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Possible Celebrity Sightings Today, Free Training About Pleasing Tourists, Ready For Regattas, Tournament Expected To Boost Occupancy, Female Firefighter Goes To Academy, One Fourth Of A Ferry Terminal, Improved Benefits For Seniors, TV Program Promotes Isla, Protecting Endagered Plants In Isla Mujeres News Friday, April 19 Today's Stories: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Inspectors Find Protected Species Violations

Federal inspectors for the Environmental Protection Agency, PROFEPA, identified two properties where protected plant species have been destroyed, including sea grapes, chit palms, and mangroves. One of the properties is in Colothe Capilla de Guadalupe was constructed, in colonia Salinas, and the other is on the Caribbean perimeter road, near the high school Colegio Bachilleres. The second property is adjacent to the gas station, and is apparently owned by the brother in law of former mayor Paulino Adame Torres, whose name is given as Manuel Mendoza Vidal. DQR says he wants to build a convenience store by the gas station, as is commonly done, but it seems he lacks the necessary permits. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  

Promoting Isla On TV Show "Fashion Tour"

Isla Mujeres will be featured in an episode of "Fashion Tour" which has been on the air for three years on Unicable and Televisa. The municipal Tourism Trust will assist during the two days of filming. Among attractions featured in the episode will be gastronomy, history, sites of interest and natural beauty. The want to convey the charm and simplicity of the people who live here, and to not only feature the reefs and beaches, but to also share the flavors of the island, including its customs and night life. The episode is scheduled to air during the second week in May. The hostess is  María Ángela Meotti, who is known as “Chica Gana Gol”.(Girl Gets Goal). She was born on an island in Brazil, and spoke enthusiastically about the beauty and deliciousness of Isla Mujeres. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca   (These are from a previous episode that featured Isla Mujeres, from YouTube, 2011, which isn't mentioned in the articles. There are several versions, and I cannot verify that I have a matching set of part I & II until after I publish).

Senior Citizen Benefits Increased
President  Nieto has changed the program "70 y mas" to "65 y mas", and senior citizens can register on Saturday, April 20, at the Senior Citizens Club at noon. The article lists the documents that should be presented. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca   

Complaining about SINTRA

Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina reports that citizens are dissatisfied with the work done by SINTRA (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) in the downtown area. Rodrigo Sánchez, who has a jewelry shop, complained about the paving work and the broken planters. The reporter mentions the area on Carlos Lazo that was unfinished and the City installed asphalt, which now has potholes forming. He also complains about the storm drains on Rueda Medina, the main street, calling them "death traps".

Ferry Terminal 25% Complete
 Ricardo Argaes Ancona, manager of the Port Association API (Asociación Portuaria Integral) reported that construcion on the new ferry terminal is 25% complete. This work is being done with an investment of 33 million pesos, for a facility of 1750 square meters, which will include a waiting room for 150 people, bathrooms and lockers, as well as a shower area and a waiting room for 46 people for the people who are wet from the snorkeling tours. Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina 

Firefighters To Academy For Training & Certification
The Director of Civil Protection, Gabriel Sulu Martinez, announced that six Isla Mujeres firefighters, including one woman, will attend the Regional Fire Academy, in Playa del Carmen, beginning on Monday.  They will receive basic training, as well as well as the use and handling of compressed air tanks, or MayDay,  and will become certified. This information will complement their knowledge and training and make more people available to help fight forest fires. The director mentioned the donation of fire suits by the business sector/ Souce: SIPSE/Lanrry Parra

Occupancy & Upcoming Events

Por Esto reports that occupancy is at 50% overall and that Isla Mujeres is confident that the occupancy will be 80% during the Cosme Magana fishing tournament on May 17-19th. There were 144 boats registered last year and that number is expected to be higher this year.  The new tourism director, Isaac Sulu Martinez said that occupancy is not expected to rise prior to the fishing tournament in mid May. He said the women's fishing tournament doesn't affect occupancy because it is a local tournament, and added that the participants of the Regattas of Sol al Sol y Amigos do not rent a significant number of rooms either. The Cosme Magana fishing tournament is being promoted in the neighboring states of Campeche and Yucatan. Fishermen are attracted by the cash prizes, and this year the second prize is a pick-up truck, donated by the state government. First place takes 250,000 pesos and third place wins 100,000 pesos, with fourth taking 50,000 and fifth gets 20,000. Sixth thru tenth places receive motorcycles, while the remaining prizes are gift certificates for hotels, restaurants, swimming with the dolphins, or theme parks, among others.

Free Workshops For Better Service To Tourists


A schedule of training courses for employees of businesses involved in tourism has been announced. These free classes are offered by the state Ministry of Tourism (SEDETUR) through the state Institute of Job Training (ICATQR), in coordination with the municipal tourism agency. The workshops begin on April 23 with the six hour course "Servicio & Atención Efectiva para el Cliente" and on April 25 they will offer  5’s de la Calidad (Calidad is Quality..a letter appears to be missing) . During the month of May they will offer the following classes: : Curso-Taller: integración Humana y Trabajo en Equipo; Módulo Diplomado: Legislación Turística y Trata de Personas y el Curso: Cortesía Telefónica. (The first is a workshop about teamwork, the second is about tourism legislation, and the last is about telephone courtesy). In July there will be a course about tourism and children).
 The Institute of Job Training (ICAT) is offering courses for tourist guides including First Aid, CPR, Touristic Geography of the Península de Yucatán and Quintana Roo, and a Leading of Groups course, with dates to be announced. The Director of Tourism,  Isaac Sulú Martínez, invited businesses to participate and sid the deadline to register is Friday April 19th, at the offices of his agency. Source: Gov website   /  

