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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Sunday, June 18

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Promoting art & culture with "Noches Magicas"

Fuerte impulso al arte

 Brinda Juan Carrillo con Noches Mágicas

Lanrry parra

ISLA MUJERES, 17 de junio.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.

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From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

      Noches Magicas performances are held every Sunday evening on the Town Square at 8pm (and Saturday evenings on the mainland). This promotes family togetherness and preserves culture, while showcasing local talent and providing entertainment for visitors and residents alike.
      The Mayor, Juan Carrillo Soberanis said, "Isla Mujeres is a municipality that is full of creative people, with a large community of artists, musicians, dancers, painters and singers. Therefore, I am committed to creating opportunities for the promotion of art and culture, in which artists, regardless of age and degree of expertise can express themselves, because I am convinced that a community is better when art is part of our lives, because it awakens creativity and channels energy into more positive forms of expression. "
  The Mayor said the Magic Nights performances offer an alternative form of healthy recreation that complements well with the sun and beach. He said Isla Mujeres is an international destinations and all the events are of the highest standards, because we want our visitors to recommend us as a vacation destination, and for them to return for another vacation experience with us.  
     Dozens of talented performers from Isla Mujeres have graced the stage on the Town Square, as well as artists from neighboring cities like Cancun. These events are coordinated thru the municipal Institute of Culture and Art, and aim to rescue and promote local traditions and identity. The audiences enjoy the choreography, musicians, and colorful folkloric performances.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Fishermen of Isla Mujeres protest the invasion of Cuban ships into their fishing areas 
Conflict over Cubans fishing for the species "Bonito"
- Fishermen from Isla Mujeres say they are tired of having to share the fishing areas that by law belong to Mexico with the Cubans and given the lack of interest of the authorities, they say they are going to protest on the high seas in upcoming days.
     The leader of the cooperative Patria y Progreso said that for many years they have been aware of the presence of the Cuban fishing fleet, but these boats have gradually been coming closer, until now they are fishing about 12 nautical miles from Isla Mujeres.      The Isla fishermen say this is serious because these Cuban boats have the ability to work at sea for several days in a row, taking all the product that they can. The problem originates with the fish species "Bonita", which fishermen use as bait and if this is fished out, it would also cause problems to those who are now engaged in the activity of Whale Shark tours.

     "We want to establish a precedent before taking other types of action," said Raciel Rivero, president of the Patria & Progreso cooperative. He said that it is of the utmost importance to be clear that through this complaint they are seeking ways to solve this problem which are fair, and to involve the authorities at all levels.
   The president of the Federation of Fishing Cooperatives of Quintana Roo, Baltazar Gómez Catzín, was also present at this press conference and said that this problem has been dealt with by the Commissioner of Fishing.    The main problem is with their indiscriminate fishing for bonito, which provides sustenance for many of the fishermen of Isla Mujeres, and there are also concerns that this will also affect the migration of the Whale Sharks.

On Thursday, June 22, there will be a meeting with the Federation
of Fishing Cooperatives of Quintana Roo , where they will address the problem faced by fishermen, and the Free Trade Agreement will be discussed, which currently affects the fishermen of Isla Mujeres.   The leader of the Federation of Fishing Cooperatives said that it is important to review the Free Trade Agreement and the decrees or authorizations that exist through SAGARPA and CONAPESCA, since the fishingactivites that the Cubans are currently practicing may be protected under some laws.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Preparing to set "Paki" free 
Preparan liberación de PakiVer masFull article at this link
    The release of the rescued dolphin "Paki" is scheduled for noon on Tuesday, into the waters near Isla Mujeres, now that he has fully recovered. The release will be preceded by a press conference at 10am at the Dolphin Discovery facilities  in Sac Bajo, whose specialists provided care for the animal at the Tortugranja, where he has stayed since his arrival on May 2, and from there he will leave for the open sea.
      The 'Rough Tooth" dolphin, which is 14-15 years old, is in very good health thanks to timely diagnosis and treatment during the several weeks he spent at the Tortugranja. The Director of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the dolphin facility, Roberto Sanchez, said, "Now we are taking a last sample of blood and putting a microchip with a satellite tag and unique ID number. Then we will know he is ready to return to the sea, and we can follow his location for about 75 days.
    Previously another dolphin was restored to health in a similar manner, called "Maya", who was released in March 2015 after four weeks of recovery under the care of specialists from the dolphin facility. 

