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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Saturday, August 3: The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



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Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

  Uneventful Summer Vacation season so far
Security & Monitoring in the public beaches of the tourism areas 

“Saldo blanco” hasta el momento

Viernes, 02 de Agosto de 2013 21:35

Vigilancia y seguridad en las áreas de playas públicas en zonas turísticas

ISLA MUJERES, 2 de agosto.-The reporter toured the beaches of Posada del Mar, Playa Norte, Riíto and Media Luna, and noted the Naval patrols on land and at sea, as well as their module on Playa Norte. There have been no serious incidents, and as of yesterday they had only treated "less than' four cases of heatstroke. This year the Naval module is on Playa Norte rather than the Posada Beach, because the Posada Beach is mainly used by local families with an extensive knowledge of the area, while the tourists on North Beach are unaware of local conditions. In an interview with tourists, they spoke about the fine white sand and the clean clear waters, which gave them confidence to enjoy the sea without danger of suffering a cut or skin problem from bad water.
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Restaurateurs: without the expected sales this season

Restauranteros, sin las ventas esperadas en esta temporada

Viernes, 02 de Agosto de 2013 20:46

Many arrive but it is not reflected in the occupation of tables & chairs at the restaurants

Mucha afluencia, pero no se ve reflejada en la ocupación de las mesas y sillas de los centros de consumo


ISLA MUJERES, 02 de agosto.-
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While the beaches appear full, this is not reflected in the commercial activity at the hotels and restaurants, which is at ~ 40% and decreasing according to Chamber of Commerce president, Juan Carrillo Figueroa. He said the end of the holidays is approaching and the outlook is not encouraging. After the second half of August, there are closures and layoffs ("solidarity breaks") during September, October, and mid-November. 
Program captures the children's interest 

Programa cautiva el interés de los niños

Viernes, 02 de Agosto de 2013 20:26

ISLA MUJERES, 2 de agosto.- 
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The summer program Verano “Baaxlo’ob Paalalo’ob 2013 is coordinated by the Sports & Recreation Department and includes 12 supervisors. One of the highlights of the activities last week was a visit to the aquarium in the municipality of  Benito Juarez (Cancun).  The children visited the ruins of "El Meco" with Isla Mujeres historian Fidel Villanueva Madrid, who offered an interesting discussion about this important place in our township. They have also been on tours at the Tortugranja, Garrafon Park, and the Aguakan facility, as well as enjoying a rally and taking an excursion to Punta Sur (South Point) and viewing its sculptures.
  In addition to these activities and playing games, they have made pinatas from recycled materials, done painting and balloon animals, and had workshops with Public Safety (police), Civil Protection (Lifeguards, firemen, etc), Amigos de Isla Contoy (an environmental NGO), and PAMAR (Association for Children and Teens at risk). In the near future, they plan to visit Capt. Dulche Museum, the Naval Base, the Cancun Planetarium, and then the program will close with a camp in the sports areas of the island.
   In the article in SIPSE (below) it notes there are 42 children enrolled in the program. There are more photos below from the City Facebook page.

 Tvisla Mujeres


Noticias de El Quintanarroense

Disputed property Predio en disputa
The property of about 100 square meters has been occupied by the PRI office since the 1990's, who have a lease on the property, and the new board for the fishing cooperative "Caribe" are seeking to clarify its documentation from the Lima family, and an accounting concerning a debt to the state government.  There are also concerns about an allegation about nearly half a ton of lobster 'disappearing'.

Noticias de  Quequi......

