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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Sunday, April 26

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Lovely hazy sunrise this morning....

Yesterday....Grey skies at dawn with a splash of fire

There is a new case of Covid-19 in our municipality. The previous one has recovered, and Dr. Xhanat Mora reports the new patient is stable.
      On April 24, Quintana Roo reports 511 positives with 71 deaths, 51 under study, 737 negatives and 161 recuperated. There are 100 hospitalized and 179 in social isolation. Isla Mujeres has had two cases with one recuperated. In Cancun (Benito Juarez) there have been 378 positives with 43 deaths and 110 recuperated.

On April 25, Quintana Roo reports 550 positive cases of Covid-19 with 77 deaths, with 48 under study, 762 negatives, and 171 recuperated. There are 116 hospitalized and 186 in social isolation. Isla Mujeres has had two cases with one recuperated. In Cancun (Benito Juarez), there have been 407 positives with 49 deaths and 119 recuperated. The number of cases there increased by 29 since yesterday and there were six more deaths.
     That is a death rate of 1in 8 for Cancun and 1 in 7 for the state.

On April 25, Mexico reported 13,842 confirmed cases, 4,798 confirmed active, and 8,239 suspects of Covid-19. There have been 43,419 negatives, 1,305 deaths and 65,500 people were studied.

Don't go out if it isn't necessary, now is the time to stay at home.

How can you take care of your emotions during this contingency? Seek reliable information, chose activities you enjoy, exercise in your home, pay attention to your diet and sleep schedule, only spend a small amount of time daily on becoming informed.

A second case of Covid-19 was confirmed in Isla Mujeres.
      The population is urged to extreme prevention measures. During Phase Three, an increase in infected is expected if the citizenry don't do their part. During Phase Three, there is greater regional contagion, therefore the municipal government has increased preventative measures, and urges the inhabitants to respect the measures to prevent a greater number of infections in the municipality.
         Dr. Xhanat Tze González Mora, municipal liason for coronavirus prevention, announced that the second confirmed case is stable, and insisted to extreme preventive measures; don't leave home if it's not urgent, and strengthen measures of personal hygiene, with use of face masks and antibacterial gel. 
    She said, "In this Phase Three of the pandemic, more infections are expected so it is recommended to strengthen social isolation, staying at home; we urge you not to expose yourself and to use extreme prevention measures, to reverse this situation."
          She said that government measures continue to preserve public health, therefore streets and non-essential businesses have been closed, mobility has been reduced with random checkpoints. She emphasized, "Everything depends on the citizenry, they have to help us by doing their part andstaying at home."

The first infographic recommends proper disposal of hazardous trash, which should be bagged separately and labeled, and the second is for the municipal tax stimulus program

During the health contingency of Covid-19 and in this hot season, residential consumption of water has increased 50 percent. Do laundry in full loads, reuse laundry water to wash floors, use a receptacle when you wash and rinse your dishes & don't wash them under the running tap, keep your water storage containers clean, place a bottle of water in your toilet tank to reduce water use, and use a glass of water when you brush your teeth. Water is life, take care of it like you take care of yourself and your family.

Mental health professionals are available 24 hours a day for those who are suffering stress, anxiety or other emotional or mental issues during health contingency and social isolation. There are three psychologists who will give this service in divided schedules with different phone numbers. From 6:00a to 2:00 p.m. you can call 9982294411; from 2:00 p.m. to 10p call 9981341058 p.m. and from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am call 9983436654. Lawyers are also available and referrals can be made, said the municipal Secretary General, Miriam Trejo León.

Wash your hands...Before & after you take care of sick people; before, during and after you prepare food; before you eat; after you use the bathroom; when your hands are visibly dirty; and after you touch animals or their feces.

Help us reduce the impact of contagion and propagation of Covid-19 Stay at home.

 The most important thing in this contingency is to take care of the health of our families. Maintain your social isolation to prevent the covid-19 virus from coming into your home.

From the Mayor--The caption says: Today, like every 25th day of the month, it is #Orange Day which is dedicated to eradicating gender-based violence. If you are living with any kind of violence during this contingency, do not hesitate to communicate to the IQM 800 500 9559 9559 and they will give you advice. The graphic says--During the contingency, were are not going to permit violence against women and girls.

TVisla Mujeres    
Agricultural burning is suspended in the state of Quintana Roo 
From April 25th thru June 30, due to high temperatures, the absence of rain and the large amount of natural fuels in the state, the use of fire is absolutely prohibited in the plots of the program Sowing Life / Sembrando Vida; those who fail to comply will be subject to sanctions. (Burning isn't done on the island, this refers to the mainland)  Permits are no longer being authorized and those already issued are suspended.
      The municipalities must submit a list of all the permits that were authorized for the 2020 fire season to the state Department of Forest Protection and Development of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment during the 5 days following April 24th, to verify the existence of the necessary security measures and reschedule their corresponding activities.
     It is noted that most forest fires occur in the dry months of the year, mainly from February to May. Nine out of 10 forest fires in Mexico are caused by humans and only 1% correspond to natural phenomena.
         Almost half of forest fires are caused by agricultural activities; others are caused intentionally (burning that takes place in a context of conflict between people or tourists do not put out their bonfires and cigarettes) and by poaching. Climate change is also generating changes in the temperature patterns in the world and Mexico is no exception; now it produces drier and warmer cycles.

