Thursday, May 2, 2019

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Thursday, May 2

The Isla Mujeres live webcam is still out of order. Meanwhile I'll post new pics here intermittently. This is last Saturday's sunrise from MVC.
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This weekend's events include a Skate Festival & a Soccer game. Next week there's an Olympic swimming competition and a Bird Festival. Scroll down to the events section for more info.

Here's the Tortugranja Puppet Theater that had shows yesterday in honor of State Sea Turtle Week & Children's Day. Acción Isla's post: Fisherman Juan meets Kari the Hawksbill turtle, stuck in his net, and he learns about the damage that we can do to her and her friends without even realizing it...   That his nets, propeller, lights and plastic garbage can all hurt these lovely turtles... That these turtles are protected... And that from the 15th May to the 15th of October they come to this island to nest, when they are most vulnerable and especially need our protection!

I know it's rusty, but it's still a favorite of mine:
      "Dawn of the 5 Muses of Goddess Ixchel" in the shape of the isle, by Mexican artist Helen Escobedo (RIP). It's located on the "Cliff of the Dawn", at the eastern edge of the Mayan lands, where the sun first touches Mexico, which is also the highest and most southern part (Punta Sur) of Isla Mujeres, and the site of Ixchel's temple overlooking the vast Caribbean. Young Mayan women journeyed to the isle to leave small female sculptures at this temple dedicated to the goddess of fertility. (Those sculptures prompted the first Spaniards who visited the isle to name it Isla de las Mujeres.)
     The titles of the other sculptures are: Dawn, House of Spirits, Silo, From a Triangle, Archipelago, Together, Solar Fragmentation, Sea, Conch of the Winds, Isla Mujeres, Sculpture 19, The Drummer, Liberty, Seagulls, Chac-mool, Insurgents IV (rusted away), Waterfall, Abyssal Creature, Untitled, Chalice, Solar Stelae, and Secret. They were created by artists from Mexico, US, Cuba, Columbia, Europe, & Egypt and installed in December 2001. They received maintenance in 2006, but not all of the original 23 metal sculptures have survived the effects of salt & wind.
Photo from Isla Mujeres Pueblo Mágico on Monday, asking who knows its name.

VIDEO   from Noti Isla Mujeres yesterday advising caution in colonia La Gloria on Contoy street because there is soapy water in the road and three motorcycles skidded on it, and police had arrived to the scene.
 There is also a VIDEO from yesterday of a female tourist being treated for scrapes by the Red Cross paramedics as she sits on a sidewalk, after the rented motorcycle she was on skidded on the pavement. The reporter interviews a taxista who explains how it happened near the entrance to Capt. Dulche's beach club.  
And a VIDEO interviewing golf cart rental agency owner Julian Ricalde Magana who says the agencies applaud the new regulation providing cards for the rental carts. 

Photo by Isla Mujeres Al Dia captioned: Corners, Moments, Experiences. (My alternate caption: Now that the Leaning Tower of Pisa has straightened up....CFE is moving into the niche ;) )

   IM Noticias  has photos of propeller protectors, which are now required for the whale shark tour boats, with an article noting that the crews are getting ready for the season which begins May 15 and ends approximately Sept. 15. About 250 boats from Isla Mujeres have concessions for this activity, and some are importing the devices from the US and Canada, costing up to 15,000 pesos, while others are attempting to manufacture them.

Olympic swimming competition Thursday!
On May 9th, Isla Mujeres with host the state competitions for the 2019 National Olympics and National Youth Olympics for open water swimming, when athletes will compete for gold medals in 5, 7, and 10 kilometer distances. They will swim between the concrete pier by the vehicle ferries and the pier of the former Kawama marina.
More than 11,000 athletes in the state will compete May 2-16 in 18 sports at 14 locations, with the official inauguration of the events today at the state capitol of Chetumal.
In Isla Mujeres, there will be a work meeting tomorrow, with assignments of responsibilities and agreements about development of the event. On-site preparations will take place on May 7 to adapt the space where the competition will take place and to work on the logistics. On Wed., May 8th, the organizers will have another meeting and a practice session be held at the competition area. Source & graphics: IM Noticias 

There are no press releases on the Municipal FB site until after the election, in compliance with the law.

From  Por Esto :

No march for International Worker's Day  

No hubo marcha por el Día del Trabajador

  There was an event at the CROC union headquarters celebrating both Children's Day and Labor Day.

Turtle Protection Season begins  

Inicia temporada de protección de tortugas

      In 2017, 116,558 eggs were protected and 93,247 hatchlings were released.
 In 2016, the Tortugranja protected 509 nests with 49,769 eggs, and 42,837 hatchlings were released.
In 2015, there were 160,565 eggs and 134,881 hatchlings released.
  Last year, was a slower year with only 365 nests.  Each nest has about 100 eggs. In Isla Mujeres, the most eggs are laid by Green turtles, and second are the loggerheads, with the least number of nests belong to the Hawksbills. The Tortugranja, formerly the Fisheries Research Station, has a tradition of protection and incubation of turtle eggs that goes back more than half a century, with participation by the municipal government for the past two decades.
     The space was loaned by the Federal government, and the team of turtle nest monitoring and rescue are preparing to carry out this work, with support from volunteers.

