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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Friday, November 15

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Annual military drawing 
     In coordination with the ministry of National Defense (Sedena), the annual military drawing was held for those born in 2001, where 43 young people were listed, and 36 were present, of which 20 were black balls and 16 were blue balls. 
 (Note- The Mexican military is made up entirely of professional career soldiers. Draftees are not integrated into any military units. Legally, every Mexican man is obligated to one year of national military service (SMN), when they participate in weekend sessions that are social service in nature, emphasizing education, history, physical fitness, and military discipline. Upon completion, they are given a "Cartilla", which is often requested when seeking employment.  A black ball means you get a "pass" for the year, but are "available". The blue ball represents the Navy. The young men who get a blue ball will attend Saturday training sessions between February and December. They may also comply with civil service by involvement in literacy programs and sports training programs, according to information on the internet )

In honor of the commemoration of November 28th as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Town Hall was lit in orange to help raise awareness. The City will conduct meetings and activities during the month of November, which is dedicated to this issue.
The City commemorates "Orange Day" on the 25th of every month, and holds talks and workshops on this topic in the schools and neighborhoods throughout the year for prevention and to raise

At the Senior Citizen's Park in La Gloria, an Outdoor Gymnasium was inaugurated with three pieces of equipment donated by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma-Heineken Mexico.

In order to continue working in a coordinated way in crime prevention in the different municipalities of the state, members of the municipal government attended the 5th State Crime Prevention meeting. It is noted that Isla Mujeres is below the national averages in crime statistics and one of the safest municipalities.  
     In Isla Mujeres, actions are coordinated based on the state plan to provide more and better security for both locals and visitors.

Separate your trash. Organic & Inorganic. Help maintain a Green Island-Isla Verde
Eighteen students completed a course in Pastry Making and received certificates. The course was held at the Community Center in colonia La Gloria, in coordination with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), for self-employment training. They received 120 hours of training between the hours of 2p and 8p, over the course of a month. There are upcoming courses in beauty and sewing, to help islanders gain skills for self employment  or obtaining a job, and economic benefits for themselves and their families.

Don't forget to remove or turn over objects that can accumulate water to eliminate breeding areas for mosquitoes

Separate your trash into Organic...Food scraps & peels, leftovers, toilet paper and napkins, coffee filters & compost (naturaleza muerte-lit. dead natural items) and Inorganic-bottles, containers,  and cardboard.

The Mayor says...Remember, with no mosquitoes, there is no Dengue. Knowing prevention measures and being alert we can do a lot to fight mosquitoes 🦟 that transmits dengue. Don't let it bite you! 
The graphic says..Avoid bites-use repellent, Keep your yard and garden clean, remove objects where water can accumulate.

TVisla Mujeres    
The Harbor Master removed restrictions on small boats but advised that more rain is predicted for this weekend with the arrival of Cold Front #12. LINK 

Ricalde Magana: The concessions that aren't in operation and were granted irregularly should be revoked first   LINK
     Julián Ricalde Magaña, president of the Golf Cart Association in Isla Mujeres, said there are five concessions that were granted irregularly, several of these are not in operation, which should be canceled, since the law requires they be put into operation within 30 days.
    In his ongoing trial in the state capital, one of the criminal charges against former governor Roberto Borge Angulo is the improper granting of five golf cart concessions in the municipality of Isla Mujeres in 2015-2016 to the companies Adventur Rents, Majubex, Rentadora la Fortuna, Traslados Terrestres del Sureste and Transportes Recreativos.

Mobility Institute filed legal complaint against aggressors in Oct. 30 incident at Punta Sur LINK 
 On Wednesday, the director of the Mobility Institute for the Northern Zone, Bibian Castillo Dzul, ratified the complaint about the aggression against her and her inspectors at Punta Sur on October 30th. The complaint was filed in Cancun, and the aggressors were fully identified. The incident occurred during a operation in the area of Punta Sur when a golf cart was stopped, which was occupied by people of a foreign nationality.  The vehicle had private plates but the authorities said it was in service for public use which is against the law. Some people arrived to prevent the golf cart from being taken to the impound yard.
   Ms. Castillo Dzul said things could have gotten uglier, but that didn't happen due to the presence of the Navy at the scene. However, a blue car without license plates rammed a golf cart that was being driven by one of the Mobility Institute inspectors. (A video of the incident circulated on Facebook, with comments by cart owner, who said the cart was lent to visiting relatives.)
Wednesday morning around 7a, a crocodile was seen in the streets near the Community Hospital, which was returned to its habitat by personnel with the Civil Protection department. (They live in the swamps of the Mundaca Hacienda & during heavy rains-flooding are very occasionally seen in the streets or swampy areas around La Gloria.)