Home rentals affect tourism sector

  • Se dispara negocio de renta de casas


    Se dispara negocio de renta de casas

    0 02 de agosto de 2013

    Por Carlos Gasca-Quequi.- Juan Carlos Figueroa, leader of the Chamber of Commerce estimates there are over 70 homes in Isla Mujeres that are rented by their owners to tourists, and he thinks that many operated as  "Time Shares" and are owned by foreigners. He believes the majority are clandestine and supplying irregular income, because he thinks the owners do not pay taxes. He estimates they receive between 13,000 and 25,000 pesos monthly, depending on their location and sea views. He says they are rented to whole Mexican families, and to American tourists. He notes the renters buy groceries and spend less money on hotels and restaurants, which is not beneficial to the tourism industry of the island.
  • Permanecen más de 700 toneladas de desechos


     Over 700 Tonnes of Trash Remain

    Permanecen más de 700 toneladas de desechos

    0 02 de agosto de 2013

    Por Carlos Gasca-Quequi.- More than 700 tons of trash remain at the Trash Transfer facility. Las week the state government sent two trash trucks, and eight dump trucks were hired. They are removing ~150 tonnes of trash daily, but the task will take longer than a single week. Neighbors continue to complain about the odors.

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Residents seek improved security

solicitan Ciudadano s seguridad

solicitan Ciudadanos seguridad
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The taxi driver of cab #73 asked the reporter to take his complaint about the vehicle being hit during the night while it was parked in La Gloria.  The reporter says the complainant, and other residents of La Gloria,  want improved monitoring by authorities because  crimes like motorcycle theft and burglary have increased. They also ask that the police prevent minors from driving, and say they have seen adults driving who don't seem to be familiar with traffic laws.

Mantiene partido publicidad

Mantiene partido publicidad
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Summer Camp offers fun and learning to islander children

Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad

 por esto

PROFEPA Neglecting Whale Sharks

Profepa descuida a tiburones ballena[+] Ver mas
Por Esto estimates that 50% of the boats offering whale shark tours are owned by individuals who are not licensed for the tours, and some do not follow regulations or are over 40 feet in length. The lack of expertise by those individuals, as well as by some licensed providers, have caused injuries to the whale sharks, according to a licensee, who says there is a risk that the animals could seek alternative routes and disappear from the area. A similar situation occurred with the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks after continuous visits by divers caused the sharks to go elsewhere. Por Esto says the PROFEPA vessel monitors the area sporadically, once a week for an hour or two. The licensees want improved monitoring of the unlicensed yachts who ignore the rules and do not comply with the regulations, such as not allowing more than two tourists in the water with a guide, and they must wear a life jacket and no sunscreen. The unauthorized boats may carry 20 or more people, although regulations allow only ten. Recently there was a catamaran of 140 feet, and a few days ago a wave runner was seen. Boats with inboard motors have been seen, while the permittees must use an approved outboard motor and maintain their equipment. They have seen at least five whale sharks with tail injuries. 

Alarming Motorcycle Robberies
Alarman robos de motocicletas+] Ver mas
A few years ago there were only two or three motorcycle thefts per year, while there have been twenty stolen so far this year. They are dismantled and sold for parts, and the Municipal Police and the State Judicial Police are working together to catch the thieves & to determine if it is an organized network. Most of the vehicles have been recovered,  and some were complete, some were without their wheels, and others were virtually dismantled. The most recent stolen motorcycle was on July 1, and it was recovered near Playa Lancheros without wheels. It has been returned to its owner, and the case is being handled by the Public Ministry. Minors have been caught red handed in a motorcycle theft, and were released by the Public Prosecutor because of their age. The Head of Public Security, Leo Ortiz Medoza, said the island needs a Special Prosecutor for Minors so they would no longer need to transport them to Cancun.

Hazardous Storm Drains

Rejillas del drenaje, trampas[+] Ver mas
These drains are near the soccer & baseball fields, and have caused accidents, although no one has been hurt. Neighbors said recently a tourist got the wheel of a golf cart in one of the holes, but drove right out again, and that a child playing soccer got a foot among the grids, and that motorcycles sometimes take the corner too sharply and their wheels touch the area. One resident noted, "They have previously been repaired during this administration, but perhaps because the area is built upon a salina, or perhaps the materials were of poor quality, they are again in need of maintenance."