Isla Mujeres news briefs 

Breves de Isla Mujeres

  In the mainland part of the municipality, children of the Agricultural Zone received toys for Children's Day, which were donated by individuals, companies and organizations, coordinated by the association "Amigos de la Zona Agrícola".  Those donating included the  hotel Excellence Playa Mujeres, the CROC union (la Confederación Revolucionaria de Obreros y Campesinos), the foundation " Pies Samaritanos", and various individuals.

    On social networks, residents have supported a request to improve the situation on Rueda Medina, by the entrance to the terminal of the vehicle ferries, where at least one motorcyclist has died. The area isn't well lit, and it is recommended that a red line be painted and signage be erected, to better define the area of access to the terminal vs the motorway.
   The problem is that motorcyclists use the curb as a reference point, but in this section there is no curb, (the sidewalk & curb veer west at this area of the entry to the parking lot...see photo), which causes the motorcyclist to misjudge (which is more likely when darkness, speed, and/or alcohol are added), and by the time they realize their error, it may be too late to avoid impact with the post. 

Tourist loses control of scooter & skids

Derrapan y ruedan por el asfalto

    Two tourists suffered scrapes and abrasions after their rental scooter, which lacked a license plate, skidded on the road to Garrafon, near Capt. Dulche's beach club. They were given first aid by the paramedics and taken to the Community Hospital, but didn't appear to have any fractures.
    A taxi driver said they were both traveling from south to north, but after they passed the entrance to the Hurricane Shelter, the decline in the pavement caused the fall, when the motorcycle driver lost his balance. In response to a question, the cabbie explained, "I was going to enter the restaurant Captain Dulché, I put my signal for that, but when I realized that the motorcycle was coming at high speed and I decided to go to the other side to avoid contact."
    The green scooter, #8 from the agency "Gomar II", lacked a license plate and wasn't damaged except some scrapes to its 'carapace' (plastic shell).


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View from the rooms.

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Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Within ten minutes walk are a variety of restaurants including Mango Cafe, Brisas, Manolitos, La Chatita, Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, and the large department store-grocery , Chedraui. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Attend Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants. It takes 20-30  minutes to walk downtown.
Full moon rising over the Caribbean 

May 18   7:20
May 19    8:19
May 20   9:16
 May 21   10:10
 May 22   11:01
 May 23   11:48
Painting by Pamela Haase
Sunset  ~7:15p-7:25
Sunrise ~6:15a-6:05
May Events 
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

On Saturday's at 8a-10a,  Plogging events to clean up the island are held,  meetup locations at this LINK . Bring your refillable bottle & they'll supply gloves, water, & bags,   Here's the Accion Isla LINK

Wednesday nights at 8:45p, a new bicycling group invite people to join them for healthy recreation, meeting at Juarez &  Abasolo. Lights required, helmet recommended. LINK   

On Thursday's 3p-8p, Artists Fairs are held in front of the Casa de la Cultura on the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo, weather permitting, usually discontinue around this time of year

In May  fishermen in this region are banned from catching Lobster, Octopus, Conch & Shark Lobsters kept in captivity continue to be available, along with frozen tails.  LINK 

Tuesday, April 30 Children's Day

Tuesday, April 30 Comedy event in Spanish benefiting several local children battling cancer.

Wednesday, May 1 Labor Day. International Dia de los Trajabadores. Banks, schools, government offices, and similar businesses will be closed. Most tourism businesses will be open, as will Chedraui.

Wednesday, May 1  In honor of State Sea Turtle Week & Children's Day, the Tortugranja will present puppet shows tomorrow, May 1st at 9a, 11a, 1p, and 3p

Sunday, May 5 "Cinco de Mayo" commemorates a battle against the French in Puebla & is mostly celebrated in bars by folks from the US.

Sunday, May 5  The First National Women's Extreme Roller Skating Festival of the Maya Riviera 2019 will be in Isla Mujeres on Sunday, May 5 from 1p-5p. Free. Schedule:
1p at the Bicentennial Dome in La Gloria: Recreational Games.
2:30p Awareness Competition "Roll & Pickup".
3p at the Skate Park in Salina Chica: Skating Exhibition by Chicas Roller Mexico, Live music by Playa Sol, Cypher of Freestyle, Mural painting, Environmental talk by Accion Isla, Skate Workshops, games & more, with food by Santo Taco.

Probably Sunday, May 5 at 5p (?)-Isla Mujeres vs team from Jose Maria Morelos at Salina Chica soccer field. Last Sunday, the Isla Mujeres team beat the formerly undefeated team from Playa del Carmen.  Currently Isla Mujeres has two wins, one loss, and one tie, at the close of the fourth round,
Photo from IM Noticias
Monday, May 6  Civic ceremony on the first Monday of each month, usually on the Town Square at 9a..

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, May 8,9 & 10: 1st  Isla Mujeres Bird Festival with artistic events, bird watching, mangrove cleaning, children's workshops, book donations, and providing results. More info will be available next week.

Friday, May 10  Mother's Day 

Wednesday, May 15 Whale shark tour season begins and continues until  mid-September. Turtle nesting season is from May-October.

Saturday & Sunday May 18 & 19:  Cosme Magana International fishing tournament with over a million pesos in prizes.  Deadline for registration is the Friday night Captain's Dinner. (The women's tournament "La Dorada Del Caribe 2019" will be held June 28 & 29.)

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres  

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