On Saturday, one of the Fishermen's huts on Isla Contoy burned down.  LINK  
    Members of the Caribe cooperative are requesting an investigation into the fire that occurred early on Saturday morning on Isla Contoy in their hut at the fishermen's camp there, which was entirely destroyed, with the loss of about 300,000 pesos in fishing gear. It is one of seven cabins of the fishing cooperatives on the island that are used during the lobster season. They haven't filed a complaint, just requested an investigation to rule out any foul play.

   Noti Isla Mujeres     

As part of the Health Food Campaign-The Community Hospital invites parents to bring their children under five years old to the Preventative Medicine Area

(Yesterday) VIDEO with caption saying wastewater is leaking from the water treatment plant of Aguakan, and draining into the Caribbean sea

VIDEO of cart accident in by entrance to Playa Indio's ..see Por Esto section below.

 Sunday, the Isla Mujeres Cocteleros de Picus won their baseball game at the Pescador field with a score of 14 to 4 against the team from Leona Vicario. The Cocteleros were the league champions in the previous season.

From  Por Esto :

Aguakan committed to completing work by November 30th 

Se compromete Aguakan para el 30 de noviembre

     The Aguakan managers have made a commitment to completing their work installing 1300 meters of pipe by November 30th, noting the weather caused delays. Regarding paving, he deferred that issued to the company in charge of that work, noting that paving will be done as soon as the weather permits. The City authorities reiterated that the road must be restored to its original state and not just patched. 

Accident blamed on roadwork  

Carretera rota causa accidente

   A golf cart driven by tourists fell onto its side on the road to Garrafon near the entrance to Indio's beach, after they lost control which Por Esto attributes to the unevenness of the road due to the work being done by Aguakan to introduce the wastewater network to this area. Witnesses said the vehicle was being driven quickly and when passing thru the uneven area of road, the cart lost stability and turned over.
   The cart #94 was rented from Gomar II by two tourists from Great Britain, TH, 52, the driver, and JG, 17, who are staying at the Riu Caribe in the Cancun Hotel Zone, The accident occurred in an area where a trench runs along the road which is covered with dirt and are uneven with the road, which presumable caused the rollover. The tourists were treated by the Red Cross paramedics for bruises and taken to the Community Hospital. 

Open air gymnasium installed in Senior Citizens Park  

Gimnasio al aire libre en el parque del Adulto Mayor

 See City section above.

 Caution advised at sea  

Precaución para la navegación en general

   Nov. 13 The port remained open to general navigation with caution advisory because rain was forecast throughout the day, which reduces visibility at sea, therefore the nautical community was advised to monitor for changes in conditions. Although it was sunny at dawn, isolated showers fell throughout the morning. However, the rain was insufficient to deter the tourist and activity was even observed at the beaches.

Tourism service providers & fishermen are active after two days of poor weather   

Turisteros y pescadores zarpan al mar

Nov. 12   Activities at sea resumed, with caution, after being suspended for small boats for two days due to the effects of cold front #11. Normal activities resumed for the tourism service providers and fishermen at 7am on Tuesday. The forecast was for isolated rains, with calm seas and winds from the SE at 5-10 miles per hour. It is noted that demand appears to have increased for boat tours, compared to the previous week, and that hotel occupancy is rebounding, which is reflected in the clients at the restaurants and shops, as well as in the travel agencies.

Tourism service providers receive courses in care of the reefs  

Turisteros reciben cursos de cuidado de arrecifes

  Personnel with CONANP (National Commission of Natural Protected Areas) provided a training course for tourism service providers about the rules of the Management Program of the National Park Costa Occidental (West Coast) of Isla Mujeres-Punta Cancún-Punta Nizuc. The eight-hour class took place at the City Hall from 10am to 6pm, with a break.  They were taught about good practices such as not hitting the coral reef with their boats, instructing tourists to avoid touching the reef with their hands or fins, to not use sun block, and not to litter. 
   The CONANP liaison and instructor Guadalupe Duran said that area #1 of the National Marine Park, the Costa Occidental (West Coast) of Isla Mujeres, has a maximum load capacity of 225 vessels, authorized to the nautical providers of Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez, while at Punta Nizuc, the maximum number is 380 boats, mostly from Cancun, although Isla Mujeres vessels have permission as well, and can also work in area #3 of the Park. 
   She explained that it is their intention to increase the involvement of the tour providers in the preservation of the reef, and therefore they must know how to take care of it, what is affecting it, what restoration projects are being done, and what function and powers exist in the Park in terms of administration.

