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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Monday, March 13

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Navy saved two women from drowning at Cancun 

Las salvan de ahogarse

A par de féminas, efectivos de la Armada

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 12 de marzo.-
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See translation in the Por Esto section below....

Peace & order prevail on the island: Mayor Juan Carrillo  

Orden y paz social

Prevalecen en la Isla: Juan Carrillo

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, BJ, 12 de marzo.-
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Complaints in colonias about poor water pressure  

Cunden quejas contra Aguakan

Surte a hoteles, pero no a colonias populares

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 12 de marzo.-
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 For more than three weeks, there have been increased complaints about poor water pressure in the colonias. Residents said this problem has gone on in some locations since last December, but at that time it was attributed to the large number of visitors during the Christmas season. They say Aguakan is focused on serving the hotels and not on those who use water in the half dozen colonias. Some residents say the concession should be taken from Aguakan and returned to CAPA (State Water and Sewage Commission).
   It is noted that in Decmeber, Aguakan manager Lorenzo Pinzon Sarabia said the company complies with its obligation for tap water service when it reaches the door of the users home. It is not the company's responsibility to make it go up to the tinacos on the roofs of the houses.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Maintaining Isla Mujeres as a safe municipality for all its inhabitants

Isla Mujeres reaffirms its position as one of the safest municipalities in the country, which is possible thanks to efforts between the community and the three levels of government to work together to maintain order and peace in the streets.
The administration headed by President Juan Carrillo Soberanis works for the welfare of island families. In recent times the General Direction of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, in response to the efforts made before the Government of Quintana Roo supplied the police department with more vehicles, computer equipment and radio communication equipment.
Also, through the social proximity program implemented by the City, a greater culture of denunciation (filing official complaints) has been achieved, with a community who participate more in crime prevention and who collaborate more with neighbors and authorities.
In addition, operations such as the breathalyzer have been implemented, contributing to the reduction of up to 60% of  accidents caused by speeding and immoderate consumption of alcohol. In the colonias of the island and of the Continental Zone, the presence of patrols is more obvious, making rounds 24 hours a day to guarantee the security of the residents.
"Security is a task that belongs to us all, and each one does his part to make Isla Mujeres a safe and peaceful municipality. We as a government are working without pause to provide our police with better pay, arms, and equipment so that they can effectively fulfill the work of protecting island families, "said Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis.
In this way, the Municipal Government reaffirms its commitment to continue working, without pause or rest, at providing security to the families of the island and of the Continental Zone, a commitment that was made to the citizens by Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis and that is being fulfilled from the first day of his administration.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Ultramar announced they are ready for the Easter holidays. On Monday they will put the boat "Bo Hengy II" into operation, with a capacity of 408 passengers. To avoid long lines at the Maritime Terminal, this new boat will operate with the Mixcoatl, whose capacity is 450 passengers, alternating crossings. 
       "The new boat will go into operation Monday, alternating crossings with Mixcoatl and during the Semana Santa holidays, our other eight boats will be in operation, offering a capacity of up to 2050 passengers every half hour," said Ultramar manager Arturo Baez Vega.
Ultramar se reporta lista para la próxima temporada con nueva flotilla -…/


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Rescue at Cancun beach
Rescate en playas de Cancún. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

March 12    A woman, 30, and her daughter, 12, both from Tabasco, who were in danger of downing in the area of Playa Linda, in Cancun, were rescued and resuscitated successfully, and attended to by paramedics and Naval staff. 
      At 4:49pm,  personnel from the Fifth Naval Region received a report that two people were drowning in the Playa Linda area, and sent personnel from the Advanced Naval Station, who provided assistance. This was done as part of the Naval commitment to safeguarding lives at sea and along the coasts, especially in the Mexican Caribbean where thousands of swimmers gather on the beaches.
     The Navy also provides emergency transport for tourists on cruises at sea, and transfer for groups of undocumented Cubans, according to their activities in recent years in the water of Isla Mujeres, Cancun, and Cozumel.

