Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Wednesday, November 27

  Here's the webcam LINK, which also has time lapse of the past 24 hours.
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From the City....

The "Municipal Sports Awards of 2019" were presented in various categories with the Individual award going to Gilberto de Jesus Trejo Caamal, in conjunction with winners Club Pachuca Feminil and coach Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Valdovinos. 

There's another notice about the property tax discount available starting Dec 1st which is 25% thru the 15th and 20% until the end of the year, and then 15% until Feb. 29, 2020. It is noted that the proceeds are used to benefit the citzenry with more and better public works and social programs that directly benefit the island population. And that the municipal government considers the budgets of island families as a priority, and therefor offers these discounts annually to protect the heritages of the residents. Payment can be made at the Town Hall treasury cashiers or at the Police station between 9a and 3:30p.

VIDEO about separating trash into organic and inorganic.

A march was held in support of International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women, and it is noted that workshops and activities are conducted by the municipal government year-round in support of this issue, and the 25th of each month is commemorated.

 Today we commemorate the Day to Eradicate Violence Against Women", in our municipality, we generate awareness working for an egalitarian future for all. Let's put a stop to gender violence!

Notice about participating in the 2020 census in March.

With the goal of promoting reading among children, a presentation was made at the Andres Quintana Roo elementary school of the books "Kimbomba" and "Circus of Don Ramon", by their author Ivan Suarez Caamal. He was accompanied by Marcos Ramirez Canul, who are the authors of the music and lyrics of the Quintana Roo anthem. The books contain children's poetry by their author, who spoke about the origin and importance of the state anthem.

Seven workshops were conducted with 50 employees of the company "Perla Negra" on topics of security, provided by the crime prevention department of the municipal police. Topics included "Dealing with Aggressive People", "Security Measures in Situations of Risk",  "Preventing Petty Theft", "Prevention of Telephone & Cyber Extortion", "How to Act Lawfully", and "How to Make Good Use of Force", with a martial arts instructor demonstrating self-defense.
From Cultura Isla Mujeres....
 On Sunday, the audience enjoyed a Noches Magicas performance by students from the Benito Juarez public middle school, with various genres of music.

TVisla Mujeres    

 The Mayor said the new buses should be in operation by December 10th, in accordance with a commitment with the company who was awarded the contract, Consorcio Empresarial de Sur. He said the vehicles are currently in the Continental Zone and an enclosure is being sought on the island. He gave assurances that they will of high quality. (Previous announcements said there will be a maximum of 10 microbuses, each with a capacity for 25 passengers, with AC and GPS. They said the route will begin at the Mercado on Guerrero, every half hour, going west to Medina, south down Medina, east on Paseo de los Peces in la Gloria, north on the Caribe coastal road, and north on Medina downtown.)
   Noti Isla Mujeres     

Video of the Port Authority (APIQRoo) Director in Isla Mujeres, Rosa Ríos Fernández, saying they are expecting a large number of passengers to be arriving at the Maritime Terminal to visit Isla Mujeres.

Video of "Orange" procession for the Day to Eradicate Violence Against Women.

Appeal for A+ blood donations

Video of the municipal Director of Civil Protection talking about certification of the Lifeguards

Today's (Wednesday) weather report from the state Civil Protection agency says Cold Front #18 is in northwestern Mexico moving southeast, causing cold temps & winds up there, with clouds & rain, and when it reaches the moist Caribbean sea air, it should remain warm during the day with comfortable temperatures at night, accompanied by scattered rain and clouds, more frequent in the afternoon or night over central and southern Q. Roo. (In the early afternoon, it's currently warm & sunny.)

From  Por Esto :
Lifeguard certification  

Inicia certificación de guardavidas de IM

  The municipal Director of Civil Protection said that Lifeguard certifications began on Monday, as part of the application of the Municipal Aquatic Safety Regulation, which makes it mandatory for all hotels, beaches, clubs and concessionaires in the Federal Zone have trained lifeguards in 2020.  The class had eight attendees from participating companies, and it is noted that there are two spaces available, and that the course continues for several days, as part of the certification process. There are affordable prices for companies that wish to train their staff and a second group of certification classes will be offered.

Everything is ready for the Patron Saint Festival 

Todo listo para la fiesta patronal

 The eleven-day festival in honor of the town's patron saint, the Virgin of Immaculate Conception, will begin on Thursday, Nov. 28 when the icon is removed from her niche, and will conclude on her day December 8th, when she is returned. The events will be presided over by priest Raul Sanchez Alonso, and the confirmations will be on Wednesday, Dec. 4th, attended by the bishop of the Chanun-Chetumal prelature.
  The procession tomorrow (Thursday) around the downtown streets will take place after the 7pm mass. Later there will be a cultural event on the Town Square with music and dancing.The Cabalgata horse procession is Saturday, Dec. 7th at noon & Por Esto says it will travel from downtown to the colonias. That evening at 7pm is the vehicular caravan around the isle, and at 9pm is the Mass of the Mañanitas with Mariachi.
On her Day, Sunday, Dec. 8th are the Communions (10a) and the procession by the boats in the Bay (3p), with the closing Mass and return to her niche at 6p.

