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Whale Sharks Spotted, Work Resumed On Sac Bajo Road, 500 Islanders Exchange Recyclables For Food: Program Suspended Until Post Election, Campaigning Begins, Overview Of Mayan Beliefs, Hawker's Tussle Knocks Over Scooter, New Pier At Punta Sam, Caribbean Music & Tropical Beauty & Fine Food Celebrated In Isla Mujeres News Monday, May 13 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Whale Shark Season Starts Wednesday: First Arrivals Spotted

Whale shark season being May 15th, and  businesses have reservations for tours, but the boats are awaiting delivery of their permits, which has causes some concern and worry. Friday there was a meeting in Cancun to review general information, but they were not advised when they would receive their permits, which are given annually. When they asked about the permits they were told the delay was caused by the change in federal administration. Last year the permits were given out five days before the start of the season. A change was announced allowing tourists to get closer to the whale sharks. Formerly they needed to stay five meters away, and that has been reduced to three meters. Leaders of the cooperative "Isla Contoy" said during a flyover a couple days ago the pilot said he had seen two whale sharks a few nautical miles east of Isla Mujeres, which is indicates they have begun arriving on their annual migration route  Source Por Esto   (One of the nicknames for whale sharks is "dominoes" because they have spots. The headline is a pun, but also true...they have been seen in the area.)


New Punta Sam Pier Ready

The new pier at Punta Sam, whose construction began last year, is ready for use now that whale shark season is about to begin. With the previous pier, there were some difficulties with boarding and disembarking, with the rising and falling of the boats, especially with elderly people. The new infrastructure includes improvements in the facilities such as bathrooms with showers and a modernized service area, whose work is not yet completed. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasca 


Two Hawkers Cause Scene Near Ferry

 Por Esto reports that at 9:20am two comisionistas were exchanging words in front of the Magana ferry pier when suddenly they were rolling on the ground, and then quickly separated. But they had rolled into the motorcycle of the Por Esto deliveryman, Oscar Tamayo,  and knocked it over, which caused gas to leak out and broke a part of the clutch. This upset the deliveryman. The hawkers had left, promising they would return, when the police arrived. The comisionistas are both members of the "Adolfo Lopez Mateos" cooperative and at nearly 10:30 Paul Aguilar Mendez returned, with a injured lip, and agreed to take responsibility for the damage. He explained that the damage was not his fault, but he would take financial responsibility, since the other fellow, know as "Iran", did not return. He explained his version of the incident, saying that he was on the phone when the other comisionista came up from behind and grabbed him by surprise. He said he may file assault charges on Monday if Iran refuses to pay back what he (Paul) spent out of his pocket to repair the damage.


Road Work Resumes At Sac Bajo

After a break of nearly a month, work has resumed on the repaving of the road of Sac Bajo, working on the last 200 meters that were unfinished. The work stopped near the entrance, short of the driveway of El Pescador. They are doing the final section near the roundabout with the monument to Ramon Bravo. The reporter was unable to locate a manager at the site to interview, but did observe the heavy machinery at work. The employees said the work had begun the day before and they did not know when it would be completed. The reporter expects it to be finished in the upcoming week. Source: Diario Respuesta/ Jesus Molina  


Election Campaigns Begin

Rubén Pérez Marín, XIV Precinct Chairman, confirmed that the green light will be given Monday for municipal Mayoral candidates to being campaigning, after approval during the "Sesión del Consejo" of the documentation that has been submitted. The Deputy candidates (for legislature) will submit their documentation on Tuesday for registration with IEQROO, and if there are no major problems during the review process, they may begin campaigning after May 19th. Source: Quequi/Carlos Gasce

Swapping Recyclables For Food

More than 500 Islanders participated in the opportunity to exchange recyclable trash for food in this state program, who goals are to assist the community while educating residents about separating trash for recycling. The event was scheduled to begin at 8:30am but people began lining up long before that, including señora Carmen González Batum who arrived shortly after 6am, hoping to among the first in line, in order to get the first choice among the articles for exchange, to best suit her family's dietary needs. People came with wheelbarrows, tricycles, and golf carts full of recyclable trash, and those lacking vehicles carried large garbage bags, and walked or arrived in taxis. Housewives with forethought brought umbrellas and opened them as the sun became intense. This program will be suspended beginning Monday, when the electoral ban prohibits such events until after the elections. (which are July 7th). Source: Por Esto  

Vacant Lots Need Attention
Jesus Molina/Diario Respuesta  reports having received complaints from residents of colonias Caridad del Cobre, Mira Flores, and Lol-Beh. He visited and noted several vacant lots with accumulated trash. He spoke to residents who complained about people drinking and smoking marijuana in the vacant lots.  Señora Jacinta Coh Mex said they drink beer, urinate, and there have been several fights. She requested more surveillance in the colonias and asked that the brush be cut, which hides the drunks. A resident in Mira Flores said the problem is people throw trash into the vacant lots and animals break into the bags, then no one cleans it up, and noted that because these lots lack "bardar", there are many stray cats who breed in them.

