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Red Cross International Fishing Tournament, "Pirate" Golf Cart Agent Accused, Free Equivalency Exams, Election Officials Prepare, PRI Plans To Chose Candidate, Businessman Accused Of Theft, Dust Off Your Hat, Half a Hotel Full, New Director Talks Trash, Painting All The Schools In Isla Mujeres News Thursday, April 18 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Housing Agency Director Takes Office
On Tuesday I translated an article about the 31st Special Session of the City Council, where new officials were sworn in to replace those who resigned. At this 33rd Special Session of the City Council on Wednesday, there was unanimous approval of   Jaziby León Márquez to serve as director of the municipal Housing agency, the Instituto de Patrimonio, Vivienda y Regularización, and he took the oath of office. He previously served in Public Works. Public accountant Jaime Rubén Cohuó Barnet was sworn in as director of Expenditures (Egresos).  No officials were sworn in at the 32nd Special Session due to an official being unable to attend because of illness. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  

Commisionistas Seek Intervention Against "Pirate"
Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  and Quequi/Carlos Gasca report that Daniel Catalán  has been accused of overcharging tourists for golf cart rentals.  A group of tourism promoters reported him to the Municipal Tourist Police and to the Director of Tourism (who was just sworn in Tuesday). He is accused of renting golf carts for $250 and $300 dollars, (Yes, both articles say dollars, not pesos) while the commissionistas offer them for 180 pesos per hour. He was briefly detained. The articles say Daniel Catalan works for the business Albatros de Cancún, and here is a direct translation from DQR: "The plaintiffs claim that the detainee, it seems, works for two men who are known as "El Tyson" and "El Pantoja", from whom he receives up to $ 150 dollars for each of the carts he rents."   The accusers say this is a blatant abuse of visitors which tarnishes the image of Isla Mujeres, and say this occurs everyday by workers of Albatros Cancun, whom they call “comisionistas piratas”. The complainants are tourism promoters who are registered with the Director of Tourism, who protested that this company  “robando el mandado” while they have ID's and are required to follow regulations.
(The usual rental rate for golf carts is around $50/day or $65/24 hours, before discounts or negotiations.)

Adult Education Campaign Offers Free Equivalency Exam
The Adult Education Agency,  Instituto Nacional para la Educación de los Adultos Mayores (INEA), is launching the first national campaign, Primera Jornada Nacional de Incorporación y Acreditación 2013, on April 19-21st.  The INEA invites all islanders over age 15 who have not completed their basic education to participate. The article lists the required documents, and states that on April 20 from 9am to 3pm in La Gloria at the Community Plaza “4 de Marzo” they will be offering free testing ("a diagnostic questionnaire"). The results of the tests will be delivered within 10 days, and certificates will be given to those who are successful. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  

PRI Selecting Delegates
The PRI party is in the process of choosing 177 delegates from their party members. Those who are interested in participating should appear in person to register. Of the 177 spaces, 62 are designated for men over 35, 27 spaces for men up to 35 years, 62 spaces for women older than 35 years and 26 spaces for women to 35 years of age.  The delegates will assemble for an election on Friday, April 19 at the local Taxi union lodge at 6pm, with the Political Council (144 members) and representativeness of sectors and organizations (33 members), which is a total of 354 people who will select the PRI municipal candidates. If one candidate is chosen, registration will occur on Tuesday, April 23 between 10am and 3pm.  If more are chosen, there will be another meeting on May 5th. Source: TV Isla Mujeres

Election Official Explains
The Isla Mujeres election official who is president of the Con­sejo XIV Distrital Electo­ral de Quintana Roo, Rubén Pérez Mar­tín, explained that they will display the "lists nominal" of citizens who have voting credentials and are eligible to vote in the election on July 7. They are in the early stage of the notification process which involves a total of 56  "capa­ci­ta­do­res" of whom 16 will serve the island, and 40 on the mainland. There will be about 100 voting boxes, which will be overseen by 700 citizens, with officers (pre­si­den­te, secre­ta­rio, escru­ta­dor and 3  su­plen­tes (alternates?) ) at each voting center. Officials are selected in a three part process by the Electoral Council. Rosalba Balam said 5988 citizens will be notified to select the 700 officials to oversee the voting boxes and take part to promote democracy in society. They expect more that 80,000 citizens will be voting to select a deputy (Congressperson) and  ~17,000 to participate in the local elections. and Source: Quintanarroense/Ovidio Lopez

Red Cross International Fishing Tournament
The Red Cross will hold an International Fishing Tournament:  Torneo Internacional de Pesca Deportiva to raise money for the organization. Twelve boats have registered, at a cost of $250 dollars each and the event will take place Thursday, Friday, and will conclude on Saturday, April 20th. This event gives foreigners an opportunity to participate and support this worthy organization. This is expected to become an annual event. Registration is available at the  Marina “Club de Yates Isla Mujeres” with  Anthony Mendillo, executive coordinator of the Red Cross. The prizes are symbolic and first place will be awarded for a sailfish: pez vela de coral negro.  Source: Quintanarroense/Ovidio Lopez 

