Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Wednesday, April 15

  Here's the webcam LINK, which also has time lapse of the past 24 hours.
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12,000 tourists "stranded" in Quintana Roo
The state Secretary of Tourism, Marisol Vanegas Perez, said there are about 12,000 national and international tourists who are stranded in Quintana Roo, adding "They will surely stay until the end of the coronavirus pandemic." She said 30% are Mexicans and 70% are foreigners, noting that the foreigners with the most trouble leaving are South Americans, from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador.
       On March 15, the presidents of Peru and Argentina decreed states of national emergency and closed their countries borders, and Latam and Interjet airlines canceled their flights to and from Cancun. At the end of last week, there were flights to Ecuador, Peru and Argentina, which reduced the number of tourists from 15,000 to just under 12,000.
    The state Ministry of Tourism (SEDATUR) conducted a social media campaign and provided 28 very low cost hotels and two hostels without cost. Ms. Vanegas Perez said most of the stranded tourists are in Benito Juarez (Cancun, Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) and Tulum.  LINK  

In addition to actions against COVID-19, the Isla Mujeres Firefighters of the Department of Civil Protection are battling three forest fires on the mainland part of the municipality, at the the village of Francisco May. They are working shoulder to shoulder with the villagers to put the fires out as quickly as possible.

Ten Measures To Protect the Families of Quintana Roo
1. Commuting (movement) will only be allowed for those involved with essential activities (health-related or for supplies).
2. Closures of the principal roads and pedestrian areas and secondary streets with the installation of checkpoints.
3. No groups nor congregating are permitted. Stay At Home!
4. Use of face masks is required when out in public. Wearing glasses is suggested.
5. Use Healthy Distancing in public places that are necessary to visit (bus stops, gas stations or other public areas).
6. Grocery shopping should preferably be done in the store closest to your home.
7. Answer the Covid-19 questionnaire once per week.
8.  Supply centers (stores) must use extreme sanitary measures.
9. Only businesses that are considered essential should be open. (Those that are non-compliant will be sanctioned.)
10. The hours for selling alcoholic beverages are decreased.

"Drone shots from the center of Isla Mujeres" posted by Docktor Jim

On April 15 at noon, Quintana Roo reported 269 positive cases with 27 deaths, 173 under study and 459 negatives. There are 66 hospitalized, 107 in social isolation and 69 recuperated. They are located as follows: Benito Juarez (Cancun) 194 with 14 deaths, Solidaridad (PDC) 48 with 8 deaths, OTB (Chetumal) 9 with 3 deaths, Tulum 4 with 2 deaths, Cozumel with 8 positives, and all the other municipalities have 1 each, including Isla Mujeres.
Note--Cases in Cancun nearly quadrupled in the past 11 days (from 49 to 194).
At the end of week 2, Cancun reported 23 cases. (Day 14)
At the start of Week 4 this doubled to 45 (Day 22-eight days later)
Four days later it doubled again to 92. (Day 26)
Now, 8 days later, it's more than doubled again to 194. (Day 34)
One in 14 died (14 of 194).

Date        QRoo  Can  PDC  IM  Dead Hosp Rec
WEEK 1                                                             
3/13            1        1       0      0       0                  
3/18            4                         0       0       1         
WEEK 2   --------------------------------------------
3/20            11                        0      0       0         
3/21            12      10      2      0      0       0         
3/22            12      10      2      0      0       0         
3/23            22      19      3      0      0       1         
3/24            22      19      3      0      0       1         
3/25            27      22      4      0      0       2         
3/26            28      23      4      0      1       3         
WEEK 3----------------------------------------------
3/27            32      24      7      0      1       1         
3/28            37      27      8      0      1       3         
3/29            42      29      8      0      1       4         
3/30            44      30      9      0      1       4         
3/31            46      32      9      0      1          5         
4/1              50      35     10     0      1       7         
4/2              55      38     11     0      1       7         
WEEK 4---------------------------------------------
4/3              68      45     13     0      1      10     3 
4/4              75      49     14     1      2      11    11
4/5              86      58     15     1      4      12    12
4/6             118     75     28     1      8      21    12
4/7             138     92     31     1      9      25    25
4/8             146    100    31     1    10      25    34
4/9             159    111    32     1     12     30    37
WEEK 5---------------------------------------------
4/10           163    114    32     1     14     41    40
4/11           216    156    41     1     17     58    42
4/12           232    166    43     1     19     65    43 
4/13           No Report                                       
4/14           245     176   44      1     24    50     69
4/15           269     194   48      1     27    66     69 
Graphic-Isla Mujeres News & Events

From the City....