Raising his three children alone 
Solo cría a sus tres hijosVer masFull article at this link
Mr. Jesus Estrella, 36, "celebrates" Father's Day in the midst of challenges that he faces day by day to raise his three children alone, which he has been doing for nine years. They are 15, 12, and 9 years of age, and all of them are in school.
        He lives in colonia Guadalupana and supports his family on his income of 200 pesos a day, feeding and dressing his children and installing values in them about respect, work, and honesty. The mother left them when the youngest was a newborn. 
      He said, "It has not been easy to carry out this commitment, and has been possible with the help of God." He is teaching his children values and to not make the same mistakes he did, referring to consuming drugs and alcohol. He said he now stays away from all of that, and is focused on parenting.
   At an early hour, he can be seen on his scooter, because he takes his children to and from school every day, then goes to the beach to sell his wares. He said his life is not easy and  that he faces daily challenges to raise the children without the help of a woman. He respects the many people who face daily personal challenges and who deserve dignity. 
  His humble home is made of sheets of tin, and represents the difficulties of a father who takes all the responsibility for his family, who live on a lot by the second entrance of Guadalupana, which is where many working families with few resources live. The oldest of his children is about to complete middle school, the other two are in primary school, and are not failing.

Isla Mujeres news briefs 
Breves de Isla Mujeres[+] Ver masFull article at this link
    A person was convulsing in the street, allegedly from consuming too much alcohol, and was taken by the Red Cross personnel to the Community Hospital. The incident occurred in front of the hospital, and the patient was given immediate attention, while spectators were curious and concerned. In that area of colonia La Gloria, near the hospital, there are groups of alcoholics in the streets, and many are young people, who often annoy residents and tourists by asking for pesos.

   The weather forecast indicates rainfall on the Yucatan peninsula for the rest of the weekend.

Today's forecast from CONAGUA predicts strong storms & winds, due to that system of low pressure in the graphic, which is #2 in the NOAA 5 day outlook (HERE) & they're watching it for development in the Gulf after it passes over us. There's more rain behind it from that tropical wave down by South America.

Unhappy fishermen 
Pescadores inconformes o .. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
  See translation in TVIM. It is also noted that attendees at the meeting will also include officials with CONAPESCA (National Fishing Commission) and with  the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, and Fishing. The fishermen will seek federal involvement for a bilateral agreement with Cuba which would eliminate the capture of Bonito in these waters, since the Cuban fleet has been coming closer over the years until they are now fishing 12 miles from Isla Mujeres.
   The fishermen showed photos of a Cuban fishing boat of the type Lamda, with five "Dinguis" (smaller boats?), but there is also a flotilla of several Cuban fishing boats. They are capturing bonito in this area, which is substituted for tuna. But the fishermen of Isla Mujeres and this area have another use for this species, as bait. Also, these fish come to this area to spawn, which coincides with the arrival of hundreds of whale sharks, who feed on these eggs.
    "If the resource is over-exploited, the time will come when whale sharks will no longer be arriving,  and this will affect hundreds of permit holders who offer tours for observing and swimming with the whale sharks," said Raziel Rivero, president of the Patria & Progreso cooperative, who were mostly responsible for the mobilization of seafarers on this day. It was also attended by members of the Social Justicia and the Caribe cooperatives.
   They had planned to go to the area where the Cubans are fishing shortly after noon on Saturday, but this was canceled at the request of Baltazar Gómez, president of the Federation of Fishing Cooperatives of Quintana Roo, who invited them to attend the meeting with the Commissioner of  CONAPESCA, and other officials,  on June 22 to discuss the issue.
      Mr. Raziel Rivero said that if there is no progress in their requests, then they will resume their plan to prevent Cuban fishermen from continuing to catch the bonito species. He said, "We will no longer allow them to continue their activity, with our presence at the scene."       Each Cuban ship captures tens of tons of bonito at a time, (allegedly) in waters that are now part of the Biosphere Reserve of the Mexican Caribbean, so the regional director of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp), Ricardo Gómez, was also informed and told about the risk represented by the over-exploitation of the resource. Mr. Gómez Catzín said the regional director supports the position of the local fishermen.