Todos trabajando duro estos días+] Ver mas
Everyone is working hard these days
Although more tourists visit for the day that stay overnight, there has been a very positive economic impact by the 'daytrippers', especially among the providers of boat tours and the agencies who rent golf carts, who are practically rented out by noon. The overnight tourist are better customers for the whale shark tours, and they visit archaeological sites and theme parks. Many Mexican tourists and families are seen arriving on the ferries early in the day. Upon arrival, they are offered boat tours with lunches or golf cart rentals, which some accept; while others head for the white sand beaches, the shade of the palm trees, and the clear blue sea. The first aid station has treated one skin irritation from excessive sun, but no cuts, lesions, or stings. The reporter noted there were shoppers buying items, and an average number of diners at the restaurants.

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

 Sunrise yesterday morning from MVC B&B

Upcoming Events
The Town Anniversary Festival (I think...I have to look up the dates)
Turtle Releases (Announced a day or two before & dependent on sea conditions)

Critter events...
It is currently the season for swimming with the whale sharks, and turtles are mating offshore & nesting on the eastern beaches. The mating is visible by day, especially off Punta Sur, the South Point. The nesting happens in the wee hours, and there are Tortugranja personnel, volunteers, and Naval staff monitoring the beaches to prevent people from disrupting them, and to gather and transport the eggs for incubation.
       By far, most of the turtles nesting in Isla Mujeres are Green turtles (called Blancas in Spanish), and the second most common are the huge Loggerheads, and there are some Hawksbills.  The Green turtles take ~60 days to hatch and the hatchlings are released by the public at events at dusk on Media Luna or Guadalupana beaches until late September or early October.
    Lately there have been many rays, in addition to many whale sharks. Offshore from MVC, we have been seeing dolphins from the balcony,  and many fish while snorkeling. Lotsa mama turtles visiting our beach lately. 

 There are small red crabs that migrate to & from the sea in July-August, watch out for them at night on the coastal road at the southeastern part of the isle.
  Lobster season began July 1 and continues until the end of February. 

 John Cain's schedule is
  Tuesday- Cafe Del Mar, 8-10, solo guitar & vocals

Wednesday- Bally Hoo, 7-9, Sol Rockers band
 Friday- Iguana Bar-7-9, solo guitar & vocals
  Sunday- Bahia Tortuga- 7-9, Sol Rockers band  

 Ken Wanovich
Sat 8/03 - Bahia Tortuga, 6-8pm.
Tue 8/06 - Bahia Tortuga, 6-8pm.
Wed 8/07 - Mamacita's, 6-8pm.
Thur 8/08 - Brisas Grill, 5-7pm.

More information on how to spot them:

Saturday's Live Music:

3-5   Frequencia Tropikal Total: Cumbia Reggae LINK
Chuuk Kay:  3:30-6:30 Banda Sin Nombre  LINK
Casa de los Suenos:  4-7 w 1/2 price appetizers  LINK LINK
Iguanas: 6:30-8:30  Tropical Groove* (They seen to have changed their name to Frequencia Tropikal Total) w BBQ ribs, steaks,etc   LINK   LINK   
Brisas Grill: ~7p   Cuban trio  LINK
Sunset Grill: Sunset Keyboard & vocals  LINK

Fenix: 8-10  Latin Jazz w Fabio
Faynes 8-10  Raul Alexis  LINK
Comono 8:30-11  Marco LINK
Poc Na p Kapanga  ?   Link
Ocean Blues & Sassy Jazz  8-10   La Guera & Willy's Blues  LINK

Fenix 10:30-2 DJ Mandrake   LINK
Faynes 10:30-12  Banda Sin Nombre  LINK
La Terraza 10p-close Salsa & Latin  LINK

