Friday, August 21, 2020

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Friday, August 21

  Here's the webcam LINK, which also has time lapse of the past 24 hours.
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Today, the municipality reports four new cases for a total of 132, with 8 deaths and 76 recovered. The state Geoportal reports 22 active cases by colonia: La Gloria-11, Meteorologico-2, Caridad del Cobre-2, Downtown-1, Salina Chica-1, Lol-beh-1, Canotal-1, Electricistas-1, Salina Grande-1, Ampl la Gloria-1, and none on the mainland.
 For 8/20, the municipality's Incidence Rate of 10.26 (per 10,000 inhabitants) is the worst in the Northern Zone, followed by Holbox (LC) with 8.44 and Tulum with 6.11. The best are Cancun (BJ)&  Puerto Morelos with 2.34, Solidaridad (PDC) has 3.01, and Cozumel has 3.12. Isla Mujeres is third worst in the state behind Chetumal (OTB) with 12.94 and Bacalar with 11.51, which are both in the Southern Zone.
 On the national map for 8/20, the municipality of Isla Mujeres reported 10 suspicious and 60 negatives (with 128 confirmed and 8 deaths).

On the Storm Alert system, a Yellow Alert has been issued for the municipalities of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Tulum, Solidarity, Cozumel, Puerto Juárez, Benito Juárez, Isla Mujeres and Lázaro Cárdenas. The municipalities of and Othón P. Blanco (Chetumal), Bacalar and José María Morelos remain on Green Alert. Residents are advised to stay informed through official sources.

Yellow Alert-Moderate Danger. It is recommended that you take measures to protect yourself, know the location of the shelters, and be prepared for possible evacuation, in case it is necessary.

The 11am NHC update says "the environment still appears conductive for strengthening while the system approaches the Yucatan peninsula"

This is an update from Civil Protection, noting that Tropical Depression #14 is 325 miles south of Cozumel with maximum sustained winds of 34mph (It will become Tropical Storm Marco when they're 39mph or stronger).

The section above is the 2pm update.

I will update this later after the midday C-19 report & with the Storm Alert Status, which will probably move from Green to Yellow.

This morning, NHC reports a Hurricane watch and a Tropical Storm Warning are in effect for our region--from Punta Herrero to Cancun Mexico. There are also Tropical Storm Warnings for Honduras & Nicaragua.

A Hurricane Watch means that hurricane conditions are possible within the watch area. A watch is typically issued 48 hours before the anticipated first occurrence of Tropical-Storm-force winds...conditions that make outside preparations difficult or dangerous. A Tropical Storm Warning means that Tropical Storm conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area, in this case within the next 12 hours.

At 5am EDT, the center of Tropical Depression #14 is moving W-NW at ~12mph, and this general motion is forecast to continue this morning. A turn toward the NW with a decrease in forward speed is expected by this afternoon and continuing througgh at least Sunday. On the forecast track, the center of the system will move near of just offshore the coasts of northern Nicaragua and NE Honduras today and approach the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on Saturday. 
 Maximum sustained winds are near 35 mph with higher gusts. Strengthening is forecast during the next couple of days, and the depression is expected to become a Tropical Storm later today. The system is forecast to be near of at hurricane strength when it reaches the Yucatan Peninsula late Saturday. Some weakening is expected as it traverses the Yucatan Peninsula Saturday night. Afterward, restrengthening is forecast on Sunday as it moves offshore and enters the southern Gulf of Mexico.

WIND: Tropical storm conditions are expected to first reach the eastern Yucatan coast within the warning area by Saturday afternoon, making outside preparations difficult or dangerous. Hurricane conditions are also possible within the watch area by late Saturday. 
RAINFALL: The depression is expected to produce rainfall accumulations through Sunday of 3 to 6 inches, and isolated maximum totals of 10 inches in the eastern portions of Quintana Roo and Yucatan states, which may result in flash flooding. 

Last night, when the Governor announced the state will remain in Orange status next week on the epidemiological light, he also spoke about the Storm Alert system and Tropical Depression #14, which will be Laura or Marco when it hits Tropical Storm status (when it has sustained winds of 39 mph). He said the forecast is expecting it to land around 6p Saturday in the municipality of Tulum at Punta Allen, but this is subject to updates and just a forecast. On the Alert System, we are in Green, which is 'Pay attention to official reports' and he expects we will be in Yellow later tonight or tomorrow, which is: "Take measures to protect yourself, know the location of the shelters, and be prepared for possible evacuation".

On the Epidemiological light, the state will remain in the Orange status through August 30th.

 In the face of the possible arrival of Tropical Storm No. 14 preventive work of tree pruning, clearing branches away from cables, and brush clearing is being done, as well as general cleaning, for prevention purposes. VIDEO  

The municipal Department of Civil Protection activated the pumps to keep the salina-lakes at minimum levels, in response to the heavy rains and strong winds that are expected to affect the northern part of the state on Saturday afternoon. If necessary, three shelters are available, two on the island and one in the Continental Zone. They will also be carrying out work to remove vegetation. to keep the streets in good condition.  Residents are reminded to comply with the trash collection schedule thru Friday, and then keep trash inside their homes. The citizenry is advised to stay informed from official sources.

