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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Sunday, April 8

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte.  HERE is a timelapse version, that you can set to slow or fast (fps-frames per second). It takes a few seconds to load.
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From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

In accordance with the electoral laws, the municipal Facebook site has suspended the release of information as of March 29, until after the election.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

TVIM reports that bail has been set at 85 million pesos (~4.7 million dollars) for ex-Gov. Borge, who's accused of the crimes of embezzlement, illicit use of power, and irregular (illegal) performance of public functions. The ruling also ensures that when he is released from the jail in Mexico City, the Quintana Roo prosecutors office has the power to detain him and bring him before the courts in Chetumal.
It is noted that the 85 million pesos stipulated for bail is only 2.7 percent of the losses caused to the government of Quintana Roo, which amounts to over 3 billion pesos (~172+ million dollars), according to the Attorney General of Quintana Roo. LINK

Ferry delays causing trash problems  LINK  
The delays yesterday of the car ferry crossing not only provoked annoyance among the affected islanders and tourists in the middle of the holiday season, it also delayed the transfer of trash to the landfill on the mainland. The municipal Director of Public Services, José Guadalupe Ríos Chalé, said that several tons of trash have been accumulating at the Trash Transfer Facility, since the inspections by the Department of the Navy have already immobilized the larger ferry. With yesterday's delays of the other ferry, things became even more complicated. 
   He said it is regrettable that the Navy decided to carry out inspections during peak hours in the middle of the holiday season, where there are more tourists. Yesterday the ferry "Sergio Gracia Aguilar" was out of operation for more than eight hours while three Naval inspector and the Harbor Master carried out inspections on board the ship. The vehicles that came to line up at 10am, intending to board the next ferry, didn't leave until 6pm.

Isla Mujeres Lancheros are operating at 90%, offering boat tours during the holiday season  LINK   
   The Lancheros offering nautical tours in the Bay said they have had good weather during this holiday season, when they are often hindered by the surada winds out of the south, causing them to lose several days of work. However, this holiday season they operated at 90 percent and the weather was cooperative.


IM Noticias on FB (LINK)

Human Rights agency intervenes in the case of the death of Carlos Avalos  LINK 
IM Noticias reports: The Deputy Vice Province of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Quintana Roo (CDHEQRoo) in Isla Mujeres, Martha Puc Laines, has initiated a ex officio complaint regarding the recent death of islander Carlos Avalos Galue. She requested the corresponding reports and interviewed relatives of the deceased, in regard to allegations of medical malpractice.
Ms. Puc explained that she learned from the media that a male person had died on Wednesday at the Community Hospital, which could have involved medical malpractice. She said it is her legal obligation to ask the relatives of the deceased if they are willing to ratify the complaint. Therefore, on Friday, she went to the family home and interviewed them. They said they were still undecided whether to ratify the complaint or terminate it. While awaiting their decision, the investigation by CDHEQRoo continues and the file remains open.
Relatives of the deceased, who was very well known in Isla Mujeres, said that it was a lack of necessary medication at the Community Hospital which led to the death of Mr. Avalos, and they gave recognition to the work of the medical personnel.

A voting booth will be installed in the food court area of the Maritime Terminal so visiting citizens can vote for the President and federal legislators.  LINK    (The election is July 1st). .

Inspection cancels car ferry departure, upsetting waiting passengers  LINK 
Service by the car ferry "Sergio Gracia Aguilar" was suspended due to a special inspection by the Harbor Master and Department of the Navy, which was apparently related to safety measures, and allegedly the vessel did not comply. Dozens of users waited for hours in the hot sun for this transport service for automobiles and cargo trucks, and expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the suspension of service.
The inspection began around noon, and had not concluded until after 5pm. After the passengers had waited for several hours in the hot sun, the Harbor Master gave an explanation about the inspection and announced that the boat would depart at 6pm, but only for cars and cargo trucks. This left out the more than a dozen motorcycles who had been waiting in the line, in addition to the passengers, which tried their patience. Several of them approached the authority and pointed out that it was a terrible idea to schedule a special inspection at this time when demand is very high, and many of them had commitments and activities which were planned in advance, that they could not reach.
Domestic and foreign tourists were "stranded" at both terminals, in Punta Sam and Isla Mujeres, after 11am when the Sergio Gracia Aguilar ferry arrived at the island, because Naval inspectors postponed operations during peak hours on a weekend.

Ultramar car ferry could begin operating next week  LINK 
On Wednesday, the ferry "Ultracarga III" traveled from the concrete dock in Isla Mujeres to the terminal in Punta Sam, and conducted a series of docking tests, whose results are unknown at this time.
When the boat arrived at the beginning of the year, Ultramar personnel said there were plans to begin operations immediately, but some permits and required adjustments have delayed the start up. The facilities at Punta Sam lacked the necessary conditions for docking the boat, which is much larger than the Maritima Isla Mujeres ferries.
It is believed that the boat could begin providing service next week. The other two car ferries that arrived at the same time are already operating on the Cozumel route (to Playa del Carmen).