Taxistas are able to register online for the federal credit program“Créditos a la Palabra”. The deadline is April 30 at 5pm, and a link is given. To access these credits, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements such as being registered in the Censo de Bienestar / Welfare Census, having a micro-business or providing one of the services listed in the program, which includes taxi drivers. LINK  

The director of the Integral Port Administration of Quintana Roo, (APIQRoo), Alicia Ricalde Magaña, said that no vulnerable staff are working, such as those with diabetes and hypertension. She noted that the Maritime Terminals are operating at about ten percent and the ferry companies have reduced their crossing during thie Covid-19 health contingency. LINK   

The state chief of police announced that now that vehicles the do not have Quintana Roo plates are prohibited and will be stopped, with the exception of those with an essential worker card, which must be obtained in the next 72 hours, and the exception of those with an emergency.  LINK  

Sanitary measures increased among Cancun police force after death of two officers from symptoms of Covid-19 LINK 
  The Secretary of Public Security, Eduardo Santa María Chávez. said, "Since the beginning of the prevention measures, in health matters, it has been verified daily that each and every one of the police officier works with the appropriate materials to carry out their tasks.”
     He said that every day the officers are urged to make proper use of face masks, as well as the use of antibacterial gel and sanitizing tunnels, to prevent the possibility of contagion. 

        The Benito Juárez police chief said that temperature tests are carried out on the police officers, to verify their state of health, ensuring that no officer works with symptoms that could infect the citizens.

Isla business owners await financial assistance LINK  
     Isla Mujeres business owners hope that the help promised by the Governor Carlos Joaquín González, can reach everyone equally quickly and transparently. They said that although many don't belong to or aren't affiliated with any of the business organizations, they hope the support that the governor promised will also be available for them. MayorJuan Carrillo Soberanis confirmed that so far work is continuing on the mechanism by which such support or credits would be delivered. The taxi drivers also want to be considered for this type of support. 

The Bimbo company returned to Isla Mujeres offering its products at wholesale prices. They set up shelves again at the blue dome in colonia La Gloria, like they did two weeks ago and offered various products, some of which are no longer available in some stores. LINK  

The managers explained that this effort is being made to support families during this contingency situation, since many families now seek to save on their expenses.

  More than 427,000 Quintana Roo families have received food support, at the door of their homes, during the first stage. Deliveries will continue to be implemented house by house, maintaining and reinforcing health safety measures. The second stage of food aid deliver has begun.  LINK     
The second stage began in Cozumel, in Tulum and in Leona Vicario, municipality of Puerto Morelos,
    Rocío Moreno Mendoza (no title given) said, "With the support of more than a thousand brigadistas who travel throughout the state, 17 days after starting the house-to-house delivery, more than 427 thousand families in the 11 municipalities of the state have received support at the door of their home.
    He said,  "We have made great progress and will once again support the entire population that needs it most. In some municipalities, we are already beginning the second stage for which the State Government, headed by Gov. Carlos Joaquín, has acquired more food support. Yesterday, in Cozumel, we delivered 1,018 packages." 
      Deliveries will continue to be done house by house, maintaining and reinforcing sanitary security measures, for which reason the population is encouraged to remain in their homes. In case of any concerns or complaints, call 983 980 0552, from the Citizen Attention Center, available from eight in the morning to eight at night.

On Thursday, the consortium of the Portuguese Mota-Engil & China Comunication Construction Company was granted the contract took the first section of the Tren Maya / Maya Train railway. LINK    They will be responsible for the 226-kilometer stretch from Palenque to Escárcega for around 525 million euros. The contract process has been controversial, with Mexican authorities disqualifying a dozen consortiums, and five survived. 
   At the end of the month, the company will be announced who won the second section of the train, which is 256 kilometers from Escárcega to Calkiní. 
     The Maya Train is the largest infrastructure project of the Mexican Government, with a total budget of more than 6 billion euros. President López Obrador wants to use the railway project as a lever to revive the economy, which has been depressed by the effects of Covid-19. The Government plans to create several hundred thousand jobs around this infrastructure that will cover the Yucatan Peninsula, extending ~1,500 kilometers.