Green Alert Status on the Storm Warning System...

Yesterday the Hurricane Committee met in response to Tropical Depression #14 which was/is expected to reach the Yucatan Peninsula as a storm within the next 48 hours. The Mayor announced that the temporary shelters have been enabled and they will initially open three on the island and one in the Continental Zone, with a total capacity of 500 people, with the sanitary measures for C-19. The populace is urged to pay attention thru official channels. Personnel with various municipal departments were doing preventative work of pruning trees and removing loose vegetation. The storm pumps have been activated for the salina-lakes to maintain them at their lowest levels.
   Residents are asked to cooperate by cleaning their roofs and yards, removing anything that could become a projectile in the strong winds that are expected. General cleaning is advised of front yards and no one should throw trash in the streets, which can block the storm drains and cause flooding in low areas. Citizens are asked to take out their trash in accordance with the new collection schedule, and to protect their trash inside their homes, which is essential to avoid flooding.
  Those attending the meeting included personnel with the Quinta Región Naval Militar (Navy), Capitanía de Puerto (Harbor Master), Guardia Nacional, el 64 Batallón de Infantería, Aguakan, APIQROO, la Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil, CFE, Hospital Comunitario, Salud Municipal, Fiscalización, SPyTM, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Turismo, Servicios Públicos, Participación Ciudadana, Educación, Ecología y Medio Ambiente and Comunicación Social,

This week, in coordination with the State, thermo-nebulization is being carried out with special equipment, to combat the mosquito "Aedes aegypti" which transmits diseases like dengue, zika and chikungunya. Municipal General Secretary Miriam Trejo Leon said, ′′ We have started the campaign which will be carried out two days a week using specialized machinery. It is planned that the entire island will be covered every week with nebulization work, which we will conclude on September 2nd". She asked the residents to participate by removing or turning over any items that could accumulate water. 

The "Yellow Caps" invite everyone not to relax measures against C-19 in Isla Mujeres
        In order to reduce the number of positive cases of Covid-19 and raise awareness among the island community about the importance of correct use of face masks, the implementation of healthy distancing and frequent hand washing with water and soap, the ′′ Yellow Caps ′′ continue to walk the streets of Isla Mujeres.
    Their goal is  that the locals and visitors do not neglect prevention measures to stop the spread of the disease and continue with the gradual, orderly and responsible opening of businesses, to contribute to the economic recovery of this Pueblo Magico.
     Distributed at various locations that are considered to be high risk for contagion due to the social mobility they present, the Yellow Caps invite the population not to relax in the preventive actions recommended by health authorities.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, remember to maintain social isolation to avoid propagation

More than 3700 people have been provided with fruit, yogurt and pastries via a joint effort by the municipal DIF social service agency and Chedraui. In July and August 1663 people benefitted on the island and in the Continental Zone, and in the ~four months since this program began, they have assisted 3713 residents. DIF Director Yuseli López Tec said,“We know that there are people who have not been able to return to their jobs and are not generating income, for this reason we have given ourselves the task of creating tables for collection and for assistance, mainly for the benefit of this sector who need it the most, with the contributions from those who come who have a little more; it has helped us a lot to reach those most affected by Covid-19. ”
    She said they will continue looking for ways to provide support to the families who are most vulnerable to Covid-19, such as senior citizens, people with disabilities and single mothers & fathers, through the support tables that have been installed at the DIF facilities on the island and in Ranch Viejo. 
   She concluded, "It has been a joint effort between the municipal government, the private initiative and islanders who have made donations to the extent of their possibilities, I also appreciate the continual support of the Chedraui store since the beginning of this  health contingency, supporting the island population in solidarity.”

Together we fight Covid-19..practice the hygiene measures when you go out.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
 Just after Sunset--August 3 at 7:47
  August 4      8:29 
 August 5    9:07
August 6      9:42
August 7     10:16
August 8     11:22

 Sunset  7:25-7:03pm (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise  6:21-6:30am
Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC
Turtles continue nesting in August. They can be observed mating offshore from Punta Sur during this month, and they nest along the eastern beaches. Tortugranja staff and volunteers gather the eggs and incubate them in the sand in a pen outside the facility. Three species nest annually in Isla Mujeres, Greens, Loggerheads, and Hawksbills, and very rarely, a Leatherback will attempt to nest, but generally the sand isn't sufficiently deep.

Swimming with the whale sharks takes place in August, which ends annually in mid-September. They congregate and feed on a 'buffet' of plankton and fish eggs from a type of tuna. Rays are also attracted to the feeding areas.  Photo by Tony Garcia

>>Meteors!! The Perseids are currently active & one of the most popular showers. They will peak in the early mornings of the weekend of August 11,12 & 13, but the moon will be at or slightly past its last quarter phase and interfering. However, the Perseids are bright & you may see 3 or 4 dozen when they are peaking, if you're patient. They continue thru the 24th. The Alpha Capricornids are going on now (thru Aug. 15) with only a few meteors per hour, but they are known for producing bright fireballs when active. (They peaked Tuesday & moonlight will interfere with visibility.)

Monday, Aug. 17-170th Anniversary of Isla Mujeres

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres
LINK to NHC   

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