Property at Punta Sur is designated as "Protected"  LINK 
IM Noticias reports: Given the likelihood that a private residence would be built in an area considered to be the Mirador/Scenic Overlook of Punta Sur, efforts have been made to try and prevent this, in order to not lose one of the few views of the sea that are left on the island.
According to social media, there is a likelihood that a residence will be constructed in this area at the southern part of the Isla Mujeres, since a physical visit was made to the property, apparently by the owners and/or their legal representatives.
However, it was discovered that, according to the PDU (Urban Development Plan) of the municipality of Isla Mujeres, the usage/zoning of this area is listed as "Protección y Ornato". (lit. Protection and Ornamentation).
What transpired is that during the administration of former Mayor Agapito Magaña Sánchez, at a City Council session, a change of land use status was approved, which is considered totally irregular (illegal), since this change of zoning can only be done thru the PDU, which was established to modified, as necessary, in a period of 15 to 20 years. The last revision was made during the administration of Alicia Ricalde Magaña, when the zoning of the property in question was established.
This means that the approval of the change in land use that occurred during the previous administration was totally illegal, since it cannot supersede the PDU, and it can be reversed, if so decided by the government of the present administration.
Meanwhile, some island citizens held a demonstration at the property where the construction is expected to take place, and they asked that a stop be put to the sale of the land, which is considered to be for common use in this part of the municipality of Isla Mujeres.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Nonconforming work next to Garrafon Park
Inconforma obra colindante al “Garrafón”. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
      Citizens have mobilized to try to prevent private construction that appears to be pending on a property adjoining Garrafon Park, because it would block the spectacular view of the Bay. The municipal Director of Urban Development, Nivardo Fernandez, denied that permission has been authorized, but later he said that due to the electoral closure regulations, he cannot provide information.
    Residents have come to the area to verify that the property of about 250 square meters has been cleaned. Ex-Mayor Hugo Sanches, also went to the property to speak with people, to explain that during his term of office, there was no deviation from the PDU, Urban Development Plan,  no authorization was given to modify the use of that lot, and there was no sale of any public property.
   He recommended, however, that if the owner has the right to build there, they should enter into a dialogue with him to consider the possibility of exchanging that lot for another that is located where the scenic tower was, about 100 meters away. Information indicates that its zoning has already been changed during the previous administration.
    According to the Island PDU, this private property that is causing concern is classified for type 1 housing (H1), which allows one story construction, however this would affect the image of the Garrafon area, blocking the spectacular view of the bay. For this reason, citizen unrest has invaded social media in recent days.
   There is talk in political circles that during the previous administration of Agapito Magana, work authorization was given to the owner of the lot, which would have included a change of land use (zoning), but the current government has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors that are circulating, in the face of this controversy.

Hospital from bad to worse
Hospital de mal en peor. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
 April 6   Following the death of an islander on Wednesday at 3am due to a lack of medication, the situation at the Community Hospital has gone from bad to worse. Last night (Thursday) a pregnant woman was given an emergency transfer by boat to be treated at a Cancun hospital, because there was no medication available to control her blood pressure, before her imminent delivery.
    There is a great deal of dissatisfaction within the community about the lack of medications, and one of the pregnant woman's relatives said, "We don't understand why, with this category of hospital, it is not supplied with the standard basic medications by the state Department of Health. This is negligent."
  Por Esto reported the death of Carlos Avalos Galue on Wednesday, when his cardiac problem couldn't be treated due to a lack of medications, such as Diazepam or Nitroglycerin patches, to reduce the pain and anxiety. There was no functioning cardiac monitor, nor Venosets (intravenous sets). The relatives tried to seek these medications in local pharmacies without success.
   It was also reported a few days ago, that a construction worker had gone to the hospital to request oral 'suero' (electrolyte powder), but the nursing staff wasn't helpful. He also reported that his wife brought their son to the hospital with severe diarrhea and vomiting, and he was not attended to in a timely manner, because the doctor preferred to go have coffee with a colleague in another office. He said the director of the hospital was made aware of the situation but did not attend to the problem The young man received medical care an hour later, which the father considers insensitive and shows a lack of training in caring for people with special conditions.
     It is noted that last summer, the former head of the state Health Department, Alejandra Aguirre Crespo, inspected the facility and noted its shortcomings, in response to citizen complaints. She said that by December 2017, the basic needs of the sector would be resolved, which would include increasing the medical staff with specialists in the care of children, women, and seniors, and obviously, to equip the facility with medications, but, to date, her word has not been kept.