Section of road was closed again due to installation of wastewater network at southern part of the island

Vuelven a cerrar la carretera en el tramo de la zanja

Tourism stalled by poor weather  

Mal clima paraliza a Isla Mujeres

Nov. 11   Heavy rainfall at dawn and throughout the morning caused the port to be closed for the tourism boats, with winds of 40-50 k/hr and waves 1.2 to 1.8 meters and poor visibility. Only the ferries were authorized to operate.
  The heavy rainfall that began early on Monday was due to the passage of cold front #11, and personnel with Civil Protection and the Firefighters began working at 4am to ensure the safety of residents and their property. They removed debris blocking storm drains and monitored the lake levels. Although flooding on some downtown streets reached 20 cm. the roads were clear in less than half an hour (this is presumably due to the CP staff activating the downtown pump).
   Tourists were absent from the main beaches in the morning, however flocks of seagulls were observed by the reporter. The head of Civil Protection reminded residents not to litter and to adhere to the trash collection schedule to avoid waste being in the streets and clogging the storm drains.

Expansion of Maritime Terminal  

Ampliarán la Terminal Marítima

    This year the number of passengers using the Maritime Terminal of APIQRoo in Isla Mujeres has increased by ten percent, requiring more space for the large number of passengers. Therefore, masons are working to expand the terminal at the part nearest the parking area.
     Rosa Elena Ríos Fernández, Apiqroo coordinator in Isla Mujeres, said Area B will be remodeled, where passengers are going to Gran Puerto and Puerto Juarez, and Area C will be expanded, where tourists are waiting to return to the Cancun Hotel Zone. She explained, “The plan is to join the main hall, that is, Area B, with the one behind, which is Area C; a corridor is going to open, and the middle part and the back part are going to be roofed, next to the parking lot ”. She said the opening of the main hall will require the elimination of some of the commercial premises on the side closest to the pier, but she didn't specify which ones would be affected.  
   She said they plan to complete the work before the start of the Christmas season, and this will provide a wider and more orderly space.  However, rain could cause delays, as happened on Monday when the workers spend most of the morning staying out of the rain in the shed where they store their tools.  

Only franchise stores observing "Buen Fin"  

Nadie se ha apuntado para el “Buen Fin”

   This year's annual "Buen Fin" sales will take place Nov. 15-18, but it is noted that there isn't a tradition on the isla of participating, except by the regional and national chains, such as Chedraui, Boxito, and Electra.    The head of the business owners organization, CANACO (Chamber of Commerce) noted that tourists already haggle, and that stores already offer discounts and two for one or three for one deals on items like beach bags, T shirts, key chains, and small souvenirs. And he noted the Buen Fin occurs during low season, when demand is minimal, and the ability to offer further discounts is limited.
     He said that Buen Fin is aimed at Mexican consumers with offers of interest-free financing, which isn't applicable in here, were 90 percent of the downtown businesses are tourism-oriented.

Crime prevention workshops: Prevention of Telephone Extortion and Fraud 

Fortalecen la cultura de la autoprotección

   About 60 percent of the companies in the municipality have taken the workshop Prevention of Telephone Extortion and Fraud, which on this occasion was provided at the City hall for about fifty City officials. These workshops are provided by the Department of Crime Prevention of the municipal police, providing information about how to respond to crimes from a distance, which are currently very frequent.

Pro Paciente Dibetico Club going to Continental Zone

Club Pro Paciente Diabético va a la Zona Continental

   About 300 islanders benefited from the free Diabetes Clinic, which was held for the eleventh consecutive year on the island, according to Geovanny Ávalos, president of the nonprofit organization Club Pro Paciente Diabetic, who added that another clinic will be held in the Continental Zone on Wednesday, November 13, at Rancho Viejo, where about 100 diabetics are expected to attend.  Those attending the free clinics are given blood sugar testing and the diabetics are provided with glucometers and supplies, to monitor their blood sugar throughout the year. They are taught how to use the devices and given nutritional and lifestyle education, and offered free reading glasses. Those who have attended previous clinics return to obtain more supplies or for free replacement of their glucometers that have broken. 

