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Police Drug Testing, Naval Facility Certified, Fighting Fires In Dry Season, Finishing Second Stage Of Caribbean Walkway, Watch Your Step, Moto-Taxi Accident, Beautiful Moonrise In Isla Mujeres News Friday, April 26 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Police Drug Testing

The police chief reported that 46 of the 49 officers who carry firearms have been drug tested and results will be available tomorrow. The other three officers are on vacation and will be tested when they return. This is a requirement for the department's Licencia Colectiva which is required by the state Ministry of Public Security. The Chief will be tested as well as the remaining officers of the 120 members of the force, to have a fully certified police force.  Source Quintanarooense/Ovidio Lopez 

Naval Buildings Certified

The facilities of the Navy received the "Healthy Building" certification from the Ministry of Health, which included the housing units as well. This indicates the facilities are free of areas where mosquitoes could breed, to prevent Dengue. Source: Diairo Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

Caribbean Walkway Nearly Ready For Inauguration

The construction company "Ramejor" reported they are likely to finish their work on the second stage on the walkway along the Caribbean Sea at colonia Amplification La Gloria on time. They are putting the finishing touches on this project that involved an investment of nearly 8 million pesos, and it is expected to be ready for the inauguration scheduled for next week. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca

Complaint About Drain Cover Dangers
An unnamed mother complained to the reporter that her child nearly fell into an storm drain on main street when they were downtown to support Agapito Magana. The drain is near the fisherman's cooperative Social Justicia, and the reporter notes there are other areas lacking intact covers along this street, and people have placed temporary items on them to protect pedestrians. The reporter says complaints have increased about these works left unfinished by SINTRA. (Secretaría of Infraestructura & Transporte) Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina

Firefighters Extinguish Brush Fires and A House Fire
Between April 1st and 24th there have been two forest fires in mainland Isla Mujeres, near Francisco May, which destroyed 6.5 hectares of brush, said the director of Civil Protection. Gabriel Sulu Martinez. On the island they have extinguished small fires in vacant lots, in addition to the housefire of senora Rudelia Osorio Castilla, which was caused by a candle setting fire to a stuffed teddy bear. Agricultural burning is strictly prohibited during the dry season of April and May. The director explained that the penalties range from a verbal warning to a fine between 100 and 1000 daily minimum wages (about five dollars per day), and with recidivism the fines can double to 200 to 2000 daily minimum wages. Source: Por Esto  

Woman Injured In Taxi-Scooter Accident
There was an accident between a Honda Wave motorcycle with a woman and child aboard and a taxi on main street, Rueda Medina, near the OXXO store. It occurred at 7am and the child was not injured, but the woman, Fatima Delgado, 29, lost consciousness when she fell, and was taken by the Red Cross to the General Hospital, and later transferred to Cancun for further evaluation. The taxi was driven by Francisco Baeza Herrera, 52, known as El Bolitas, who was making a U turn.  According to the police report, the woman was not keeping a safe distance and hit the left rear area of the taxi with the front of her motorcycle. Apparently the impact was not great, and there was  a mark on the cab tire and the vehicles were not seriously damaged. Both of the vehicles were taken to the police impound yard, awaiting an agreement between those involved in the accident. There were different opinions among the witnesses. Some said the woman was clearly at fault for not slowing down, while others said that the taxi driver turned unexpectedly, causing the impact. Source Por Esto 

 Tots Enjoy Family Day At Beach
The kindergarten & preschool students of the school Gabriela Mistral enjoyed a morning with their parents of fun activities including games, quizzes, and songs on the Posada beach.The teachers organized the activity to focus on family life, because some parent spend so much time working that they have little opportunity for interactions like this. Some mothers brought snacks and mother Manuela Pech commented about how nice it was to have the opportunity for her husband to play with his son, because he is always at work when the child is home and awake. The activity started promptly at 9am and concluded at noon. The sun was at its peak and everyone got a chance to take a "chapuzón” (dip). Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina  

The articles about meeting the commitment and giving the 'keys to the casa' are about the inauguration and naming of the sports facility that was built for Ciudad Mujeres on the mainland. The candidates for mayor are PAN: Alicia Ricalde Magana and PRI : Agapito Magana Sanchez.
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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B
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 "I wasn't even THINKING about getting up on that lounger, honest"

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

A few samples of Becky's exceptional photographs...check out more of them at her blog Life's a Beach HERE..and there's always a link at the bottom of the page here, in the blog list.

Becky Bowman McHugh  Thursday Beach Day! (11 photos)

Speaking of blogs...Lynda's is always in the Blog List too...Hers publishes every Friday & this week it features hand painted murals and signs. Last week was brightly colored houses. Check it out Here...

We were enjoying the sunset & moonrise last evening, but my moon photos aren't usually impressive, however Capt Tony's are!

Tony Garcia added 2 new photos.
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Aqua Adventures Eco Divers Isla Mujeres  Doing a few Amalia chores at her dock at Bahia Tortuga this evening.
Doing a few Amalia chores at her dock at Bahia Tortuga this evening.

This is near Poc na & the Artisan's Flea Market: Villa Iguana's photo and caption.
These commercial spaces are almost ready to lease.
The next project is the restaurant area!
These commercial spaces are almost ready to lease.
The next project is the restaurant area

Fenix Lounge  Fenix Beach
Fenix Beach


Tiffany Yenawine Wareing  Tomorrow, Friday April 26th is a very special day on Isla Mujeres, Alison Sawyer Current, founder of Isla Animals is celebrating her 60th birthday. We love Alison & are big supporters of her organization. Her efforts to educate locals on responsible pet care, foster thousands of adoptions, host spay & neuter clinics & rescue neglected or abused dogs makes an incredible difference in all of our lives on Isla. We want to thank her & help make her birthday wish come true. If you come to Barlito for breakfast or lunch & mention Alison’s birthday, we will donate 10% of your bill to Isla Animals. Have some wonderful food & celebrate Alison’s 60th with us at Barlito! We also encourage you to donate monthly to Isla Animals through PayPal. It is easy & makes a huge difference on the Island!

  Hotel Posada Del Mar's timeline.
Todo está listo para que mañana inicie la edición XLV de la “Regata Internacional de Sol a Sol”
Todo está listo para que mañana inicie la edición XLV de la “Regata Internacional de Sol a Sol”

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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