Isla Mujeres news briefs     

Breves de Isla Mujeres

  A group of vision professionals will conduct a week-long campaign at the Red Cross facility offering consultations for 50 pesos, which include screening for glaucoma, cataracts, keratonconus, and diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy. Patients can pay 50% down when ordering lenses which start at 499 pesos.
 The second brief is about the book presentation and the third is a complaint by Alberto Candelario Burgos Uc over the behavior of a police officer that he was involved in an argument with after the citizen advised the officer that his patrol vehicle was badly parked and affecting the flow of traffic within the parking lot of the downtown mercado,  where the officer and his partner were having breakfast.
  The fourth brief is about an ecotourism development project on the mainland in the Yalahau lagoon by the Isla Mujeres ejidatarios (whose land borders the neighboring municipality of Lazaro Cardenas).

Sufficient space to expand mainland landfill 

Aún con suficiente espacio

  Sufficient space remains for the construction of another section of landfill in the mainland area of the municipality, and there is adequate space remaining in the current area until the construction is completed. The regional landfill, located in the municipality of Isla Mujeres, receives 1200 tons of trash from Cancun daily, as well as 80 tons from Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos. (Although for the past couple weeks, no trash has left the island because the transport trucks don't have access to the Transfer Facility due to work being done at the southern part of the island to install the wastewater network there. )
  An official who visited the site to assess the situation said that it is important that the recycling plant be reactivated to reduce the volume of waste.  The most recent agreement, signed in 2013, said that Isla Mujeres would receive 200,000 pesos monthly and wasn't participating in the recycling project. (The municipality of Cancun, Benito Juarez, hasn't been paying those fees and is millions of pesos in arrears, and the Isla Mujeres mayor has said if-when they pay, he plans to invest in recycling.)
Isla Mujeres news briefs  

Breves de Isla Mujeres

 On Sunday, the Isla Mujeres Cockteleros won their sixth game of this competition in the Northern Baseball League when they beat the Tulum Astros 4-1.
  In the municipal lightning soccer tournament, the Cesar Mendoza school won in categories 4, 5, and 6 and won the Tournament with a score of 6-2 against the Julio Saury school morning shift. Meanwhile in category 1,2, and 3, the winners were this school, against the afternoon shift.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
November 12   6:30
November 13  7:13
November 14   8:01
November 15   8:53
November 16   9:50
November 17  10:50
November 18  11:51

Painting by Pamela Haase
Sunset  ~6:11-6:04p (start-end/mo)
Sunrise ~6:50-7:07a (start-end/mo)
November Events 
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Wednesday nights at 8:45p, the group "Isla en Bici" bike around the isle, meeting at Juarez &  Abasolo. Lights required, helmet recommended. LINK   

Wednesday, Nov. 6 Diabetic Clinic-Free for residents with glucose testing, glucometers & supplies, reading glasses, nutritional education. Senior Citizens Club in colonia La Gloria 9a-12p.
 Saturday, Nov 9, the Isla Mujeres Cahuameros will receive the Dorados of Playa del Carmen at the Convention Center court at 8pm

Sunday, Nov. 10  At the Pescador baseball field (in front of Chedraui) the Isla Mujeres Cocteleros of Picus will play the Vaqueros of Leona Vicario. (It doesn't say what time, but games usually begin at 1p.)

Monday, Nov 11-12 N. Taurids Meteor Shower peaks around midnight

Tuesday, Nov. 12  Postal Workers Day  El Día del Cartero y del Empleado Postal

 Thursday, Nov. 14 World Diabetes Day

Friday, Nov. 15-Sunday, Nov. 17 Buen Fin (sales)

Saturday, Nov. 16-17 Leonids Meteor Shower  but the moon will interfere

Monday, Nov. 18 Day off for  Día de la Revolución Mexicana  . Banks & governmental offices close.  

Wednesday, Nov. 20 Dia de la Revolucion. There is usually a parade down Rueda Medina that starts around 8a, usually from the Naval base. Expect traffic detours.

Thursday, Nov 21 This year the Artist Fair has moved to the Paseo de la Triguena off the Town Square by the Malecon, near the food trucks.

Friday, Nov. 22 Mexican Fair at LYSH  at 6p with food, prizes, surprises & plenty of fun! The Little Yellow Schoolhouse is on Paseo de los Peces...the east-west cross street with Mundaca & the hospital, at the southern end of La Gloria.

Sunday, Nov. 24  at 1p the Isla Mujeres Cockteleros will play the Astros of Tulum at the El Pescador stadium in front of Chedraui.

Thursday, Nov. 28 The Festival for the Town Saint, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception will begin
when the icon is removed from her niche after the 7pm Mass when hundreds of parishioners take her on a procession around downtown, and later there will be a cultural event on the Town Square with live music and dancing.
The Cabalgata horse procession is Saturday, Dec. 7th at noon & Por Esto says it will travel from downtown to the colonias. That evening at 7pm is the vehicular caravan around the isle, and at 9pm is the Mass of the Mañanitas with Mariachi.
On her Day, Sunday, Dec. 8th are the Communions (10a) and the procession by the boats in the Bay (3p), with the closing Mass and return to her niche at 6p.
The first four photos are by Bruce, including the cabalgata as they passed by MVC Bed & Beach....offering him tequila. The last four are by Tony Garcia, including the processions from 9-10 years ago.

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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