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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Tuesday, January 26


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Forbes Mexico reports that on Tuesday (today) testing for C-19 will be available at the Cancun airport, to facilitate compliance with requirements from other countries. The company Equiver will have modules providing PCR and antigen tests at 10 points in Terminal 3, which is the busiest, with two in Terminal 2 and two in Terminal 4. International travelers will be able to have the testing within 3 hours before they "arrive" (presumably this means before they depart--tener el estudio dentro de las 3 horas de anticipación con las que llegan)  and receive the results in a maximum of 30 minutes. 

    Equiver General Directo Patricia Lopez said their goal is to reach 20,000 tests daily, an estimate calculated in conjunction with Grupo Asur (who manage the airport). She noted that hotels and laboratories are also offering the tests. The countries who require proof include Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Holland, France, South Korea and as of January 26, the United States.

     She said that the proof for the airlines will be a fully valid laboratory result.  Detecting an infected passenger allows for the implementation of health security protocols and allows passengers to travel with greater confidence. 

     At the end of last year, the Cancun airport was the fourth busiest in Mexico, handling just over 5 million passengers, which is the equivalent of 9.6% of all terminals in Mexico. Source-LINK  

Today, Isla Mujeres continues to report a total of 258 cases with 23 deaths and 208 recovered. The state geoportal for 1/26 reports 5 active cases: Downtown-1, Meteorologico-1, Salina Grande-2 and La Gloria-1. The national map for 1/25 reports 183 suspicious and 158 negatives.

For 1/25, Isla Mujeres continued to report a total of 258 cases with 23 deaths and 208 recovered. This week Northern Zone moved into the Orange status thru Jan 31, and the Southern Zone remains in Yellow.. The Northern Zone Growth Rate increased from 0.19 to 0.29 and the Southern Zone increased from 0.23 to 0.49.
The state geoportal for 1/26 reports 5 active cases: Downtown-1, Meteorologico-1, Salina Grande-2 and La Gloria-1.The national map for 1/25 reports 183 suspicious and 158 negatives.


On 1/24, Isla Mujeres reported another case of C-19 for a total of 258 with 23 deaths and now there are 208 recovered. The state geoportal still has the data of active cases by colonia for 1/23 which is 9 active cases: Downtown-1, Meteorologico-1, Salina Grande-2, 23 de Noviembre-4, and La Gloria-1.The national map for 1/23 continues to report 185 suspicious and 157 negatives.


 All's quiet in Bachilleres--Avenida Jesus Martinez Ross is blocked north of colonia Salina Chica.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that Vladimir Putin agreed to send 24 million doses of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine to Mexico in the next two months. This vaccine is already under review by COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks) according to a government report earlier this month. This would be the third vaccine against Covid for Mexico, with the Pfizer BionTech vaccine already being administered. The second is the AstraZeneca vaccine which will be packaged in Mexico.

The Sputnik vaccine's page says its efficacy is 91.4%, and reports that in clinical trials it exhibited 100% efficacy against severe cases of coronavirus, with 20 severe cases among the confirmed cases in the placebo group, and no severe cases recorded in the vaccine group. On international markets, the price for the vaccine is expected to be less than ten dollars. Vaccines are being administered without charge in Mexico.

Earlier this month (Jan 14), the President explained that after they finish vaccinating medical personnel, immunization of the elderly with the Pfizer vaccine will begin. He expects to begin vaccinating the elderly by the end of the month or the beginning of February. He has announced that foreign residents will be included with the citizens, under the same protocols.

He said that 10,000 brigades, with 120,000 people, including public servants and volunteers, will participate in the distribution of vaccines at 10,000 centers, in order to reach the 280,000 small towns dispersed around the country. Each center will vaccinate 300 seniors in one week, immunizing a total of 3 million elderly people from the most remote communities.

He said centers will be installed in the places where these people receive their pensions. Once the centers are installed, two days will be assigned in which people can go to be vaccinated and receive their bi-monthly pension. After both dates, another two days will be allocated for the brigade members to directly immunize the seniors in their homes who were unable to mobilize. A meeting will be organized with the authorities of the communities where a report of the vaccination program will be prepared, which will be delivered to the state capital.