Port was closed for small boats  

Cierran el puerto a embarcaciones menores

Nov. 11


Baggers want wages
This week, a couple dozen members of the CROC labor union protested in front of the 24-hour Walmart in Cancun in support of the senior citizens working as volunteer baggers who want a daily salary, because tips have dropped off since plastic bags were prohibited.
They're also requesting that the seniors be given some groceries. It's estimated that each Walmart has an average of 40-50 volunteer packers.
Residents who are at least 60 years old and want to join the Volunteer Packers Program can obtain a permit from the City, allowing them to work for free as baggers, 4-6 hours a day. After applying for a position, they request the free permit, which requires seven documents, including a medical certificate & proof of insurance.
In May, IMSS (Social Security) labor records indicated that there were nearly 6800 senior workers signed up in Cancun and 70 in Isla Mujeres.
In Cancun, the number of seniors applying increased to 40-50 per month by May, compared to an average of 20 last year. A program coordinator said about half of the seniors participate because they want to feel useful and the rest work because they need to continue generating income. Since the options for this sector of society are limited, they see the supermarkets as their only way to make money, she said.
The current Daily Minimum Wage is 102 pesos (less than $6/day), which is presumably what they want from the supermarkets...and a few groceries.
(Tip your bagger, please!)

Maravilla Caribe Bed & Beach is on the bus route! There should be a stop nearby, just to our south by Casa Ixchel (and probably one to our north by Bachilleres).
The 25-passenger, air conditioned microbuses should go by every half hour, traveling north toward downtown. The "maximum of ten" buses will be equipped with GPS & suitable for people with disabilities. Eleven of the bus stops will have seats and pergolas, and the others will be indicated by signs.
Last week the municipal Director of Transportation said they should be in service by Friday (tomorrow) coming soon!! Fares haven't been announced yet.
Route photo from Por Esto. The bus stop should be near Barbara's mural--#3, by that white wall in #4--which was taken from the front balcony at MVC-#5.

On Friday, Cold Front #13 will be moving toward the Yucatan Peninsula, with winds of 20-30 km/h gusting up to 60km/h in the coastal areas and storms in northern Q Roo, with partly cloudy to cloudy skies. Minimum temps of 20-24 and max temps of 26-29 are expected (68-84F). And the Tropical Wave is still in the region. (in graphic it's the Onda Tropical in the orange line).
On Saturday, Norte #13 is expected to cause morning lows of 19-23 (66-73F) and the highs are expected to be 25-29 (77 to 84F). NE winds of 15-30 km/h gusting over 40km/hr, and rain isn't expected, except possible isolated showers.
Source--National Weather Service - CONAGUA

Don't forget that Monday, Nov. 18 is the day off for Día de la Revolución Mexicana and Wednesday is the Dia de la Revolucion.
     There is usually a parade down Rueda Medina that starts around 8a, usually from the Naval base. More info TBA when available. Expect traffic detours. Banks & governmental offices close on Monday. This weekend is Buen Fin--sales at Chedraui and in Cancun.

Protección Civil y Bomberos Isla Mujeres are the firefighters, lifeguards, and personnel who work behind the scenes & receive constant training, so they are ready to help out when a tourist falls off a cliff (five months ago) or croc wanders into a neighborhood (this morning). In addition to rescuing drowning visitors & putting out fires throughout the year, they do a wide variety of other tasks.
They carry beached dolphins over the cliffs & transport them to receive medical care at the Tortugranja. They rescue nesting turtles who become wedged in rocks, or fall & need uprighting. They remove bee swarms (the Africanized bees here can be aggressive). They go out in the wee hours during tropical deluges to clear storm drains, monitor lake levels & activate pumps. They warn us about storms & make sure the hurricane shelters are ready.
They make sure businesses are equipped with required extinguishers (which is why neighbors are able to quickly assist when fires begin). They provide classes about fire prevention & response, which are required for all Isla business (including vacation rentals). They assist in battling the mainland brush fires that occur annually.
They train City staff and hotel employees to respond appropriately in emergencies and evacuations, and teach them first aid. They work in coordination with Naval and Port personnel to assist in maritime emergencies and incidents.
Residents & visitors depend on their preparedness and courage and WE ARE GRATEFUL!! Thank-You!!
Their phone number is 998-877-0106.

Removing bees from the cemetery before Dia de los Muertos

Training at the fire station for propane leaks 
Assisting on the mainland with the annual brush fires 
Beached dolphin rescued, transported up over the cliffs & to the Tortugranja, where specialists from Dolphin Discovery assisted with its medical treatment (Two years ago)

Rainy clouds slowly rolling in at sunset on Tuesday.