The Mayans: Their Origins, Beliefs, And Traditions
The distinctive culture of the Maya, which was firmly rooted in their religious beliefs and customs, developed from a good relationship between man and nature. Like any society, they depended on the environment and its resources, which they not only took, but also preserved. Quintessential village farmers, who developed a perfect calendar, they left their mark in architecture, hieroglyphic writing, lapidary art, ceramics, feather work, weaving, herbal arts, and especially in their interpretation of the cosmos, and their amazing advances in the sciences.
  It is said they were an agricultural culture, with corn as a common denominator, and therefore their religious beliefs gave special attention to the production of this grain. While they tried to decipher the great mysteries of the origin of man and the universe, they realized that the need to survive depended on good harvests, which in turn depended on understanding the stars and their influences on natural phenomena. Day & night, moon & sun, rain & wind, etc were all governed by the cosmos, and the positions of objects in the sky had a decisive influence on human life. They believed in a supreme being, clad in a beautiful feathered cloak, whose powers were the forces of nature, which were personified in other gods.
   They thought of the world as a flat square block with thirteen heavens above and thirteen inferior worlds below. Each level had its own god, and at the lowest level lived Ah Puch, the God of Death. The gods of heaven were associated with the days, and the gods below were associated with the nights.
   The Maya also believed that at the center of the earth is a Ceiba (yaxche) tree, their sacred tree. Its roots are the nine levels below and its branches are the 13 heavens.  At the four cardinal points are located the four bacabs who hold up the world.
   Then there are several paragraphs from the Popol Vuh about Mayan creation myths, and it notes they were originally from a nomadic people, who settled in villages and the Mayan culture reached a peak during the Classic period between the fourth and ninth centuries AD. When the Spanish arrived in 1517, it is estimated the Mayan deities may have reached three thousand, because they created a god for each object on the land the inhabited. Despite being superior to humans, Mayan gods are imperfect. They are born and they die, and need to be fed to survive. Because they are ethereal, there food materials are very subtle. Offerings include smells and tastes, music, songs, prayers, smoke from copal, flowers, herbs, stews, and beverages prepared with special dedication. Among the offerings were included blood of humans or animals or both. Source: Quintanarroense/Special Collaboration The author is not given but in the past similar historical articles were written by Fidel Villanueva Madrid

Management Plan For a Portion Of Chacmuchmuch Lagoon
The Management Plan for Chacmuchmuch Lagoon on mainland Isla Mujeres will be announced on World Environment Day June 5th, said Rafael Munos Bersunza, Undersecretary of Environmental Policy in Quintana Roo. The Civil Association of Friends of the Laguna Chacmuchmuch asked city and state authorities for protection of the lagoon, which adjoins the lagoon "Manati", and consists of 12,000 hectares. The official mentioned that the management plan involves only one sixth of the 12,000 hectares of Laguna Chacmuchmuch, but says it is a good start.  The lagoon has suffered damage from predation, poachers, and lack of monitoring. Source: SIPSE/Lanrry Parra 

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Tony Garcia sunset 12 2013 may 

David Daniel
Life is MUCH better now — with Diane White Daniel at Caffe Italia.
Life is MUCH better now
· 12 hours ago in Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo

Jackie Conlon added 3 new photos to the album Isla Mujeres Food May 2013. — at Marina Paraiso.
Below are: A cheese pizza, Paella minus its calimari and mussels (leaving shrimp, chicken, & pork short ribs), and half an ahi tuna salad
Jackie Conlon added a new photo. — at Marina Paraiso.

Rob Herrin added 2 new photos.
That's some exceptional towel art!

Jul Isla — at Fenix.  Raising a Hula Army on Isla Mujeres

Diane White Daniel  El Veracruzano - yum! — at Cafe Mogagua. David Daniel We eat so much better in Mexico!
El Veracruzano - yum!

David Daniel   Desayuno of Champions — with Diane White Daniel at Cafe Mogagua.
Desayuno of Champions

(Not specific to Isla Mujeres...the pic is interesting)...VisitMexico
The fruit of cacao turns into chocolate thanks to the ancient recipes of Tabasco. — at Tabasco.
The fruit of cacao turns into chocolate thanks to the ancient recipes of Tabasco.

Saturday, May-4 - Sabado 4 de Mayo
Kite & Drinks @t Fenix / SupIM /

We enjoyed Tropical Groove at Fenix on Saturday afternoon...and then again in the evening at the Birthday Party at Iguanas at Marina Paraiso.  We  had enjoyed the Capon special for Mother's day on Friday (with chocolate Mousse!), and had the BBQ rib special on Saturday at Iguana's.  Fenix puts out some tasty looking food, but I haven't gotten around to discussing Gluten Freeness with them, yet. We arrived at Fenix as the band was setting up. There were ~6 band members, ~6 Fenix staff, and ~6 customers at the bar...but things much busier & livelier after the music started!  Iguana's had a good crowd & some folks wore costumes for the party. After the music at Iguana's there was a fire show. A very fine Saturday!
The only photo I took was at Iguana's of a pinata somebody briefly tucked behind the bar (below that are photos from Fenix from Facebook) 

The photos above aren't from Saturday, they were posted May 9 and are captioned:Reggae Every SaturdayFenix Lounge.
Rob Herrin
Casa de los Suenos
Casa de los Suenos

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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