Accident at Devil's Curve 
Accidente en la Curva del Diablo, .. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

  Accidents involving golf carts occur very frequently in Isla Mujeres, because the carts often invade to oncoming lane or leave the road, which was the case with a cart at Devil's Curve, without major consequences. At 12:30, a call to 911 alerted the emergency services about the accident, which occurred on prologacion Rueda Medina Avenue, when the driver apparently lost control of the steering wheel.
      Personnel with the Red Cross, Civil Protection, and municipal police quickly arrived on the scene, to assist the three foreigners in the cart, which ended up in the mangrove area. It was driven by Argentinean Gerardo Gomez, 55, who was accompanied by two passengers. They were all assessed by the Red Cross paramedics, with no reported injuries. The cart belonged to the Joaquin agency, with minor damages, and an economic arrangement was made with the agency to remedy them.
      It has been noted that there are more than 600 golf carts circulating daily on the island, with many occupied by people who visit for the day and have little experience in handling them. Therefore, the rental agencies should provide more and better information to the visitors.

   A group of young motorcyclists and volunteers responded to an announcement by the Youth Institute and participated in a clean up to remove gravel and debris from in front to the Las Tortugas park in La Gloria, to prevent a possible mishap by the motorcyclists who drive through the area daily.

Several Mexican bishops at religious festivals 
Varios obispos del país en festejos religiosos. [+] Ver masFull article T this link

  A celebration in planned for two weeks in the first half of May to commemorate the 500 years since the arrival of the Catholic faith to Isla Mujeres, said parish priest Raúl Sánchez Alonso. The attendance of several bishops is expected, as well as conferences and cultural and religious events. 
       The organizers of this event are the same ones who prepare the representation of the passion and death of Jesus Christ in Isla Mujeres, on April 14. The parish priest invited Catholics to  join the representation of the crucifixion that will leave from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel in la Gloria and walk four kilometers to the Immaculate Conception church on the Town Square. 
      The priest also spoke about maintenance and renovation work done on the doors and other parts of the church to have a dignified chapel for the Pueblo Magico.

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 March Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Wednesday March 1  Ash Wednesday, beginning of Lent

Thursday, March 2  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

500 years since discovery 1517-2017
Start of the Commemoration

Friday March 3
Official Ceremony to commemorate 500 years since the discovery of Isla Mujeres
9am at the eastern Malecon by the Paso de la Triguena (east of the Town Square by the bathrooms)

Carnaval Dance Troupe from Holbox "Las Dormadoras" dancing in the streets of Isla Mujeres.

Saturday March 4
Cultural Artistic Festival with the Ballet Folklorico of the State of Quintana Roo
"The Setting is Quintana Roo"
"Trova Islena"
Accompanied by the musical group "Mar y Arena" (Sea & Sand)
8pm Town Square

Monday, March 6  Town Square 5:30 The City of Isla Mujeres invites the island community to participate in a Zumba demonstration class as part of the International Day of Women.

Wednesday, March 8  International Women's Day

Thursday, March 9  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura  4-9, Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Saturday, March 11  International DJ Day with guest DJ's outside the Casa del la Cultura 1p-10p

Sunset ~6:50p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
March 12  7:12 Full Moon
March 13  8:05
March 14  8:56
March 15  9:47
 March 16  10:37
   March 17  11:26  
 Painting by Pam Haase Link to website

Celebrations for St. Jose start Thursday, March 16 and conclude Monday, March 20 with a Mass at 7pm that is preceded by a kerme in front of the Immaculate Conception church on the Town Square. Novenas are at 7p nightly with locations TBA. Link  

Thursday, March 16  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Friday, March 17  St. Patrick's Day World Maritime Day

Saturday, March 18 Oil Expropriation Day

Monday March 20  Equinox & Day off for Benito Juarez's birthday

Tuesday, March 21 Benito Juarez's birthday

Thursday, March 23   Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Saturday, March 25 Yoga on beach in front of the Posada Hotel. 150 pesos Registration 4p

Thursday, March 30   Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

The Artist's Fairs are scheduled weekly on Thursdays at the Casa de Cultura, 4-9 thru April 20.

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