If you're on the streets of Isla Mujeres, it is required that you wear a face mask. Caption...If you need to leave home, remember to take your mask, with this measure we will help reduce the spread of the virus.

There is an infographic about hand washing.

TVisla Mujeres    

Today at the Blue Dome in La Gloria, Bimbo is selling its products at wholesale prices, and they have disinfectant and masks available. In the interview, he says he doesn't have exact dates when this will occur, but about every 15 days. 

The list of essential activities that are allowed in Quintana Roo which will be allowed to continue  during the Covid-19 epidemic was made public by the State Secretary for Public Security, Jesús Capella Ibarra. THE FOLLOWING ARE CONSIDERED ESSENTIAL ACTIVITIES:

    a) The work activities of the medical, paramedical, administrative and support branches in the entire health sector, public and private. b) Scientific and technological research for health; c) Those who participate in their supply, services and supplies, among which are:

The pharmaceutical-pharmacy sector.
The manufacture of supplies, medical equipment and technologies for health care.
Those involved in the proper disposal of biological-infectious hazardous waste (RPBI).
The cleaning, sterilization, disinfection and sanitization of all types of areas, real estate and furniture for any type of activity. d) The maintenance and repair of the devices intended for the activities of the preceding paragraphs; e) Funeral services.

    a) Public Security and Civil Protection.
    b) Firefighters
    c) Private emergency services.
    d) In the defense of integrity and National Sovereignty.
    e) The functioning of the Legislative and Judicial Powers, as well as the constitutionally autonomous bodies.
    f) The provision of private security services.
    g) The notarial function.

    a) Financial and insurance services, pawn shop activities.
    b) Tax collection.
    c) Distribution and sale of energy, gas and gas stations, filling and carburation stations.
    d) Generation, supply, distribution, storage and sale of water suitable for human use and consumption.
    e) Production, supply, distribution, storage and dispatch of non-alcoholic beverages; food supplements and foods prepared and / or packaged in their natural state, mixed, added or conditioned for consumption exclusively outside the same establishment, and the consumption of beverages and food of any kind within it is prohibited.
    f) Food markets, supermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores; sale of basic necessities:
Those that make up the basic food basket and basic food table, such as meats (chicken, beef, pork and fish), eggs, milk and dairy products, grains and seeds (beans, lentils and rice), sugar, fats (vegetable oils) , Fruits and vegetables, and cereals;
Powdered detergent and all kinds of soaps.
Toilet paper.
Toothpaste and other utensils and / or essential personal hygiene products.
Batteries of any type; as well as hardware, tlapalería and immaterial houses.
    g) Passenger and cargo transportation services; including the provision of the services of public transportation of passengers or cargo, parking and repair and / or maintenance of all types of vehicles, including those for the production, storage, distribution and sale of automotive parts and accessories.
    h) Agricultural, fishing and livestock production.
    i) Agro-industry.
    j) Chemical production and cleaning products.
    k) Courier and parcel services.
    I) Nursery schools and children's stays; shelters and care centers for women, their children and victims of violence; nursing homes and stays for seniors; and service.
    E) social assistance such as care, attention, food and accommodation for children, adolescents and elderly women in situations of risk and vulnerability provided by establishments or spaces in the public, social and private sectors, whatever their denomination and legal regime.
    m) Storage and cold storage for distribution of essential supplies.
    n) Repair and / or maintenance of household appliances.
    o) Services of sale, installation, supply, corrective and preventive maintenance of electrical installations, telecommunications and information media of any kind.
    p) Dry cleaning, laundry, ironing and similar services.
    q) Logistics (airports, ports and railways), as well as activities whose suspension may have irreversible effects for its continuation.
    r) Any other whose suspension, at the determination of the competent authority, generates a risk to people's health or assets, and / or hinders or prevents the operation of government social programs.