Dust Off Your Hat To Benefit CENDI
The traditional DIF breakfast, Desayuno del Sombrero will be held at the restaurant of the museum Capitan Dulche at 8:30am on April 27th to benefit CENDI, child care center. CENDI offers care to 64 islander infants daily from 7am to 4pm for the convenience of working parents. The women at the breakfast donate 250 pesos, and participate in a raffle and hat competitions. There will be young people on a runway modeling bathing suits, with designs from the island boutique "Orchids" by Paula Parra. Tickets are available at the DIF office, and they are hoping the number of participants will exceed previous years. Source Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina

Mayor Plans To Depart With Debts Paid
On Monday the official list of directors was announced. The mayor spoke about the change of government that took place five years ago, which changed after 30 years, and about their high expectations to serve the people. The challenges and commitments he has assumed include a determination to leave everything in order when he completes his term on September 30th, including completing the public works under construction, being accountable to the people, and turning over the government to the next mayor without public debt and with sustainable finances.  The official list of directors is as follows (the positions were translated in a previous post):       
Secretario General, José Inés Aguilar Rodríguez; Oficial Mayor, Juan Carlos Burgos Baeza; Dirección de Ingresos, Luis Sulub Trejo; Dirección de Egresos, Jaime Cohuo Barnet; Dirección de Desarrollo Urbano, Marcos Alfonso Velázquez Cabrera; Dirección de Medio Ambiente, Ricardo Alvarado; Dirección de Catastro, Alejandro García Pérez;  Dirección de Turismo, Isac Sulú Martínez; Dirección de Recursos Humanos, Jorge Leonardo Iuit; Dirección de Educación, Aracely Mendicuti; Dirección de Cultura, Carlos García García; Dirección de Deportes, Natanael Gallegos Salinas; Dirección de Servicios Públicos, Gerardo Aceves Velázquez; Subdirección de Servicios Públicos, Josefa Castellanos; Dirección de Asuntos Jurídicos, Antonio Galué; Dirección de Fiscalización, Mario Chable; IPAVIR, Lorie Jaziby León Marquez; Zofemat, José Ríos Chale; y en la Unidad de Vinculación y Transparencia, Raziel Antonio Poot Hau. Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina

Hotels Half Full
Hotel occupancy is about 50 percent with increases to 50-60% on the weekends. Currently the HIM Hotel Association reported 44% occupancy while others were at 60%, giving a global occupancy of 55%, according to the municipal Department of Tourism. Source:  Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina

New Director Talks Trash
Gerardo Rosales,  the new director of the municipal Department of Public Services, said they are currently removing 60 tonnes daily from the Trash Transfer facility which houses a backlog of ~400 tonnes of trash. This accumulation is attributed to the problems associated with usage of the smaller ferry. By the end of the month the official expects (or is the same word in Spanish) to have removed 90% of the accumulated trash. They are also working on restructuring the garbage collection routes for quicker, more efficient service. Source Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina

Painting All The Schools
The local Secretary of Education, Gilberto Avalos Galue, announced a project to paint all the schools in Isla Mujeres, sponsored by Governor Roberto Borge Angulo. Measurements have been taken and a brigade will arrive that is expected to complete the job within 15 days.  Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina

Businessman Accused Of Theft
Por Esto reports that over 20,000 pesos worth of cell phones and computers have been stolen by a businessman, whose name is given as Alejandro Ruiz Gama and who also appears on Facebook as "Axel Ruiz Gama"and  “Jonathan Ruiz Gama”. He opened a store on Allende between Rueda Medina and Juarez, downtown, called "Lab-Cel", offering repairs and maintenance, in addition to sales of cell phones at low cost, without knowing their origins, says PE. The store was open for a little more than a week, where people handed over their iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and Zperia Plays. Since Saturday, his whereabouts are unknown and he is not available at his phone number. He was staying at Caribe Maya, having paid in advance, where hotel workers have not seen him lately. People who lent him money were also deceived. PE says people should not trust him and should report him to the police at 999 0051 if they know his whereabouts. In the store all that remains are two broken laptops that are very old, and some old phones.

Clinical Complaints
Por Esto reports there are complaints about the lack of hypertensive meds at the General Hospital, as well as a lack of X-ray services. Three women said the pharmacy lacked basic medicines last week such as paracetamol, and they had to pay out of pocket. (That is acetaminophen...Tylenol. Hypertensive meds treat elevated blood pressure). On Tuesday the X-Ray machine was out of order.  

I have intentions to review and translate yesterday's news, but for now I have to go!

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 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
El DIF Isla Mujeres invita al Tradicional Desayuno del Sombrero a beneficio del CENDI.

Sábado 27 de Abril
Museo Capitán Dulché
8:30 de la mañana
Costo: $250 pesos

¡Premios a los mejores sombreros, rifas de regalos, pasarela y muchos más, en este día de playa!

Venta de boletos en las oficinas del Sistema DIF.
El DIF Isla Mujeres invita al Tradicional Desayuno del Sombrero a beneficio del CENDI.

Wilbert swimming with loggerhead on April 15 dive. I asked him to provide a turtle for the dive. He whistled his Tortuga whistle as we backrolled off the boat. This loggerhead was waiting for us below Amalia!!
Wilbert swimming with loggerhead on April 15 dive.   I asked him to provide a turtle for the dive.  He whistled his Tortuga whistle as we backrolled off the boat.  This loggerhead was waiting for us below Amalia!!

Beverly Willard shared Hotel Posada Del Mar's photo.
Breakfast was of my favorites on the glad they are open!
Muy rico!!

Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres updated their cover photo.
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 Maria Elsy Avalos Galue's photo.
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 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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