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June Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

The Circus is in Town: 
"Arriving for the first time & for a short period, directly from Mexico City, the Afeere Brothers International Circus. Feel the maximum excitement with the 4 suicidal motorcycles in the Globe of Death, and the acrobats performing feats on the Fantastic Pendulum more that 10 meters in the the air. A show of this magnitude happens only once a year!"
In front of the Caribbean Sea (on the Caribbean coastal road, south of Salinas-Meteorologico & north of Isla 33).
 Daily 6:30  & 8:30p

Thursday, June 1 Navy Day  Día de la Marina
Memorial placing of the wreath at sea (in the Bahia). Boats leave the pier near the car ferry at 10:30am

Saturday & Sunday, June 3 & 4  Cosme Magana Fishing Tournament New Date: Weather permitting

Sunday, June 4 Noches Magicas at 8pm on the Town Square will feature the Isla Mujeres Senior Citizen's Choir & performances by three dance troupes from Cancun.
Monday, June 5 World Environment Day  

Thursday, June 8 World Ocean's Day & Playa Centro (aka Posada Beach) will receive its third Blue Flag award, during the XII National Meeting of Clean Beaches, which will be held in Bahía de Banderas, on the Riviera de Nayarit. The flag raising ceremony is scheduled for July 4. 

June  9   7:41
June 10   8:30
June 11   9:17 
June 12  10:03
June 13  10:47
June 14   11:29 
Sunday, June 11 Town Square 8p: Special Edition of Noches Magicas "Senior Citizen's Club" featuring the Senior Citizen Choir, the Senior Citizen Dance Troupe, and the musical groupe Mar & Arena (Sea & Sand).

The nine days of festivities in honor of "Corpus Christi" at the Sacred Heart of Jesus church in colonia La Gloria will continue thru next Friday, June 23rd and include a dance with live music, performances by various dance troupes, musical groups, and other events. Photo from Por Esto.

Friday, June 16 7p  Fund raising benefit dinner for Brazos Abiertos & their volunteers at aMar Peruvian restaurant with a special tapas menu

Saturday, June 17 Brazos Abiertos is back for their IX health campaign for the prevention of teenage pregnancy, HIV and STD's. They will be in La Gloria Park Saturday 10-2 offering rapid, confidential HIV tests, counseling, and immediate results.
Sunday, June 18 Father's Day Run  “De los corredores para los corredores” (From the runners for the runners)  begins at 6:45am on Sunday at the parking lot next to the Mundaca palapa on Paseo de los Peces Avenue.The distances are: 5 and 10km for adults, 400 meters for children up to 6 years, 1km for children up to 9 years, 2km for children up to 14 years and 2km for those who just want to walk. There will be hydration provided and some gifts for the participants.

Sunday, June 18 Father's Day & Noches Magicas at 8pm on the Town Square presents performances by the Ballet Folklorico of Cancun & the dance troupe Playa Dance.

Tuesday, June 20 Summer Solstice (11:24pm)

 Friday & Saturday, June 23 & 24 Women's Fishing Tournament  Dorado del Caribe  Probably to be  rescheduled

Friday, June 23 Dance event at the Mundaca Theater, next to the Mundaca apartments 8p
Friday, June 23 On the Town Square at 8pm on Friday, June 23, the orchestra Típica Tumben K'ai will perform, who are students from Chetumal.

Saturday & Sunday, June 24 & 25 Cosme Alberto Martinez Magana Fishing Tournament

Saturday, June 24 Dance event 5p behind the Casa de la Cultura 4th Edition of Danzarte with over 200 dancers performing from Isla Mujeres & other parts of the state.
Sunday, June 25 Noches Magicas at 8pm on the Town Square

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