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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Wednesday, June 29

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte.  HERE is a timelapse version, that you can set to slow or fast (fps-frames per second). It takes a few seconds to load.
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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Good & bad news for Isla Mujeres handball team   

Isleñas son llamadas a la selección nacional

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 29 de junio.-

    Two Isla Mujeres players made the selection for the National Handball Team, which will play at hte Centro de Alto Rendimiento (Cedar), in Mexico City. They are from the Isla Mujeres high school, Colegio Bachilleres; Zuleymi Anabel Pacheco Alcocer and Jessica Basto Bautista.
     It is doubtful that the Isla Mujeres handball team will qualify in the semifinal eliminations for the CONADEMS games, in Torreon Coauila June 27-July 2 (National Council for the Development of Sports in School Education). They lost the first match  to Baja California by three goals, and they lost the second match to Sinola with a final score of 23-9. The final game will be played on Thursday.

 Working relentlessly & tirelessly to keep mosquitoes under control

Personal de Vectores labora a marchas forzadas para mantenerlo bajo control

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 29 de junio.-

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Complaints about irregular activities by Cancun boat crews 

Comisionistas trinan contra embarcaciones que llegan desde la Zona Hotelera de Cancún

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 28 de junio.-

    The "comisionistas" of Isla Mujeres want authorities to intervene regarding crew members from visiting Cancun boats who are gaining commissions by renting golf carts and sending people into particular stores and jewelry shops. The boat crew members are already being paid for their labor on the catamarans and other boats coming from the Cancun Hotel Zone, and are making additional commissions while on the island, which angers the comisionistas. They are asking the municipal Office of Tourism to intervene, before some type of confrontation occurs.
       The Isla Mujeres comisionistas say they must be certified by the Department of Tourism, who require them to take drug tests, to meet a dress code, and to wear the name tags that were given to them, while the Cancun crew members are unregulated, and may do as they please. It is noted that the Tourism Police are permitting these activities, although in previous years the crew members weren't allowed to leave the boats.

  English language classes with foreign volunteers 

Con la participación de voluntarios extranjeros

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 28 de junio.-

   Summer classes in the English language will be taught to Isla Mujeres students under 12 years of age by volunteers from the United States, England, and Canada for the fourth year, by the VolunQuest association, headed by Kristen Tywan. This year there will be 220 spaces, while last year there were 273. The teachers and volunteers arrive July 2 for training and registration. The registration will take place July 11-15 from 10a-12p and 5p-7p at the Isla Mujeres Community Center.
    There will be two shifts of classes, at 9a-noon and 1p-4p, which are open to children who were students in the Isla Mujeres public schools during this school year 2015-2016. The students with the best attendance and best scores will be rewarded, while those with more than three absences are subject to removal from the program. The awards will be handed out at the close of classes on August 6th.
     The classes are limited to 20 students per group, except for 5th and 6th grades will have 30 students per group. For registration, a copy of the child's CURP and a voter registration card are required, in addition to the completed registration form.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

On Friday, "Cinema in your Neighborhood" presents "Rio" at 7:30 pm on Plaza Bicentenario in colonia La Gloría. Free.
Cine en tu Colonia.
Presenta este viernes 1 de Julio "Río" a las 7:30 pm en Plaza Bicentenario de la colonia La Gloría.
Entrada gratuita

On Tuesday, during the Fifth Regular Metting of the Committee for Urban Development and Housing in Isla Mujeres, they analyzed the updating of the Program for Partial Development of the Chacmuchuch Peninsula (on the mainland).
Durante la V Sesión Ordinaria del Comité de Desarrollo Urbano y Vivienda de Isla Mujeres realizada este marte, se analizó la Actualización del Programa Parcial de Desarrollo Urbano de la Península de Chacmuchuch.

Good afternoon! We're sharing a beautiful photo of our beaches
Excelente tarde!
Les compartimos una hermosa postal de nuestras playas.

Important notices for the beneficiaries of the programs "65+", PROSPERA, and PAL 
Avisos importante para los beneficiados de los programas + 65, Prospera y Pal.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

"Nueva Tierra Association" (New Land) is planning a meeting to finalize securing land titles for the 200+ members, to properties in Ciudad Mujeres on the mainland.…/integrantes-de-la-asocia…/Full article & photo at this link

Families of missing fishermen file complaint with Human Rights Commission…/familiares-de-pescadores…/Full article & photo at this link
  They filed with the National Human Rights Commission in May and are now filing with the state agency, against the MPFC(Ministerio Publico del Fuero Comun) and the Sub procuador de Justicia of the state, regarding the lack of opening a complaint regarding the disappearance of the five fishermen, who have been missing for 80 days.  The PGR (Procuraduria General of the Republica has opened an inquiry into the disappearance fo the fishermen and their boat "Anastacia"

Tvisla Mujeres shared Amor A La Niñez's video LINK to video.
Meet Tono a tireless warrior who keeps battling his physical limitations.  #‎DeCorazonPorNuestrosNiños‬ thanks for sharing
Conoce a Toño, un guerrero incansable dispuesto a luchar pese a sus limitaciones físicas. ‪#‎DeCorazonPorNuestrosNiños‬ Gracias por compartir.  