Poc Na  Kapanga continues  Link
Tres Mentiras ?  LINK
La Catrina ?  LINK LINK 
 On the internet in the past 24 hours...
Ready for another Super Sàbado en Fenix!
Frequencia Tropikal Total::Cumbia Reggae 3-5pm
Fabio Armaroli::Latin Jazz 8-10
DJ Mandrak::Fiesta Electronica `Let`s Dude This!`10:30pm-2am
Come and Dance till it hurts, Take a Siesta on one of our Beach Beds, and then Dance some MORE!
Tammi Lewis   Miguel's weekend schedule is routine this weekend
Saturday - Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres 6:30p - 8:30p, Faynes BarandGrill 10:30p - 12a, Tequileria La Adelita 12a - 2a, 
Sunday Bahia Torgua 7pm - 9pm and Fayne's BarandGrill 10:30pm - 12:00am. I'll be there in heart!

todos los sabados  Every Saturday
apartir de las 8 am  From 8am:
LECHON AL HORNO  Young pig roasted
*tortas   Sandwiches
... *tacos
*por kilo  by weight
y apartir de las 12 del dia From noon:
*queso relleno  Cheese stuffed with ground meat
*puchero de dos carnes  Stew with two meats
estamos hubicados a unos pasos de la capilla de guadalupe pedidos al 9981448474
We are a few steps from the Guadalupe Chapel, phone in orders at 9981448474

Queso Relleno is a local specialty that is not found on many menus in Isla Mujeres.  It is made with a 'bola' of Edam cheese, which is partly 'scooped out' and filled with seasoned ground meat, and accompanied by two sauces. There are usually capers & olives involved.  Recipe  


Aqua Adventures Eco Divers Isla Mujeres Wilbert, Ralph, Jennifer, Chris enjoying this afternoon's dive, Aug 2 2013Cross of the Bay and Manchones (33 photos)


Cheryl Coker Brewer  Right before he fell almost on David.

These are videos on Capt Tony's page...

Isla Mujeres  On my way to Isla Mueres  Camino a Isla Mujeres
````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` shared Marla Bainbridge's photo. Look at that water! I miss ‪#‎mexico‬ and ‪#‎islamujeres‬
Fredys Antonio Poot Ucan shared a photo.
who wants a beer??
The Cross and divers having fun........

Rick Melase shared Villa La Bella's photo. Sweet home away from home....
Caribbean blues...

Barb Lutz is a strong, caring wife, mother and grandmother. She moved to Mexico one year ago with her husband after losing her career due to health issues while waiting for her disability insurance to start. She was finally approved after a two year wait, but the coverage has not yet started. On August 1st she went to the hospital in Cancun and needed emergency surgery for an obstructed bowel. The surgery went well and saved her life, but shortly after she learned she had abdominal sepsis. She is now being treated for this, but will not know if for 24-48 hours if the medicine will help. She may need another surgery. In Mexico hospital visits including surgery, even emergency, have to to paid for upfront. The family is struggling to come up with these funds. The balance thus far is around 15k.

Katie Cain  English class at the library
Jul Isla updated her cover photo. Fenix...near the Avalon bridge on Playa Norte/North Beach

Jennifer Kellyposted toIsla Mujeres Scholarship Group  It has been such an honor to be a part of this program. I have supported Raul for the last two years while he worked hard to earn his architecture degree. He will be graduating September 21 and I plan to travel to Valladolid to attend. While on Isla last week we met up for breakfast and he gave me this amazing painting that he made just for me. I love that we have become so close and that he calls me Godmother. I'm excited to see where this degree takes him. Raul has big plans and I know that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. — with Raul.
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Caribe On Canvas TGIF everyone! Wish I was on the island for Friday happy hour at Soggy Peso!

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

The Early Edition has headlines & newspaper photographs.
This Afternoon Edition has translated articles, events, & original photos with the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section.
 There are always links to the original articles.
  If  there is a headline, but no translation,  the information was probably already translated recently.

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