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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Wednesday, February 17

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte.  HERE is a timelapse version, that you can set to slow or fast (fps-frames per second). It takes a few seconds to load.
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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

link to their Isla articles & photos

Navy transports tanker crew member with serious burns

Con serias quemadas, efectivos de Armada

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 16 de febrero.-
  Members of the Naval Search and Rescue unit (ENSAR) based in Isla Mujeres evacuated a crew member of the tanker "Nordic Ann" who suffered serious burns, transporting him to the Naval Station in Puerto Juarez, where an ambulance was waiting to transfer him to a private hospital in Cancun.The crew member is a 30 year old Filipino who suffered second, and possibly third, degree burns to his forearms, genitals, and legs from exposure to hot water. 
      In response to a call on Tuesday morning, the Naval Commander ordered the departure of the MLB rescue vessel, which encountered the tanker at 8:15 am and began offering medical attention and preparing the evacuation. The tanker was located approximately 44 nautical miles, or 81 kilometers east of Isla Mujeres. This information was released by the Navy in a statement saying this assistance was carried out in compliance with the Navy's responsibilities by Law to safeguard human life at sea.

Agapito listens and responds to business community at meeting   

Sostiene fructífera reunión de trabajo con empresarios

Lanrry Parra

ISLA MUJERES, 16 de febrero.-
 See City section below...

Rain interrupts work for boat crews, despite port being open   

 A pesar de que el puerto estuvo abierto

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 16 de febrero.-
   Although the port was open for general navigation on Tuesday, the rainy, cloudy weather prevented the fishermen and other boat crews from conducting their respective activities. The Harbor Master, Ismael Gonzalez Gil said the port will probably be closed for small boats on Thursday or Friday, due to Cold Front #39, which is currently affecting Florida in the United States. This restriction would affect about 250 fishing boats and about 350 boats providing tourist services, who only have two days to work before the cold front arrives.  


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Mayor Agapito Magana meets again with entrepreneurs

  Keeping with the commitments made since the beginning of his administration and as a fundamental part of his policies of incentives and support for the business community, Mayor Agapito Magana Sanchez held a cordial, productive, and useful meeting with local business leaders. The meeting was held in the City Council room and this was another of the meetings scheduled by the Mayor to maintain constant and dynamic communication to support investments.
    During the meeting various issues were raised and discussed including concerns about garbage that accumulates on sidewalks near some businesses, and in this regard it was again mentioned that there is a problem with failure to put out the trash before the collection truck passes and then putting it out when the truck has already passed, causing trash to accumulate which creates a public health problem when stray animals scatter the trash.
      To address this situation, the municipal government advised that soon no permits will be issued which do not comply with the following requirements:
  • There must be an adequate number of containers and space for them to properly store the trash that is generated by their property, keeping them tidy and in good condition. 
  •  Containers, cans, and plastic bags should be used, and should be properly closed for the temporary storage of waste until it is picked up by the trash collection department, to prevent stray cats and dogs from scattering the trash. Trash should be stored in sealed plastic bags and covered containers.
  •  It is the responsibility of the merchants to protect the  trash and containers from rain.
  •  Trash containers that are damaged, deformed, or which do not close securely must be replaced, including those with protrusions that could present a risk to the public. 
  • Businesses should not use the trash cans meant for public use to dispose of their trash.
  •  It is prohibited to litter or to allow leaching on public roads, parks, green areas, private properties,  properties of the municipality, state, or federal government, in sewers, or any other space which is not designed for this use. 
  • In the case of restaurants, it is mandatory to have a grease trap, because they generate waste consisting of fats and oils which require special handling.
  •  If the public streets or sidewalks are used for unloading of construction materials or merchandise, they must be cleaned up immediately afterward.
  •  Vendors at the mercados, flea markets, bazaars, and booths must keep their areas clean and tidy, and leave the area thoroughly cleaned up. They need to have trash receptacles of washable material. 
   Regarding concerns about the Civil Protection regulations for businesses, it was clarified that these are different from those in the neighboring municipality of Benito Juarez (Cancun), and are based on the fiscal year, unlike three in Cancun.
       Business leaders expressed concerns about foreigners who are selling various articles illegally and clandestinely downtown at the tables of established restaurants, especially on Hidalgo Avenue. Mayor Agapito Magana Sanchez promised to immediately establish contact with the INM (National Migration Institute) authorities to take any appropriate legal measures that may be required to avoid the presence of people who not in compliance with the law, in commerce or in the community.
      Those who attended the meeting representing the business community included  Guadalupe Martínez, president of the Asociación de Hoteles; Juan Carillo Figueroa, president of CANACO; Baltazar Maldonado, president of CANIRAC and Gerardo Magaña, president of the Comité Pueblo Mágico.
     Attendees from City government included treasurer Álvaro Magaña; Josué Villanueva, director of Urban Development/ Desarrollo Urbano; Jaime Torres, director of Jurídico/ the Legal Department; Jorge Mejía, director of Enforcement/ Fiscalización and Guillermo Pinto, director of Ingresos/Income.