Homage will be paid to "El Torero" Bracamonte
Rendirán homenaje a “torero” Bracamonte] Ver masFull article at this link
The former Yucatan boxer, who received world ranking in the decades of the 1960's and 70's, Guillermo Bracamonte "El Torero", will receive recognition from officials and his friends on Monday April 16th. He co-manages a gym with his brother Arturo, and said he wants to be with his pupils on that day. The event will begin at 5pm with a simple gathering of local friends and family. 
   He mentioned that he could not obtain a world title in his category, because of his ignorance at the time, when he couldn't read or write to defend his rights.
   He said he has been in rings since he was a child, and he knew how to handle a sword and a cape, which s why he has the nickname "El Torero", but other disciplines came to dominate, such as wrestling, which he always did out of necessity and for training. He said, "I came from a poor family. I know what it means to be hungry as a child." He said he made almost everything, for a thousand uses. He was a fisherman, although he didn't know how to swim. He worked for the CFE (Federal Electrical Commission) in Chicoasen, Chiapas. As a child he washed out pork and beef intestines at a slaughterhouse in Merida. 
    He learned chiropractry and he has clients on the island who he treats for sprains, tho they tend to fear his thick fingers and strong hands when he begins. He is a great human being, always happy and jovial.  
     He knew the famous Mexican singer and actor, Pedro Infante, who was his neighbor. He said, "I never knew he was famous. Once, when I was a child, I was watching him, while he was doing physical exercises in his home, and when he realized that I was watching him he said: 'Guillermo, when you grow up you will do the same.'"  His father, the bullfighter, worked as a gardener in the home of the actor, who died soon after, in the city, when his airplane crashed. 
   Mr. Bracamonte recently had an operation on his left foot, removing a cyst from his heel, which caused him to be immobilized, but now he can walk with a cane. Most days he goes walking on the road to Punta Sur. When asked about his health, he responded, "I feel good. Strong. I don't feel sick."
    He fought in the featherweight category of 55.3 kilos to 57.1 as well as the heaver welterweight categors of 63.5 to 66.6 kilos. He said he fought with the greats of his era, and could knock them out, winning about 70 fights of the 80 professional bouts, tho he doesn't remember the statistics very well. 
    For the most part, his triumphs were not by knockout. Here in Isla Mujeres, in his retirement, at age 40, he beat the young 19 year old fighter from Yucatan, whose last name is Puc. When he quit, his powerful southpaw was still working very well.  
   He was born in Merida, Yucatan on April 6, 1947, and his parents were Luis Bracamonte and Concepción Sánchez Pérez. He toured much of the country and was known for his powerful left arm. His parents have passed away, two years ago Mrs. Conchi died in Merida.
     His last job was with Aguakan, and now he is retired. He has lived in Isla Mujeres for the past 40 years, leaving rarely, to visit family. He is looking forward to being with his pupils in the gym, and the arrival of many friends for the party of homage.

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April Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
April 1   8:21
April 2   9:16
April 3  10:09
April 4   11:02
April 5   11:53
April 29   7:05
April 30   7:59
Painting by Pamela Haase

 Sunday, April 1 Easter

Thursday, April 5  Artist Fair 3-8p Casa de la Cultura on the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo. (It hasn't yet been announced when the Thursday Artist Fairs will be discontinued, which could occur in April or May.)

Saturday, April 7  Plogging Day 8:30a Running, jogging, or walking & picking up litter. Route TBA at Plogging Day Isla Mujeres & Action for Isla

Sunday, April 8  Noches Magicas performances on the Town Square 8p Free.

Thursday, April 12  Artist Fair 3-8p Casa de la Cultura on the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo. (It hasn't yet been announced when the Thursday Artist Fairs will be discontinued, which could occur in April or May.)

Saturday, April 14  Plogging Day 8:30a Running, jogging, or walking & picking up litter. Route TBA at Plogging Day Isla Mujeres & Action for Isla

Sunday, April 15  Noches Magicas performances on the Town Square 8p Free.
Thursday, April 19  Artist Fair 3-8p Casa de la Cultura on the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo. (It hasn't yet been announced when the Thursday Artist Fairs will be discontinued, which could occur in April or May.)

April 20-22, Fri, Sat, Sun. Isla Got Soul music event at The Joint.  There's more information about the organization that is benefiting from this event here:
Saturday, April 21  Plogging Day 8:30a Running, jogging, or walking & picking up litter. Route TBA at Plogging Day Isla Mujeres & Action for Isla

Sunday, April 22 Earth Day  Action for Isla usually has clean up events. The past two years divers and snorkelers cleaned under thedowntown piers, and groups picked up trash along the Caribbean beaches.

Sunday, April 22  Noches Magicas performances on the Town Square 8p Free.
Thursday, April 26  Artist Fair 3-8p Casa de la Cultura on the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo. (It hasn't yet been announced when the Thursday Artist Fairs will be discontinued, which could occur in April or May.)

Saturday, April 7  Plogging Day 8:30a Running, jogging, or walking & picking up litter. Route TBA at Plogging Day Isla Mujeres & Action for Isla.

Sunday, April 29  Noches Magicas performances on the Town Square 8p Free.

  Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service (Yucatan peninsula is under Satellite GOES Este, I recommend "Animacion" (it used to be in my blog margin, until Blogger became incompatible with it).
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres   

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