The Yachtsmen Are Coming!
Enrique Lima Zuno, promoter for the Regata Sol al Sol XLV, said that everything is ready for this event which has taken place for 45 years. The yachts will set sail from St Petersburg Florida on April 26 and are expected to arrive in Isla Mujeres between April 28 and the first of May.
    This race and the attractions of Isla Mujeres are being promoted in a magazine called "Southwinds" which is distributed in the southeastern United States, and covers the yacht clubs and marinas of the Gulf of Mexico.
      The government of Mexico supports this event and has given special instructions to the Navy, Harbor Master, Immigration, Customs, Ministry of Health and SAGARPA to streamline procedures and facilitate the entry of the yachtsmen into Mexican territory The Governor of Quintana
Roo has supported this event, and since 1969 has offered a formal banquet where the trophies are presented to the winners.
      Sr Lima added that there are no cash prizes in this event and that they compete for the honor of proving they are the best in their category. The trophies are  "perpetual" and returned year after year.
      Organizers have done activities and made donations that benefit Isla Mujeres including medical equipment donations including fetal monitors, ultrasound equipment, a dentist chair and medicines,  a three ton dump truck, an ambulance, a fire truck, an electric power generator and portable device to desalinate sea water. "
      There are 25 yachts participating in the Regatta de Sol al Sol XLV and the Regatta Amigos XLIV. (In the Regatta Amigos they take Isleno kids, who help crew, on a sail around the isle .) The winners are determined after they calculate the corrected times. The traditional "Captain's Cup" at the Casa de loa Rocas (House on the rocks)  will be held on the first of May and at 7pm the annual basketball competition will be held between yachtsmen and islanders. The following day there will be a special City Council meeting to welcome them officially.  The Regatta Amigos will be held May 3, and that evening at 7pm they will award the trophies at a banquet. Source: Por Esto   

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Sunrise  from MVC B&B last year on April 21st

  On the internet in the past 24 hours...

This brochure from the 60's shows a charcoal drawing of the "Fisherman's Inn"..Meson del Pescador. This image is the beach area where the Club de Yates Isla Mujeres and the Lima gasoliner

Tonight, 630 to 830, playing solo at Iguana Bar Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres
Good food, good drinks, nice people and beautiful weather....see ya!

Tony Garcia Chano. Y. Luisa wife.
Chano. Y. Luisa wife.

Beverly Willard shared Qubano's photo.
Some of life's greatest pleasures are made on a tiny little island in Mexico.

Craving the flavors of NYC? Come on down for a real NY Style bagel. All our bagels are boiled before baked. The everything & sesame are seeded on both sides! You do not get ripped off when eating it open face w/ lox, cream cheese, tomato, onion & capers! Yum! Life doesn't get any better than this....good homemade food, turquoise waters, white sand...need I say more? See you at Barlito!
Craving the flavors of NYC?  Come on down for a real NY Style bagel.  All our bagels are boiled before baked.  The everything & sesame are seeded on both sides!  You do not get ripped off when eating it open face w/ lox, cream cheese, tomato, onion & capers! Yum!  Life doesn't get any better than this....good homemade food, turquoise waters, white sand...need I say more?  See you at Barlito!
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Look who was in Cancun yesterday....keep your eyes open for Celebrity Spotting In Isla Mujeres!!

While Salma was the picture of Hollywood movie star, her funnymen costars wore laid-back T-shirts, shorts and jeans
While Salma was the picture of Hollywood movie star, her funnymen costars wore laid-back T-shirts, shorts and jeans  Photo credit to Getty Images for Sony Pictures  They are promotind the movie "Grown Up 2"  Read more (in English):

Tvisla Mujeres   200 islanders travel to Chiapas for the inaguration of Monsenor Fabio Martinez Castilla (Who is from Isla Mujeres)  200 Isleños viajan a Chiapas para acompañar a Monseñor Fabio Martínez Castilla

Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres updated their cover photo.
Caribbean Malecon/seawalk...Second Stage

photos below by Becky Bowman McHugh  There is always a link to Becky's blog in the blog list at the bottom of this blog. She takes amazing photos...if you haven't visited it I strongly recommend you check it out. Life's a Beach (LINK)  And Lynda's blog today has great photos of colorful houses around Isla Notes From Paradise  (LINK)   
The bottom two restaurants are run by very nice couples who produce great food and have excellent service. Rene & Renee & Tiffany & Brad of Barlito's. Both closed on Sundays.

Sagrado Corazon Isla Mujeres's photo. (These were taken in Chiapas)

Maria Elsy Avalos Galue's photo.

Sagrado Corazon Isla Mujeres's photo.

Matilde Gomez Heredia shared Maria Elsy Avalos Galue's photo.

Maria Elsy Avalos Galue's photo.

Parroquia Inmaculada Concepcion Isla Mujeres's photo.
Nuestro parroco jJesús con algunos compañeros esperando la hora de la misa de ordenacion de monseñor Fabio como arzobispo de Chiapas
Our pastor jJesús with some friends waiting for the start of the Mass of Ordination of Monsignor Fabio as Archbishop of Chiapas    Nuestro parroco jJesús con algunos compañeros esperando la hora de la misa de ordenacion de monseñor Fabio como arzobispo de Chiapas
Jose Armando Paredes Gamboa's photo.

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres  (I asked the tourism Director to let Hotel Ixchel know the webcam is stuck) 

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