Fishermen are ready for start of shark and lobster catching seasons on July 1st.…/pescadores-de-isla-mujer…/Full article & photo at this link
I'll translate this manana.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Complaint about Ultramar Ferry company
Nuevo abuso de Ultramar [+] Ver masPhoto & full article at this link
   On Tuesday, a patient was transferred by the Naval ambulance to receive specialized testing in Cancun, since this service is not available at the new Community Hospital. The patient was charged the tourist rate, although local people advocated, the cashier said there was a lack of INE (Voter card) identification. A call was made for municipal authorities to intervene, but there was no intervention.
     Por Esto recently published complaints about the ferry company giving preference to visitors over residents, when it is supposed to be the other way around, and other recent complaints. It is noted that there has been a lack of competition for the past three months, since the Magana ferry discontinued operations, but some say problems with the Ultramar ferry company have  existed for years..

Fascinating sunsets
Fascinantes atardeceres ] Ver masPhoto & full article at this link
 Among the photographers capturing beautiful sunsets from Isla Mujeres, is Tony Garcia, local photographer who is fluent in English. He shares local history with visitors, makes many friends, and shares his pictures, which often include boats, as a provider of services.
    On Wednesday, as in previous days, many people enjoyed the good weather by visiting the beaches and blue waters, and their numbers decrease by 6pm, while some watch the day's end from there. (Note..there are excellent photographs of recent sunsets on Isla Mujeres News & Daily Event's Facebook page. Capt. Tony has a fB page also and provides tours to Isla Contoy, whale shark tours, etc..)

Late night "visitor" 
“Visitante madrugador” [+] Ver masPhoto & full article at this link
   On Wednesday at 3:40am, a suspect was held by two members of the Baeza family after invading their home by tearing down some barrier bars, said Augusto Baeza. They turned the man over to the municipal police, and made a complaint with the MPFC (Ministry of Common Law) against him.
     Mr. Baeza explained, "When the police arrived, they said, as usual, that the man was not found Flagrante Delicto, and at dawn a complaint was filed with the MPFC." He added,  "It is unfortunate that these events continue to occur on the island. More than anything, we are unprotected, since sanctions are not applied by the authorities. Luckily, we heard him and between the two of us, were able to grab him. I wonder what happens when you're caught sleeping?" He said the authorities need to prevent and punish events like this, and not release those involved, and they should not be required to be found in flagrante.
        It is noted that there are many unresolved cases, and that visitors often only want a ministerial document that is sufficient to recover their insured belongings, but these procedures are cumbersome and there are usually no translators available.


"Seacology" organization protecting lobster  
Seacology por la protección de la langostar.. [+] Ver masPhoto & full article at this link
   An agreement is being formed between the fishing cooperatives of Isla Mujeres and a US foundation which could result in a $24,000usd grant to reconstruct the fishing camp huts on Isla Contoy and install five solar panels. In return, the fishermen must agree not to practice their activities in a designated conservation area. They use the fishing camp on Isla Contoy during lobster season, but the huts have suffered significant deterioration and some are uninhabitable.
   On Tuesday, officers of the five fishing cooperatives met with Marisol Rueda, representative of the Seacology foundation in Mexico, which is a foundation from the United States which works internationally, and supports community projects, with work that is aimed at preserving natural areas.
    "The conservation agreement between fishermen and Seacology is based on protecting a space at sea which will serve as a refuge for lobster and operate in perpetuity as a 'bank' for these crustaceans, with commitments from the fishermen not to work in this area," she said. In return, the foundation will provide funds of 24,000 dollars for the reconstruction of the cabins and the installation of five solar panels; one for each of the five fishing cooperatives.
     Their meeting was held at the former premises of the cooperative "Por Justicia Social" and they agreed to go to Isla Contoy on Wednesday at 7am with Ms. Rueda to demarcate the coordinates of the conservation area and draw a map. The conservation area is made up of "puros blanquizales o zonas de arenal" (pure white areas or sandy zones), where the fishermen have never worked, so it won't affect them at all, according to the president of the Federación Regional de Sociedades de la Industria Pesquera in the state, Baltazar Gómez Catzí.
     Ms. Rueda said that after they have designated the conservation area, toured the fishing camps, and signed the contract with Seacology, the funds will be granted. It is noted that governmental authorities at different levels have previously said they would provide support to the fishermen for the reconstruction of their palapas, but this never occurred.