Magic classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Casa de Cultura beginning March 1st
Clases de magia.
Inician el 1ro de Marzo.
Martes y jueves.
Casa de la cultura.

Every day, beginning early in the morning, we are busy cleaning up the roadsides, sidewalks, and median strips of the municipality.
Todos los días, desde temprana hora, nos ocupamos de la limpieza de banquetas y camellones del municipio.

On Monday night authorities from the three levels of government officially inaugurated the National Artisan's Exposition in Isla Mujeres 2016 in an magnificent location for the exhibition and sale of crafts for all of the general public, residents and tourists. This Exposition is another event that consolidates Isla Mujeres as a Pueblo Magico of Mexico and is an opportunity for the artisans to market their products directly to customers.
La noche de este lunes en un ambiente de fiesta y de cordial camaradería, autoridades de los tres niveles de gobierno inauguraron el Pabellón Artesanal Isla Mujeres 2016, magnifico espacio para la exposición y venta de artesanías para todo público, locales y turistas.
El Pabellón Artesanal es un elemento más que abona a la consolidación de Isla Mujeres como Pueblo Mágico de México y es una oportunidad para que los productores expendan, de manera directa, a las manos del comprador, sus productos artesanales.

The National Artisan's Exposition is located in the Town Square until February 21st. Come and see the excellent work of the artisans of our country
El Pabellón Nacional Artesanal se encuentra en la explanada municipal hasta el día 21 de Febrero.
Ven y conoce el excelente trabajo de los artesanos de nuestro país.

Join the fight against dengue.
Learn how to prevent this disease
. (I translated this poster a couple days ago)

Únete a la lucha contra el dengue.
Conoce como prevenir esta enfermedad


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Local legislatorfor Isla Mujeres promotes the Sixth Children's Congress
   Local legislative representative Edgar Gasca Arceo announced the start of the promotion of the Sixth Children's Congress, which will take place place on April 27, with the election on March 18 in the municipality of Isla Mujeres, for the Representative of District XIV. He explained that sixth grade students, attending private or public schools, are eligible, who are exceptional for the academic grades, their sports activities, or for developing activities for the benefit of children. They may not have participated in previous Children's Congresses or be currently participating in another state governmental competition.
       He explained the selection process, which includes a three minute public speech on a choice of topics, including: rights and responsibilities of children; care of animals and the environment; addiction prevention; climate change and its consequences in my lifetime; effects of bullying in  my school; problems of obesity, underweight, and malnutrition in children; recovering universal values; my family, my education, and my community; equality among boys and girls; social marginalization; the school I want; new technologies and youth; and fighting against discrimination. For parents, teachers, or children who are interested, there is more information at the website of the state Congress.

The first candidate of the PAN party for Mayor of Isla Mujeres is announced: Faustino Uicab 


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Port reopened, but....
Reabrió el puerto, pero…. [+] Ver mas

Another boat ambulance for the island 
Otra ambulancia marítima para la isla.. [+] Ver mas

