicts between public transport servers (in the mainland part of Isla Mujeres). They also addressed the issue of trucks that work without permits, which harm those whose documents are in order, creating unfair competition. He said anyone who is caught working illegally will receive sanctions.

There is a video taken in front the Posada Beach (Playa Centro) of the opening event for the Summer Vacation Operations Committee 2017 and officials giving speeches about their agencies working together to ensure a safe holiday season.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Taxi drivers dislike new speed bump 
Nuevo tope inconforma a conductores [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   A new concrete speed bump was installed by Casa de los Sueno Park, causing some cab drivers to complain because there is another speed bump 20 meters away. A month ago a metal speed bump was installed in front of the Navy base, and was removed by the Traffic police after complaints, although many people agreed that a pedestrian crossing would be a good idea at that location.

Main beaches are ready 
Playas principales están listas [+] Ver masFull article at this link
  The beaches are ready for the summer holiday season when many visitors are expected. There is a pier that is in need of repair, and a lifeguard is assigned to the area to protect the tourists who use it anyway. The concession in that area is part of a legal dispute. There is also a buoy line in need of attention and Civil Defense has said they will be attending to it.

Coastal cleaning campaign 
Ahora sí, que todo esté limpio [+] Ver masFull article at this link

     An ongoing coastal cleaning campaign is being conducted under instructions from the Mayor. This morning the staff of the Federal Maritime Zone (Zofemat), headed by Vladimir Vallejo Molina, carried out the cleaning of 500 meters of the malecón located on Rueda Medina Avenue, removing 50 kilos of trash. (Photos were published yesterday.) He said they have been given instructions to clean up various parts of the island.
       Those who hold concessions for areas of Federal Zone, whether they are marinas, fishing cooperatives, hotels, restaurants, dive shops or  other establishments, are requested to cooperate by removing all types of garbage generated by their establishments or any trash that is deposited in their area by the sea.
     The same request is made to the residents, that they do not litter in the public roads, as some have the bad habit of doing. A cleaning worker said "We need to work together for the common good, and each one of us should help, the natives and residents, to avoid littering and to encourage others to help, with kind suggestions."

Under surveillance by PROFEPA
Bajo la vigilancia de Profepa ri.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
      Agents of the Federal Attorney's Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) and personnel with the Navy are monitoring the whale shark tour area for any irregularities. It is noted that CONANP (National Commission for Natural Protected Areas) collects 32 pesos for each person entering the whale shark area and 22 pesos per person for use of the Punta Sam pier. At 8am each morning many small boats can be seen heading to the area where the whale sharks are feeding, which is about 25 miles from the island.

Isla Blanca cooperative do not want to sell their assets
Cooperativa Isla Blanca, no venderá su bien [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   Members of the Isla Blanca fishing cooperative say they do not plan to sell their assets. It is recalled that they were successful in regaining the property after a five year legal battle with the Ballesteros family. The cooperative's concession was extended until 2030. On June 20, they received authorization to install a buoy line from the Harbor Master and the SCT (Department of Communication and Transport), and is waiting for approval from APIQRoo, state port authority.

Vehicular saturation 
Saturación vehicular. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

    There are concerns that there will be traffic jams downtown during the summer holiday season when thousands of tourists will be visiting. Mrs. María Cen Cabrera said, "We can no longer go downtown at two o'clock in the afternoon because it is impossible to move quickly to run errands; it is difficult to enter and leave the colonias."
   A few weeks ago the Traffic authorities  regulated the supply of hotel and restaurant industry, in this part of the island, concerning deliveries on the main downtown streets. Recently they began placing signs regulating the parking spaces. The two official parking lots are full by 9am, as well as the parking spaces on the streets, but there are still spaces at the Casa de la Cultura. Many people prefer to park closer to their jobs, but their motorcycles block access to the sidewalks.  
    It has been suggested that the area of the former hospital be used for parking. 
       On Thursday, resident Gustavo Velazquez Garrido uploaded a photo of a patrol car that occupied a restricted space on Rueda Medina avenue, with the following comment: "On the island there is no parking for citizens, but what about our dear authorities, then, shouldn't they set an example?" In social networks, the issue of parking is frequently debated and the City is urged to take concrete action.

Summer day camp 2017
“Baaxlo´ob Paalalo´ob 2017”c.. [+] Ver mas Full article at this link
   The children's day camp "Baaxlo'ob Paalalo'ob 2017" to be held from July 24 to August 11, providing recreation for dozens of children from 8:30 am to 1pm. Registration is open for children aged 6 thru 14 who play under the green dome in colonia Salinas at sports like basketball, handball, karate, soccer and other physical activities. They also will take guided tours at the Naval base, Tortugranja, Hacienda Mundaca, and Aguakán, as well as other environmental activities.
      While patrolling at the Salina Grande lake walking trail, police surprised three middle school students who were smoking marijuana. They were turned over to the DIF, social service agency, to get in touch with their families.

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View from the rooms.

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Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Within ten minutes walk are the restaurants Mango Cafe, Brisas, Manolitos,  Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, and the large department store-grocery Chedraui. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Attend Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants. It takes 20-30  minutes to walk downtown.


July Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

July 2 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square 

July 4, Tuesday   Blue Flag raising ceremony on Playa Centro. Independence Day in the US.

                                                                    Sunset ~7:30
July  8   7:14
July 9   8:01
July 10  8:46
July 11  9:30
July 12  10:11
July 13  10:52 
July 14   11.32
Dates haven't been announced yet for the Maya Riviera Film Festival, which usually presents films in Isla Mujeres at the Posada beach (Playa Centro).

 July 9, Sunday 5:30 procession from Maritime Terminal to Town Square church carrying the  Divino Niño Jesús icon

July 9 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

July 10 Monday 8p procession thru the streets with the Divino Niño Jesús icon, followed by entertainment on the Square. Their festival will take place July 10-20 and will include shows for children, dances, performances by local artists & academies, and fireworks, as well as prayers, praises, nightly Masses, laying on of hands, and other religious activities.

July 15, Saturday  The "Reto Isla to Isla" open water swimming competition will take place departing from the restaurant "Flamingos" located along the road to Punta Sam at 7:30am. They are expected to reach Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres around 11am. There are 7km and 3.5 kilometer categories, and the minimum age is 18, with divisions every ten years. 

July 16 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

July 20-23 Thurs-Sun Whale Shark Festival  LINK to Fb page. To website.

July 23 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

July 30 Sunday  8p Noches Magicas Performance on the Town Square

August 5 Women's Fishing Tournament Dorada del Caribe (New date)
August 19 Barracuda Fishing Tournament (New date)

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