Islanders help the "Little Yellow School House" 
Isleños apoyan la “Escuelita Amarilla”. [+] Ver masPhoto & full article at this link
   The donation campaign "De Corozon por nuestros ninos" (From the heart for our children) will benefit children with special needs who receive therapy at the "Little Yellow School House" (Centro Psicopedagógico “Amor a la Niñez”). The response by islanders and foreigners has been good and nearly 22,000 pesos have been raised. The campaign ends on June 30th, when the bottles will all be turned in.
     The children who are students at the school, with their parents, teachers,  and volunteers have been going door to door since June 20th, when the campaign began. On Tuesday, they visited each of the municipal offices at the Town Hall, seeking donations. They are led by local legislator Edgar Gasca Arceo, who explained that the school helps 46 children with various special needs such as speech and hearing impairments, Down syndrome, autism, and motor impairments.
     All proceeds will be delivered to the Association Amor a la Ninez, to be used as the teachers determine, mostly for the equipment needed for the children's therapies, such as special lights, walkers, air conditioners for their comfort, and perhaps a stereo.
    On Thursday at 6:30pm there will be a Zumba class at the Green Dome for 30 pesos per person. All contributions will be donated to the campaign, and the teachers are working for free.

Korean TV "Reality Show" filming here 
Grabarán aquí “reality show” de la TV coreanaq.. [+] Ver masPhoto & full article at this link
    On July 5 & 6, members of a TV reality show will be filming in Isla Mujeres, for the production of "Unordinary Holiday", a Korean KBS television program. It is a reality show featuring two celebrities,  Jinwoon Jeong and Sungbeen Lim, who are singers in popular Korean bands, on a backpacking trip in Isla Mujeres. The two singers will come to the island with a producer, two cameramen, and a person from the Office of Visitors and Conventions. In addition to working, they will enjoy a tour that includes traveling by golf cart to visit the sights, a whale shark tour, and visiting the Underwater Museum.
     The Director of Tourism, Gustavo Rodríguez Orozco, announced that the Annual Whale Shark Festival will be held July 10-23 and will be attended by muralists with the association "Sea Walls" who will paint new murals and touch up the ones painted a couple years ago. He explained that the murals contain messages of conservation for species, especially whale sharks. The festival will feature several interesting lectures and various activities, including a craft fair, gastronomic event, and many surprises to delight locals and visitors.

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View from the rooms.

MaraVilla Caribe   Bed & Beach    Three rentals with large glass doors overlooking our white sand beach and the beautiful Caribbean sea, with  kitchenettes & free WIFI. In the coastal neighborhood of  Bachilleres, among upscale villas & boutique hotelitos, convenient to downtown or the colonias, yet separate.  Quiet & Private.   
 Kitchen in a large studio. (Sur & Norte are identical)
Kitchenette in small room, Medio. There's a table & chairs across from it & a double bed.
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Large studio (Norte), I'm standing in the kitchen. A queen & single bed.

Free amenities such as hammocks, bikes, outdoor shower, portable beach chairs & beach towels, washer, loungers. Breathtaking panoramic views from the rooftop terrace. Upstairs room also available.   Downtown is  ~ a mile away; if you don't feel like walking or biking, flag a $2 taxi or hop on the bus. We also have room for parking,You can enjoy the music & crowds downtown, then come home our quiet neighborhood of Bachilleres where you'll  sleep to the sounds of the sea.$275/$325/$425 wk   $40/50/$65nt  Monthly Discounts

Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes southward down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe, Bahama Mama, Brisas, or Manolitos. Walk less than 10 minutes southwest to shop at Chedraui or to dine at Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, or other options. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants.

June events

Sunset ~7:30p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
June 20   7:48
June 21   8:38
June 22   9:27
June 23  10:03
June 24  10:58
June 25  11:42

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 10am: Sergio's Batik class. ~3 hours long. 400p includes materials.
Kid's classes every other Saturday at 12:30.

June 1 Dia de la Marina  Usually there is a ceremony in the morning on the Bahia

June 2 Thursday 4-9  Casa de Cultura  Taste of Isla & Artist Fair 

June 5 Sunday Election Day  (Alcohol sales are usually limited to selling to tourists with food, in tourist oriented businesses)

 Pueblo Magico Nights events are usually held on Sunday evenings, often featuring dance troupes performing on the Town Square.

June 5 World Environment Day  

June 8 World Ocean's Day 

June 12 Sunday at 8pm on the Town Square, Pueblo Magico Nights presents performances by the Baile Endanzate Dance Academy and the RFive Dance Studio

June 19 Sunday  Father's Day

June 20 Solstice

June 24 & 25 Women's Fishing Tournament "La Dorada del Caribe"

Sunday, June 26 Mundaca Hacienda 6pm Centro Integral of Dance presents "The Gallery" and "Firebird".

Starting in July, the Artist's Fairs are being scheduled twice a month, on the First and Third Thursdays, at the Casa de Cultura, 4-9.

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