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Missing Man, Alicia May Run For Mayor, Rescheduled Women's Fishing Tournament, Electoral Council Installed, Second Race, Clothing For Kids Cultural Show, Protecting Tourists At Sea In Isla Mujeres News Tuesday, April 2 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Kid's Cultural Show April 14
The Municipal Department of Culture and Special Events took delivery of 60 traditional outfits for workshops about dance and culture for children. The young artists will demonstrate what they have learned on April 14 on the town square at 5pm. The program has included 7 cultural workshops about  regional dances, music, painting, handicrafts, hammock weaving, and aero salsa. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

Women's Fishing Tournament Moved To May 4 & 5
The dates for the women's fishing tournament "Alicia Ricalde Magana" are being moved forward a week, to prevent conflicts with other tournaments in the state. It will be held May 4 & 5th so it won't compete with the "Rodeo de Lanchas".  This is the fifth year for the women's tournament and features more that 60,000 pesos in cash prizes. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez   TV Isla Mujeres notes that the prizes for the 10th Fishing Tournament "Cosme Alberto Martinez Magana" total nearly one million pesos. It is May 17-19.

Second Race Scheduled
The first stage of the "Isla" foot races was held in Isla Mujeres on March 17, in honor of Professor Felipe Ceballos Erosa. The next stage will be called "Arrecife" (reef) and will take place in Puerto Juarez on April 14th. Sixteen islanders successfully participated in the first race, winning first, second, and fourth place. In Isla Mujeres, 130 athletes participated, including runners from Solidarity, Cozumel, Benito Juarez (Cancun) and other locations.  So far 20 runners are registered for the second race. The cost is 300 pesos for adults and 120 pesos for children.  Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

Rumors About Potential Mayoral Candidates
Ovidio Lopez/Quintanarroense speculates that Juan Basto Chacon could run as an independent candidate, but was unable to contact him regarding infighting among PAN politicians, and about politics confronting the three parties which include  PRD and PRI. The article says there are rumors that Basto Chichon has a problem with the alleged interference by Federal Deputy Alicia Ricalde Magana  on behalf of Atenea Gomez Ricalde, including the possibility that the legislator could enter the contest at the last minute to seek election as Mayor. Basto Chicon has been an alderman twice and is the former president of the Municipal Executive Committee of PAN, and Alicia Ricalde Magana was mayor before the current mayor, and was the PAN candidate for Governor in the last election. A Federal Deputy is a member of Congress Atenea is Alicia's daughter.  It is noted that in 2002 PRI won by only 40 votes, electing controversial Paulino Adame Torres, who is characterized as being 'the most questioned president of all time, in the end, for allegedly awarding several properties to himself and his family.'  It  says the past five years of PAN government has resulted in a  good dividend in public investment. There are  speculations about who the PRI candidate will be, with comments about choosing "the lesser evil", and comments about the necessity of choosing someone who has proven themselves not to be corrupt. Por Esto reports that there have been private meetings between politicians and Alicia Ricalde Magana concerning the PAN candidate for Mayor of Isla Mujeres. with her team of "political image consultants", so that her daughter Athena Gomez can run for President of the municipality. PE claims that "things have not gone well since it was revealed a few days ago that the daughter has a health problem" which PE blames on pressures from her mother. Por Esto says that Alicia Ricalde could be launched as a candidate for  Mayor, because Athena has been "stressed out under pressure from these elections". A Facebook friend of mine wrote that Alicia has permission from Mexico City, and that his wife had returned from a meeting with the impression that Alicia is planning to run for Mayor. (LINK).  The fact that they moved the fishing tournament back from May 11-12 to May 4-5 may be related to this, since candidates for municipal government must register with the Election Council by May 8, so changing its dates would avoid that potential conflict with electoral laws. BTW,  PE is pro PRI and anti Alicia/PAN.

Electoral Council Installed
The District Electoral Council XIV was installed Saturday at 11pm (it specifically says 11 at night), at their new facilities in La Gloria. The Board Chairman is Silvia Sanchez Navarro. They will operate before, during, and after the elections on July 7.  The City government candidates must register by May 8, and the candidates for Deputies (Congress) must register by May 14. Source: SIPSE/Lanrry Parra   

Protecting Swimmers & Boat Tour Clients
The Harbor Master says that after the first week of the Easter holidays, they have a "Saldo Blanco", which means there have been no incidents. While monitoring the tour boats for safety violations or being over capacity, they had given out about 20 recommendations, mostly to boats from Puerto Juares, to assure they have the required safety equipment.  Two boats in the area of the Avalon were removed for safety reasons because they were in the swimmer's area, and three jet skis were removed from Playa Norte for similar reasons. Source SIPSE/Lanrry Parra

 Taxistas Plan Protest Against Golf Carts
(added a few hours after publication...sorry..I forgot to translate this one)
The leader of the Taxi union,  Eduardo Peniche Rodríguez, said the drivers are tired of the excessive increase in the number of golf cart rental concessions, and he is looking into the problem personally. He said drivers have complained of new concessions appearing over Easter vacation. He said this could trigger a "manifestation"/manifestación (rally?) in coming days. He said if necessary they will burn more carts or throw them into the sea, because it is necessary to understand that the island now cannot support more golf cart concessions. He said that having a saturation of services is an old problem, that the streets are narrow. He said the drivers will no longer tolerate this problem that is affecting the income of the many taxistas, while the only beneficiary of the golf cart concessions is the owner. He acknowledged that this state government has not granted new concessions, and that there were permits granted previously to several businesses who are now renting, mentioning Joaquin and Capitan Azul. Source: TV Isla Mujeres 

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B
not taken today...

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Alison Sawyer Current shared Isla Animals's photo.
This is wonderful.  Alexis, who is in grade five, made tied bracelets, necklaces and anklets that she sold for $1 or $2 a piece and raised $75.00 for Isla Animals.  She came by this morning and presented us with the money.  What a treat.  I told her it was enoughmoney to pay for four spays at next weeks clinic and that will make a huge difference.  Thanks so much Alexis, YOU ROCK.
This is wonderful. Alexis, who is in grade five, made tied bracelets, necklaces and anklets that she sold for $1 or $2 a piece and raised $75.00 for Isla Anima...ls. She came by this morning and presented us with the money. What a treat. I told her it was enoughmoney to pay for four spays at next weeks clinic and that will make a huge difference. Thanks so much Alexis, YOU ROCK.

Sue McDonald Lo It is time again for the monthly Navy Wive's Breakfast! it will be next Thursday April 11th at 9am. If you would like tickets, let me know and I will order them for you. They are $100 pesos and the money goes to fund items needed for the Navy Hospital. Let me hear from you!

Betsy Snider ...Update: Pepe has been found & is with his family again.
Katie Milton Hey everyone, it's a long story but Joel's little 16 foot lancha drifted away from Marina Paraiso on Sunday evening about 8 or 9pm. It is white with a center console and does not have a motor attached to it. There is no name printed on the side. We have no idea where it may have drifted to with the wind and the current but are hoping that it washed up on shore somewhere and that someone will notify us of its location. The local port captain has been made aware as well as some local fisherman and now we are just sitting back with our fingers crossed hoping that it is found. If you hear of anything, know anything, or see anything, please let us know. Thanks in advance! (There is a comment about a small boat being seen between Soggy Peso & Bahia Tortuga that she'll look into)
Tiffany Yenawine WareingWe have 51 participants in this month's Artist Fair on Thursday, April 4th from 4pm to 7pm. Come support our local & visiting talent, eat yummy local cuisine & have some fun!!

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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