Personnel with the municipal Department of Civil Protection and the Bomberos are attending to another forest fire on the mainland, this time at the inter-municipal landfill in coordination with the actions that were already initiated by CONAFOR. (Photos)

   Noti Isla Mujeres     

VIDEO of Picus distributing meals of fried fish with sides for 150 people, in "to go" boxes. When you return to Isla Mujeres, please keep these restaurateurs in mind who have been so generous to the community at this time when most are unemployed.
Isla Mujeres al Momento
These convenience stores have closed temporarily due to lack of clientele. (photos of boarding up the 7-11 and closed shutters on the OXXO and a sign on a door saying Cerrado Temporalmente)

Personnel with the municipal Department of Civil Protection continue to carry out ongoing patrols in the colonias and downtown to prevent people from wandering the streets, because were are in a health contingency due to Covid-19, and this is a health measure to prevent spreading of the virus. (photos)

From  Por Esto :

On April 22, the usual Earth Day celebration wasn't held on Isla Contoy, due to the health contingency of Covid-19 LINK
     It is reported that the staff of Isla Contoy remain active to keep the site free of plastics from any storms. (There have been no storms in recent weeks, during this dry season.)
   The director of the reserve, María del Carmen García Rivas, wrote on social media: "Today, International Earth Day, let's not let our guard down, let's continue in the fight for environmental responsibility. Let's be careful in using disposables and soaps. Let's continue fighting to conserve wetlands and beaches."  
   She said that fighting against climate change and the loss of biodiversity not only helps nature, but also public health. The annual clean-up campaign wasn't held, but there is not much garbage among the mangroves and beaches since there have been no visitors to the island in the past thirty days.
    She also supervises the Puerto Morelos marine park. At both locations, she is responsible for the direction of conservation, and is very active in coral restoration and planting, in order to mitigate the effect of the bleaching disease manifested in the last two years. She noted that the municipal government of Isla Mujeres seeks to raise awareness about the challenges in the conservation of biodiversity, natural resources and climate change.

 CFE reports about the history of damage to underwater cable LINK   (photos of damaged cable with captions attributing it boat anchors).
   The Federal Electrical Commission (CFE) reported that between 1989 to 2018, the underwater electrical cable that supplies power to the island of Isla Mujeres from Punta Sam suffered 25 faults. It has reached the end of its projected useful life and was scheduled for replacement in 2020, according to the program of expansion and modernization for the upcoming thirteen years. 
     During 2019, prior to the installation of the new cable, the necessary works will be carried out to mitigate the risk of failure of the current cable, which involves installations on the mainland of an overhead line and a transformer at the substation. 
   The report says the value of power losses in the entire conductor is one thousand 272 kW (9.82%) and there are annual energy losses of  "5 thousand 089 595 kWh"; therefore, "it does not meet the basic criteria to operate in a distribution system with the desired quality and reliability." Therefore, the established values ​​of voltage regulation of 5% are not complied with.  
    At the Bonampak substation, a demand of 15.4 MW is estimated for the year 2027. According to the diagnosis of its operating conditions, it has a voltage regulation of 8.32% as of 2017, because the source is located 16 km from the island; of which 10 km is on the mainland and  there are 6.9 km of submarine cable, with the demand concentrated at the end of the circuit.
     The faults in the submarine cable are associated with the frequency of interruptions, which have increased in recent years, due to external causes such as blows by boats and failures due to deterioration and aging of the insulation of the submarine conductors.The insulation and protective covering have deteriorated, which affects its conductive ability and causes a significant risk of failure in the short term.

Two new classrooms are being requested for the Benito Juarez middle school for the upcoming school year LINK
    With approval of the request, the number of classrooms would increase from 16 to 18. There are 590 students enrolled and one new classroom in intended for the first year students and one for the second year. Enrollment has increased in the past two cycles. Recent improvements included upgrading the electrical infrastructure and replacement of part of the fence.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 

 At Sunset--April 7  6:54p (sets 7:04p)
April 8     7:59  
April 9     9:04
 April 10   10:08
April 11    11:11

 Sunset  7:02-7:12pm (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise  6:40--6:17am
Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC

     This year, the nearly new crescent moon won't interfere, and you may see as many as 18 meteors per hour, at the peak. Occasionally, this shower produces 'fireballs' (exceptionally bright meteors) and about a quarter of Lyrid meteors leave persistent trails of ionized gas that glow for a few seconds. 
       The "shooting stars" will be more frequent in the pre-dawn hours, when the radiant point is highest in the sky. Look over the Caribbean, toward the northeastern horizon, but don't worry if you don't identify the radiant point (near the star Vega)--they can be seen in all parts of the night sky. (The radiant point is where they appear to originate.)

    Watch in the pre-dawn hours of April 20, 21 & 22 (Mon-Wed).  They'll peak in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday, April 22. There may be some early on Thursday. You can also see three planets in the pre-dawn sky--Jupiter, Saturn & Mars, in the southeast. 
    There are records of this shower that go back some 2700 years, when the Chinese are said to have observed the Lyrid meteors "falling like rain" in 687 BC. The Lyrids are known for their occasional "outbursts", and observers have seen around 100 per hour in the US (1982), Japan (1945), and Greece (1922), with no predictions for this occurring this year.  
   The meteors are the debris of a comet (Thatcher) that takes 415 years to orbit the sun. They burn up in our atmosphere, about 60 miles up, while the star Vega is just a reference point and unconnected--it's trillions of times farther away. 

 HERE is an interactive sky map showing the position of the radiant (where the meteors appear to originate) in the sky above Isla Mujeres throughout the night & predawn. (Scroll forward to 10p+ when the radiant & Vega begin rising here.) You can change the date & location.

The Events section will resume when there are public events scheduled.

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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