   Upon instructions from Governor Roberto Borge Angulo, a boat was sent to Isla Mujeres from the neighboring island of Cozumel to serve as an ambulance, which arrived on Tuesday. It is tentatively scheduled to be officially transferred to the Director of the Community Hospital, Pedro Zapata Reyes, on Thursday.
       The Director confirmed this information and said although the official transfer from the Director of APIQRoo will take place on Thursday, it could be used now if there is an emergency.  He said, "I haven't actually seen it, so I don't know if it is equipped, but if it isn't, we can equip it here, so that is not a problem."
   It is noted that a boat ambulance was received in mid 2013, but wasn't registered or equipped to become operational. This disappointed the islanders, who  have required emergency transport in the middle of the night on more than one occasion. They depended on the Navy, who traditionally provided this service until a few weeks ago, when this support was discontinued, due to a new Naval policy.  
     Residents became concerned that in an emergency, patients would have to wait for the arrival of the first ferry, which would put their lives at risk when in need of specialized medical care that is not available on the island. These fears caused the Health Department of Cozumel to send a boat which can function as a sea ambulance in case of emergencies.
      The boat ambulance received in 2013 was labeled with the governmental slogan "Committed to You" and as a "Maritime Ambulance", but it was not equipped with engines. It was docked at the API facilities by the Maritime Terminal for several months, and then it "disappeared" and became forgotten, when it was moved to a private marina on the Makax lagoon without ever fulfilling its intended purpose.

Hotel occupancy reaches 80%
Hoteles alcanzan 80% de ocupación [+] Ver mas

   The Department of Tourism reports that the occupancy rate is around 80%, which is attributed to the increased number of visitors from Canada and the US who are escaping the freezing temperatures of their home countries to enjoy the warm climate of Isla Mujeres. However, occupancy in general could be higher because of the tourists who stay in private homes or rental apartments which don't pay the three percent lodging tax, because buildings intended for lodging tourists are growing rapidly, making it physically impossible to have an updated list. Good occupancy rates are evident when observing the restaurants on Hidalgo Avenue, especially at night when there are few tables available. The tourism businesses are concentrated along this street.
      Overnight tourism surpasses the daytripper tourism, who arrive on ferries or boats from the hotel zone which offer all inclusive package tours. Some roam downtown shopping in the souvenir stores, while others head straight to the beach. The municipal Director of Tourism said the good occupancy is also influenced by a fishing tournament being held currently that was privately organized by a group of Americans to raise money for the island school which provides education for special needs children.
          He said the tourism service cooperatives are planning to meet with Mayor Agapito Magana Sanchez to discuss their concerns about being included with development on the mainland, so that they may have the opportunity to offer their services directly at hotels there. They want to have agreements with the existing hotels and with those that come in the future so they may offer their services for tours directly without having to wait for this tourists to cross to the island.

  This blog is brought to you by....
View from the rooms.

MaraVilla Caribe   Bed & Beach    Three rentals with large glass doors overlooking our white sand beach and the beautiful Caribbean sea, with  kitchenettes & free WIFI. In the coastal neighborhood of  Bachilleres, among upscale villas & boutique hotelitos, convenient to downtown or the colonias, yet separate.  Quiet & Private.   
 Kitchen in a large studio. (Sur & Norte are identical)
Kitchenette in small room, Medio. There's a table & chairs across from it & a double bed.
A large slider opens from each of the 3 rooms onto the patio where each has a table & chairs, hammock & clotheslines. The BBQ is behind the pole, and the outdoor shower is outa the pic at left.
Large studio (Norte), I'm standing in the kitchen. A queen & single bed.

Free amenities such as hammocks, bikes, outdoor shower, portable beach chairs & beach towels, washer, loungers. Breathtaking panoramic views from the rooftop terrace. Upstairs room also available.   Downtown is  ~ a mile away; if you don't feel like walking or biking, flag a $2 taxi or hop on the bus. We also have room for parking,You can enjoy the music & crowds downtown, then come home our quiet neighborhood of Bachilleres where you'll  sleep to the sounds of the sea.$275/$325/$425 wk   $40/50/$65nt  Monthly Discounts

Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes southward down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe, Bahama Mama, Brisas, or Manolitos. Walk less than 10 minutes southwest to shop at Chedraui or to dine at Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, or other options. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants.