Following this, they will continue to vaccinate in the 2500 municipalities or municipal capitals, and then in the largest cities.The same brigades will go to the small towns and then to the larger cities. In locations with more older adults, there will be more brigades. After those over 60 are vaccinated, both in large cities and small communities, they will move on to those with chronic diseases and the teachers.

During his Thursday night video update, our Governor responded in the comments to a question about seniors who aren't enrolled in pension programs, giving assurances that they will also be vaccinated and may go to the health center closest to their homes.

On Sunday, Mexico's 67 year-old president announced he'd tested positive for Covid-19, saying his symptoms were mild and he was under medical treatment. Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard described the phone call between President Obrador & President Putin as "cordial and successful" and he said the President continues working, with a good demeanor and a determined spirit.

The first graphic shows the number of doses that have been administered in Mexico, to front line C-19 health personnel. The second shows the vaccination stages, noting they expect to cover all of Mexico by the end of the year and to complete the operation in the first trimester of 2022.


 From the City (Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres)

Today we commemorate World Environmental Education Day.
Environmental education is a tool to promote social and cultural change in how we relate to the environment.

 "Orange Day" is commemorated on the 25th of each month, promoting respect for women and girls, and this month the municipal government held a conference titled "Prevention of Gender Violence".  The municipal chief of police, Eduardo Fouilloux Battaller, said that strategies are implemented thru the Department of Crime Prevention to strengthen the social fabric with the intention of raising awareness and preventing violence against women and girls in the municipality. He said, "We are working on social rapprochement, citizen participation, and prevention of the various types of crimes and violence that could occur, so that Isla Mujeres continues to preserve the peace and tranquility that characterizes it."The conference was held with all the recommended sanitary measures implemented for the prevention of spreading Covid-19. Participants included the personnel with the municipal police department, the Women's Institute, and the DIF social service agency.



Starting Monday, the municipal police began operations at checkpoints inviting the citizenry to abide by health measures now that the Northern Zone of the state is in the Orange phase on the state epidemiological light. The operation was announced in advance and the Director of the municipal Traffic Police, Arturo Quiñonez Ambario, said that citizen mobility must be reduced in the orange color of the state epidemiological light, with a maximum capacity of four people in private vehicles, including the driver. The capacity for motorcycles is reduced to one person per vehicle. Taxi service remains at a maximum capacity of three people, including the driver, while public transport is allowed 50% of its capacity.
He explained that this is part of the strategies of the state program Reactivemos Quintana Roo to redouble preventative measures against the disease, in order to reduce the number of contagions and continue to move forward in an orderly and responsible manner in the recovery of the local economy.

 Natural Christmas trees can still be dropped off at the municipal collection center to be recycled, which continues thru February 15th. They will be shredded into a plant product which is used to enrich the soil. The collection center is located at the side of the Mundaca Hacienda, at the nursery, receiving trees Monday thru Friday 10a-3p. The municipal Director of Environment and Ecology, Carlos Barranco Garcia, said the Center was opened in January, because that is when most people remove their holiday decorations, while others do it after Día de la Candelaria in February.

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Full moon rising over the Caribbean  


Full moon Jan 28 Thursday 6:40p

Jan 29 Friday at 7:41p

Jan 30 Saturday at 8:41p

Jan 31 Sunday at 9:40p

Feb 1 Monday at 10:39p

 Sunrise ~7:24

Sunset 6:21-6:37 (beginning vs end of month)


Public events have been suspended due to C-19. Holidays have featured online competitions and events. 

Jan. 6 Dia de los Tres Reyes/Three Kings Day

The Thor Heyerdahl traveling school-sailboat normally visits in late January-early February with about three dozen high school students on board. Under the tutelage of the experienced crew, the students learn to work together, sailing and navigating, as well as receiving their normal lessons. They sail from Germany to the Caribbean, but it's very possibly suspended this year. 

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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