-Potable water, drainage, sewerage, treatment and disposal of its wastewater.
-Cleaning, collection, transfer, treatment and final disposal of waste.
-Electric energy and public lighting.
-Telecommunications such as landline, mobile and internet.
-Gas, Oil, Gasoline, Jet fuel.
-Basic sanitation.
-Public transport.
-First-class hospital and medical infrastructure,
-Communications from local jurisdiction, such as public roads.
-Among others that could be defined under this category. n. Any other provision of goods and services of public utility whose realization is necessary to guarantee adequate execution of essential activities. telecommunications and information media of any kind;
-Drying, laundry, ironing and similar services.
-Logistics (airports, ports and railways), as well as activities whose suspension may have irreversible effects for its continuation; and
-Any other one whose suspension, at the determination of the competent authority, generates a risk to people's health, life or assets, and / or hinders or prevents the operation of government social programs.

The Isla Mujeres Community Hospital encourages women to continue using birth control and avoid becoming pregnant during the quarantine LINK    The hospital director published a notice on social networks recommending that it is inadvisable to become pregnant at this time because the immune system undergoes changes during pregnancy that cam make a case of Covid-19 even worse. She said if you are using contraception, don't discontinue it and if you aren't but would like to, come to the hospital while menstruating if this is the first time you will use it, and during the hours of 7a to 2p, Monday thru Friday. Family Planning services are not suspended because it is a Priority Program at this time.

From  Por Esto :

Legislator Adriana Teissier Zavala delivered donated protective equipment to the Isla Mujeres Community Hospital which included gloves, masks, and acrylic material to help prevent the spread of coronavirus by creating a barrier.  LINK 

HSBC accounts hacked   LINK  
  Executives with the bank are providing assistance in regard to the thefts which occurred last week, while users are concerned that the bank may not immediately replace their money and they may need to wait two weeks, at least. 

SATQR will sanction non-essential business who remain open and those who violate the Dry Law  LINK

Isla Mujeres Banamex open on Monday & Tuesday only (and on the 15th & 30th if it falls on a different weekday). The head of CANACO in Isla Mujeres (Chamber of Commerce) gave an interview about his opinion on the collapsing state economy, since it is based on tourism. LINK 

Aid for fishermen is coming  LINK  
 Officials with the Bienpesca program, formerly Propesca have been reviewing the lists of beneficiaries for support during the lobster fishing ban (March 1-June 30. An official said there were fishermen on the list who haven't been active in several years, but have been receiving this assistance. Delivery of the support is expected in about two weeks.They also are taking into consideration workers or aspiring members of cooperative who have been active for years, but have not become members. He noted that they are being counted one-by-one and explained that some cooperatives have members who have not fished in 15 or 20 years, some have 15-20 years working their business, and others are pensioned by the Navy, so the agency is eliminating those from the list who are no longer active, to focus on the fishermen who are actually actively fishing to provide sustenance for their families. 


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
 At Sunset--April 7  6:54p (sets 7:04p)
April 8     7:59  
April 9     9:04
 April 10   10:08
April 11    11:11

 Sunset  7:02-7:12pm (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise  6:40--6:17am
Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC

     This year, the nearly new crescent moon won't interfere, and you may see as many as 18 meteors per hour, at the peak. Occasionally, this shower produces 'fireballs' (exceptionally bright meteors) and about a quarter of Lyrid meteors leave persistent trails of ionized gas that glow for a few seconds. 
       The "shooting stars" will be more frequent in the pre-dawn hours, when the radiant point is highest in the sky. Look over the Caribbean, toward the northeastern horizon, but don't worry if you don't identify the radiant point (near the star Vega)--they can be seen in all parts of the night sky. (The radiant point is where they appear to originate.)

    Watch in the pre-dawn hours of April 20, 21 & 22 (Mon-Wed).  They'll peak in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday, April 22. There may be some early on Thursday. You can also see three planets in the pre-dawn sky--Jupiter, Saturn & Mars, in the southeast. 
    There are records of this shower that go back some 2700 years, when the Chinese are said to have observed the Lyrid meteors "falling like rain" in 687 BC. The Lyrids are known for their occasional "outbursts", and observers have seen around 100 per hour in the US (1982), Japan (1945), and Greece (1922), with no predictions for this occurring this year.  
   The meteors are the debris of a comet (Thatcher) that takes 415 years to orbit the sun. They burn up in our atmosphere, about 60 miles up, while the star Vega is just a reference point and unconnected--it's trillions of times farther away. 

 HERE is an interactive sky map showing the position of the radiant (where the meteors appear to originate) in the sky above Isla Mujeres throughout the night & predawn. (Scroll forward to 10p+ when the radiant & Vega begin rising here.) You can change the date & location.

The Events section will resume when there are public events scheduled.

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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