February events

Sunset ~6:30
Moonrise over the Caribbean
Feb. 22, Monday:       6:57  (Full Moon, sunset 6:50)
Feb. 23, Tuesday:       7:47
Feb. 24, Wednesday:  8:37
Feb. 25, Thursday:     9:25
Feb. 26, Friday:        10:14
Feb. 27, Saturday:     11:03
Feb. 28, Sunday:       11:52

Sunday, Jan. 31 
Pescadores vs Cockteleros  at 1pm at the El Pescador baseball field for the Winter Technical League

Feb. 1, Monday  Day off for Constitution Day

Feb. 2 Candlemas  If there was a plastic baby in your piece of Rosca (King's cake) on Dia de los Reyes (Kings Day Jan. 6), you're expected to provide tamales today for the friends who shared the cake with you. Link to info about Candlemas.  

Announcement of the activities to commemorate World Wetlands Day. 
Feb. 2, Tuesday 6pm Casa de Cultura "The Importance of Wetlands" Conference
Feb. 3, Wednesday 9am-11:30 am Clean Up  Adult volunteers needed to assist & supervise the students. Wear closed shoes, hats, comfy clothing
            Meeting place is the Bicentennial Dome in colonia La Gloria

February 4, Thursday   Artist Fair 4-9  Outside the Casa de Cultura
Feb. 5 Friday  Constitution Day

Carnaval is February 5-9  

Feb. 5, FRIDAY: GALA NIGHT Town Square 8pm   
Coronations of the Carnaval King & Queen, the Senior Citizen King & Queen, and the King & Queen with Disabilities. Dance Troupe Performances. Special performance by the young singer Jomal.

Feb. 6, SATURDAY: CUBAN NIGHT Town Square 8pm   
Dance Troupe Performances (Including RDS)
Dancing by Residents & Tourists to Music of the Band "Rebelde"

Rueda Medina & Posada Beach aka Playa Centro Live Music
      FANTASY NIGHT Town Square  8pm  
Costume Contests for Children & for Pets
Performance by Eduardo Togi

Link to video of performer  
MONDAY: CARNAVAL Town Square  8pm 
Dance Troupe (Regional Night) Performances, Adult Costume Contest
Comedy with Nani Namu & Stars

TUESDAY: CARNAVAL Town Square   8pm  
Dance Troupe Performances (including RDS), Burning of Juan Carnaval & Reading of His Will

 The theme for Carnaval Isla Mujeres 2016 isEl Escenario del Mundo(The World Stage or Scenes of the World). Ten dance troupes are registered. The theme song is “Calor, Pasión, Mucha Diversión.This article says Monday is Regional Night/Noche Regional LINK.   
    For more information, visit the social network sites of the Ayuntamiento (City government) LINK  or go to the Casa  de la Cultura, Av. Guerrero at the intersection with Abasolo, tel.: 8 770767   

Feb. 8 & 9  No School (for Carnaval)  

Feb. 10 Ash Wednesday

Feb. 11 Thursday, Naval Wives Monthly Breakfast Benefit (For Naval Hospital) 9am Naval Club 

Feb. 13 & 14, Sat & Sun, Salina Chica Futbol Rapido Lightning Tournament  

Feb 13-21  National Artisan's Exposition 9a-9p Town Square Pabellón Nacional Artesanal  

Feb. 14  Valentine's Day 

Feb. 15 The dance troupe from Renatta Dance Studio will perform "Carnaval Brasil" at 8pm on the Town Square at the official inauguration of the National Artisan's Exposition which began  Feb. 13 and continues until next Sunday, Feb. 21

Feb. 15-20  Island Time Music & Fishing Fest   LINK     LINK    

Feb 16, 18, & 23 at 10 am
Feb. 25 at 4pm
  Batik classes by Sergio at Casa de Cultura 350 pesos +50p for materials (Islanders 100p,includes materials)

Feb. 17  Wednesday   Cultural Center  Artist Fair 4-9 
Isla Cerveza will be selling their craft beers.

Feb. 23 Magic show demonstration (free) Casa de Cultura 5pm;
Magic Classes on Tues & Thurs starting March 1st for two months 5p-6:40  (900 pesos foreigners/600 pesos residents)

Feb. 24 Flag Day
Every Tuesday and Thursday: Free spay/neuter clinic  (Isla Animals)
 Consults 100p, Vaccines: parvo & distemper 50p, flea & tick meds 20p, wormer 10p. Helpers always welcome! Isla Animals, Mundaca Hacienda, 10am-4pm (No food morning of surgery/water ok)

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