"Isla Mujeres-Without a Doubt-The Most beautiful beaches in Amèrica!There is still time to buy your lot-From 25 pesos a square meter-Buy now and make money!" ~1966 real estate ad. Photos from 1966, #2 is mid-late '60's.
From the Merida newspaper Diario de Yucatan,photo published by Isla Mujeres al Dia
Zazil Ha mid to late 60's
Mule drawn rail car carried passengers from ferry to Zazil Ha

Town Square

Does this 1966 ad for lots near Garrafon from 25 pesos a square meter make you wish for a time machine? That would be $4000usd in today's money.for a 250 (2700 sq.ft.) lot** with views of the sea & lagoon and 20 months to pay.
A time traveler to the 1960's would find that the island was experiencing population growth with the start of the tourism industry and the economic effects it generated. This was unique in the region, which had no highways until 1955, when a road was built to Puerto Juarez and bus service from Valladolid and Merida began, requiring regular ferry service. Cancun consisted of coco plantations with a handful of caretakers, and Puerto Juarez was a fishing village with a dozen huts.
In 1964, Zazil Ha opened, which was the first large hotel in the area, and it had 32 rooms. (It's now the Mia.) Between 1960 and 1970, the island's population grew by 250% with ~1600 new residents, an increase from 1071 to 2663. (We're about ten times that now.) By 1970, Isla Mujeres had 139 hotel rooms and a total of 8100 foreign tourists visiting yearly. However, the Zazil Ha went bankrupt in 1973 and was taken over by the National bank. (Now, more than 2 million tourists visit annually.)
In 1974, the first hotels in Cancun opened and Q. Roo became a state. The following year the international airport opened and the population of P.Juarez had exploded from 200 residents to 5000, most of whom were presumably building Cancun.
Islanders became concerned about effects on the reefs, and three underwater areas were granted Protected Status in 1973. Isla Mujeres was featured in National Geographic in 1975, due to the discovery of the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks, which was also the subject of an episode on Jacques Cousteau's popular TV program. By the 1980's, tourism development in the Mexican Caribbean had intensified, and there's a link below to a 1981 article in the New York Times about Isla Mujeres as a budget alternative to Cancun & Cozumel.
In 2001, 35 years after this real estate ad, the price of a 250 square meter lot had increased tenfold to $40,000usd. Now, they've risen several times that amount, to about forty times the 1966 cost.
**In 1966, a dollar was worth 12.5 pesos, so that's $2 per square meter. One dollar in 1966 is the equivalent to $8 today, so that's $16/
Written by Ronda Winn Roberts.
1966 photos from YouTube video posted by Dennis Furbush


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
November 12   6:30
November 13  7:13
November 14   8:01
November 15   8:53
November 16   9:50
November 17  10:50
November 18  11:51

Painting by Pamela Haase
Sunset  ~6:11-6:04p (start-end/mo)
Sunrise ~6:50-7:07a (start-end/mo)
November Events 
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Wednesday nights at 8:45p, the group "Isla en Bici" bike around the isle, meeting at Juarez &  Abasolo. Lights required, helmet recommended. LINK   

Wednesday, Nov. 6 Diabetic Clinic-Free for residents with glucose testing, glucometers & supplies, reading glasses, nutritional education. Senior Citizens Club in colonia La Gloria 9a-12p.
 Saturday, Nov 9, the Isla Mujeres Cahuameros will receive the Dorados of Playa del Carmen at the Convention Center court at 8pm

Sunday, Nov. 10  At the Pescador baseball field (in front of Chedraui) the Isla Mujeres Cocteleros of Picus will play the Vaqueros of Leona Vicario. (It doesn't say what time, but games usually begin at 1p.)

Monday, Nov 11-12 N. Taurids Meteor Shower peaks around midnight

Tuesday, Nov. 12  Postal Workers Day  El Día del Cartero y del Empleado Postal

 Thursday, Nov. 14 World Diabetes Day

Friday, Nov. 15-Sunday, Nov. 17 Buen Fin (sales)

Friday, Nov. 15  Fundraiser for (&a t) the Little Yellow School House at 6p. Mexican Fair with food, fun & prizes!

Saturday, Nov. 16-17 Leonids Meteor Shower  but the moon will interfere

Monday, Nov. 18 Day off for Día de la Revolución Mexicana   Banks & governmental offices close.  

Wednesday, Nov. 20 Dia de la Revolucion  There is usually a parade down Rueda Medina that starts around 8a, usually from the Naval base. Expect traffic detours.

The Festival for the Town Saint, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception will begin sometime around the weekend of Friday, Nov. 28 and continue thru her day on Dec. 8th. There is usually a Cabalgata parade of horses and a "bullring" set up (bullfights have been banned in Mexico), where there are rodeos and comedic bullfights, as well as folklorico dance performances and a night or two of live music & dancing on the Town Square. More info TBA.

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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